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The others paired up and ran off as well. Jake and Hana quickly entered the forested area and began to use what little stealth training they had. Oddly, Jake started to notice his body did feel different, but he ignored the sensation. Suddenly, light poured into the forest as if the sun had appeared in the middle of the colony. “Looks like they are eager to find us. Day cycle started three hours early,” Jake said. Both quickly found a small foliage enclosure and quickly created a camouflaged shelter. It wasn’t the best, but it would be impossible to see from the sky. Unless someone used sensors, Jake and Hana should be safe there.

“Well this is completely unexpected,” Hana said after awhile. Jake nodded an agreement. They had been sitting there silent for some time, but had not heard or seen anything near them.

Jake suddenly had the urge to laugh at the situation, but he managed to keep himself calm. He had to distract himself a little, so he said, “This is first time we have been alone with each other in awhile. Truly alone that is.” The look Hana gave him quickly made him realized he said that entirely wrong. “Oh God no, Hana, I would never think along those lines,” he said while suddenly realizing he might have just dug the hole deeper.

The punch to his shoulder followed by Hana saying, “Silly, just get it out what you want to say."

Jake recovered himself and asked, “Why did you join the T.F. military? You never really told me. I might brag about myself some, but I highly doubt you joined just because of me.”

Hana looked away from him. She scrunched herself in a protective position that Jake never really saw her do before. He got as close to her as he dared before she said, “It hurt Jake. Ajax, Sarah, and all the others dying. My parents said I was too weak for space travel, and they didn’t even pay attention to me. All they were concerned about was the money I received. The pain stayed with me, and then you made your decision. Believe it or not, I was thinking of joining before you spoke about it.”


She looked at him again. A soft smile crossed her face, and she continued, “I liked playing those virtual games with you Jake, when we were young. The commercials for recruitment, what Skival said, and remembering flying those virtual N.A.U.’s made me think. I wanted to find something to ease my pain. Making sure others did not go through what we went through, that was what I was settling on. You just finalized my decision that night. My parents didn’t even say a word.”

Jake crawled over and hugged her then. It no longer felt awkward, for here was his friend in need of his help. She recuperated the hug before they split apart. Hana rarely spoke about her parents, but from what little Jake could gather, Hana’s relationship with them was near nonexistent. He got back to where he could keep a look out. There was still no sign of any search parties, but they had heard a few fly overs.

Another hour passed when suddenly a voice was heard throughout the entire cylinder. “This is Commodore Travis,” the voice of the Commodore echoed clearly even in the forested area, “All Cadets are to report back to their barracks. Exceptions are Cadet Misoto and Betterson, who are to report to my office.” Jake looked to Hana, and she gave a nod back. Even intelligence would not dare go as far as to fake an order from a Commodore of the T.F. Military. They began to walk out of the forest back towards the main facility.

Jake could feel some of the stress of the night begin to leave his body, and he turned to Hana and said with a casual voice, “Now don’t go telling everyone about our wild and passionate date tonight.” He laughed as she groaned from the pain at the poor attempt of a joke.


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Lieutenant Commander Xenia Zuchosky couldn’t help but to begin to enjoy herself. The training N.A.U. had no elaborate systems to distract her, no weapons that needed monitoring, and more space in the cockpit than most combat units. She was in the air, flying a search route over the forest and plains training areas of the Third Training Outpost. The sensors and neural connections let her see through her own N.A.U. The resulting sensation was one of the most blissful feelings she ever had; she was flying as if in a dream, with no wings or vehicle, just by her will, soaring over the terrain with a casual ease of one born to fly. A smile began to stretch across her face, and she truly began to enjoy this feeling of freedom she now had.

“You did say they were supposed to be in the forest area, right Commander?”

Lieutenant Naguchi Ha’kari’s voice broke the spell. Zuchosky sighed a little. Sometimes Ha’kari could be too focused on her missions and miss the simple pleasures, but unfortunately she might be right in that Zuchosky needed to focus. Ha’kari also sounded bored, very bored. “Correct Naguchi. And I am sorry I got you into this. How was I supposed to know that visiting Commodore Travis would lead to a cadet hunting flight?”

