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Use Fast Chargers or Not?

Do y’all have a need for fast ? Or is it slow hand and steady no pun intended

My aunt want a fast charger because she said her’s is to slow so I’m going to buy her one and I’m thinking of buying one for myself


Be sure the phone is compatible…otherwise there will be no difference. Be sure to get a reputable brand.


Just found out that not all phones can fast charge


The original Pixel phones were interesting in that the XL model had fast charging, but the non-XL didn’t.

Ignoring the Pixel example above, normally it’s the cheap phones that don’t have fast charging.

I wonder how is it that people seem to need a new charger every 6 months. Unless you get a no-name brand (or a name brand, but one that came without a charger) phone, I would think the charger should last a year or two at least.


I think that now they have all the USB Type C Only for fast charging Except new iPhones


And I point to my non-XL Pixel 1 example above. USB Type C, no fast charging.

And fast charging was a thing even before USB Type C.

Also, there’s a chance that a USB Type C port is just USB 2.0! Rare but possible.


Ok than I think that they only sell USB C Fast chargers now or something along those lines


Not true. (Cable sold separately)

Anker is a good brand BTW.

(Note: May need to look for another one that supports Qualcomm Quick Charge if your phone uses that)


My Company iPhones both came with chargers. None of out other phones did. I’ve just always used what was available. I think one of the iPhone chargers is in my computer bag, the other keeps a Kindle Fire topped up.

Never felt the need for fast charging.

Oh, the local Wal-Mart is rebranding their “Grab & Go” electronics, so I was able to get a charger battery bank, two 2 amp usb wall chargers and a HDMI 4K 3 way switch for about $12 with tax.

Mark Gosdin


My current device is a Motorola e6 2019 model. It’s a budget device, and still has a USB Micro charge port. It’s starting to wear out (honestly need to get a new device once funds become available…), but sometimes when I plug it in, it says charging rapidly. Haven’t seen a real difference in charging speed though. Although I’ve never really had the need for rapid charging, cause I can go all day and my battery will be 30% or so.


I’m not really interested in fast chargers But I was curious to check them out and their not that expensive like they could have made them I’m sure they got some brands that r expensive

But I do like the slow chargers :electric_plug:
Called wireless station charge Those look cool

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Your phone has to be equipped with the contact charge panel for those to work though.

There r budget phone the a be made with wireless like the SE and S9 and ThinQ

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Yes. Of course.

You just need to make sure your phone is compatible first. Don’t want to go and waste money on something you can’t use, now do you?

Yea not going to invest in a Slow but Cool Charger

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