The Fembots Are Coming!

I just wanted to make a spot for the latest news in Japanese robotics technology. Please feel free to contribute. I think it’s a fascinating subject!

I saw this one on TV yesterday -

Some background info:

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So this explains Sam… Hmmmm…

Sorry, I have to throw this in…

:laugh: :laugh: I knew someone would!

Here are some more -

Autobots, roll out! They make the movements very fluid like for those things.

what a cool thread, thanks.

Just to compare - here is the latest from the USA -

Time for an update!

Tokyo University’s amazing Rock-Paper-Scissors robot is back, will kick your ass faster than ever

SoftBank Has Its Own Humanoid Robot

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Toshiba’s ‘Chihira Aico’ robot’s department store debut is a big hit

May 14, 2015

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