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Tons of new shows coming Online: Fumoffu, Utena, Area88 OVA, RahXephon, and more


[quote]Hey guys! We just posted our Online Player Schedule and it is HUGE! Series debuts include the following:

All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku Dash 2009-07-09
Area 88 Burning Mirage 2009-07-09
Area 88 OVA 2009-07-09
Birth 2009-07-09
Blue Seed 2009-07-09
Burn Up W - Subtitled 2009-07-09
Cosmo Warrior Zero 2009-07-16
Cromartie High School 2009-07-09
Demon Lord Dante 2009-08-20
Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu 2009-07-09
Gun Frontier 2009-07-16
Mazinkaiser 2009-07-09
Megazone 23 2009-07-09
Metal Fighter Miku 2009-07-16
Nanaka 6/17 2009-07-09
Neo Ranga 2009-07-09
New Cutey Honey 2009-07-09
New Fist of the North Star 2009-07-09
No Blood, No Tears 2009-07-09
Orphen: Revenge 2009-07-09
Papuwa 2009-07-09
RahXephon The Motion Picture 2009-07-09
Revolutionary Girl Utena 2009-08-20
Yugo The Negotiator 2009-07-09

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