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I couldn't become an artist, so I reluctantly decided to be a writer


Except my writing kinda sucks and I’m preoccupied with video games every so often, but my skill there ain’t too hot either. I guess you could I’ve got No Game No Life.

Okay, I’m going to stop that. Anyway, I’ve known about this site for a while now, but it was only relatively recently I decided to sign up here after watching Kimikiss on the site (hooray for advertising?), which is honestly one of the best pure romances I’ve seen in a looong time. The first really great pure romance I watched was Diamond Daydreams, also on this site, and that was in…2010, methinks? But my fandom stretches back to 2006.

Let’s see…I’ve gone through the standard anime doesn’t do anything for me anymore! phase, the LoGH is the best anime elitist phase, and now I’m in the mellowed-out phase that comes with accepting anime is just another entertainment medium and stuff.

I recently got into this thing called ‘reviewing’ but I’m honestly not sure how good or not my writing is for that. I genuinely do feel like I can always do better. ^^

Oh, right. To the left and to the bottom is my avatar, one of my favorite characters in Miu Asakura from Bungaku Shoujooooooooo~ <3


Hello and welcome to the tacent TAN boards!! :3
I can relate to your story because it was basically the same for me: I cannot draw or do anything of the sort, so I took up writing. :silly: It has been very enjoyable so far, but I am nowhere near good and go on long hiatuses with nothing written. :unsure: If you want, I would not mind checking out some of your work (though I cannot get to it until next week ^^; ). Reviewing is difficult, and I would say to watch boat-loads of reviews from all walks of media and culture to get a good feel for it, but that is just me. I am always up for helping if I can. ^^

Anyway, I hope you have an awesome time on here posting around and making many new friends!! :slight_smile:


Welcome to the Forums. Only advice I can give you is this, Writers write, they don’t talk about it etc. Only way to improve is to keep writing. Find what inspires you and write about that.



Best title I have ever seen for an intro thread.


I have to agree with that, Miguel! :laugh: And, it’s nice to meet you. Feel free to always write your feelings and thoughts into a review about any series and post it in the proper show’s thread here in the forums. If you ever need help finding anything, feel free to ask around anytime. I hope you continue to write here, and see ya’ around the boards!


A sculpter sculpts, a carver carves
A writer writes, an artist starves
Though technique with charcoal, pencil and brush
Can show you imagery gorgeous and lush,
Only by travel can you get there
A write lays out the journey for you with great care
Be not ashamed the path, you’ve chosen in life
For the artists path is filled with great strife
Is what the world likes to say.

But in truth writing is also an art
It’s equally mastered, and easy to start
The same struggles persist, no matter your craft
Be prepared for adveristy, before and aft
But perservere you must, and get distracted not
If the fiery passion for your craft is truly hot
You keep practicing and working to get much better
Write what you love, letter by letter
Because you’ll be something one day.


Welcome to you! Indeed, it is a wonderful intro title. All I can say is that writing is like any other skill - “practice makes perfect”. Hope you join us often!