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Witch Craft Works / Witchikurafuto Wakusu

Witch Craft Works / Witchikurafuto Wakusu



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Genres: action, comedy, fantasy, romance
Themes: harem, school, superpowers, witches
Objectionable content: Significant
Running time: 24 minutes per episode
Number of episodes: 12
Vintage: 2014-01-05
Opening Theme: “divine intervention” by fhana
Ending Theme: “Witch Activity” by KMM-dan

Plot Summary: Honoka knows his classmate Ayaka is talented in both the pen and the sword, attractive in face and figure, and that everyone at school calls her the Princess. When he gets himself involved in the “Witch of the Tower” incident one day after school, however, he learns she is also a witch sent to protect him. From then on, his ordinary school life is completely turned upside down, as he discovers that most of his classmates are not what they seem. (from ANN)

Witch Craft Works OAV: Takamiya-kun and His Sister’s Conspiracy


ANN Page: Witch Craft Works (OAV)

Vintage: 2015-01-07 (bundled with 8th manga volume)
Running Time: 25 minutes

The animation in the ending sequence has a very Monty Pyrhon vibe to it. It’s worth watching this show just for it :lol:

Episode 2 –

[details=spoiler]Kagari truly amuses me. Her “Torture Seminar” was very funny. And she’s so serious that she takes Takamiya at his word, although he can never tell when she’s joking. But at least she listens to him. I also see that when Takamiya gets wounded, the injury transfers to Kagari. That is interesting. It’s funny too that the Tower Witches are after Takamiya’s body and want his “white stuff”.

Takamiya wants the whole truth of why the Tower Witches are after him, although he’s been kept in the dark up until now. He also hates to see Kagari get hurt because of him and asks her to teach him magic. Takamiya goes so far as to ask Kagari to take him on as her apprentice.

After an attack while out shopping, Kagari decides to teach Takamiya a little magic while they wait for the “true mastermind” to make an appearance. Even so, they probably have a lot more battles ahead of them and Takamiya is very weak, so it makes sense to teach him some magic and give him a bit of an edge. And does no one notice the cardboard box following them? I also like the fact that Kagari is taller than Takamiya. It’s cute when she pats him on the head like a little brother.

In the end, Kagari does take Takamiya as an apprentice and the reason for the shopping trip becomes clear when Takamiya is dressed up as a Workshop Witch and Kagari has a mini photo shoot. LOL He looked so miserable! I love the cute ending song too![/details]

Wicca, Your powers of observation are lacking. Watch Episode 2 from the point

[details=spoiler] the sister takes the phone call ( around 11:47).

-(12:23) that’s her behind the pole watching them meet
-(13:21) that’s her passing the alley and
-(13:25) That’s her watching from the back of the alley
-(15:37) spying on them in the cafe
-(18:52) 1st appearance of the box following them
-(20:26) Box again
-(20:34) following them to school[/details]

I will have to go back and watch it again. :slight_smile: That is what I get for watching things when I’m half asleep!


I did see her in the café. I just wondered how neither Kagari nor Takamiya noticed the cardboard box following them. It was a little hard to miss! LOL

[quote=“Series5Ranger”]Wicca, Your powers of observation are lacking. Watch Episode 2 from the point

[details=spoiler] the sister takes the phone call ( around 11:47).

-(12:23) that’s her behind the pole watching them meet
-(13:21) that’s her passing the alley and
-(13:25) That’s her watching from the back of the alley
-(15:37) spying on them in the cafe
-(18:52) 1st appearance of the box following them
-(20:26) Box again
-(20:34) following them to school[/details][/quote]


Okay, I did see more of Takamiya’s sister following them this time around, but I still have to wonder why at least Kagari didn’t notice. She is supposed to be protecting Takamiya after all. Unless she knew it was his sister all along?


[quote=“Series5Ranger”]Wicca, Your powers of observation are lacking. Watch Episode 2 from the point

[details=spoiler] the sister takes the phone call ( around 11:47).

-(12:23) that’s her behind the pole watching them meet
-(13:21) that’s her passing the alley and
-(13:25) That’s her watching from the back of the alley
-(15:37) spying on them in the cafe
-(18:52) 1st appearance of the box following them
-(20:26) Box again
-(20:34) following them to school [/details][/quote]


Okay, I did see more of Takamiya’s sister following them this time around, but I still have to wonder why at least Kagari didn’t notice. She is supposed to be protecting Takamiya after all. Unless she knew it was his sister all along?


