The Severing Crime Edge / Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge

The Severing Crime Edge / Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge

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Genres: action, mystery, romance
Themes: curses, ecchi, killing goods
Objectionable content: Significant
Plot Summary: Killing Goods are murder weapons handed down from generation to generation within the families of their owners. They are cursed to compel their current owners to repeat the original murders. The curse also makes them indestructible. Kiri Haimura is the current owner of a pair of shears that can cut seemingly anything, although the only thing he wants to cut is hair. One day he meets Iwai Mushanokoji, a girl of whom he has only heard rumors that her hair cannot be cut, a girl who can grant one wish, any wish, but only to the person who murders her. Every morning he cuts her hair, which grows back every night; and every day he helps protect her from people who know about her curse and who want a wish granted.
Number of episodes: 13
Vintage: 2013-04-03
Opening Theme: “Unmei no Ori” by Aimi
Ending Theme: “Kimi to Futari” by Karin Takahashi x Yurika Endou[/quote]

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April 22, 2013

Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge Manga Gets TV Anime

posted on 2012-11-20 06:49 EST
Tatsuhiko Hikagi’s action romance inspires Spring 2013 anime

Episode 1 -


An interesting start to the story. I thought one scene was a little on the erotic side, where Kiri was running his hands through Iwai’s hair (the scene in the trailer), but I liked it. :lol: I can’t wait to see how this all comes together. I think it’s going to get very dark - at least from the way it’s described.

It seems that every few years Japan puts out a show that has a creepy guy with scissors (eg:Baccano, Mezzo) but this is the first I can recall where he’s the main character.

Of course, he looks a bit older than the “Hair Queen”, who looks to be about as old as the telepathic loli from The Unlimited, which adds an extra layer of creepy to this. Bonus points since Kiri’s theme song could be “Dude looks like a Lady”.

…when will this horrible “blob” style of character go back out of style? :frowning:

Episode 2 -


How aren’t they dead? Very strange. At least there was some back story about the Hair Queen and the killing goods. I don’t think I like that professor though. Again, I hope Kiri can protect Iwai, especially now that Kiri needs her as much as Iwai needs him.

Episode 3 –


Kiri is told that the Author with the sledgehammer “probably” won’t come after Iwai, but I’m glad Kiri decided to stay with her just in case. The idea of them spending the night together was funny, especially when Iwai asked Kiri what boys did at night. They suddenly seemed very awkward with one another!

During the storm, a convenient blackout allows the Author access to the house. It was interesting to see how rapidly Iwai’s hair grows right at the stroke of midnight. I’m glad Kiri stayed with her, but he still has an erotic obsession with Iwai’s hair, running his fingers through it and asking her if he can cut it. She agrees, but I laughed when she called him a pervert!

Locked doors won’t stop a killer with a sledgehammer, so I don’t know why Kiri even tried. In fighting with the Author, Kiri finds a strength he never knew he had and isn’t even afraid. Iwai, already terrified, gets to witness this other side of Kiri who is perhaps living up to his ancestor’s evil blood. He welds those scissors with a smile as he attacks the Author and incapacitates him. Iwai fears for his sanity until he reassures her that he is quite himself once the fight is over.

The Professor visits the following morning to find that the Author is gone, but he has left his Killing Goods behind. He wonders why Kiri didn’t kill him and wants to know if Kiri gave himself up to the “power of evil”. How disappointed the Professor must have been to find out that Kiri isn’t a murderer – at least not yet. Kiri is just happy that he was able to protect Iwai – and her hair!


STARTING: May 7th @ 9:00 PM EST / 6:00 PM PST

Episode 1 (Sub) is live at ANO

Episode 4 –


Kiri meets another Author who also supposedly wants to protect the Queen. His Killing Goods is “The Judgment Executor Rule Book” and he uses it to hang “sinners”. But if one isn’t guilty enough, the rope will break. He tells Kiri that he is “justice” and only wants to use his power against the bad guys. But I don’t trust him and I don’t think Kiri does either. I also wondered if the cop was his Instead. Perhaps she isn’t, but she does seem to know an awful lot about Killing Goods and Authors.

