Suggestion: Renaming Certain Topics

I propose renaming certain subforums here on the Forums. Specifically, I would like the “AN Shows” to be renamed “Sentai/HIDIVE/AN Shows.” This would highlight all three facets of distribution for Sentai series. I think it might also make it a bit clearer for new posters which series are being covered by the subforum.


Thanks @Newshawk

I’ll pass it on to the AN people, but just so you know, I’ve asked for this before and was told that they want to keep the AN forum categories as they are.

I can’t lay my hands on the email where I discussed this with Sam before, but I will ask again. And will let you know what they say.


@Slowhand while we are on the subject of renaming things i propose we start small and all of us TAN members come to an agreement to rename some of the more active but decade old or newer Threads with a polls vote
What do you’ll think?

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I see you’ll made some renaming thread moves nice!
The threads needed some re modifications to them to accurately display the current update titles

What do you mods think about having a quick gathering to discuss, to gather up a few more threads that need to be renamed?

EDIT lol is this true @Slowhand just now noticed

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This is true. We don’t want people just renaming things wiithout discussion first.


Tonight my hamster wheels are turning
I propose we brainstorm on the idea of adding a ending title description to match the similar thread That’s just insane ( the weird side of the internet)

Like { to add something to the end of these threads } That’s just right That’s just wrong That’s just perfect

What do you’ll think?

EDIT and I think it would be ideal to group all the important holidays together in one thread, is to have a federal holidays thread to include them all

We already have this. It’s now titled “President’s Day Thread”, it was previously “Valentine’s Day Thread” and started as a Christmas/New Year’s/Yule Thread.


Ok I was unsure if it was from federal or national or even international level kind of a thread?
I was saying because some of these holidays are just silly and irrelevant to me and I know it is to some of you guys too. I just wanted to weed out the useless stuff from the more pressing important ones.