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The Question Thread


That’s a really good question and one that should be decided by each company individually. (and that’s my non-answer of the day)

Do you watch reality shows?


sometimes i do

visiting family this year



Favorite coffee creamer?



do you like gothic



Would you get in a self-driving car?



are you liking the snow


It’s fine. I prefer warmth but at least I get exercise from shoveling.

Would you walk up floors of stairs or take an elevator?


i might take the stairs

do you have a universal remote



Are you (still) hungover from New Years?


no im not

do you own a wallet


I call mine a billfold.

What did you get for Christmas?


Lol, kinda late on this response but I got to work for Christmas this past year. :frowning:

Hot enough for ya yet?


Yes it is

What are you doing for the holiday


I guess I stayed home.

Rainy? :cloud_rain: or Sunny? :sunny:



Do you listen to the voices in your head?


Lol, I wish I could tune them out.

How was your day?


Not bad actually. Did some further cleaning in the garage.

Have you put the fly swatter to work yet this summer?


Lol, you know it!

Do you have to work tomorrow?


Nope, not until July.

[details=Does this sound weird to you?][/details]


Yes it does, sounds like me walking up a flight of stairs lol.

Why does heartburn suck so bad?