I also have a feeling that the pianist is an Author and her Killing Goods is that white piano. She did insinuate that something would happen if she ever finished a piece of music. And now there is another organization called “Gossip”! I have to laugh at that name. This organization observes, but doesn’t interfere although they do encourage Authors to kill the Queen. Now I am thinking of “Watchers”! -lol- But this group sounds more on the evil side.

The blind pianist is an Author! And the deaf piano tuner is her Instead! It may have been obvious, but I thought so. She doesn’t want to kill the Queen either, but there does seem to be bodies under that club! It seems that the pianist and Iwai become friendly. I am beginning to wonder how much Iwai’s father knew about all this, since he always went to that club.

Ep. 01

Now here’s a show that plays to my fetishes!
I’ve always had an affinity for really long hair, though unlike Kiri, I have no desire to cut it, as a matter of fact, I think that’s just a downright sacrilege to me!

That being said though, the first ep. really seems to give off a (Cube×Cursed×Curious) vibe that I really like, since I actually really enjoyed .

Here’s to more similarities!

I knew you would like Iwai and her long hair! :wink:

Episode 5 –


A school trip looks to be fun, but Gossip has other plans for the Hair Queen. It turns out that the student council president is also an Author and the vice president is his Instead. Obedience is the name of his game!

When Kiri sneaks out in the middle of the night to meet Iwai and cut her hair, it’s a magical moment. But Kiri is deflated when Iwai tells him that she doesn’t have anyone special to go stargazing with. And when Iwai starts to tell Kiri how convenient it is to have him around to cut her hair, his ego is crushed. He disappears before Iwai can ask him about the stargazing event the following night and ends up hiding in his bed, hating all girls and sulking.

Iwai is hanging out with the girls and of course the subject eventually turns to boys. Iwai has been alone and isolated all of her life and knows nothing of relationships, never mind boys. But perhaps she will pick up a few things in talking with the other girls – like how Kiri might feel about her! She does have a lot to learn in that area and I don’t think Kiri really understands.

Kiri finally realizes that perhaps he was expecting too much from Iwai, but he’d still like Iwai to need him more than she does and it depresses him. Meanwhile, Shihoudou has taken out Iwai in a row boat all alone and she scares Iwai with her turn of conversation, saying that all boys should die. She then pushes Iwai into the water!

Iwai wakes up in a bed in the high school dorm and thinks she fell into the water, before realizing that she was pushed. When she tries to leave the room, there is a note on the door addressed to her and in it, Zaiga says some awful things to her that play upon her fears. She runs but soon finds the front door locked. Iwai doesn’t know why no one is there, but then she stumbles upon Crime Edge and Kiri steps out of the shadows.

But something is wrong. Kiri is not himself. She tries to tell Kiri what happened, but he grabs her hair and raises his hand to slap her. Iwai runs away, but other high schoolers come after her. Everyone appears to be hypnotized and acting like zombies. Still clutching Crime Edge, Iwai is knocked to the floor and it looks like the boys are going to rape her. One cuts his hand on Crime Edge and Iwai fights to get away, losing her pants in the process. Her only thought is of Kiri, but the boys come after her again and she runs.

She now realizes that Zaiga is an Author and is controlling these boys, but she still has Crime Edge which comforts her since she believes it to be Kiri’s soul. Her mission now is to find Kiri and somehow wake him up. She kisses Crime Edge and runs off into the shadows. Talk about a cliffhanger!! And Nakajima is about to make an appearance as well.

Hmm, two hair fetishes shows in a row (though the nature of the fetish between the two shows are different)

Episode 2 (Sub) is live at ANO

Episode 6 –


At least Kiri is still in there somewhere and isn’t totally away from his mind. He remembers coming to the dorm, but after that – nothing. And he doesn’t know why he can’t control his body. And something is telling him to attack a girl. And here she is!

Iwai is still clutching Crime Edge to her as Kiri knocks her down, but her voice isn’t reaching him. She begins to cry as he gets on top of her and puts his hands around her throat. She still tries to talk to him and her words make him hesitate and he pulls his hands back. Iwai thinks he may be regaining himself, but Shihoudou is suddenly behind him, whipping his back. The blow sends him flying through a nearby window and Iwai runs after him.