If she’s normal then she’s not a threat, if she’s a witch, then she must be a Workshop Witch. Since Kagari watches him at school, she would watch him at home.

That makes a lot of sense!


But I wonder why she would feel the need to follow Kagari and Takamiya. It looks as if she doesn’t trust Kagari to protect her brother. Or perhaps she is the jealous sister type that doesn’t want her brother around other girls. Maybe she thought they were on a date? Anyway, I’m sure things will be explained in a later episode.

Episode 3 –

[details=spoiler]It was hysterical that Takamiya got all those letters of misfortune. Jealousy abounds! LOL

More jealousy over Takamiya’s “training” too. I really thought that he’d get hit by a bunch of balls during the tennis game. But I suppose the presence of the “Princess” prevented that kind of treatment. Still, the constant looks of death were amusing.

I liked the funky aquarium bus. At least Takamiya knows for sure now that Kagari takes on his injuries and Chronoire explains why. And wow! That other green-flamed form of Kagari’s is amazing!

Takamiya gets some cool lessons on his robes and his broom. His first jumping lesson was funny too. He also learns the limitations of what the witches do and he doesn’t like that at all. His first flying lesson didn’t quite work out, but at least he accomplished his goal of stopping a fellow student from getting mugged. Too bad it was just a set-up by the Tower Witches, or so Kagari said.[/details]

Episode 4 –

[details=spoiler]Finally get to see Takamiya’s little sister, Kasumi. And what a little sister! She interrogates her brother about his outing with Kagari. He seems very scared of his sister and I can see why. Kasumi is the jealous, possessive sister type and she seems pretty vindictive as well. She does not like her brother hanging out with the Princess and admits to following them.

When Takamiya is attacked on the way to school, it’s Kasumi that comes to his rescue, surprising him. And he thought that he had to keep his association with Workshop Witches a secret from his family. LOL And Kasumi has been working to protect him when Kagari isn’t around. It’s nice to have all this confirmed. But Kasumi still doesn’t like it when Takamiya shows concern for Kagari.

It gets worse as Kasumi spills the beans about sharing Takamiya’s protection with Kagari. Kagari just ignores her and tells Takamiya that she will protect him twenty-four hours a day and he will have to move in with her right away. Loved the look on both Kasumi’s and Takamiya’s faces! LOL[/details]




Still has the best ending song / sequence this season

Episode 5 –

[details=spoiler]Wow – mom announces that Kagari is Takamiya’s fiancée! That surprises Takamiya and doesn’t sit too well with Kasumi. I thought she was going to rip her mother’s eyes out. LOL The story of how that engagement came to be was rather amusing. Of course the kids are allowed to make their own decision, but mom isn’t worried, seeing how close they are. Well, Takamiya can’t exactly tell his mother the truth about why he wants to live with Kagari.

Throughout all this, Kagari says not a word, but Kasumi is livid. She can’t believe that her mother would let Takamiya go so easily. Mom ends up holding Kasumi down while the love of her life runs to pack his things and leave with Kagari. Kasumi is such a poor little sister with a big brother complex. LOL I’m sure living with an unemotional girl is going to be a huge change for Takamiya. But I wonder if he can get used to it.

It’s strange that both Kagari and Takamiya have vague memories of one another but those memories seem to be missing. Takamiya is shocked when a beautiful limo picks them up. I liked the little Takamiya dolls – and Kagari’s reaction when Takamiya noticed them! If the limo impressed Takamiya, the huge mansion leaves him speechless! I wonder if his mouth will ever close as he’s taken upstairs. LOL

Unfortunately, when the elevator finally reaches Kagari’s floor, there is a big surprise awaiting them. Kagari steps off the elevator to face the threat while she sends Takamiya back to the twelfth floor. So, now Kagari faces Medusa! I just hope she doesn’t look her in the eye. But Takamiya is at a loss. He finally decides that his place is with Kagari and puts on his robes instead of going downstairs.

Before Takamiya can do anything further, Kagari comes crashing through the elevator door. She covers Takamiya’s eyes and tells him to get his broom out. He thinks it’s to help her, but she intends to have him fly to safety. Of course he doesn’t want to leave her, but she tells him that she hasn’t yet taught him how to fight. A high note pierces the air and Kagari turns to stone! Takamiya offers himself to Medusa to save Kagari, but that isn’t possible. Their fates are linked.

