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What's Cooking?


ok ill look for it there

thanks maou


hey maou does it come in a can


Personally, it tastes better fresh, but I have seen it canned as well.


yes that is true but im not a cook

so the can is better for me to cook


Who wants spaghetti?


never had that kind of spaghetti

what kind is that


A MaouSadou specialty. :wink:

If you cook the veggies in the spaghetti sauce, it infuses them with the sauce’s flavor.

Kinda wish I had enough time to make homemade sauce though…


hey maou hows it goin

tried that kale it was good


Glad to hear it!


This time around, Pork chops with sauerkraut and applesauce


Northern Beans and Ham over rice


that look good

and is that gravy or that’s just from the beans


Just from the beans


whats on your menu today maou


Don’t know yet. I have some ground beef in the fridge, so probably something using that.


want to try some of the veggie spaghetti it looks so good


I crashed this afternoon, and when I woke up my folks had made spaghetti :joy:

It’s not that great. The problem is they used whole wheat noodles. :tired_face:


Spaghetti is always a good meal


what are we havin today chef maou


I didn’t cook today. Wanted to try that new burger at BK


It’s really good too :drooling_face: