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The World is Still Beautiful / Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii

###The World is Still Beautiful / Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii

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[quote]Genres: adventure, comedy, fantasy, romance
Objectionable content: Mild
Plot Summary: Nike, the fourth princess of the Rain Dukedom, holds the power to call forth the rain. She travels to the Sun Kingdom to marry Sun King Livius for her country, despite her own reluctance in the matter. She soon discovers that the King, who conquered the world in only three years after his ascendance to the throne, is still a young boy. Despite being total strangers at first they start to understand one another and develop an emotional bond with each other.
Number of episodes: 12
Vintage: 2014-04-05
Opening Theme: “BEAUTIFUL WORLD” by Joanna Koike
Ending Theme: “PROMISE” by Rena Maeda[/quote]

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###Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii Shōjo Manga Gets TV Anime in April
posted on 2014-01-13 11:09 EST
Series centers on princess who can control rainfall & her forced marriage to a boy king

Episode 1 –

[details=spoiler]Well, that’s one way to become a bride – a quick game of rock, paper, scissors! And the loser wins!

I like that Nike isn’t a stuck up princess, but wants to get to know the people and her new home. But I loved her reaction when she finally meets her husband to be. The great king is just a kid! Still, I did like how her sisters scared Nike with his description. I’m sure she’s happy that none of it was true.

I’m also glad that the thieves got what they deserved. But I can see that there is already some palace intrigue. It seems that someone doesn’t want Nike there.[/details]

If you all are not watching this show, you should be, The first 2 episodes have been outstanding, imo.

Ep. 01

Yep, this is definitely a keeper!

Rather enjoyed the mix between comedy & heart with this one.
I’m very interested to see where this goes, since it’s a straight up shoujo manga.

Episode 2 –

[details=spoiler]The king feels cheated. LOL He asked for the most beautiful daughter and got Nike. Too funny! Then he demands that she make it rain. So, she calls him a brat and things go downhill from there. Neil suggests that they send the “savage” home. Livius likes her spunk, but he still tosses her in jail for opposing him. However, he’s bored so he gives her a choice of becoming his plaything or starving. I wonder what Nike will choose.

The Elders are excited that Nike might become a plaything and think of what to do to her. Yuk! I’m glad the king dismissed the dirty old men. LOL But it looks like Nike has chosen starvation for the moment. Later, she escapes and sneaks in to see the king. Loved his comment. LOL I didn’t think he was that experienced.

I am going to end up feeling sorry for him too. Nike is right – Livius has the world, but doesn’t enjoy it. He’s another sad, lonely kid with too many enemies. And those enemies are getting closer. Even Nike is starting to soften towards the king. Slightly. LOL I do agree with Nike that she’d make the king a nice older sister, but of course he won’t tolerate that. Still, I think Nike may end up being just what the king needs.

Wow, Nike saved the king’s life! But Livius can be a bit scary at times. I wonder who this Sheila is that Nike keeps dreaming about. She sees her with a younger Livius and I wonder if Sheila is his mother. And things turn serious when Nike hears what happened after the assassination attempt. But Nike won’t be able to stop Livius because he is sending her home!

At least Neil fills Nike in on the king’s past. Sheila was his mother, but she was assassinated three years before. Livius was a lonely child and I can see why he is the way he is. Neil also tells Nike that sending her home is the king’s way of showing her consideration. This is how he wanted to protect her, but it may not end up that way. There is a fire in the palace and Nike runs back.

It’s uncertain if Livius is safe so Neil goes to where the fire is. Livius escapes, but is stuck at the top of the tower. On top of another tower, Nike calls the rain to put out the fire. That was beautiful! I think Livius is going to keep her after all. And the fire was a distraction to help an enemy escape![/details]

Ep. 02

Nike is so awesome!

Her ability to control wind and rain is just so convenient.

