With these updates to the forums! What about a rework on the rest?

In my opinion, i really love the changes to the forums. Though it feels like a blog, that is probably what the rest of the world is moving to in updates for community interactive sites. Even for Funimation and Sentai Filmworks. Its fast, user friendly, and the style would be appealing for new users that want to join this awesome site.

But these cool changes to the forums make the rest of the site jarring and slow.

So with these changes, I was wondering and would gladly suggest that its time to rework the rest of the site, from the show catalog, news page, EVERYTHING!

Now I know for a fact this would take a crap ton of resources, but I believe the community can be patient as long as we know it is either in the works, or in consideration.

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I vote that the overhaul start with the What’s On page as, except for the Summer Simulcast Stragglers, there’s not really anything new on it through October. :wink:

I do agree that some changes could be made and a lot could be cut out that isn’t needed anymore with the site, but this will take time if it is even being considered. Available resources are being pooled into getting our little slice of heaven we call the forums up to speed and bug free for now. We’ll see someday soon.

One thing that I would like to point out that I like with the old system regarding the lists of available TAN titles, The Shows, is that it is nice and simple. Not a bunch of garbage to contend with. I like the fact that everything is there on one page within view. If changes are made with this, please keep it similar and simple… thanx!

I’d appreciate it if that page were left as it is. It tells us all that we need to know and it does so succinctly. Any streaming title is currently available with the a flick and a click of the mouse and the key stats (language;quality) are available at a glance.

The pages for the shows themselves could stand to be modified a bit but not the overall page.

Amusingly, other than testing out The Shows page when it first went up, or looking at it from time to time when someone makes a post about the doubled-over font bugs or questions the access of certain shows, I’ve never once used that page for actually browsing the shows.

I either use the Whats On page or the Watch Anime Now page.

As stated in Welcome to the New Forums, they’re still fiddling with things and so it’s far from final. It will take great patience on our part. Certainly over time there will be huge updates and wouldn’t be surprised to see a redesign of the SHOWS page and Watch Anime Now.

As a great example, anybody who is a regular on CN’s website will noticed the complete modern redesign of everything. They did so in stages. First the Community, then the Home Page and finally the Games Page. Given what they did and now with the new Discourse forums here, I personally can’t wait to see how this place evolves in the coming years. You can’t help but be excited really.

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