With no options left, Takamiya swallows the pill that Chronoire had given him. Supposedly, it will unleash his powers, but can he really trust it? He will if it will help him save Kagari! Evermillion, the White Princess suddenly appears and it seems that Medusa was expecting her. Takamiya has no idea who this princess is, but she easily takes care of Medusa and her minions. Unfortunately, her incredible power also destroys the mansion – and hits the school as well.

Kazane sees all this from her office window and, somehow knowing it’s Medusa, she calls for the Workshop Witches to gather for a witch hunt. When Takamiya sees the damage that Evermillion has caused, he has to yell at her although he’s also grateful that she saved him and Kagari. However, Kagari is still stone. Evermillion can fix that too, but for a price. She asks for Takamiya’s eyes and is surprised when he so eagerly agrees. But she was only kidding. Evermillion whispers the cure in his ear and Takamiya doesn’t seem too happy. Perhaps he would have rather given his eyes. LOL All he really had to do was believe in Kagari, but lost his faith somewhere along the line.

In any case, Takamiya had better hurry up because Medusa is awake again and ready to attack. Evermillion begins to disappear, but tells Takamiya that “the first seal has been broken” and that they will meet again. With Medusa in front of them again, Takamiya has to give Kagari the cure. And that is? Why, true love’s kiss of course! And it works immediately too. Kagari stands up to meet some old friends and defeat them – again. Facing Medusa, Kagari rises into the air with Takamiya. However, she begins to turn to stone once again. Takamiya calls her name and Kagari shakes off the spell. They attack Medusa and win!

Takamiya later wakes up in bed in the school nurse’s office and Kagari is seated next to him. He’s so happy to see that she’s okay. He wonders if it was all a dream, but Kagari assures him that it wasn’t. Standing, Kagari pulls aside the curtain to the next bed and there is Medusa with the Tower Witches. Takamiya screams, but Kagari tells him that Medusa won’t be hurting them again and will explain later. Closing the curtain, Kagari has Takamiya tilt his face up and she sweetly kisses his cheek. Kagari is returning the favor. Although she was stone, she heard every word Takamiya said and berates him now for offering his eyes for her sake.

Back at the Takamiya house, mom is crying hysterically that her son has gone off to “become a bride”. LOL At least Kasumi has calmed down. As Kagari and Takamiya leave the damaged school, there is a procession of Workshop Witches passing them. Takamiya recognizes many of them and sees his sister with them too. He offers a suggestion to Kagari. A little later, mom is thrilled to see Takamiya walk back into the house. At first she thinks that he had a fight with Kagari, until she appears in the doorway as well. Takamiya has decided that Kagari will live with them! This should make everyone happy, but I can only imagine the headaches Takamiya will soon be having. LOL At the end, what is left of the mansion falls over as Kazane tortures Chronoire. I’m sure there’s more to Chronoire’s plans than meets the eye.[/details]

Episode 6 –

[details=spoiler]Well, after being out all night searching for Medusa, Kasumi arrives home to find Kagari in her brother’s bedroom. LOL And here she was so happy that Kagari’s house was destroyed and Takamiya wouldn’t be able to live there. Surprise! Surprise! Kasumi really lets her mother have it too, for allowing Kagari to move in with them. What a jealous brat! LOL

Poor Takamiya is still going through a lot of hate at school. His relationship with Kagari has even come to the attention of the Student Council. They do not like Takamiya taking their Princess, and even try to get a teacher to separate them. Wait till they find out that they’re living together! LOL I’m sure Takamiya won’t be able to keep that fact a secret for very long.

Kagari makes a formal announcement to the school and fires the Student Council president. She then names the new president – Takamiya! I’m sure that this is only going to make things worse. Kagari only thinks she’s removed all the obstacles. And then there’s Kasumi………. LOL

Kasumi kidnaps Takamiya! And she plans to take him far, far away from Kagari, and her mother, who may be Takamiya’s enemy now because of Evermillion. But Kagari shows up to rescue him – on her dragon! And when everything is said and done, Kagari thinks it might be fun to be Takamiya’s little sister. After talking with Takamiya though, maybe being a big sister would be even better. Takamiya must call her “Onee-chan” now – and he must put his whole heart into it too![/details]

Episode 7 –

[details=spoiler]There are too many people living in the Takamiya household! I still don’t know how long Kagari is going to be able to keep Medusa and the Tower Witches a secret. Her room seems a bit crowded. LOL And those Tower Witches are going to be a problem, especially with Kazane around. But Kagari needs to keep Evermillion a secret from her mother. At least Takamiya doesn’t have to call Kagari “Onee-chan” anymore.