Episode 3 –

[details=spoiler]The king is still an enigma. One minute he’s a little kid and the next he’s a very wise and capable king. But I agree with Nike – Livius is “an arrogant little brat”! Still, I think he’s touched her heart, and Nike seems to be influencing him as well.

Livius does overwork himself though, and now he’s planning a party to introduce Nike. She meets one of the guests beforehand and it wasn’t very pleasant. The man insults Nike, but Livius comes out of nowhere to her rescue. Of course she had to pay him for it too. But Livius lying with his head in Nike’s lap wasn’t so bad. Not as bad as Nike waking up to find a naked king in her bed! LOL

In a rain of flower petals, Nike makes a grand entrance into the party and silences all the naysayers. Thanking everyone for attending, she sings her song and makes it rain. I know it’s her way of thanking Livius too, although she told him that she wouldn’t make rain at the party. The king gets the message and thanks Nike.

The next morning, Nike doesn’t even mind the naked Livius in her bed. Until he wakes up that is. He wanted her to kiss him in his sleep, but he really wasn’t sleeping. Neil comes to get the king, but Livius refuses to get out of bed until Nike kisses him. Neil tells Nike to hurry up and “get it over with already”. Livius just smiles at her from his pillow. Oh, the pressure! Poor Nike! LOL[/details]

Ep. 4

[details=spoiler]Nike gets a garment upgrade in the opening…

-The head of the Church of the Sun Kingdom is a total Bastard

-Nike takes a Trial

-Cliffhanger ending[/details]

Episode 4 –

[details=spoiler]Nike has an ordeal with a corset and run in with the country’s top designer. Oh, the things one must do! She also finds out that there’s an engagement ceremony to take place before the wedding. And those dirty old Elders still crack me up! But I think Livius just jinxed himself, expecting things to go as planned.

Nike is summoned to the king’s office, where Livius tells her that their engagement has been canceled by the Ministry of the Priesthood. They gave the excuse that Nike is a foreigner, and Livius is obviously upset. He knows that the priesthood is really against him and not Nike. However, they will accept Nike if she undergoes the “Rite of Illumination” where Nike will have to retrieve a ring to be given the king at the engagement ceremony. But it’s going to be an extremely dangerous undertaking in a place where others have died. All that aside, Nike immediately agrees to do it. But there are other issues at stake. If this ritual is agreed to, Livius will also be acknowledging the fact that the Ministry of the Priesthood has a say in the matter. Politics again! Nike may also have to face other enemies of the king. Livius vows to protect Nike.

However, Nike is uncomfortable with the thought of Livius protecting her. She doesn’t want to be a burden. Nike asks her maids where she can find the priesthood. But no one can enter without permission, unless they’re a servant. Disguised as a maid, Nike walks into the temple. However, she’s quickly found out when she tries to save another maid from a beating. Then she comes face to face with Aristes!

Aristes is very charming and not at all what Nike expected, until he shows his true colors. Aristes tells Nike that he knows of her powers, and that rain and clouds cover the sun. Therefore, Nike is an ill omen and not wanted in that country. Not only does Aristes make light of a punishment for speaking thus, he also insults the king’s mother. Nike now knows that this is a formidable enemy, and also gets a taste of what the king must face every day of his life. Nike can’t stand it and goes to attack Aristes, but is stopped by the maid she saved. To raise her hand against a priest would mean losing everything.

Aristes mentions the rite and leaves her. Nike just breaks down. Everyone has hurt the king in one way or another and now she’s just added to that. She cries harder at the thought of not being able to stay with Livius. The maid takes her back to the palace, but makes a stop along the way. She takes Nike to an orphanage for children of “other ethnicities”. Considered “lower class” when the king abolished the class system, the children came to the notice of the king and he became a patron of the orphanage.

A little girl gives Nike some insight about how the king feels about her, and the maid tells her that everyone is saying that the king has changed because of Nike. They already consider her their queen. But Nike still wants to be worthy of the title and their regard. Back at the palace, Nike wakes the king up from a brief nap and he sleepily calls her “Shelia” which was kind of sweet. He fully awakens and finds his bed covered in rose petals. Nike laughs when he gets annoyed. She tells him that she learned a lot about him that day and wants to go through with the rite.