Ha’kari’s face appeared on one of the projections in the cockpit. The T.F. flight helmet revealed most of the pilots features, so that it was easy to pick up on Ha’kari’s Asian descent. Her dark brown eyes still had the look of a focused warrior, even though her face matched her voice. She raised her eyebrow a little and said, “How would anyone guess that? But I am not upset about flying around trying to find the escapees. I am starting to wonder why we actually haven’t found them. Are we in the right area?”


Zuchosky thought about what Ha’kari said. This all started when they were at Travis’s main office sharing a very late night dinner when members of Federal Internal Intelligence barged in. They demanded that Travis hand over two of the cadets at the facility. When the agents got word that Travis suddenly ordered the two to do survival training, they ordered Ha’kari and herself to use the only N.A.U.’s available to go and find them.

Zuchosky answered Ha’kari, “Commodore Travis said to search this place last as it was where they were told to go. Facility sensors mysteriously ‘malfunctioned’ in this area as well. That might have something to do with why we haven’t found them yet.” Zuchosky did start to wonder herself though, for she could see her sensors were not being jammed. She looked at Ha’kari’s image again, and decided a distraction was needed. “Come on though Naguchi, didn’t we have fun picking up the other pair?” Ha’kari started to give a little smile at that moment.

“The face on that one cadet when I threatened to report him sexual assault is one I shall treasure forever,” Ha’kari said with an evil grin of satisfaction crossing her face. They found a pair of cadets in the cave and mountain training area. When they approached, the audio sensors seemed to pick up the female cadet giving signs of distress. The look of the male cadet’s face, Jose’ might have been his name, after Ha’kari landed her N.A.U. right next to him while shouting that he was going to be charged for sexual assault, showed one of the most shocked and afraid expressions that Zuchosky had ever seen. Fortunately for Jose’, he was only guilty of being overly flirtatious, and the sounds were actually of the female cadet having a foot caught in a crevice.


Zuchosky gave a quick thought and pulled the image Ha’kari’s N.A.U. onto one of her screens. In her 360 degrees and three dimensional vision, Zuchosky also highlighted where Ha’kari was in that projection. The training N.A.U.’s were nothing fancy, just a simple humanoid frame with minimal armor plates placed over the indo skeleton and metallic skin/muscle system. The only color on them was a couple of splashes of blue and green, the rest was just white wash. In some ways, they looked more like men in armor suits than large robots. “Indeed Naguchi, that will teach him to be flirtatious,” Zuchosky said with a bit of laugh. Ha’kari gave her a slight look but did seem to ease up.

Commodore’s Travis voice suddenly was heard over their communication system ordering the cadets back to base. “Well, that should make them easier to find. Let’s start over at the edge of the forest area. You take right and I take left,” Zuchosky said with a voice of a natural leader. She had been flying for eight years now, fought in several major engagements, and few, her friends, knew she had another personality other than her commanding facade. Ha’kari, who had flown with her for nearly six years and had been in a few of those engagements, counted as one of those friends.

“That’s good. Roger that Commander. And just maybe this Misoto guy is cute. Last name sounds Japanese at least,” Ha’kari said as she broke off formation. Zuchosky laughed to herself a little as she began to fly off to her area of the search. More and more humans were being born off Earth, and the old identities of nation state heritage have begun to disappear. Zuchosky was considered Russian by most people, but that seemed to hold little meaning to her. She lived in Russia for awhile, but her father joined the T.F. military, and she had moved to many places, worlds, and stations afterwards. That was how she came to know Commodore Travis. Ha’kari was one of the few people to consider herself a nationality; hers being of Japan. Zuchosky knew Ha’kari’s little secret though, but she swore to keep it under the threat of having a samurai blade removing her head.


