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The Future Diary / Mirai Nikki

The Future Diary / Mirai Nikki


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Genres: action, drama, fantasy, horror, mystery, psychological, romance, thriller
Themes: absurdity, assassins, betrayal, conspiracy, crime, death, future, gore, revenge, survival game, tragedy, yandere
Objectionable content: Intense
Running time: 24 minutes per episode
Number of episodes: 26
Vintage: 2011-10-09
Opening Theme: 1. “Kūsō Mesorogiwi” by Yousei Teikoku
2. “Dead END” by Faylan
Ending Theme: 1. “Blood teller” by Faylan
2. “Filament” by Yousei Teikoku

Plot Summary:Yukiteru Amano (Yuki) is a loner who never really interact with people and prefers writing a diary on his cell phone with his only companion being an imaginary friend named Deus Ex Machina, the God of Time and Space. However, Yuki soon learns that Deus is not a figment of his imagination but real when Deus makes him a participant in a battle royale with eleven others. Within this “Diary Game”, the contestants are given special diaries that can predict the future with each diary having unique features that gives them both advantages and disadvantages. (from ANN)

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Episode 8 –


The concept of this anime fascinates me and I’ve grown rather fond of the characters. This is almost like School Days meets Deadman Wonderland. I really don’t know how Yukki can put up with the crazy stalker chick that lives in a house with her murder victims. Yes, Yuno is useful at times; she fiercely protects Yukki and has good instincts even without her diary, but she’s still nuts! Though I think at times, Yukki really does like her. And although Yuno is obsessed with him, I think her obsession might be based on some true feelings. Every once in a while, she seems almost normal.

And with a guy like Kosaka in his class, no wonder Yukki can’t make any friends. Besides, I don’t think Yuno likes the fact that Yukki might be making friends with his new classmates. It seems she’d like them to die. Funny that Yukki’s first friend didn’t survive very long either.

Akise is another new character and there is something very odd about him too. He shows up out of nowhere and claims to be Yukki’s friend. I wonder if he’s really a diary user too. In any case, Yuno is jealous of him as well for being friendly towards her Yukki.

Those dogs were something else. They reminded me of Jaws from the James Bond movies. And the breeder that feeds his animals steaks and stews, while he eats a cup of noodles! It was cool the way Yukki used his diary to help his friends. In the end, I was surprised to see Hinata alive after all and find out that she’s the bad guy this time. I was even more surprised when she demanded Akise’s diary. Here I thought Yukki was the target! I can’t wait to see what happens next! I also liked how Murmur tricked Akise into taking her to the amusement park. She is the cutest thing!

Episode 9 –


Yukki was really the bait to get Akise’s diary! But it turns out that Akise isn’t a diary user after all. Unfortunately it’s Yuno that realizes this first. She’s upset that Akise was also using her Yukki, but as she’s about to kill him, he turns the tables on her and quickly regains the upper hand. Loved the look on Yuno’s face when Akise told her that he liked Yukki as more than a friend!

Good save! Yukki manages to save Hinata from Yuno slitting her throat by introducing Yuno to everyone as his girlfriend. He then tells Yuno that she has to start acting like his girlfriend and accept the fact that he has other friends. He saves Hinata, but now he’s tied himself to the crazy stalker chick! And if Yuno ever finds out he lied… Well, it probably won’t be pretty - or a “happy ending”.

It was sad when Hinata’s father tells her that she is stupider than a dog. But he also tells her not to grow up into a bad adult like him and leaves her with a final warning to be wary of kind adults. Then Fourth shoots him in the head! Fourth certainly see-saws back and forth. He was probably lying to Yukki this whole time!

Episode 10 –


I really enjoyed Murmur’s dialogue for Third and Ninth! She made it into a love story from the manga she was reading! But I don’t think Deus was very amused by it. However, the bathroom scene amused me to no end! It was fun to see Ninth in a different light, even if she did revert back to her old self.

What’s Akise up to? He invites Yukki to a movie and then sends Yuno to him to take him to a bridal fair instead. Poor Yukki! He really regrets introducing her as his girlfriend, but how can he take it back? Yuno would probably kill him!

The bridal fair was actually pretty nice and although it was also Yukki’s worst nightmare, he seemed to enjoy himself. However, it was really funny when he worried that Yuno was getting too serious! I think it’s way too late for him to be worrying about that! But he did think that under different circumstances, he might really fall for Yuno – if only she weren’t a murderer! How can he even think that!

Yukki even goes so far as to participate in a mock wedding ceremony! But with Yuno’s state of mind, I wonder if she thinks that they are really married now. And funny that just when Yukki thinks he will try to forget what he saw in Yuno’s house, he meets the wife of Fourth. Later, when he takes a sleeping Yuno home, Akise is there and asks Yukki if he enjoyed his “experience”. He just wanted Yuno out of the house, so he could search it!

