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The idiot’s Guide To Become A Mod On TAN

Hey TAN Boy and Girl Scouts I know some of U have been wondering how do U earn a mod badge
Well today I will tell u how to earn ur way to the top

First thing to go about it is mind ur P & Q and dot ur I & dot ur j & cross ur T & cross ur X

Second thing is to Suck up to the big boss of the forums mistress

Thirdly u make ur own Rules to the best of ur own drum

And I 100% GRANTEE They will make u their new honorary Mod in NO time

I can almost taste the salt as I read this.

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What? U trying to throw salt :salt: in my game?

what game?

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My Regular Forum Game

So U trying to insult my game?

Where it ur Regular Status?

Nobody’s buying this. You’re not playing a game, at no point in your thread have you specified any rules. You’re literally using the thread to complain about not being a moderator. Nobody wants to read this junk. Nobody cares.

You need to specify that at the beginning of your thread because at this very moment it is nowhere to be found.

Look don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to be a dick even though I kind of am it’s just I fail to see how this is a game at any point. What exactly do you hope to start with this thread? Game-wise I mean. What kind of back and forth between players do you hope pops up out of this?

Im a former mod

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Word, I tried applying to be a mod back in like 2014. Didn’t work out and to be honest I’m kind of glad it didn’t(I’m lazy and have zero patience LOL). Didn’t create random threads under the guise of “regular forum games” whining about it though.

Uh huh. The passive score in here is over 20

At this point as a Regular on the great place we called TAN a Regular is just as good as a mod or may be even better depending on ur take on it

There is a point system? Who is keeping score?

well, the passive score is calculated based on your charisma score+8+ proficiency+ feats and abilities

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I say it’s based off of how many posted and views and quotes that we have

That’s much easier

I think it used to be calculated that way but ever since they updated the website look it now goes by how active you are on here.

Being a regular doesn’t require you to be able to write in complete comprehendible sentences like a moderator does. It wouldn’t look good for a site to have moderators who posts things with grammatical error after error.

yeah. can’t have posts like this one.

I can post what I want even if it happens to be an error

And it doesn’t require u to be a azz but here u sit on urs and post about me

Of course you can write what you want I never said you couldn’t. That wasn’t the point. The point is you do not spell things correctly and because of this I can guarantee you this is why you’re not a moderator.

I mean you weren’t very cordial with the original post. (see quote below)

You basically just told everyone they need to kiss ass to the head moderator to become a moderator.

You’re clearly not trying to create some sort of game with this thread you’re just using it to complain.

You’ve made fun games in the past so why not try to go with something like that? Why not just continue with what you have instead of this nonsense?

So ur the Mod’s grammar police or something

It takes more than grammar to be a mod or u would be one

I bet I have what it takes to be a mod than U Do
We can ask the Head Mistress on this point if u want to?

I mean since you’re the one complaining I was just pointing out one of two probable causes for your not being a moderator.

It’s also how you carry yourself. Getting upset because you didn’t get what you want and then posting a complaint about it in the forums will probably be the least likely thing that changes their mind.

I’ve already tried. I want to say it was back in 2014 or 2015. I was denied. Looking back I’m glad because I can be irrational and I’m lazy. Neither of those things are things they’re looking for in a moderator.

LOL no I’m good bro I honestly really don’t care LOL

I’m not sure you want to bark up that tree and bother her over this nonsense. I’m sure she has more important things to be doing than our petty squabble.