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So, with the official release of Motto, once again I’m putting my thoughts on the dub cast.

Episode 1

It’s great to hear everyone back in the dub! All the returning cast are absolutely amazing so far!

Individualized important or new characters:

Yami = Katelyn Barr: Episode 1B is where Yami begins to soften, and Katelyn does it perfectly. The way she says “Thank you Mikan.” is just beautiful! :heart::heart::heart:

Oshizu = Melissa Molano: Just as I thought, she sounds more natural in the scene where she is her in her artificial body. It works way better than when she is in astral form. :thinking:

Celine = Kailin Coates: I actually prefer her version of Celine over Ryôka Yuzuki’s. She sounds cuter in the dub :thinking:

Nana = Allison Sumrall: I want to hear more of her, but I’m liking the vocal tone she’s doing for her so far.

Momo = Natalie Rial: I need to hear more of her in some of the later episodes to see how well she fits. She only had like two lines in this episode.

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Motto episode 2 dub thoughts

Sachie and Mami (Mikan’s classmates) = Uncredited in the dub as of right now: They sound alright. As they only appear about 5 times in the entire series overall (usually in the OVA’S), they may remain uncredited. An interesting note is Sachie is voiced by Misato Fukuen (Yami (of course!!!)) And Mami is voiced by Sayuri Yahagi (Haruna) in the Japanese audio.

Haruko Nitta (Mikan’s teacher) = Sara Gaston: I like her voice! She varies between trying to be someone Mikan should hold in high regard (aka a teacher) and the awestruckness of meeting one of her idols (actually Rito dressed like his father) very well!

Yami = Katelyn Barr: Aww. She got sad Yami exact… :sob::sob::sob: She also nails Yami’s irritation at finding Rito was in the bath with all the girls. :blush::heart:

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Motto episode 3 dub thoughts

Yami = Katelyn Barr: Even though she has about 1 minute total screentime this episode, it was perfect! Just like Misato, Katelyn does a slightly softer voice when talking with Mikan. :heart::heart::heart:

Riko = Avery Smithhart: I’m genuinely conflicted. She doesn’t sound bad at all, but she used a near identical tone to “Female Natsuru” from Kampfer. So now when I hear English Riko, I imagine that the Kampfer universe is an alternate reality to the TLR universe. :thinking::thinking::thinking:


HIDIVE Streaming Announcement for Motto To Love Ru Dub



You all don’t really know how hard I’m crying happy tears over this statement.


Motto Dub Thoughts episode 4

Yami = Katelyn Barr: Just ever so beautiful! :heart::heart::heart: Katelyn does Yami being upset over the outfit Risa and Mio bought her amazingly! Her normal stoicness with just a hint of almost unnoticeable sadness. She does Misato Fukuen proud! :heart::heart::heart:

Oshizu = Melissa Molano: 4B is her first full episode in her prosthetic body, and she sounds perfectly fine. This absolutely confirms my earlier thoughts on why they decided to not have her sound ghosty in her appearances in season 1. :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Nana = Allison Sumrall: I really like her voice as Nana. She does Nana’s rapid tsundere switches really nicely. :thinking:

Momo = Natalie Rial: This is one I’m a little concerned about as of her first full appearance. Now Natalie does Momo’s devilish side very well, but the part I’m concerned about is when she is acting all innocent. She doesn’t sound aloof enough when compared to Aki’s performance. I really do hope she grows on me.

Dub notes

They actually keep Risa’s nickname for Yami in the dub. For anyone curious, Risa calls Yami: Yami-yami.

Motto dub thoughts episode 5

Aya = Olivia Swasey: She has a nice timid voice in the dub. It suits her well.

Rin = Chancey Moore: Very interesting. She sounds kinda tomboyish. It works with her character quite nicely. :thinking::thinking::thinking:

(This is the first time in the series that either of them have any extended screentime, outside of the S1 OVA’s. Yes. Mio has more screentime than they do.)


Motto To Love Ru, Ep 1 (Dub, Home Video Version), is live at HIDIVE


Motto 1 is up! Let’s go!!!




(Also, they put the wrong company that licensed it. :expressionless:)


Motto To Love Ru, Ep 1-12 (Sub with Revised Subtitles/Home Video Version) are live at HIDIVE

Motto episode 6 dub thoughts

Yami = Katelyn Barr: So perfect! I love the subtle confusion she gives after slicing the watermelon in half, since that is something she honed as an assassin; being able to strike her target, even if she can’t see it. :heart::heart::heart:

Momo = Natalie Rial: I need to give her a few more episodes. I really do hope I warm up to her performance…

Lala = Alexis Tipton: Okay. Her performance was spectacular this episode! When Lala was holding back tears because all the seduction techniques from the book Risa gave her failed, I genuinely teared up myself. :sob::sob::sob:

Motto episode 7 dub thoughts

Yami = Katelyn Barr: This episode is where Yami gets sick, and Katelyn does it perfectly! There’s a subtle weakness in her voice, proving her illness. It’s so sad! :sob::sob::sob:

Oshizu = Melissa Molano: This is more of a note than anything else. She sounds really good, but in 7C, while Oshizu is in her astral form, she sounds more “ghosty”. I’m impressed! :clap:


Motto To Love Ru, Ep 2 (Dub, Home Video Version), is live at HIDIVE

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Motto episode 8 Dub thoughts

Marron = Josh Morrison: Oooh! Suave! He sounds like 90’s Chester Cheetah! I like it!

Katelyn Barr = Mikami and Brittany Karbowski =Yamikan: This is the episode where Yami and Mikan switch bodies. They’re cute switched like that. :blush:

Dub notes

Marron: “It ain’t easy bein a pet.”

I need to know if there is an outtake where he says: “It ain’t easy bein cheesy.”



So did the voices stay with the body? Basically Katelyn playing Mikan while she was in Yami’s body and Vice Versa?

Reason I ask is because I despise when the voice travels with the character on the body switch, It’s lazy and it basically states that the Director doesn’t trust the acting talents of their voice cast


No. The voices switched with the character swap.

I do agree though. Brittany could have easily done Mikami using an alteration of Ikaros’ voice, and Katelyn could have done Yamikan using a voice similar to the one she will have to use for Loli or Darkness Yami. I know they have the talent.

In the Japanese audio, they had Misato voice Yamikan and Kana voice Mikami…

They’re still really cute switched though…

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Motto To Love Ru, Ep 3 (Dub, Home Video Version), is live at HIDIVE

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Motto dub thoughts episode 9

Ringo = Olivia Swasey: This is Ringo’s (she’s Rito and Mikan’s mom) only appearance in the entire series. She sounds okay. With that flair of a ritzy fashion designer.

Sabai = Mark Laskowski: He sounds pretty good, like a father. (he’s Rito and Mikan’s dad btw) Not really much more I could say…

Momo = Natalie Rial: Very important. She sounds okay this episode. Now it could be because she wasn’t acting all innocent this episode, or her voice may be growing on me. I don’t know which…

Yami = Katelyn Barr: Even though she only has about 1 and a half minutes of screentime this episode, it’s all time of bliss! So stoic! :heart::heart::heart:

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