Nike wants to be accepted, but Livius warns her that she won’t come away unscathed. He still wants to protect her and while Nike is grateful for that, she takes the king’s hand and tells him that she wants to share his pain. She says that she wants to fight with him, but that also annoys the king. But not for any real reason other than he wanted to act chivalrous and Nike just took that away from him! However, he is going to allow Nike to go through with the rite and even gives her Shelia’s ring to protect her. Livius tells Nike to wear it around her neck for now, but the ring will go on her finger at the engagement ceremony. He kisses the ring he’s placed in her hand and tells Nike to come back safely. Wrapping her hand around the ring, she promises that she will.

The Rite of Illumination begins with Aristes officiating. Nike is told that once she enters the temple, the entrance will be sealed and she will need to find another way out. She has until the morning of the engagement ceremony. In this time, she must retrieve the engagement ring for Livius from the Sun God statue in the deepest part of the labyrinth. Given a torch, Nike stands before the opened doors of the temple. Livius gives her a final word and Nike tells him to trust her. With that she enters and the doors close.

I’m sure that Nike has just played into the priesthood’s hands. If other princesses have died during this ritual, I’m sure that many traps were laid for them, and Nike will be no exception. In fact, by the look that passes between Aristes and Livius, I know Aristes is planning to kill off Nike. Meanwhile, Nike was told to follow the path, but it’s dark and Nike now thinks that there might be more than one path. She was given a map, but it is totally useless when Nike comes to a fork in the road. Which way to go? She takes a guess and moves to the right, but the path crumbles beneath her. She barely manages to save herself. At least she knows she has to take this seriously now and is more determined than ever to see this through.

Nike finally finds the Sun God’s temple and enters. She eventually comes upon the statue, and even finds the secret compartment where the ring is. But the ring itself is missing! I thought this was too easy. Nike suddenly realizes that Aristes never planned to allow a successful conclusion to this ritual from the start, and all this was just a way to be rid of her. This is confirmed when a bunch of assassins show up. One steps forward and drawing his sword, tells Nike that Livius has done nothing but belittle the traditions of the country with his outrageous ideas. This guy says that Livius favors the commoners and threatens the structure of society. Things have only gotten worse with her arrival. And now Nike is a threat that must be eliminated as well. This is bad. Worse, because Nike can’t call the wind. How the heck is she going to get out of this?[/details]


[details=spoiler]This show is turning out to be my favorite series this season.

-Nike narrowly escapes the assassination attempt with Livius’s help

-Livius and Nike plot to make the engagement ceremony a place to reveal the bad guys shenanigans and succeeds.

  • A really cool engagement ring is shown to the people of the Kingdom of the sun.

  • Next Episode: A Rival Appears![/details]

Episode 5 –

[details=spoiler]Nike attacks her assassin with a torch, but that doesn’t do much good. She puts the torch out and slips past her attackers. Aristes is so sure he’s gotten rid of her, but Nike intends to keep her promise of making it back to Livius safely. However, a hand reaches out of the darkness and grabs her. It’s Livius! But if he’s here, then Nike fails the test. Not that it was a real test to begin with. And Neil has no idea that Livius has gone after Nike.

Apparently this trial has always been one of assassination. Only the priest-approved princesses ever make it out in one piece. Nice way for the priests to keep their authority. The assassins are still looking for Nike, but being that Livius has pulled her into a waterway, she can create a fog to help them escape. They evade the attackers and make it out of the temple safely.

Just as Nike gives thanks to the ring around her neck, Livius sees an assassin sneaking up behind her. Before Livius can get to him, the man strikes at Nike, and the ring gets cut in half. Livius pushes Nike out of the way and takes on the attacker, and quickly gains the upper hand. But Nike prevents Livius from killing him. The others have caught up to them as well, and Livius and Nike have to run away. Instead of giving pursuit, the assassins get to report to Aristes that Livius interfered in the trial.