Yukki is upset that Akise is in the house and that he went into “that” room, but the room is now clear of bodies and there is a huge hole outside. Akise is so smart, why can’t he figure out what the hole is for – especially when Yukki asks Yuno what happened to the bodies right in front of him!? Yuno plays dumb and insists it’s Yukki’s first visit to her home. Akise does know that Yuno is insane and what she is capable of. He says that Yuno is too fragile and may have altered her own memory. Yukki seems torn again.

I knew it! Fourth did turn on Yukki and Yuno again and has the police department believing that they are suspects in the shooting of Hinata’s father. A murder he committed! Now everyone will be looking for them and it looks like Fourth gets rid of two more players. How dare he! Still, I have a feeling Yuno might end up taking care of him too. After all, he will put her Yukki in danger and she can’t have that! The end was even funnier with Murmur changing Ninth’s hair and then just making her bald!

Episode 11 –


Fourth has now aligned himself with Ninth and the police have picked up Yukki and Yuno. Now Yukki has to worry about Yuno going berserk at the police station! Fourth “questions” Yukki and admits that the report was false. Yukki is relieved until Fourth wants to play Russian Roulette! Meanwhile, Yuno realizes Fourth is no longer an ally and goes off to save Yukki. Fourth has got to be just as crazy as Yuno! Yuno arrives and shoots Fourth, taking Nishijima hostage in order to get away. Now, they are really going to be wanted criminals! But I have to say that Yuno is pretty good with a gun.

Poor Yukki panics at one point and shoots a cop as well, although he didn’t mean to. Unfortunately, Fourth is okay - only having lost an ear – and gives the order to kill Yukki and Yuno. This was his plan all along! Yukki receives the “Dead End” message on his phone. They make it to the roof and Yukki apologizes to Yuno for not stopping her. Yuno kisses him as they fall off the roof together. Miraculously, their fall is broken and they get away.

There is a dragnet out for the fugitives now and Yukki and Yuno have nowhere to run. They hide out in a shed, but their diaries still tell them that they will die. They see Fourth’s wife and follow her into a hospital. Strangely, Ninth also shows up and starts blowing things up which draws the attention of the police. So much for keeping a low profile!

It was funny for a minute when alliances get tossed up in the air and Fourth turns on Ninth as well. Ninth leads Yukki and Yuno to a hospital room where Fourth’s wife keeps watch over a child and explains why Fourth betrayed them. It turns out that Fourth has a dying son and wants to become God in order to save him. Now, Ninth plans to use the wife and son to defeat Fourth and outside, the police already have the hospital surrounded. Yukki has no choice if he wants to protect Yuno and live, so he allies himself with Ninth for now. Fourth arrives on the scene and I don’t really understand why they had to bandage his mouth closed. It was his ear that got shot, not his mouth! And he really looks determined to kill someone!!

Episode 12 –


The hospital is surrounded and Fourth is going after the “terrorists”. Yukki is still going back and forth with his feelings for Yuno and now he is asking her for a date in the middle of this mess! I like how Ninth tells Fourth she wants him to commit suicide as part of her demands. Of course, Fourth rejects her demands and tells her that there is no escape. The SWAT team captures Yukki and holds him for Fourth. Fourth must realize that he’s handling this situation incorrectly, because when Nishijima questions him, Fourth orders him back to the station. Perhaps he is trying to save Nishijima from becoming involved in his mistakes.

Yuno arrives to save Yukki and once again, I have to admire her skill with a gun. However, she is too late to prevent Fourth from taking Yukki as his own hostage. But she grabs the grenade Ninth gave to Yukki and now we have a standoff! Meanwhile, Ninth plants a bomb under the boy’s bed and escapes through a window – right into Nishijima! Yuno convinces Fourth to let Yukki go, and then activates the grenade anyway, hoping to kill Fourth along with herself. It was only a stun grenade? Way to give me a heart attack! But then Ninth’s bomb goes off.

Luckily, Yukki and Yuno are all right, but so is Fourth and now he has Yuno as a hostage. If Yukki shoots, his diary tells him that he will kill Yuno and Yuno wants to die so that he may live. However, Yukki doesn’t want her to give up her dream of marrying him and realizes that he may actually love her after all. Yukki fires the gun anyway and somehow does manage to hit Fourth. Fourth is still determined to kill them and become God, but Nishijima shows up in time with Ninth. Ninth managed to convince Nishijima that Fourth was behind everything for his own gain. She has a recording of their “deal” as proof.

Nishijima says that Fourth is under arrest and Ninth tells him that since he is now a criminal, his diary is useless. Fourth asks about his wife and son and finds out that they were rescued before the bomb exploded. He somehow seems at peace with himself now and asks Ninth to take care of his son. She accepts and he apologizes to Yukki and Yuno before breaking his phone in half and disappearing. I wonder how Nishijima sees this? He looked pretty stunned!