Kiri lands on the deck and Zaiga is there with more of his mind controlled boys. But that’s wrong. Shihoudou is really the Author and her Killing Goods is the Slaughtering Pet Whip! Then Zaiga must be her Instead. Even Iwai is surprised that Zaiga isn’t the Author. Shihoudou explains her Whip Lash power and how she loves to dominate others. She approaches the Hair Queen with that very intent. And Kiri is still unconscious!

Yamane is knocking out the mind controlled boys and really wants to kill, but her Instead is trying to keep her calm by phone and promises to let Yamane inject her once she returns. They don’t need to protect the Queen, but they want her for themselves. I hope Yamane can control her urges long enough.

Shihoudou sends Zaiga over to cut Iwai’s hair, but he can’t and keeps calling her a monster until Iwai realizes that they are trying to break her down mentally. But she won’t let them! Shihoudou then orders Kiri to stand and cut her own hair. He takes Crime Edge from Iwai and goes to do Shihoudou’s bidding. That betrayal may just break Iwai after all. Zaiga holds Iwai back as she struggles and yells at Kiri not to cut Shihoudou’s hair. As Kiri caresses Shihoudou’s hair, Iwai screams out that she hates him. And that seems to do the trick!

Kiri grabs a fistful of Shihoudou’s hair and pulls it out by the roots! She falls to the deck, but quickly rises and attacks Kiri, but Kiri has his Crime Edge and his wits back and can defend himself very easily. Kiri attacks Zaiga next and he releases Iwai. He gently takes Iwai by the shoulders – and starts yelling at her for calling him an idiot and saying that she hated him! LOL Iwai yells back at him as Shihoudou and Zaiga watch them in stunned silence. Kiri tells Iwai to “say it” and she yells out “help me”. That is all that Kiri needed to hear and he smiles. He hugs a tearful Iwai to him and announces to the others that he is the Severing Crime Edge! The moonlight glints eerily off the threateningly upraised Crime Edge.

Shihoudou orders her dominated boys after Kiri and he quickly immobilizes them. Zaiga is next and he manages to knock Kiri down as Iwai cries out his name. Unfortunately, being whipped by the killing goods every night has given him a powerful strength – a strength that Kiri may not be able to overcome as Zaiga continues to crush his head against the deck. Shihoudou approaches Iwai with her whip and says that she will obtain “true domination” by killing Iwai, the Queen.

Kiri begins to cut at Zaiga with Crime Edge and tells him that no matter how strong he is, he is still just a normal person facing a killer. Kiri keeps cutting away at Zaiga until he passes out. He tells Shihoudou that if she insists, he won’t hold back. True, Kiri hasn’t really killed up until now, but I think he would in this case. However, Shihoudou gives up and goes back to Zaiga as Kiri goes back to Iwai. They take each other’s hand, but suddenly a noose falls around Kiri’s neck!

Nakajima and his Rule Book have finally arrived! Took him long enough. But instead of going after Shihoudou and her pet Whip as he had originally intended, Nakajima and his book feel that Kiri is becoming too enthralled with Crime Edge and is now the worthier target. He wonders if Kiri is the true evil as Kiri is lifted off his feet to hang. Iwai clutches at him, crying his name, as Kiri desperately tries to cut at the rope with Crime Edge. Then Yamane arrives on the scene.

Yamane has a loudspeaker through which Kozakura begins to yell at Nakajima from a cell phone. She had gone to the Professor with the knowledge that Nakajima was going there, but I’m not sure how she knew to do that. She tells Nakajima that he isn’t acting in the name of justice and that she cannot condone murder. That is enough to break Nakajima’s concentration and the noose disappears, freeing Kiri. Nakajima decides to make an exit, but Shihoudou asks him about the original e-mail she received with the identity and location of the Hair Queen. Nakajima admits to sending it and setting up this whole scenario. As Nakajima walks away, Shihoudou tries to whip him, but he evades her. He calls her a loser with seems to finally break her spirit and he leaves.

Kiri thanks Yamane for saving them, but Iwai goes back to Shihoudou to ask about Zaiga. The final straw for Shihoudou is receiving pity from the Queen and she breaks into tears, screaming out her agony. A flashback shows that she and Zaiga were childhood friends, but another jealous girl in school with them didn’t like that they were always together. This popular girl took away the part of the princess in the play that Shihoudou wanted, leaving her in misery. But then she was given the whip. Now, all her despair comes pouring out with her tears. Apparently, Shihoudou just wanted to be loved. Zaiga wakes, and putting his hand on her head, tells her how beautiful her hair is and how much he always liked it. Even in pain, this is his way of telling her that he loves her.

