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Virtua Fighter

Virtua Fighter


Genres: action, comedy
Themes: android, fighting, martial artists, martial arts
Objectionable content: Mild
Plot Summary: Based on the popular Virtua Fighter video game franchise, this series follows the adventures of Akira, a lone martial artist who has lost his ability to see the mystical constellations that reveal a truly strong man’s destiny. Now, his path of wandering has forced him into the fighting ring with several martial arts champions and into an insidious international conspiracy that he must not only break out of, but find a way to destroy. With the help of Jacky, Sara, Pai, and other characters from the Virtua Fighter games, Akira must find the strength to take on greater powers than himself and regain his lost sense of destiny.
Number of episodes: 35
Vintage: 1995-10-02 to 1996-06-27

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Virtua Fighter - Opening | ‘Wild Vision’ by Kohji Hayashi

Akira unleashes his Hakkyoku Ken technique | Virtua Fighter

Akira’s hands are too full to fight this episode | Virtua Fighter

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When you go for the kiss too soon (Akira x Pai Chan) | Virtua Fighter

The Virtua Fighters are ride-or-die for each other | 'Virtua Fighter’

Virtua Fighter - Anime Ending | “Kuchibiru no Shinwa” by Vivian Hsu 徐若瑄

The fancy French kid with the Chinese Mantis fighting style | Lion's intro in 'Virtua Fighter' anime

Pai Chan got that Vegas glow up | "Virtua Fighter' (1995)

Pai Chan's acting debut falls apart | 'Virtua Fighter'

Akira and Jacky perform 'showtime' on the NYC train | Virtua Fighter

Naruto wouldn't stand a chance against Kage-Maru | Akira vs. Kage | 'Virtua Fighter' (1995)

A ninja kidnaps her and then saves her... | Kage & Sarah | Virtua Fighter (1995)

Akira got his ass whooped in front of his girl Pai Chan | Virtua Fighter (1995)

Last stop on this train is an illegal street fighting rink | Virtua Fighter (1995)

Tubi TV Adds Virtua Fighter Anime

posted on 2019-11-02 09:02 EDT by Alex Mateo
Service streams Virtua Fighter with English dub


Jacky doesn’t want anyone to touch his sister but him | Virtua Fighter (1995)

Someone left this ‘Karate Kid’ ‘Home Alone’ for the holidays | Virtua Fighter (1995)

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Sarah loses her mind on Akira Yuki | Akria Vs. Sarah | Virtua Fighter - EP 19

No way! They made vurtua fighter into a anime? Awesome!

Elderly alcoholics are nothing to mess with in anime | Virtua Fighter - EP 21

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Akira saves Pai Chan from a terrible marriage | Virtua Fighter - Episode 22

Kidnapper finally pays for messing with Pai-Chan | Virtua Fighter - EP 8

Pai Chan and Sara team up on creep | Virtua Fighter - Episode 3