Zuchosky had the sensors on the N.A.U. on pure alert mode, which gave her a clean view of the surroundings without sensor colors interrupting it. Still, the sensors were not picking anything up, and she began to wonder if something was wrong with them. In a flash, two human life forms appeared near the edge of the forest. “That was odd,” Zuchosky thought. She just flew by there, so how did they just now appear? She could only guess the sensors on this machine needed major updating. A quick thought put her back in communication with Ha’kari. “Found them,” she said. She projected the coordinates to her wingmate’s cockpit, and quickly the two flew to pick up the cadets.

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They had only just stepped out of the woods when two large objects flew over their head. Jake looked in slight amazement as it was the first time he saw N.A.U.’s this close in real life. Strangely they did not make that much noise, the anti grave engines tended to be quite. The two units seemed to float over them for a brief second, and then they moved in unison to an opening in front of them and landed. The scene reminded Jake of cartoon shows from Earth. Here were two humanoid robots, close to twelve meters in height, landing right in front of them. “When did the future catch up to those old Japanese anime?” Jake asked out loud. Hana gave him an odd look, but kept her focus on the two N.A.U.’s.

Both units got into a sitting position before the chest cockpits opened. A pilot emerged from each. They had on the basic armor suits of full flight officers, and Jake began to wonder just who was sent to find Hana and himself. The two officers quickly walked up to them, and Hana and he quickly saluted the approaching pair.

Jake couldn’t help but notice both officers were female. The basic armor suits they wore were quite form fitting. When they got a few meters away, the officers took off their helmets. The one with the Lieutenant Commander marks had short blonde hair and hassle eyes. She was a little shorter than Jake. The one marked as a Lieutenant had dark brown eyes and long black hair folded into a loose ponytail. She also was actually slightly taller than Jake. “Now these are definitely veteran pilots,” Jake thought, but why he thought that suddenly he didn’t know. Just something about their eyes, and perhaps the way the N.A.U.’s moved so, well, naturally.


“At ease Cadets Misoto and Betterson. I am Lieutenant Commander Zuchosky, this is Lieutenant Ha’kari. We will give you a ride back to the main facility. These N.A.U.’s are two pilot trainers, so come with us and follow our instructions,” the commander said with commanding but not forceful voice. The accent was new to Jake as well. She sounded like a natural leader, and Jake realized he answered, “Yes, Commander!” before he bothered to think if that was necessary.

The commander gave a slight laugh before saying, “That will not be needed cadet. Just say, Yes Sir. No need to shout.” She turned to the other officer and seemed to smile when she said, “Which do you want Ha’kari?”

The Lieutenant looked straight at him. A bit of disappointment appeared in her face, though Jake couldn’t begin to understand why. Ha’kari shrugged and then causally said, “Take the red head Zuchosky, Betterson with me.”

Hana gave him a slight look as they split off to the different N.A.U.’s. The commander quickly told him how to climb in and had him go in first. The cockpit had two standing areas circled by a control board. Brackets for arms and legs came out from the walls, and behind where the pilot’s head would be was a neural interface port. The commander caught up to him and said, “You take the pilot control in the back. Put your legs and arms into the brackets. The neural interface will connect with you, but you will not be able to sync with it. Just relax, and the system will recognize you as non active passenger.”


Jake nodded, and got into the second pilot control area. He stepped into the leg brackets and put his arms in their brackets. The control units instantly shaped around his limbs, and he could feel the buttons and triggers connected to them. Suddenly, the neural adaptor plugged into his receptor. He could ‘feel’ and ‘see’ the system try to start the interface process. Suddenly, he could see a lot more. He gasped out loud as he suddenly found himself seemingly standing in mid air, though he ‘felt’ his body sitting down. It was the N.A.U. that was sitting though. A computer prompt came into his vision, but it was just in his mind. It was similar yet so different to the system in the probes he flew. The prompt simply said, “Fully synchronized. Authorization and Flight Mode Status?”

