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What's Cooking?


it looks good might have to try that


Well tried this at BK

Edit it was good


I’ve tried it too, a couple weeks ago. They forgot to put cheese on mine…:unamused:



Wow that looks good

Now I’m goin to get me something


If you cook, take pics!


Yes I’m goin to take a pic but I think will be dine in I’m not cookin


Forgot to take a pic before I ate it lol sorry
Hot wings yum yum


Lol. Hooters on the 4th of July :joy::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Lol wasn’t my choice my friends wanted to go


Just something really simple:

Deviled Ham with mustard and cheddar.

It’s a cheap meal, yes, but something I used to eat all the time when I was a kid. Takes me back…


had Chinese food yesterday


Can you guess what I’m cooking today?

Ill give a hint:

It’s a variant of something I’ve posted before

10 points for a correct guess!:grin:


just a guess but is it cabbage youre goin to fix



Old Bay baked chicken with mixed veggies and cream of mushroom rice.


that looks good maou and im goin to get me a chicken wrap


Made spaghetti again. This time I used angel hair pasta. It changes the flavor :drooling_face:


lol you made it look like cat ears

but it looks good


Chili dog time! Pork rinds on the side!


ok whats for dinner today @maousadao