Kagari is terribly overprotective of Takamiya too. She doesn’t even sleep! Unfortunately, Takamiya runs into the Tower Witches while Kazane is there. This is going to be a mess! Kagari goes up against her mother, telling her that she can’t let Kazane have the witches. Now, Kazane knows that her daughter is hiding something important. And Kagari has partnered with Medusa!

Kazane is not happy when Kagari combines with Medusa, but at least she didn’t quite catch on to the fact that Kagari is doing this to hide Evermillion. Kagari turns her mother to stone, but it doesn’t last very long. When Kazane gets the upper hand, Takamiya is ready to step in and tries to call upon his power. However, Kagari warns him not to and magically exchanges places with him. Kazane ends up punching Takamiya in the face. LOL

Takamiya later awakens, tied up, in Kazane’s torture chamber. Interesting graffiti. I wonder if Kazane tortured Kagari there when she was younger. At least Kagari is with Takamiya and can tell him that it’s a “punishment room”. Medusa is no longer with Kagari and is currently begin interrogated by Kazane. Takamiya is a danger now that one of his seals is broken and it looks like Kazane is about to find out about the broken seal. So, it was Takamiya’s doing that they had exchanged places, and not Kagari’s magic. That’s interesting.

Now that Kazane is about to find out about Evermillion and the broken seal, they have no choice but to defeat her. If they can do that, Kazane will become an ally, but the question is how to defeat such a strong opponent. It also turns out that Kazane has lost custody of Medusa to another supposed Workshop branch, and she also let the Tower Witches go, thinking them unimportant. Looks like Takamiya’s secret is safe for the moment. I guess Kagari and Takamiya didn’t really have to break out of the punishment room like that after all. LOL It just made Kazane angry.

Kagari challenges her mother, but the challenge is refused. While that is going on, Kazane finds out that she handed Medusa over to the bad guys, just as I thought. LOL Kagari and Takamiya get off with a reprimand and are sent home. I think it’s hysterical that Kagari gained more power from cleaning Takamiya’s ears. Like Takamiya, I thought Kagari was going for a kiss. Perhaps Takamiya was a little disappointed that wasn’t the case either. LOL Plus the fact that Takamiya didn’t know that girls could “light up”. That line really made me laugh! Once home, Takamiya finds out that the Tower Witches and their minions have officially moved in and Kazane has found out that Medusa is on the loose again. What fun![/details]

Episode 8 –

[details=spoiler]Flashback to Kagari in middle school. She’s a little useless and has to be told everything to do. No wonder Kazane asked Kanae and Touko to look after her. But the “Princess” becomes popular pretty quickly, although she’s still anti-social. Even back then, she was a powerful witch.

It seems that she already knew Takamiya too. I’m sure she was talking about him when she said that there was only one person that could do as they pleased with her. And then she ends up hiding out in front of a boy’s school, trying to catch a glimpse of a certain someone.

Friendship between the girls grows, and it was funny watching them following tip out of beauty magazines. And there are still visits to different boy’s schools. Kagari is still looking for that one boy. It sure is a long lists of schools that she’s going through!

It’s a year later and she finally finds the boy she’s been searching for. But she sees Takamiya with another girl (was that Kasumi?) and he doesn’t see her, or if he did, he doesn’t know her. Poor Kagari! That look on her face said it all. It was a very sweet story and I wish it had gone back even further, to when they first met. But now, even living in an overcrowded house, she still has Takamiya all to herself. And the story was Takamiya’s dream. Interesting.

And Miss Kasumi gets to deal with the fact that Tower Witches are living in her house and have become part of her family. Now I feel bad for mom as her daughter lets her have it. Kagari is concerned with the rest of Takamiya’s seals. It isn’t a question of if they will break, but of when they will. Thus, she needs to examine her daily. I died when Kasumi walked in on one of those exams. LOL Kagari in a nurse’s uniform! Priceless! Kasumi’s jaw-dropped, wide-eyed reaction was just as priceless. LOL Once again, mom is responsible. She gave the uniform to Kagari, telling him that it would make her son happy if she wore it. Now, I can’t stop laughing!

At school, Takamiya is still getting tons of hate mail. A strange group shows up at the school and a commotion after one of their classes has Takamiya and Kagari running to investigate. A large group in animal costumes and delinquents are vandalizing the school, and terrorizing the students and teachers. They’ve pretty much taken over the entire school. As student council president, it’s up to Takamiya to do something about this, but it turns out that these students are rebelling against Takamiya!