The commander had already stepped into her controller when she heard him gasp, and asked, “What’s wrong Misoto?” Then he heard her gasp slightly herself before saying, “Relax Misoto, do you see a prompt asking about flight mode?” He answered, and she said, “Think ‘Authorization Cadet Trainer One’ and then ‘Flight Mode Observer Only’. You should be able to watch and feel everything I do but not interfere.” Suddenly, he saw Ha’kari’s face appear on a screen.

She reported in a partially confused voice, “Uh, Commander, Cadet Betterson just fully synchronized with N.A.U. system. I got her into Observer Only, but,…” she stopped when she realized that Jake could hear her.

Zuchosky quickly broke the silence, “Understood Lieutenant. These cadets have just broken all the rules we know about synchronization timing. Perhaps there is a good reason why we were sent to pick them up, but there is nothing to be concerned about.” Jake wasn’t sure if that last statement was true, for he knew that this was unheard of. It usually took a week of simulations to get a neural system set up to interface with a N.A.U. system. Before he got too lost in those thoughts, Zuchosky physically turned around to look back at him and pulled a screen of Hana up before saying, “You two ever been in a N.A.U. before?”

Hana shook her head no as Jake answered, “We have flown sensor probes, but that is about it.”

The commander showed a little bit of surprise, but then smiled a little and then said, “Then you will enjoy this. Let’s go Ha’kari.” The N.A.U.’s movements felt like his own as it stood up, closed the cockpit, and took flight. The commander wasn’t lying about enjoying this at all, for Jake felt as if he were truly flying.


Hana and Jake stood in the middle of Commodore Travis’s office. Hana still had a slight buzz from the feeling of actual flight she just had, but that quick experience did not help with her current feelings. The commodore sat behind his desk. In the office as well were two agents from F.I.I. and Officer Solmes. The air between the three agents seemed charged with deadly intent. Jake and herself happened to be standing in that same air.

Travis was the first to speak. “Cadets, by now you are aware that you are exhibiting some uncommon abilities with your neural systems,” he spoke in a calm and controlled voice. Hana had noticed, but she never considered anything truly odd about it until the day before. Her system and Jake’s became immune to the stun attack. And just today, she immediately interfaced with a N.A.U. system. Those two things were extremely impressive, but why would F.I.I. have anything to do with this? Hana felt the commodore was going to answer that very question, so she waited and listened.

The commodore continued, “The reason why is simple actually. You were told the Henthshraq had to repair both of your neural systems, and that they used extremely basic models modified to act just like your previous versions. That was a lie.” Hana felt some surprise, but before she could react the commodore continued. “The High Clan cruiser that rescued you did not have any basic units on board. The only neural systems they had available were their own high performance, military grade ones. Those were heavily modified, and then put into you.”

Now Hana felt some true shock. The technology in her, the system that enhanced her natural abilities and kept her healthy, strong, and able to interface with neural machines, was now probably the most advanced ever placed into a human. Thoughts came to her in a flash. First, this fact explained a few things such as earlier events. Second, she really didn’t feel all that different from before the attack. Then she wondered how much would she be worth on the black market. Following that thought she realized why the F.I.I. was there. She looked over to Jake. The same play of emotions and thoughts crossed his face, until his glare at the F.I.I. agents revealed he came to the same conclusion.


Commodore Travis confirmed their thinking by saying, “As you can guess, that is why the F.I.I. tried to take you into custody. For your own protection, so they say. But be assured, you will not be going with them, and they will not try to take you again.” Jake and Hana looked at the Commodore for further explanation. Surprising the pair, it Officer Solmes who spoke up.

“I must confess to you two,” she said with a strict and non sympathizing tone. “When the Shraq treated you, they informed us that they had to use their best neural systems in that treatment. They specifically said that we were not to interfere with your lives or doing any experiments on you. The technology is actually highly classified,” she said as she turned to the other agents and emphasized, “and is highly likely to have some way of warning them if you two are being…mistreated…in a diagnostic. Of course, the technology is so far beyond our own, the Federal Military Intelligence Core, in which I am part of, was not going to let that stop us from studying it. That is why we did everything we could to passively encourage you to join the T.F. military. Here we can non evasively study the systems and learn from observance. The Federal Internal Intelligence obtained information on you from our slow merger, but they failed to acknowledge that certain actions could bring the attention of the Henthshraq onto us. Our trade treaties with the Henthshraq are of great importance to our economy. Also, their military forces are most impressive. The F.I.I. will no longer bother you.”

