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Could some sort of friends list be added or possibly carry our old friends list over to the new shteff?? Maybe call 'em comrades instead of friends. I think that was Ashley Rant’s plan all along, accept my friend request because she knew there’d only be a week left. XD I kid, don’t hurt meh.


Another little possible bug… I think. I notice if I go to the ‘Unread’ section and choose to ‘Dismiss Posts’, when I return to the main page the little number bubbles still show both there and in the individual topic sections. Uh, shouldn’t that go away? It only makes sense when you so called “dismiss” everything unread. :question:

I also decided to bring this over as well since it is no longer valid in the other thread. As far as I know this already has been reported. But just to make sure…

[quote=“Lumis, post:24, topic:7629”]
So as we found out, there is no way to delete a PM. Currently the only deleting ability we have is that we can only delete our own replies. This basically means we are stuck currently with any spam someone wants to PM us and it will remain in our profile forever. That’s like having email without being able to delete the junk we get really. Please look into this when you guys can… thank you. :disappointed_relieved:[/quote]

Windows PC, Firefox 32.0.3, Up-to-date


I was going to post this in the Welcome to the Lounge thread, but since my Regular level disappeared, I might as well post it here.

First off, I like consistency in pretty much all aspects in my life, so I really dislike change of any sort and my initial response to it is immediate hate.

I’ll probably be composing this message over the course of a couple days, as I go away and think or test something then come back to it. So my writing style may vary and change throughout the course of this post (sometimes drastically), however, now that I’ve had a chance to play around with the new forums a bit, here’s my thoughts on it.

A few years back Rai and I exchanged PMs about the old forums, it’s problems and what I liked & disliked about them and what my opinion was on migrating to a new forum software.

I’m generally not very picky when it comes to forum usage, my general requirements for any forum are:

  1. That it works with minimal effort most of the time
  2. The ability to format & customize my posts
  3. Should the forum get new software, the old posts can be migrated to
    the new software (I HATE forum wipes)

With the new software, my 3 requirements have been met for the most part.
So here’s my list of things I both like and dislike about the new forums.

[size=16]What I like[/size]

  • Refreshing the page
    We no longer have to actually refresh the page most of the time to get updated information.
    The front page still needs to be refreshed to update it, but pages like the Latest, updates in Real-Time as new posts are made, you just click 1 new or updated topic. Click to show to see the new posts. Though the bubble number of new posts next to a thread doesn’t go away unless you click a sorting option.

  • Categories - Though they don’t “technically” update in Real-Time, all you have to do click one of the sorting options (I generally click Activity) and it shows the new updated information.

  • Inside threads - New posts show up in Real-Time as they’re posted, so if you’re composing a post and someone posts before you the same thing you were going to post, you can just cancel your reply and not have a double post of the same information.

  • Auto-linking
    Pretty much everything I’ve tested so far gets auto-linked if you post a URL. The old forum had issues with certain ASCII in the URL ($ and % for example) so it was kind of a pain. Though I haven’t actually made actual posts to truly test it out, they do seem to work in the Preview ( which can’t be trusted on code for some things, possibly limited to IE ) as far as I can tell.

  • Sharing - I both like and dislike this at the same time. It’s a nice little feature that takes certain elements and part of the text from the source URL and formats it within a quote. Very effective at completely making small short quotes obsolete. Such a simple short Q&A Tumblr posts. By the same token though, it does take up a bit of space and you have to purposefully turn it into a link to avoid a URL from Sharing. Also, not all URLs use the Sharing option, but I think that’s more about the coding from source URL than it is Discourse issue.

  • Images - I like that images now get posted with just using the URL instead of having to use code to get the forum to present the image. Though like the Sharing issue, you actually have to purposefully turn it into a link to avoid a URL from showing the image.
         Resizing - I also like how it resizes the images. There’s 3 stages for really big images that are
         posted: Post Size / Fit To Screen / Actual Size Very useful for wanting to see the actual size .
         Auto-download - This is something I REALLY like! Instead of wasting the bandwidth of sites your
         linking from, or having to upload it to a good Image Hosting Service (which are getting scarce these
         days), the System downloads local copies uploading them to a virtual server, retaining the original
         size as well as replacing the URLs of the images to the new URLs on the virtual server.