Kiri muses over the Pet Whip as the other boys begin to come to their senses, and realizes that none of the whip’s victims had ever been in chains. He concludes that perhaps the whip wielder was the one that was bound. Even though the stargazing event is long over, Iwai hurries Kiri to the location anyway. They are alone but Iwai wishes that she could have enjoyed the stargazing with everyone. Kiri looks a little insulted again at that. Iwai apologizes to Kiri for causing him so much trouble earlier, but she’s glad that they are stargazing together now. She also tells him that she wanted to invite him to the stargazing the day before but he disappeared before she could do so. Kiri admits the he was a little annoyed at her for calling him a convenience for cutting her hair. A distraught Iwai didn’t mean that and apologizes to Kiri and he apologizes too for getting mad.

The overhanging clouds soon part and they have a wonderful view of the star filled night sky. Iwai is awed by the beauty of it and Kiri is awed by Iwai’s beauty. As they hold hands, he bows to her and Iwai curtsies back to him. Then he sweetly twirls her around and around and they begin to dance in the lovely glowing light of the stars. This was just too cute!

Episode 3 (Sub) is live at ANO

Episode 7 –


A temporary peace is made with Shihoudou that results in an invitation to a Gossip party. Kiri is criticized by Houko for spending so much time with his Instead, but she’s also feeling just a bit guilty over her own situation. Then Iwai asks her for some advice about what to wear to the party. Houko reminds Iwai that she is her enemy, but Iwai still considers her and Yamane friends. Houko only feels more guilt over this, especially because of the way she had treated Iwai up until now. Houko doesn’t want to care about Iwai, but she does. In addition, it seems that her relationship with Yamane may be improving as well.

It was interesting the way Kiri and Kashiko first met. She might have even become his Instead if he hadn’t met Iwai. But Kashiko holds that first meeting of theirs over his head and she also has some feelings for him. Kashiko thinks he’s going on a date now and forbids him to go. Funny!

The Professor drives Iwai and Kiri to the party. Iwai gets a little jealous at Kiri’s reaction to Houko and Yamane – loved her little girl pout! As the Professor sits alone in his car, I wonder why he says that he hopes Kiri doesn’t share his fate. Kiri and Iwai hold hands in the elevator for courage as Kiri thinks that this is where they will find out what they’re up against.

Episode 4 (Sub) is live at ANO

Episode 8 -


And so Kiri and Iwai enter the elegant Gossip party and everyone knows exactly who they are. The main event is a play about the Hair Queen. Kiri and Iwai are taken backstage to “assist with the entertainment” and I don’t like the sound of that! They find out that they will both be in the play and Iwai panics, never having been in a play before. Kiri isn’t that much more comfortable since he hadn’t performed since kindergarten. But I have a feeling that neither one of them will be acting.

The Queen is described as the “sacrificial lamb” and “Authors are wolves that devour her”. I guess that explains their costumes. Kiri and Iwai move towards the stage and Nakajima greets them. He tells them that the trial is about to begin – he expects to continue where he left off with Kiri the last time! Iwai is caged and the rope appears around Kiri’s neck. He struggles not to choke as his feet leave the floor. Nakajima is so sure of his guilt! But I hope he gets a surprise. The curtain rises as Nakajima levels his judgment upon Kiri.

Kiri doesn’t proclaim his innocence, but instead pulls Crime Edge from his jacket and cuts at the rope to no avail. The rope tightens as the audience looks on. Kiri goes still and then suddenly tries to attack Nakajima with Crime Edge, but that doesn’t work either. The audience, thinking it’s only a play, begins to applaud. Kiri makes another lunge towards Nakajima, but the rope tightens again. However, Kiri continues to try to attack him. Kiri knows that he isn’t going to last much longer. He continues to throw himself at Nakajima, but that only makes his situation worse.