Livius is still making Nike run although no one is coming after them. She thinks he’s acting weird and tells him that she wants to go back for the ring. Livius doesn’t care about the ring. He finally stops and pulls Nike into his arms, which surprises her. Livius doesn’t care about the ring. He really didn’t want to lose her. So sweet! He says that he will even give up his throne to keep her. I just want to cry! Nike comforts Livius and apologizes for making him worry. Dawn breaks as she kisses him on the forehead and promises to stay with him.

Now they have to figure out what to do about the ceremony. Livius already has an idea and calls a meeting of the four gods. Oh heck, these guys are the perverted advisors! LOL And their word is law? Hysterical! It was funny to see Nike being readied for the ceremony as well. But the result takes the king’s breath away! Livius pays her a beautiful compliment as well, and Nike has to spoil it by asking if Livius is sick. LOL Neil bursts into tears and Livius chases him away.

The “Exchanging of the Suns” ceremony begins and Aristes lets a lesser priest conduct the ceremony. He feels that there is no need for him to do so, since there aren’t any rings. He also knows the king was in the temple, but can’t reveal that fact. He thinks that’s why the king is so nervous. Rani Learte asks Nike for the ring from her “Rite of Illumination”. She’s surprised to open the box only to find it empty. Nike bows and says that she was unable to get the ring from the temple. Learte asks if Nike is giving up the engagement, but Nike says that she isn’t.

Livius takes it from there. He explains things, and tells the gathered crowd that Nike will place a ring on the sun itself for him. Aristes doesn’t want Learte to allow this farce, but Learte wants to see what the king has in store for them. Nike sings her beautiful song and a ring forms around the sun. The observers are all stunned! Randa, the man sent to kill Nike in the temple, yells out that the king entered the temple during the rite. For some reason, Aristes did not want this known and now attacks Randa.

Learte questions this. It begins to rain as Livius confesses to entering the temple after the rite began, and tells of the assassination plot to get rid of Nike. Learte asks Aristes if he knew about the assassination and he admits it, stating the fact that the king had placed certain restrictions upon the priesthood. This was his justification for payback. Learte cannot forgive Aristes for this and sides with the king. Nike, with the king’s permission, approaches Aristes in the pouring rain to give him his verdict – a punch in the face! This amuses the other three gods. But I wonder how the king’s subjects will like such unladylike behavior from their future queen. LOL

The sun comes out as Nike addresses Aristes. In exchange for letting him live, Nike wants him to approve her engagement to the king. After she and the king have a few private words with him, Aristes is taken away. And Nike and Livius get engaged without rings. They don’t really need them anyway – they have so much more going for them.[/details]

Episode 6 –

[details=spoiler]Nike calls the rain to water the orchards on a hot day. After the brief shower, Nike runs through the orchard and the workers tease her, telling her not to go back to the king, but to stay with them. But Livius is watching and fires off a cannon to summon Nike back to him. LOL Now, who is this child on the white horse?

Nike confronts her husband on the way he has summoned her home and the king wants Nike to stop calling him “you”. Neil has his hands full with both of them and finally explodes, taking the king’s side of course. And the king wants Nike to call him by name, but she just can’t bring herself to do it. She tries, but another voice says “Livius” instead. He’s stunned to see Luna.

The little girl runs to Livius and throws herself into his arms. Nike didn’t like that. But who is Luna? Nike wants to know and so do I! Over tea, Neil formally introduces Luna and says that she is the king’s childhood friend. However, Luna interrupts him and says that she is the king’s fiancée! What? Neil whispers to Nike that it’s completely one-sided. Well, thank goodness for that!