Afterwards, Nishijima gets put in charge of the case and Yukki and Yuno are cleared of all charges. And of course Ninth managed to escape again. For now, Yuno gets her happy ending when she and Yukki have their date. She even manages to get Yukki to kiss her and it was funny when she tells him that he has gotten better at kissing! Akise sends Yukki an e-mail warning him against Yuno, but Yuno deletes it before Yukki can see it. Once on the train, Yukki remarks on Yuno’s large duffle bag and Yuno tells him some of what is in it – clothes, medicine, etc. But the “medicine” looks dangerous and are those skulls??!!

this got an anime? i hope they finish it… so much going on, but so ecchi at times.

I forgot about this show. It was massively hyped to me, and it turned out to be an over-the-top & tongue-in-cheek violent comedy with no point. It also felt too similar to the also-weak Eden of the East.

A renown terrorist is found to be a petite chick who wears an eyepatch, dresses like a French maid, shoots explosives out from the dress of her maid costume’s dress, and is able to escape danger on an oversized American motorcycle as she has the “Escape Diary”. I can’t say that intrigued me. I started to laugh, but the involuntary facepalm I did in response to the sheer stupidity of it all snapped me back to reality.

I think the worst part was the revelation that this show was not supposed to be a comedy. I’m not too broke up about Sentai not getting this. IMO the best it could hope to be is an Angel Beats! with less market appeal.

The “Second Coming” of the classic Death Note this was not. That is what this show was hyped as being, and as such I can not grant it mercy.

17:04:24 <bay|AB|FUNi> next…
17:04:28 <bay|AB|FUNi> wait… drama
17:04:33 <bay|AB|FUNi> The Future Diary
17:04:40 <bay|AB|FUNi> additional rights
17:04:48 <bay|AB|FUNi> acquired home video release rights
17:04:54 <bay|AB|FUNi> will be releasing it physically

I heard some rumors about Future Diary A.K.A Mirai Nikki New season.
The only reason why there maybe a New season or Episode is because fans didn’t enjoy the ending of the anime, they liked the Mangas ending better.

For me the ending was alright, not ever anime can be like the manga. so it was okay.

“Do you all think they should make a New Season/Episode.” and “What was your take on the ending.”

For more details look below.

At the end of the last episode of The Future Diary (Mirai Nikki) TV series, which aired earlier today, it was announced that a new project is in the works with a screen that read “Next Project begins.” No other details were given, but it had been previously announced that there would be a major announcement at the “Mirai Nikki The Live World” concert on July 29th. The announcement for the concert also said that video for a new, 3rd, opening and ending theme would be revealed there.

FUNimation announced last week at Anime Boston that they have acquired home video rights for the TV series.

Continuing with my backlog of series that I was meaning to see, I just happened to get this series finished. I will say that it had taken me for surprise during its run. When it first started off, I saw that it had the opportunity to become repetitive when revealing the antagonists as the story progressed. However, I was a bit surprised that it did not play out like that which helped to keep my attention even more so. Getting into a bit more details…

Story Spoiler Warning (Do not click on unless you have seen this series.):


The series did have some real messed up parts especially with what happened to Tsubaki Kasugano (The 6th) and Ai Mikami (7th). Parts like that always make me want to jump in for the rescue however reality obliviously settles in. The portrayal of emotion was definitely there along with so many other parts that added to the believability of many of the characters within the story. However still even with so many dark emotions, the silly comedy was amusing… though had trouble fitting in at times IMO.

I will say that I don’t understand why the ending was left off in the way that it was however. I understand that the OVA wasn’t added until later in the series, though why wasn’t that there really in the first place? I was able to understand mostly what some of the final moments in episode 26 translated out to, but still there was so much that should have been written in the first place that the OVA addresses. From what I can tell, Funimation does not own the rights to the OVA… missed opportunity much?

Here is the Wikipedia episode list summary which gives a simple yet still a good amount of detail into that OVA episode…

Future Diary/Mirai Nikki Gets New Redial Manga/Anime Episode

posted on 2012-12-21 19:20 EST
Manga/DVD from creator Sakae Esuno, TV anime writer Katsuhiko Takayama in late July

Funimation Reveals Future Diary Dub Cast

posted on 2013-05-25 15:37 EDT
Josh Grelle, Brina Palencia star in Future Diary series shipping on DVD on August 13

Funimation Planning Future Diary Blu-ray Release

posted on 2015-01-16 12:05 EST
Company will continue simul-dubbing plans this season

The Future Diary The Complete Series - Trailer @ Funimation

Future Diary - Complete Series - Blu-ray - Available Now

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The Future Diary - Did You Know Anime? Feat. Yandere Dev

[START AT 2:06]

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Crunchyroll Adds “The Future Diary” to Anime Catalog!

May 11, 2017 6:30pm CDT
Series launches today

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Funimation to Release The Future Diary rerelease with OVA

posted on 2017-08-12 15:35 EDT


The Future Diary – Complete Series + OVA – Coming Soon

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Future Diary - OVA Official Clip - Phantom of the Past

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Future Diary - OVA Official Clip - Redial

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Future Diary Complete Series + OVA - Available Now

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