Nakajima proclaims that his judgment was correct and that Kiri the sinner will soon die. Crying, Iwai reaches out her arms to the choking Kiri through the bars of her cage, calling his name. Kiri’s only thought is to protect Iwai. Kiri calls Nakajima a coward for not killing him with his own two hands. The insult does the trick and Nakajima comes at Kiri. Kiri is ready for him and cuts him with Crime Edge. The rope around Kiri’s neck tightens for the last time as Nakajima proclaims that he’s won. Kiri claws at the rope as Iwai continues to call his name. Kiri finally goes limp and Crime Edge falls to the floor of the stage. Silence reigns throughout the room as Iwai screams.

Episode 5 (Sub) is live at ANO

Episode 6 (Sub) is live at ANO

Episode 9 –


Someone shoots Nakajima in the leg and a key flies from his pocket to land in front of the caged Iwai. He immediately opens his Rule Book to give judgment against the shooter. However, the curtain falls on his performance. The stage is now in total darkness and Kiri’s body falls next to Iwai’s cage. She can feel that the rope is gone, but that’s about it. Iwai cries, begging Kiri not die.

Kiri isn’t dead! Well, he couldn’t be, now could he? There are too many episodes left and Iwai will be needing him. Nakajima is reprimanded by his hostess. He was under orders not to harm Kiri – at least for that evening. She tells him again to restrain himself, but Nakajima pulls out his Rule Book instead, claiming that Authors have “free will”.

The Lady is disappointed in him and a hand reaches out from behind him and forces Nakajima to drink something. He begins to cough up blood and he picks up his Rule Book once again. This time, multiple knives fly into him, and stop him for the last time. Kiri finds him in the darkness and Nakajima is disappointed that Kiri isn’t dead. He gives Kiri the name of his hostess and the leader of Gossip – Lady Violet Witchy. Now, there’s an interesting name. Nakajima tells Kiri that her “pet” Authors killed him and wants Kiri to witness that he died with dignity and his pride intact. He dies and the Lady startles Kiri from behind. She tells him that the play isn’t over yet.

Lady Violet continues the story of Queen Zablefahr as she picks up the bloodied Rule Book. She was the originator of the curse and the Lady tells Kiri that “Gossip has managed the Goods, their Authors, and the Queens ever since”. She labels Nakajima’s death as “unfortunate”, but she has her own part to play. But Kiri has his own opinion and says that the curse should not lay with the Queen, but with the “Witch”. That seems to anger the Lady, but Iwai comes from nowhere and throws herself at the Lady, who slaps Iwai to the floor with the Rule Book. She hadn’t expected to meet her and apologizes for the overly eventful evening. She walks away, leaving Kiri and Iwai to themselves and Kiri comforts Iwai as best he can.

Later, Nakajima’s Instead, the lady cop, takes their statements. Kiri thinks that Kozakura is grieving over Nakajima, but she just laughs. Yes, she felt that he was like a younger brother, but she wasn’t even sure she was his Instead. However, if she helped him in any way at all, then she was happy for it. Kozakura does cry in the end, sad that their “routine” is gone.

When they are alone, Kiri talks to Iwai about Nakajima’s death. It was the first time Kiri actually watched someone die. He also notes how similar he and Nakajima are. He wonders if he will end up like Nakajima someday if he continues to use Crime Edge. It saddens him that if he dies, he won’t be able to cut Iwai’s hair anymore. Iwai is just as sad, for if an Author kills her, she won’t be there for Kiri anymore. Grasping the hand that is holding Crime Edge, Iwai begins to cry as she tells Kiri that she hopes they will be together for a long time. Iwai admits how scared she is as she throws herself at Kiri’s chest.

Crying as she is, Kiri doesn’t know how to comfort her. He puts down Crime Edge and admits that he’s only touched her hair and never her. He takes a lock of her hair now and licks it, before laying Iwai back on the sofa. She murmurs his name as his hovers over her. Kiri says that it might be because he feels lonely, but he wants this. Then he leans down and licks Iwai’s neck. She blushes as he nibbles on her ear. Iwai murmurs his name again, as Kiri tells her that he loves everything about her – her hair, body, and soul. Kiri tells her how happy she’s made him and she tells him that she feels the same way.

Kiri gently kisses her forehead and tells her that he can’t go any further. I think Iwai was a bit disappointed. She jumps up and reminds Kiri that she also has lips! So, she tells Kiri that he can’t die yet and he agrees. They make a pinky promise and Kiri is finally beginning to realize what it means to protect Iwai. Well, that was awkward! But also very sweet.