Hana couldn’t believe it. All this time, someone had been behind the scenes observing them for the technology they carried. These people were treating her and Jake like guinea pigs, and who knew how far they would have actually gone in those experiments. A cold fury burned in her chest, but she tried to keep a calm head. A quick glance at Jake told her Jake was not about to keep his head as clear.


The Commodore spoke up again, “I cannot express how much shame I feel knowing that our own people treated citizens of the T.F. in this manner. You two have every right be angry, and if you wish it, I can have you honorably discharged from the service. But I ask of you to consider staying with us, not because we want to study the technology in you, but because I and the sergeants here believe you two are the best cadets we have had in years. The systems in your body can only enhance you to a certain degree, and you have shown to be far more exceptional than what those systems could do for you. To lose you, not your technology, would be a great loss for the T.F. Military.”

Jake’s eerie laugh startled Hana before he said, “I can’t believe this. Phil was right, you were trying to trick us into joining the military. And now after having faced monsters that killed the people I loved, I find monsters in my own race ready to dissect me for what the other monsters put in me. Is this some kind of sick joke?” He turned to her, the look on his face starting to show the pain from the past catching up to him, and his frustration fueling it.

She turned to the commodore and said, “I agree in some ways, Commodore, and I am wondering how much you knew about this prior to the F.I.I. showing up.”

Travis looked at them with his earnest eyes and said, “I did not receive any specific information, but I did guess the actual situation within a couple weeks of you arrival here.” Hana felt a little bit hurt, for of all the people to be bluntly honest with them, the sergeants and the Commodore seemed to be the only ones. Now that trust was betrayed.


Jake spoke again, he voice more controlled, “Well sir, you may have kept secrets from us, but you did protect us. I saw Sergeant Jackson take a stun blast for me.” Hana turned to Jake, for he forgot to tell her about that.

“Jackson was stunned? He fought that hard for Jake?” she thought. The nightguard at the female bunker area risked a great deal to smuggle her and her friends out. Travis risked a great deal as well giving the order for them to do survival training.

Jake continued, “If you promise that these idiots,” he said jabbing his thumb at the F.I.I. agents, “will keep to their damn selves, I will stay with those who would risk so much for me. I have my own dream still, and no monsters will keep me from it.”

Hana almost couldn’t believe Jake just said that. When did he become that way, so determined. Hana felt the Commodore’s and Solmes’s eyes train in on her. She was angry. She was betrayed by her own people. But Jake was right, the Commodore and everyone else protected them. She made up her mind and said, “I will stay as well. Though I do have a condition.”

Solmes raised an eyebrow and said, “And what would that be, Cadet Betterson?” Hana told them. Solmes, in the most shocking display so far in the meeting, broke into a smile and laughed. It was a simple laugh, but coming from her it seemed so unnatural that she had such a true emotional response. Finally, Solmes responded, “Well let me make this clear. What we discussed is not to leave this room. Only a few people that need to know about your systems, well, know. And your condition, Cadet Betterson, you need not worry. The moment you interfaced with a N.A.U. system without any synchronization guaranteed your placement into N.A.U. training after basic.” Hana hid her smile behind a calm mask, but it was there. She and Jake were truly going to fly.


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Months passed since the F.I.I. incident, yet to Jake and Hana it felt like only a few days. The night raid was said to have been a training exercise. The next morning, training continued as normal. They received no more special treatment other than just the occasional scan by the special neural interface instrument assigned to them. The brutal physical conditioning, book learning, firing ranges, obstacle courses, and final battle simulations tests were over. Jake smiled, but he had to remind himself that it was only over for the basic training. The true training he was looking forward to would begin after this ceremony.