Takamiya is challenged to a duel by the leader and Touko tells him why. Apparently the previous student council president claims that Takamiya got her drunk and attacked her, and even taking pictures. I laughed as Touko told her story in Takamiya’s arms and Kagari very calmly threatened her behind his back. She did not like Touko getting so close to her Takamiya! Kagari says that she will take care of things, but Takamiya refuses.

Kagari fills her friends in on the history of Rinon and her gang of delinquents. Why does it sound like Chronoire might be behind this riot? Kazane is away and Chronoire is “filling in” for her. Takamiya is going to face Rinon alone, just as she wants, but I think he was a bit surprised that Kagari will let him. What happened to her overprotectiveness? At least she gives him some advice on how to defeat Rinon.

At the appointed time, Takamiya enters the dark gym, alone. The lights suddenly go on and a cheer resounds. It looks like the entire school has turned out to watch this fight. Takamiya wants to talk, but Rinon wants none of that and attacks him. Takamiya gets hit repeatedly, but isn’t fighting back. He isn’t supposed to use his power, but it looks like it’s coming out anyway. Kagari’s advice worked, but now that Takamiya has the upper hand, he can’t bring himself to hit Rinon.

The lights go out and the Tower Witches arrive, but Rinon quickly deals with them, thinking that Takamiya set her up. Kagari shows up and takes care of Rinon herself. Didn’t she say that she wouldn’t interfere? LOL I knew she couldn’t stay away from protecting her Takamiya! The lights come back on and Kagari has Takamiya standing in a championship pose over Rinon. The Tower Witches are there too, helping to keep Takamiya from falling down. Thankfully, no one can see the witches since they are in their robes, so it looks like Takamiya really did win the fight by himself.

And it turns out that it was all a farce! Kagari was behind the whole thing in order for Takamiya to become accepted as the student council president. Of course, Rinon didn’t like being used that way and goes after the previous president. All the blanks are filled in, and Takamiya ends up becoming a hero in the eyes of the school. A weird way to go about things, but Kagari got the result she wanted. Now perhaps everyone will leave Takamiya alone. LOL Or not.[/details]

Episode 9 –

[details=spoiler]Kagari is finally going to teach Takamiya how to fight! But did she have to pick such a tall building? And what a teacher! LOL Alternating between nice and tough, she finally drops Takamiya off the building. But it was funny how easily she carried him to the edge. She almost has to save him too, but he’s finally able to call upon his magic and summons a giant Kagari! LOL From how he was thinking of her, I was expecting her to be wearing a swimsuit. However, the tough nurse image is cute too, and perhaps more fitting.

And another seal has broken! Thankfully, Kazane doesn’t know it yet.

There’s a new Tower Witch in town and she’s defeated Kazane. Her target is Takamiya, so he and Kagari have been confined for safety by the Workshop Witches. However, Weekend has already found out where he’s being kept, and is on her way to get him. With the destruction of Weekend’s messenger doll, Kagari and Takamiya find a way to escape their confinement, and Kagari vows to defeat Weekend. However, they can’t use magic![/details]

Episode 10 –

[details=spoiler]Once Kagari and Takamiya escape from their confinement and finally get outside, they find the town completely destroyed. Thankfully, no civilians were hurt, but the Workshop Witches took a hard hit. And with the barrier gone, none of the witches can use magic. They still need to keep Takamiya safe too. None of them realize yet that Takamiya isn’t where they put him!

As Kagari and Takamiya walk through the ruined town, it’s hard to believe no civilians were hurt. Kagari explains why they can’t use magic now, and tells him that once the contract is restored, the town will be too. On the way to where they need to go, they run into a Tower Witch. Kagari pushes Takamiya out of the way and takes Gibraltaar’s attack. I didn’t think they could defeat her without magic, but Kagari easily takes care of her - with a knee to the face! LOL Thankfully, Kazane taught her daughter to be strong without magic.

As Weekend makes her demands to the Workshop Witches, they still don’t know that Kagari and Takamiya are gone. Those two have reached the heart of the town, sacred ground for the witches. Kagari has brought Takamiya here to make a contract with the town. And Weekend is still demanding Takamiya or she will kill her Workshop Witch hostages. Kasumi and the freeloading Tower Witches realize that Weekend is not the witch they have to worry about. They believe that there might be a more powerful Tower Witch behind the scenes, pulling the strings.