               --Something I just noticed about these 2 sub-sets on Images however that seems a bit wonky to me. When it’s uploaded to the virtual server, if it fits within the post size parameters, it doesn’t show the hover over options nor alt titles. This in itself isn’t too big of a deal, since you can just right click it. But it’s slightly inconsistent while the old forum allowed all images to be clicked and opened into the viewing shell. Here’s where it gets a tad wonky though, local copies of big images stay within post size parameters if they are within a quote and they lose their abilities of hover over options, becoming like normal images that are actually within post size parameters, even though they actually are big images and right clicking to Properties and copy/pasting the virtual server URL into a browser shows it has retained it original size.

  • Profile Backgrounds
    This is a simple feature that adds a little bit more customization to your profile. While it doesn’t really put a “true” background on your profile, it is a nice little touch that adds a bit of character to your profile beyond your avatar. Though I do dislike that it scales according to browser/screen/zoom/About Me size. That makes it rather difficult to find just the right image for using on your profile that would work the way you want it to across all platforms & sizes. For example, for mine, I actually had to create and link a PNG transparency in my About Me section to get my image “just right” for my viewing, which is probably only “just right” in IE11 at 1920x1080. It also messes with the popup information when you click on my avatar in a thread, but more on that later when I cover Signatures.

  • Quoting
    Not that I use multi-quoting all that often, but this is a huge improvement over copy/pasting/coding multi-quotes. Just open the Reply box, highlight something, then click "quote reply. It’s super fast and solves a huge amount of headache when multi-quoting multiple posts or breaking a single post into multi-stage quoting.

[size=16]What I dislike[/size]

  • Auto-Scroll
    This is my biggest gripe in the things I truly dislike about the new Discourse software and modern web design in general. It’s extremely memory intensive when having it scroll huge threads, especially when they’re plastered with images or videos every post or other post, such as the Claim Your Bishoujo/Bishounen thread or any of the big music threads. I keep my ActiveX Filtering on at all times unless I’m watching anime, and even then, I only turn it off for the site I’m watching it on and once the video starts, I turn it on again on that site on a different page (so it doesn’t refresh the video page I just started). That use to work well on the old forum, as it blocked all videos on the forum from showing. These new forums now add a placeholder pic for the embedded video, so now I can’t even avoid that. Of course, I’m probably a slightly unique case, since I have 60+ tabs open at all times, but really, even if I didn’t and started with one tab, once you start scrolling and opening several 100 auto-scroll sections and the scrollbar thumb becomes nothing but a little sliver because the page is 8 miles long, it just turns your browser into a huge memory drain. I have never used a smart phone or any type of mobile phone that allows browsing the net, so I have no idea how it reacts to vast amounts of scrolling, but it’s a huge memory drain on PC browsers.

  • Paging - What I would really love, is the ability to turn off auto-scrolling altogether. Allowing us to use the old paging system if we so choose for when we are browsing the forum.

  • Editing
    This is another big issue with me. With the migration (and possibly Trust Level system as well; Leaders can edit all posts), we have lost the ability to edit really old posts. It didn’t seem like a big deal when I first noticed it, but then I realized that I go through various threads that I’ve created from time to time and fix the first post to make it more acceptable or add the missing ANN info that wasn’t present when I made the thread. This also severely hampers the ability to maintain DVD/BD lists in the Collection thread as well as the lists in the Backlog thread.

  • Signatures
    This is kind of a moot point with the advent of eternal auto-scrolling through threads, but it’s still something I dislike that it’s missing from actual posts. I realize that the popup when you click on a person’s avatar, is suppose to be the replacement of signatures as well as giving a quick glace of the basic information on a poster without having to go to their profile, but I’ll still miss my signature in my actual posts. That being said, going back to Profile Backgrounds section of my post, anything you put in the About Me section show up in the avatar popup. Which is understandable, but with the way the profile background scaling works, if you want a full “clean” image as your background, you really can’t put anything in your About Me section and if you don’t, it scales it down to a smaller version. So it’s kind of a Catch 22 between wanting the biggest image possible and wanting a clean image unobscured by text or other images. Hence why I chose to go the route of a transparent image and nothing else, including my signature.