Livius pulls Nike out of her chair and says that he has a fiancée. Luna tells him that he may have a concubine or two. Poor Nike – reduced to concubine status! LOL Luna really dislikes Nike too, mostly because of her body. She accuses Nike of being a seductress and Luna isn’t leaving until Nike does – in tears. I can see that Luna is going to be Nike’s nightmare.

Luna makes Nike’s life hell and Livius is no help. So much for being a supportive spouse. But Livius does hop into bed with Nike, expecting a little “service”. Over Luna’s dead body! The child pops up in bed with them too. The three of them end up sleeping together. LOL Nike ends up throwing herself into her daily etiquette lessons. She really wants to please Livius. Luna and Livius walk into Nike’s dance lesson and after making fun of her, Luna gets Livius to dance with her. They do make a cute couple and even Nike can see that. Observers compliment the couple and Neil sees an angry Nike slip out of the room.

Luna confronts Nike again and wants her to see that Luna is more worthy of Livius than Nike is. Neil watches as Luna continues to insult Nike. It looks like Nike is starting to believe her too. Much later, Livius and Neil find Nike in the chapel. She tells them that she is going to bed. Livius is starting to get worried.

Instead of going to bed, Nike is secretly practicing her dancing. Livius brings her some Lava Cider, and teases her about her going to bed early. Nike likes the cider and Livius is pleased that Nike is doing all this in order to be with him. Nike is seated and Livius is standing next to her when she tells him that she wishes she had met him when she was that height. She says it aloud and embarrasses herself. Livius assures her once again that he is never going to let her go. They end up dancing and Nike feels a little better.

Unfortunately, Luna is watching them. She has never seen such a look on the king’s face. Perhaps she finally realizes that Nike if good for Livius. Or not. The next day, Luna challenges Nike to a duel – a “Chitty-Chitty Death Horse Race to a Cliff”. Livius refuses to allow it, saying that it’s too dangerous. Even so, Nike accepts the challenge. And she doesn’t intend to lose. Actually, Luna thought Nike would not accept the challenge. Does she love Livius that much? She does! Nike surprises Luna by shouting out her love for Livius.

Luna ends up falling off the cliff, so shocked was she by Nike’s confession. As she falls towards the water, Luna accepts Nike’s love for Livius. Nike controls the wind and saves Luna. Livius later visits Luna in her room and they talk about Nike. Luna may understand her better now. Nike meets Luna in the garden and asks her why she’s returning home so suddenly. Luna concedes victory to Nike and thanks her for saving her life, telling Nike that she will repay her one day. However, Luna still manages to insult Nike. It’s just her way of covering up her pain. Luna asks Nike to sing for her so the rain can hide her tears from Livius. That beautiful song gets to me every time!

With Luna gone, Nike is back to evading her lessons, getting caught, and having twice as much work to do. Livius berates her and Nike tosses him a fresh picked pear from the orchard. Nike finally says the king’s name too, then shortens it to the more endearing “Livi”. The king is surprised, but pleased, and tricks Nike into kissing him. She just pulls back in shock. LOL But it was very sweet to see them kiss like that.[/details]

:angry: Show took it’s 1 week break this week so have to wait til this weekend for Ep. 7

Episode 7 –

[details=spoiler]Nike’s lessons continue and keep her very busy, but I wonder why belly dancing is included. LOL Perhaps it’s just a little something to please her husband to be. But all these lessons are exhausting her! Livius meets her with flowers one morning and decides that they should play hooky. He takes her to the planting festival in town, knowing that she really needs a fun day off. But Livius ends up disguised as a girl! LOL But the disguise doesn’t fool at least one person and he’s following the couple around.

Now, that they’ve had their fun day, it’s time to pay the piper. Both Livius and Nike are shaking as they prepare to face Neil. But instead of Neil, they find the king’s uncle, Bard. And Livius is not happy to see him, especially when he shows an interest in Nike. Livius doesn’t like Nike’s reaction to Bard either and tells her not to blush. He even threatens to send her to prison!