Kagari explains to Takamiya what will happen to him once he signs the contract. The contract will be temporary, but it will allow the witches to use magic for a little while. It works, and the Workshop Witches are able to save the hostages. Weekend is captured, put in chains, and imprisoned. Touko has been sent to check on Kagari and Takamiya, while Kasumi and the Tower Witches search the school for the witch behind Weekend, if there is one.

Rinon has words with Weekend and it looks like Weekend let herself be captured. She drops her cape and she’s covered in explosives. The bombs go off and somehow Weekend survives. Rinon and Natsume are unconscious as Weekend looks down on them. She too doesn’t need magic to be strong. I think everyone has severely underestimated her. Takamiya receives a vision of Rinon and Natsume, and is suddenly facing Weekend in the courtyard. Weekend points out all the bombs that are scattered around, and they suddenly go off.

Takamiya tells Kagari that he needs to save Rinon and Natsume. Kagari tells him that he can’t, but he’s determined and I think he just broke another seal. Rinon and Natsume seem to be fine, and it doesn’t look like anyone was hurt too badly in the courtyard either. Kasumi faces one of Weekend’s minions at the school, and Chronoire is questioning Gibraltaar for the whereabouts of Weekend. Takamiya is caught within his magic, and I like how Kagari headbutts him to snap him out of it. However, it looks like Weekend is coming for them.[/details]

Episode 11 –

[details=spoiler]Kagari takes Takamiya back to his destroyed house and puts him to bed in what is left of his room. It looks like Takamiya is dreaming of when his mother and Kazane were in school. Komachi is really bullied too, and Kazane seems to be the class delinquent. She beats up the class for the way they treat Komachi and Kazane and Komachi become friends.

Then Takamiya sees himself as a small boy, traveling with Kazane to her home. He also sees a young Kagari asking to go to school with “him”. Kagari tells her mother to become the most important person in the school so she can put Kagari and “him” in the same class. Takamiya is about to hear something important, but the scene changes again.

Takamiya meets Mikage next and Mikage says that he will be his guide since he has entered the “cycle of recollection”. Mikage know that Takamiya has made a contract with the town, and warns him not to stay in this place too long. Takamiya finds out that he’s Natsume’s uncle. Mikage takes him to the heart of this world and tells Takamiya that what looks like a starry sky is really where the residents of the destroyed town were evacuated to. Each light is a human life and Komachi is there as well. They will be returned once it’s safe and after Mikage wipes their memories.

Back in the destroyed world, Kasumi is still fighting one of Weekend’s minions. Giant teddy bear war! LOL But the enemy bear is an exact copy of Kasumi’s, so they are evenly matched. Atori has found Kagari and Takamiya, who seems to be suffering from a fever now. In her own unique way, Atori tells Kagari that Chronoire is hunting Tower Witches.

Leaving Takamiya in Atori’s care, Kagari goes out alone. And Medusa saves Kasumi. She has a human form! I wonder why she didn’t use it when they were all squeezed together in Takamiya’s house. Anyway, she leaves, taking the Tower Witches with her, since Medusa is still being pursued by the sisters that stole her from Kazane. Kagari has borrowed Atori’s sword and is on the hunt for Weekend. She finds her hiding out in a church, but she’s protected herself with bombs, and Kagari can’t get near her.

In the other world, Takamiya finds out that it was Mikage that had erased his memories of the past. They are suddenly attacked. Kagari keeps trying to get to Weekend, but she keeps setting off her bombs. She finally manages to get to her, and Weekend is surprised that Kagari hasn’t taken more damage. Kagari attacks and Weekend sets off more bombs, causing the ceiling to cave in on top of Kagari. Ha! Like that’s going to stop her!

Meanwhile, Atori is trying to take care of Takamiya, but his condition is getting worse. Atori is about to shove an onion up his butt. LOL At the church, it looks like Weekend has finally defeated Kagari, who has run out of magic. Or has she? It was a ploy! Kagari just needed to get close to Weekend and then drew upon Takamiya’s magic. But Weekend is finished yet either. She heals and asks Kagari if she’s figured out her magic yet. Time for round two!

In the other world, Takamiya is the target, so Mikage wants to send him back to reality. Mikage will fight here and tells Takamiya to be careful when he wakes up. Wait till he finds out he’s naked with an onion up his butt! LOL Mikage warns him that the place where he’s resting may soon be attacked as well. Takamiya wakes up and screams to find himself naked. No onion though. Atori is holding the onion as Takamiya yells at her not to look. She calmly points out that since she was the one that undressed him, she’s already seen everything, including the fact that he was wearing Kagari’s shirt.