[size=16]Minor Nitpicks[/size]

  • Favicon
    The favicon in IE11 when inside a thread is a bit inconsistent. It works when you open a thread in a new tab initially, but as you scroll up from that last post, it disappears, sometimes showing back up when you hit an auto-load spot on the page and sometimes not showing back up until you scroll all the way back down to where the last post is and sometimes not showing back up at all, no matter what you do.
    <img src=
    One of these tabs is the site, so it’s probably Discourse itself and how IE11 deals with the software.

  • Acreage
    This has been brought up by others and @spazzysam has already posted it was put on the list of change requests, but I wanted to echo this sentiment. There is a huge amount of white on the new forum, both in the empty space to the sides as well as forum parameters specific, including inside threads and profiles (minus the profile background image we’re allowed).

There’s probably a few other things I’m forgetting to add, but as the moment, I’m on the far side of insomnia induced brain fry, so I’ll just post this “as is” and if I come across or think of anything else, make a secondary post.


Posting from mobile fairly often, IMO paging > auto load on scroll. The loads take a noticeable chunk of time to happen.

…someone actually willingly uses Internet Explorer?


I very much agree. What I wanted to point out as well is that we no longer have to worry about a picture getting deleted at the source and in a way breaking a post. Also, being I went through various headaches with image sharing sites, it truly doesn’t seem like we need to use them as heavily for smaller images.

Though, I haven’t gotten the opportunity to play around with what are the limits to this (Example: larger scaled images and/or the image file size limit). Maybe you have already by chance, @TheCoffeeGod? But still, this was a genius idea in my book with this software.

I too am disappointed that several older posts no longer can be edited. This really has screwed up a few of my topics and has me not too happy. The oldest thing I was able to edit was posted April while poking around today. I’m not too sure if this is actually supposed to be this way after so many months or not. :question:


The auto scroll is kind of annoying, but it’s worth noting that the auto-scroll only loads 20 posts at a time, and only loads more if you scroll farther. it will also not load any additional posts if you have it go directly to the bottom of the thread. So if you’re only reading the last few posts of a long thread, then it’s no different than viewing a single page. But once a set of posts loads, it stays loaded, so if you scrolled from the top to the bottom of a 1000 post topic, things would probably start to slow a little.


No, I believe there is a limit that somehow dumps and closes down posts as you scroll down a long list. I wondered this too. After scrolling down for while and changing directions to scroll back up, I found it reloading posts again that I had already seen/loaded on the way down.

I don’t know what that limit is. I’m sure that a lot of embedded players will slow the page down still. But, if there was no limit when this would happen… I’m sure browser crashes would be mighty common.

EDIT NOTE: I added futher info to this thought below. This info here in this post is incomplete. As Coffee pointed out, this isn’t really correct. This auto-scrolling is such a learning experience! :neutral_face:


Well, the CYBB thread has 60 load scrolls, and every single one of them stays open.
You can test that by holding down the Space Bar once you get to the top of the thread.
You’ll notice you don’t hit a single load scroll on the way back down.
Here’s a screen pointing out how small the scroll thumb is.

That being said, if you grab the thumb and pull it down fast, it makes the posts reload which also becomes a huge memory drain slowing the page down even more until they load again.


Damn Photobucket and shrinking my pics,
Uploaded them to my imgur to get the full size pics.


[quote=“TheCoffeeGod, post:28, topic:7632”]
Here’s a screen pointing out how small the scroll thumb is.[/quote]
What kind of a device are you viewing this on, please?
Also, you shouldn’t be grabbing that and pulling it down.
If you want to get to the bottom of the thread, you should be using the “bottom page” at the lower right corner.


It hasn’t changed for as long as I’ve been posting here (other than number versions) and is also listed in my Wall-O-Text post about what I like and dislike about the new forums.
That being said, it’s IE11 on a PC, not a device.

I’m well aware of this, I was just pointing it out.
Not everyone will use the Topic Progress bar.
Some people won’t even notice it, while others pull down on the thumb out of habit.


