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The Question Thread


Because Pepto Bismol.

Are you excited for E3 this weekend?


I am not, I’m kinda out of touch these days.

Can the game make a turnaround?


Dont know

Quite or loud



Is the air conditioner on?


Yes its cold in here

Did you hit up the mall


Nope, although I swear it was begging. :stuck_out_tongue:

Big plans for the Fourth?


might do something for the holiday

what about you fillet


My plans are to lay as low as possible, and pick up any work that I can even though it’s a holiday.

It would be fun to shoot off some fireworks though, no?


I let my neighbors do that.

Will I get enough sleep?


If ya work hard enough, yes!

Is there any end in sight to the rain?


Make a wish on the Dragon Balls.

Why won’t the dust bunnies leave my house?


You feed 'em too well.

Do ya hear the wind a’howlin’?


No, more like boom pop.

Sun or Moon?


Ah, now that’s a good one. I love the Sun, it puts out all that lovely energy, but I could stare at the Moon forever so I guess I’d go with the Moon.

Sand or clay?


clay, i hate sand, it gets into places and its gritty and uncomfortable

Please describe in elaborate detail why would you choose to risk the whole of humanity on a gamble of success in order for a single creature to continue to exist and live?


Because I’m The Slowhand. (of course)

How does giving homes to the homeless reduce homelessness?


It takes the -less out of homeless. :slight_smile:

Have you made it out into the garden today yet?


Don’t have a garden.

Is the five-second rule a lie?


Hell no, it’s all good! :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s on for tonight?


A lamp. :rofl:

Penny for your thoughts?