Takamiya suddenly realizes that Kagari is off fighting alone and demands to know where she is. Atori gets a little forceful as she puts him back to bed to rest. Mikage calls Atori and tells her that he took care of the enemy, but she told him that she had planted a bomb in that world. It will go off in thirty minutes and kill all the civilians hidden there. The price to stop it is to take Takamiya to Weekend. Mikage will look for the bomb, if there really is one, and tells Atori not to let Kagari or Takamiya know and to keep them safe.

Unfortunately, Takamiya has overheard everything. Takamiya demands to know where Kagari went. It looks like Atori broke down and will take him to her. Kagari finds how just how long Weekend planned all this. Weekend is at her limit, but has one more trick up her sleeve. Takamiya is on his broom and sees an explosion. Leaving Atori behind, he heads straight for it. Weekend has one of her minions search for Kagari. She’s sure she’s still in one piece because she carries the blood of the White Princess too. What?

Takamiya has found Kagari first. She awakens and Takamiya tells her to use his power. He tells Kagari about the bomb in the evacuation center and then collapses. Kagari is at full power now and tosses the minion back to Weekend, catching her off guard. A kick to Weekend’ head and she’s down. Kagari certainly looks like a vengeful White Princess now! Kagari demands the switch for the bomb, but Weekend tells her that she’s already detonated it. I hope Mikage found it in time![/details]

Episode 12 –

[details=spoiler]In the other world, the bomb goes off, destroying everything and killing everyone. And Takamiya sees it happen. Kagari slaps Weekend across the face, but she just laughs. She says to break the seal. Takamiya stands up and Kagari tells him that it’s a trap. Takamiya begins anyway as the White Princess Kagari runs to him. But his body won’t obey him and he falls over. Next thing he knows, Takamiya is talking to Evermillion herself, in her world.

Evermillion knows his wish too – to restore everything and everyone the way it was. For this big wish, Evermillion wants Takamiya’s life as payment. But his death will mean Kagari’s as well. He weighs Kagari’s life against the city and all its inhabitants, and makes his decision. Back in the ruined church, he yells for power. The city is restored. Kagari realizes what is happening and tells Takamiya to stop.

Takamiya tells Kagari that he needs to end it and apologizes to her. He tells her about the deal he just made – his life to return everything to the way it was. And that she is part of the price as well. Kagari throws her arms around him and tells him that she can’t live without him anyway. Kagari says that if he does what he believes is right, he won’t die – she won’t let him.

Kagari stands up and calls out to Evermillion, telling her to use her life instead. She says that she will fulfill the promise instead of Takamiya. A bang is heard and Kagari returns to her normal self, but falls to the ground. Takamiya reaches for her, but Weekend is behind him and stabs him in the back, telling him to go after Kagari. Unfortunately, Weekend was restored as well. Takamiya manages to pull the knife from his back, and pushes Weekend back. She falls and Takamiya jumps on top of her, ready to kill her with the knife. Weekend laughs as Takamiya stabs the floor next to her ear.

Takamiya tells her that he will always choose the same path, saving instead of destroying, and he won’t be careless with his life anymore. Nor will he give in to Weekend now. However, he weakens and falls on top of her. Weekend slides out from under him and has her minion heal Takamiya. Weekend is leaving, but promises to see Takamiya again. Atori hides and watches Weekend leave the church, unharmed. It’s hard for Atori to believe that. She was sure Takamiya won.

Chronoire is waiting for Weekend outside of the church as well. Atori now thinks that Weekend and Chronoire were working together, but her priority at the moment is Kagari and Takamiya. Atori enters the church to find Takamiya holding Kagari. Atori is about to congratulate him, until she gets a better look at Kagari.

The Workshop Witches wake up in the courtyard, fully healed. Everyone is trying to figure out what is happening. Tanpopo had saved Kasumi, but Kasumi wakes up now and accuses Tanpopo of kidnapping her. Kasumi’s familiar sets her straight. But Kasumi is unbelieving and tells her familiar to attack anyway. He had just become friends with Tanpopo’s familiar and now has to hit him. That’s a shame. Macaron hits his friend with tears in his eyes and Tanpopo and her familiar go flying.