The only time civilians were allowed onto the training facility is during the graduation ceremony for cadets. Today, both Jake and Hana and several other cadets donned their new uniforms which matched the branches of service they were heading to. Jake looked over to Hana. Her hair had long since fully grown back to its original length since training started, but she kept it in a tight bun out of habit. Still, the streaks of red in the dark swirl gave a slight hypnotic effect. The uniform she wore had a black collar. The rest of the coat was ocean blue from the collar to about midriff and grass green from there to the legs. The pants were black. Silver highlighted the edges of the uniform. Unique to both her and Jake’s uniform were the wing like flares, black with a silver edge, coming off the shoulders. That marked them as N.A.U. flight cadets.

“Looking good in that uniform Flight Cadet Betterson,” Jake said. He couldn’t help but notice how well her skin seemed to go with it. She smiled back at him and started to give him a mock appraising look over.

With her best critic voice she replied, “I can say you are looking acceptable in that uniform as well, Flight Cadet Misoto.” They both laughed. After close to six months of brutal training, the ceremony was a well earned respite. Sadly, some of their unit would not be able to join them as they were not able to skip some of the courses. Mike, one of the exceptions, walked up to the two. His uniform did not have the exact same colors as theirs nor was as formal. It marked him as a non officer engineer.

“Don’t you two mates start getting cocky in those officer uniforms. N.A.U. training, I hear, is about as rough as basic.” Even with his crazy accent, Jake could hear the teasing in Mike’s voice. All three laughed this time. “Actually, I bet you two will breeze through it, as you two bastards breezed through basic.”


Sergeant Jackson called the rest of the cadets out of the dressing areas and into formation. One last parade needed to take place. They would march past the Commodore and the cadets’ families. Jake could almost hear his family screaming already. Hana seemed brighter than ever, for she already saw her mother in the stands across the way. Jake turned to Hana before they parade started.

“One week’s leave after this and then into the grind again. If this were an anime, something big would happen right now.” Hana turned to him and raised an eyebrow. She answered back, “You and those anime. I thought you said you figured you were only one eighth Japanese. Besides, this is reality. If it were fiction, where is the alien side kick?”

Jake had to laugh at that. Jackson gave them one last look over. When he got in front of Jake and Hana, he actually stopped and saluted. They were considered officers now. Both smiled and saluted back. Jake and Hana said together, “Thank you, Sergeant.”

Jackson gave the famous smile one more time, but this one seemed happy. With the voice that no one would ever forget he gave them one last order, “Give those fly boy trainers hell, Sirs.” He moved on, and shortly the parade started. Jake and Hana were moving forward towards their dreams of making a difference and stopping the monsters of the universe. For Jake, one race of monsters still took the fore front. The next time they meet, he would be ready.


In another galaxy, a small transport left a station and headed towards the planet it orbited. The planet’s green oceans slightly hid the many small foliage covered continents and islands. Small storms could be seen from so far up, but none were severe. The transport itself seemed to be a living organism in the way it flew and began its decent. Inside next to one of the observation windows, Jahqu’kortanshow watched his home world of Henth grow in size. He smiled. He was home at last.

Inside the transport seemed to further prove that it was a living organism. The walls and furnishings were all ergonomic with the texture matching the inside of a sea shell. Everything inside the ship flowed with a near organic method. But with a quick shake of his head, the electro and motion senses of his highlighted the mechanical innards of the vessel, revealing its true nature. Still, it was nice to feel Henthshraq technology again. He also felt the heartbeats and nervous systems of the other nearby passengers, even a few neural systems. A soft sigh escaped him. He didn’t mean to, but the instinctive feeling being surrounded by his kind again gave him comfort. The female next to him, and he could tell she was close to forty cycles older than him, gave him a quizzical look.

“Have you been gone from Henth long?” She asked in a sweet manner. To his eyes, she did not appear much older than him. He looked at the sash she had over her bare chest and saw she was with Clan Wind Tree. