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Motto episode 7 dub thoughts

Yami = Katelyn Barr: This episode is where Yami gets sick, and Katelyn does it perfectly! There’s a subtle weakness in her voice, proving her illness. It’s so sad! :sob::sob::sob:

Oshizu = Melissa Molano: This is more of a note than anything else. She sounds really good, but in 7C, while Oshizu is in her astral form, she sounds more “ghosty”. I’m impressed! :clap:


Motto To Love Ru, Ep 2 (Dub, Home Video Version), is live at HIDIVE

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Motto episode 8 Dub thoughts

Marron = Josh Morrison: Oooh! Suave! He sounds like 90’s Chester Cheetah! I like it!

Katelyn Barr = Mikami and Brittany Karbowski =Yamikan: This is the episode where Yami and Mikan switch bodies. They’re cute switched like that. :blush:

Dub notes

Marron: “It ain’t easy bein a pet.”

I need to know if there is an outtake where he says: “It ain’t easy bein cheesy.”



So did the voices stay with the body? Basically Katelyn playing Mikan while she was in Yami’s body and Vice Versa?

Reason I ask is because I despise when the voice travels with the character on the body switch, It’s lazy and it basically states that the Director doesn’t trust the acting talents of their voice cast


No. The voices switched with the character swap.

I do agree though. Brittany could have easily done Mikami using an alteration of Ikaros’ voice, and Katelyn could have done Yamikan using a voice similar to the one she will have to use for Loli or Darkness Yami. I know they have the talent.

In the Japanese audio, they had Misato voice Yamikan and Kana voice Mikami…

They’re still really cute switched though…

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Motto To Love Ru, Ep 3 (Dub, Home Video Version), is live at HIDIVE

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Motto dub thoughts episode 9

Ringo = Olivia Swasey: This is Ringo’s (she’s Rito and Mikan’s mom) only appearance in the entire series. She sounds okay. With that flair of a ritzy fashion designer.

Sabai = Mark Laskowski: He sounds pretty good, like a father. (he’s Rito and Mikan’s dad btw) Not really much more I could say…

Momo = Natalie Rial: Very important. She sounds okay this episode. Now it could be because she wasn’t acting all innocent this episode, or her voice may be growing on me. I don’t know which…

Yami = Katelyn Barr: Even though she only has about 1 and a half minutes of screentime this episode, it’s all time of bliss! So stoic! :heart::heart::heart:

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Motto To Love Ru, Ep 4 (Dub, Home Video Version), is live at HIDIVE

Motto dub thoughts episode 10

Risa = Meg McDonald: This is Risa’s first full episode devoted to her (10B). I really like Meg’s portrayal of Risa. She really nails that “gal” flare. :grin::+1:

Motto Dub thoughts episode 11

I literally paused the episode to type this.

Yami = Katelyn Barr: I’m crying hard right now. She did “Shy Dere Yami” absolutely perfectly! She got Yami’s subtle notes of shyness under her stoicness dead on! It’s so beautiful!!!


Motto To Love Ru, Ep 5 (Dub, Home Video Version), is live at HIDIVE


So just watched the first 3 eps of the dub on Hidive for Motto. Did I miss a few episodes or was the set up for Motto in the S1 OVAs?

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Yes, but they were manga only dvd’s.
To Love Ru Darkness also had manga only dvd’s as well.


Yes, and no.

Momo, Nana, and Celine were all officially introduced to the anime in the S1 OVA’S.

However, as S1 was over 75% original material, and only used chapters from the first 7 volumes of the manga, many of the important plot points were missed.

Celine was originally a giant alien flower that Lala got Rito as a gift (how she got the space flu in ep 24 btw).

Here’s a picture of her plant form, which only made one appearance in the anime, in OVA #4


Towards the end of the original manga series (in volume 15), she metamorphosed into the humanoid girl she appears as in Motto and Darkness.

None of this made it into the anime. (except Lala getting sick.)

Nana and Momo’s first appearance from the manga is depicted in full in OVA #4.

Rito turning into a girl (Riko) also first happens in the OVA’S. More specifically, OVA #1. True story. Saki and Kentaro (the author and illustrator) decided to turn Rito into a girl for the 100 chapter anniversary of the manga.

That’s why Mikan mentions to Yami that Rito is a girl again. She was decently involved in Rito’s first female transformation.





Aww. You make me blush :relaxed:


Motto To Love Ru, Ep 6 (Dub, Home Video Version), is live at HIDIVE


Motto To Love Ru, Ep 7 (Dub, Home Video Version), is live at HIDIVE


My second favorite episode of Motto!

Yami gets sick, so Rito rushes her to Mikado’s house to try to help her.

So many ABSOLUTELY PRECIOUS scenes of Yami!!!


Motto To Love Ru, Ep 8 (Dub, Home Video Version), is live at HIDIVE

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