Mikage contacts Atori again and tells her that he thought he died, but everything seems to be fine now, just as it always was. And all the civilians are returning to the real world. Mikage figures it was Takamiya’s power and asks Atori if he’s safe. Mikage asks to speak with Takamiya and tells him he did a good job. Takamiya begins to cry and tells him about Kagari. Mikage verifies the facts with Takamiya and asks about Kagari’s current condition. Takamiya says that she’s not breathing, but she’s still warm.

Mikage is puzzled. Kagari should not have been able to exchange her life for Takamiya’s. Mikage asks for more information. Takamiya tells him about Weekend, and how Kagari said she would fulfill the promise just before she fell. Mikage wants to try something and has Atori draw a magic circle around Kagari. There may be a way to save her!

Meanwhile, Chronoire has battled with Weekend, and won. Weekend and her minion are now impaled on spikes in Chronoire’s undersea world. It wasn’t much of a fight and Chronoire looks is bored. Sebas pulls a rope and curtains part to reveal that the rest of Weekend’s minions and other Tower Witches have been captured as well. Chronoire tells Weekend that she’s lost. Weekend goes off on how her plan failed as Chronoire is handed her sword.

Back at the church, Mikage tells Takamiya to cut his finger, and touch Kagari’s chest. Mikage tells Atori to repeat what he says. While she does that, Mikage wants Takamiya to kiss Kagari. Naturally, Takamiya protests. Is he really going to quibble over this small thing to save her life? Mikage tells Takamiya that Kagari didn’t take his place, but died because she broke her contact with Takamiya. Mikage says that he’ll explain that later. Takamiya needs to restore the contract between them and this is the “ritual of re-signing”. Takamiya thinks about it, and also how he had kissed her cheek once before to bring Kagari back after she had been turned to stone by Medusa. Okay, he can do this! Takamiya leans over to kiss Kagari’s lips and at the last second changes direction and kisses her forehead instead. Chicken! But did it work?

Nope – didn’t work. Try it again Takamiya! On the mouth this time! With an apology to Kagari, Takamiya leans over again and struggles to kiss Kagari’s parted lips. Turning red, he gives up. He just can’t do it! Atori’s puppet has had it and forces Takamiya’s head down to Kagari’s face. But it’s unnecessary as Kagari begins to breathe again. Takamiya is ecstatic as Kagari opens her eyes!

It turns out that Weekend used Chronoire to make Takamiya the candy that broke one of his seals. She used Medusa as well, but it was a mistake to use Chronoire. While she’s at it, Chronoire tells Weekend that she made a few other mistakes as well. Chronoire suddenly calls for Kazane to show herself, and tells Weekend that Kazane wasn’t even weakened for more than twenty hours. Kazane tells Chronoire to hand Weekend over to her, saying that she’s had her fun. Chronoire refuses, telling Kazane that Weekend is her “dinner”. Looks like they are going to fight over Chronoire’s dinner! LOL Nice fight too, destroying things recently restored. I would have to say that Kazane won too.

Next, we have a very young Kagari making a deal with Evermillion, saying that if Takamiya is ever in danger of losing his life, he is to be released from their contract and given back his power. Evermillion now regrets making that promise as she tells the present Takamiya and Mikage about it. This means that he never used Evermillion’s power, but restored the city and the people on his own, and the payment of his life was canceled. Mikage tells Takamiya not to be so careless with his life again, and tells him to wake up, saying that she’s waiting for him.

Takamiya wakes up in his own bed, in his own room. He gets the feeling he was carried there and wonders what he did the day before. Suddenly remembering, he falls out of bed and crawls to the door, calling Kagari’s name. The door opens and Kagari wishes him a good morning. Takamiya just stays there on the floor with a big, silly grin on his face.

Everything is normal again as Takamiya walks to school with Kagari. He asks Kagari if she’s really all right and she promises that she is. However, it will take longer for her magic to recover, but she’s sure that she won’t be needing it for a while. Takamiya hopes Kagari is right and says that everything that happened was like a dream. He hopes the peace continues, but I think Kagari is more interested in them staying together. The peace is suddenly broken by Tanpopo and her friendly neighborhood Tower Witches. The witches have finished training with Medusa and are itching for a fight.

Takamiya steps forward, but Kagari holds him back. He protests that she has no magic. But does she really need it against these particular witches? Of course not! Kagari grabs Tanpopo and Mei by their heads, lifting them off the ground and squeezing, as the other three cower on the ground behind them. Naturally, they try to give up, and Takamiya says that everything really is the same. LOL The wonderful ending song plays a final time and it’s the end of the story. I was very happy with this anime, and I know it’s moving over to my favorites list!![/details]

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