Bard has all the ladies falling at his feet – all except Nike that is. But Livius is a very jealous king. Bard only adds to that. He invites the king and Nike to a banquet, but then taunts Livius with the fact that it will be past his bedtime. Angered, Livius accepts the invitation. During the evening, Livius has had enough and walks off, telling Nike to go out to the balcony with him. However, Nike has a blister from her shoes and before she can join Livius outside, Bard sees her shoe problem and “rescues” her. This probably isn’t going to end well.

Dramatically announcing that Nike is having a dizzy spell, Bard carries her off. Meanwhile, Livius is still on the balcony, waiting for Nike to join him, but she’s taking a very long time. He goes back into the room to hear that Bard has carried Nike off. Livius also hears what a beautiful couple they make and how perfect they are together. If looks could kill……

And Nike is having her own problems with Bard. He won’t put her down! She asks what he’s after. Bard tosses her onto a bed and gets on top of her. He tells her that she stole his heart as she danced at the festival. Bard wants her to leave Livius for him! I hope he’s just testing her. Bard tells Nike that he loves her and wants to steal her away. He then leans down to kiss her and Nike tells him to stop saying things that he doesn’t mean.

Surprised, Bard sits up and Nike explains that although she doesn’t have much experience, she knows he doesn’t love her. She says that she doesn’t know why he’s doing this either and Bard begins to laugh. He was just playing with her! He says that perhaps he could fall in love with her, but it’s nice to know what kind of girl she truly is. At that moment, Livius barges into the room with guards and accuses them of adultery! He orders Bard thrown into prison and Nike protests.

That only makes Livius angrier and he grabs Nike by her hair. Saying that he warned her, he now threatens to have her confined to her room for the rest of her life. Nike has never seen Livius like this. He even threatens to burn her country to the ground! Bard is taken away by the guards and now Livius is saying that prison is too good for him and that he will torture Bard to death with his own hands. As he walks out of the room without looking at her, he tells the remaining guards to lock Nike in her room and not to let her out. Nike is terrified. She keeps calling after him, but her cries fall on deaf ears. Livius is not coming back. Is the damage too great to repair this time?[/details]

Episode 8 –

[details=spoiler]Livius tries to make up with Nike, but it isn’t working. However, she would like to know why he got so flustered in the first place. Why does Bard get him so worked up like this? The king ends up leaving Nike locked up in her room to “cool off”, but she wonders exactly which of them needs cooling off more. And how can she fix this?

Things are falling into place. I am starting to see why Livius hates Bard. Bard was in love with his mother! The king has removed the guards from Nike’s room and she takes advantage of that to break Bard out of jail. If she can’t get answers from the king, she will get them from Bard. I think Bard is beginning to see a lot of Sheila in Nike.

When Bard tells her that the sight of the full moon is painful, Nike call up the clouds to cover it. He tells her that like Livius, he wanted to protect Sheila as well, which is why they never got along as children. Bard also tells Nike that he was in loves with Sheila, but that love was unrequited. Bard ended up running away.

Bard did come back to see the woman that Livius had chosen. Bard was testing her to make sure she was worthy of Livius. However, he’s happy to see that Nike is a good match for Livius. Now he can leave again. Nike blows up at that. She wants Bard to stay and face Livius. Nike thinks Bard should stay by Livius, but Bard tells her that Livius won’t allow it.

When Nike returns to the palace, she finds that Neil has been looking for her. He tells her that Bard is no longer in the dungeon and everyone is in a panic. However, Neil can see that she’s upset. She is, in fact, angry, and wants Neil’s help. Even though she knows it’s none of her business, she intends to heal the rift between Livius and Bard.

Neil knows just where to find Bard too. And in a compromising position yet. LOL Nike asks the king for a favor. She wants to walk outside with him. Right now. Looking up from a massive amount of paperwork, he tells her that she’s in no position to be asking for favors. He also suspects that she let Bard out of prison. Nike says that she’ll be waiting for him outside and leaves.

Livius does go to meet her, but finds Bard instead. Pouring rain prevents either one of them from leaving the gazebo either. It’s time for them to settle their differences, as Nike and Neil watch from afar. Livius and bard talk. They argue. Then they think of Nike. How long has she been making it rain? Both run out into the downpour to find her. When they do, Nike is completely worn out. However, her only thought is if Livius made up with Bard.

Nike encourages Livius to reach out to Bard and be honest with him. Helping Nike to stand, Livius tells Bard to stay and be Prime Minister once again. He wants to work with him again. Bard kneels and accepts his king’s request. Nike smiles and passes out. She later wakes up in her bed to find the king holding her hand – and fast asleep. Bard comes in and tells her that Livius never left her side and is exhausted. He asks how Nike is feeling and she is fine now. Bard has been doing some work and still thinks he makes an awful Prime Minister. But Nike tells him that he is good for Livius and that is the most important thing.

Bard thinks that Nike really is great and asks how she feels about older men. Does he really need to tease her like this with Livius right there? LOL When he takes Nike’s hand and says that he could really fall for her, Livius wakes up immediately and kicks him, threatening his life once again. They fight, and Nike gets involved as well, but it’s all in good fun this time. I’m really glad Livius and Bard made up![/details]

Episode 9 –

[details=spoiler]After a hectic schedule, it will be time for a rest and Livius has promised Nike a vacation. Livius also knows that something is wrong with Nike. She confesses to receiving a letter from home with some bad news. Her grandmother is very sick and wants to see her. Livius wants to cancel everything and take Nike home. After some quick arrangements, he does just that.

When they arrive with Neil in the Principality of Rain, Nike is met by her sister, Kara and it wasn’t quite the welcome the all powerful Sun King was expecting. LOL And it seems that grandma wasn’t all that sick either. The woman is fine now. She had only strained her back. Still, she’s happy to meet Livius and introduces herself as Tohara, the former ruler of the principality.

It was hysterical when Nike’s other sisters burst into the room and thought Neil was the Sun King! As they fight over Neil, Nike introduces her real husband to them. Then they are suddenly enchanted by the beautiful boy and can’t keep their hands off him, treating him like a new toy, and not like the powerful king he is. They even carry him off to play dress up and take pictures! Tohara tells Nike to show Neil around in the meantime. After they leave the room, Kitora makes his presence known to Tohara and tells her that the Sun King will not be going home with Nike, for he intends to take her back. Great – more problems!

Nike and Neil get to see the results of the time Livius spent with her sisters. The pictures were very funny. Livius complains about the lack of respect given him and the fact that he was treated like a plaything, when he prefers to treat others as his playthings. I don’t think he liked having the shoe on the other foot! LOL Dealing with lower air pressure isn’t helping the situation either. Not being used to it, Livius and Neil are feeling rather ill. The retainers are sent back to the ship and ordered to wait on the open sea.

Now, Nike is a bit sorry that Livius came with her. He may even have to miss his welcoming banquet that evening. Livius wakes up later that night, feeling much better after his rest. Nike’s family has cleared the sky so Livius might enjoy the stars, and Nike has brought him rice porridge that she made herself. The king is surprised that Nike can cook and is very pleased with his meal. Livius tells Nike that he’s happy to see the country that made Nike what she is. It looks as if Nike is really starting to fall in love with her husband. But the sweet moment is ruined by Neil. LOL Unfortunately, Kitora also saw Nike and Livius kissing and that isn’t sitting well at all. I wonder what this guy intends to do.[/details]

I don’t get it. is it just a fantasy love-comedy that nobody is even labeling it as a lvoe-comedy?

i mean it is slow and going no where fast, but lots of time jumps to skip ahead and… um what happened in that missing time! it might give me more than just, oh look arranged marriage sucks in EVERY era…

maybe it needs to pick up the pace with something substantial. i feel as though i am watching it, just to say i watched it, but i am waiting for something more from it, because i see potential, but the build up to whatever seems to be about to cause me to burst and lose interest after just 6 episodes.

the characters are good, but where is the story at? i need more than Pokemon speed and Cutey Honey and the Prince of Tennis arguing all the time. i keep waiting for Livi to go “Mada mada danae, Nike”.

maybe it needs more feminism to make the strong female lead, um, strong and not whipped with the sexism of the era. Nike is just getting walked over and she doesn’t even care anymore. there is one thing about self-sacrifice for her goal, but this is too much i just want to b****-slap her to remind her she isnt a coward and to tell Livi how it is!

being labelled shoujo, i hope being walked over isnt really the thing that young women are looking for?

Episode 12 -

[details=spoiler]I enjoyed the king’s return to his kingdom – “The number of women is evidence of the burden the Prime Minister bore.” LOL Looked more like a 24/7 party palace to me! And it looks like all the work was left for Livius as well. I doubt he’ll be going on any more vacations ever again. And of course now that Nike has fallen for Livius, work keeps them apart for far too long, and she’s lonely without him.

With the excuse that he’s too busy, the chef gives Nike a tray to take to Livius, but Neil tells her that the king is off on a tour of inspection. He isn’t much help! Nike gets so melancholy that she sings. The song brings the rain. Wherever Livius is, it seems that Nike’s feelings have reached him. He misses her just as much. It was great when he finally showed up – Prince Charming on a white horse! LOL This was such a wonderful story, and with beautiful music too![/details]

[quote=“LadyOfWicca” post=171747]Episode 12 -

[spoiler]I enjoyed the king’s return to his kingdom – “The number of women is evidence of the burden the Prime Minister bore.” LOL Looked more like a 24/7 party palace to me! And it looks like all the work was left for Livius as well. I doubt he’ll be going on any more vacations ever again. And of course now that Nike has fallen for Livius, work keeps them apart for far too long, and she’s lonely without him.

With the excuse that he’s too busy, the chef gives Nike a tray to take to Livius, but Neil tells her that the king is off on a tour of inspection. He isn’t much help! Nike gets so melancholy that she sings. The song brings the rain. Wherever Livius is, it seems that Nike’s feelings have reached him. He misses her just as much. It was great when he finally showed up – Prince Charming on a white horse! LOL This was such a wonderful story, and with beautiful music too![/spoiler][/quote]

It was a fun series and I enjoyed it, the 2 leads were likable and the main thing that stood out for me was that their romance was actually pretty believable in the way it evolved over the course of the series. I put it on my Home Video list if it ever gets licensed.

[size=20]Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii Shōjo Manga Gets TV Anime in April[/size]
posted on 2014-01-13 11:09 EST
Series centers on princess who can control rainfall & her forced marriage to a boy king

Dai Shiina’s Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii (Even So, the World is Beautiful) shōjo manga will get a television anime series starting in April.

The manga revolves around Nike, the determined princess of the Rain Dukedom who has a mysterious power: she can control rainfall. After losing a game of rock, paper, scissors to her older sisters, she is forced to unwillingly marry the king of the Sun Kingdom, Livius I. Livius (or Livi for short) conquered the world in three years, and is known as the “Dreadful King.” However, when Nike meets him for the first time, she finds to her surprise that he is a boy younger than she is. Livius abruptly asks Nike to call forth the rain, and when she refuses, he has her thrown in jail. The story follows the two who, while at first are a married couple only in name, gradually begin to establish an emotional bond with one another.

Shiina said regarding the announcement that she was overjoyed, and she added, “I’m looking forward to finding out how Nike’s song will turn out.”

Shiina wrote two one-shots for the manga in 2009 and 2011 in Hakusensha’s Hana to Yume magazine, and then launched the full series in the same magazine in 2012. Hakusensha will publish the sixth compiled volume on January 20. This year’s fourth issue of Hana to Yume, which also ships on January 20, will have more details on the television anime, as well as an interview with Shiina and a two-page illustration.

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