[quote=“TheCoffeeGod, post:30, topic:7632”]
It hasn’t changed for as long as I’ve been posting here and is also listed in my Wall-O-Text post about what I like and dislike about the new forums.That being said, it’s a IE11 on a PC, not a device.[/quote]
When they divide the problems up and send them on to the proper people, they don’t always go to your other posts just to see what your device is. Always put that in each post.

This is for everyone, please.


Hmmm… you are right with this. I believe that the load screens I was hitting on the way back up was because I was using the Page Up button. I tend to use those plus the Home and End buttons all the time.

I notice that after you have several 100 posts loaded on a page and if you go directly to the bottom, say with the End key, everything that was loaded gets dumped leaving only the posts at the bottom active. It seems like sudden jumps like these cause a refresh of a sort. And yeah, it does cause some minor lag.

This auto-scrolling is a pain to figure out completely. :unamused:

Windows PC, Firefox 32.0.3, Up-to-date

Amending past posts now. :sweat:


I haven’t had a chance to test its true limits yet, since there’s been little reason or chance for me to post raw unaltered images.
However, either neregate has some sort of code block on auto-downloads of its charts (which I find highly unlikely since some of the neregate charts that have been posted are on IHS’s rather than their blog), or they exceed the virtual servers limits.
In either case, none of the neregate seasonal charts that have been posted in the seasonal Master Licensing List threads have a virtual server URL.


Typing lists on here are harder than they should be (or coping and pasting new lines break things a little too much). On the recent purchase Sentai thread, I took longer than I wanted to get the right code. Copying and pasting the code used by the toolbar breaks somehow (never mind that a new line is added for no reason clear reason)

I ending up using html, but my habit of using XHTML formatting didn’t format the way I expected it to.

Windows 7 PC Firefox



Not sure if this is a bug or if it’s intentional.
However, it seems I still have to login using my old unaltered name.
Which isn’t really a bad thing, since my password is saved under that name, it just seems a bit awkward that it wasn’t changed straight across the board and apparently was just a cosmetic change.
Just thought I’d let you know incase it wasn’t intentionally cosmetic or you didn’t know that’s what would happen.

And since I just noticed this while hunting through threads to find my smileys and grab the virtual server URL, I’ll just add this to this post
Windows7 PC, IE 11.0.12, Currently Up-to-date

It’s a pre-Discourse post, so this might not be how it works with new posts within quotes.
But it seems really wide images break out of the quote box and slightly out of the post parameters.
My post in the Brain Drain thread


I’ve noticed that the forum hilariously nags me if I post in a thread where I’ve contributed over 22% of the replies, wanting me to question if I’m inhibiting discussion by suppressing the views of others. :smile:


Woo hoo! The site looks great, good work! I like how the pages are stored, that’s pretty cool


This isn’t really a big thing since it probably won’t be an issue most of the time, however, it seems thread titles with a “.” at the end don’t stick. It removes the "."
I noticed this on my Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu. thread before I gave it a new title.


I noticed this too the first day with starting a PM… who knew? I tried to put “…” at the end of the title and it got axed. The only way to get it to stick was by putting an actual ellipsis “…” in place. You can’t even notice the difference until you try to highlight it and notice it is a solid punctuation mark. But, it seems like we will need to use some sort of special characters for things like this to stick for now. Odd none the less.

Haven’t checked yet, but does anyone know if it does this with “!” or “?”… since these are common place in anime titles? From what I have seen thus far it doesn’t axe these. Just curious on this one still however.


I know the “!” sticks because of the Akame ga KILL! thread. (lol and this thread too!)

However, the best way to test the “?” (though you’ll have to do this since you’re a Regular) is rename the Invaders of the Rokujyōma!? (Rokujyōma no Shinryakusha!?) thread. Invaders of the Rokujyōma!? (Rokujyōma no Shinryakusha!?)

Just remove the (Rokujyōma no Shinryakusha!?) from the thread title (copy/paste it somewhere before you click the checkmark though, so you add it right back to the title after you test it) and click the checkmark.

Though skimming down the Other Anime section, it looks like the “?” sticks too, at least for this thread