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I needed more squid ink, but it wasn’t bad.


A Maryland delicacy.

Tomato stewed kale with bacon and onions


well that looks healthy

never had kale is it good


Closest thing I can describe it’s flavor to is collard greens. On the plus side, it’s really good for your colon.


for real collard greens does it look like greens


Made a semi healthy lunch.

Grilled zucchini with red peppers


did you come up with that yourself or is it a recipe you found


I guess I just made it. Put a little extra virgin olive oil and sear for about 5 minutes. The peppers turn sweet when cooked like that.


ok and when you cook them like that the hot taste goes away


Naturally red bell peppers aren’t spicy, so there’s no heat to worry about. However when cooked, the sweetness of the pepper is amplified. It’s a mild sweetness, but blends nicely with grilled zucchini.


ok didnt know that thought all peppers were hot i like hot


Nope. There are sweet peppers, tart peppers like banana peppers, and of course spicy ones like jalapeno.


them jalapeno are good and spicy so alright buddy
enjoy your meal save some for me jk


Sezchewan chicken with Sezchewan rice


Lasagna. Garfield’s favorite! :yum:


Baked Chicken over cream of mushroom rice with pan fried zucchini and corn on the cob.

Figured I’d make something really nice on my last day of vacation :blush:


Yes you are making something that looks really good maou



These are collard greens:


ok it looks a bit different from kale but im going to try some kale

where do you get kale


I get mine from Publix, but any grocery store should have it. Usually kept by the lettuce in the produce isle.