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Weekend Binge Guide: So You Want to be a Psychic


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[size=18]So You Want to be a Psychic[/size]
By: Scriptic

The worst thing ever is sitting down, getting comfy, only to realize you left your phone across the room, or that you really need a drink. Every day, something happens where I’m just like…it’d be so nice to be psychic, even mildly telekinetic, you know? Just, levitate that phone over, close that door, turn on that light - simple things! It’s not like I’d want to take over the world or fight people with it, that’d be uh, crazy, right? :smiley:

Well, though magic may exist in other worlds, this one shows little signs of it and I know I currently don’t have psychic powers (that anyone knows of, shhh). Thus, I need to get my awesome psychics fix every now and then. Some are a little insane (with good reason), others are insane (with not so great reasons) and some are just plain cute. Remember to grab everything you need, unless you’re psychic, and settle in!

[size=16]Psychic Squad[/size]
In a world where ESP is common, only three known people have them at the highest possible level. Those three are the special ESP team, The Children, who work for B.A.B.E.L., a special esper organization committed to stopping crimes before they happen. Kouichi Minamoto is assigned to watch over them, and he’ll need to, because three super powered ten-year-old girls are a problem on their own.

[size=16]Unlimited Psychic Squad[/size]
Sometimes, the crucible of war and betrayal creates villains from heroes. As the leader of the criminal organization P.A.N.D.R.A., Hyoubu Kyosuke has dedicated his life to fighting those who would deceive, enslave, or kill anyone with psychic powers. His incredible psychic strength is so immense that he wears a device to limit his power, which is only released in cases of emergency. Now P.A.N.D.R.A. itself is in danger and, to combat that deadly threat, the gloves and limiter are coming off.

[size=16]Problem Children are Coming from Another World, Aren’t They?[/size]
In the world known as Little Garden, factions and communities compete for power via Gift Games, in which individuals with unusual abilities are set against each other. But where there are winners, there are also losers. A group of losers bring in outside recruits and gamble that their new abilities will somehow reverse the tide! But, before they can win the games, they’ll have to learn how to work together.

[size=16]Psychic Detective Yakumo[/size]
College student Haruka’s life takes a disturbing turn when a night of innocent fun turns horrific. After one friend commits suicide and another becomes possessed, Haruka reaches out to the enigmatic Yakumo Saito, a fellow student who is rumored to have psychic powers. But beneath the dubious claims surrounding Yakumo is a dark secret concerning his mysterious red eye and the souls of the dead. Haruka’s case is only the beginning of a supernatural storm that will put them both to the test!

No man, not even a superhuman, can stand alone against a faceless adversary. In futuristic Tokyo, a new breed of humans, known as Attractors, awaken to find themselves prey to Custos, a sinister organization of cyborgs. However, strength lies in numbers and hope for survival grows from the emergence of a leader: Quon, an idealistic youth with the power to heal. Along with the speed demon Yuri, psi-voiced Kiri, telepath Tei and teleporter Takao, the Attractors only chance to survive is to unite and fight back - HARD.

[size=10][This post will not provide the methods to become psychic. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause or perpetuate.][/size]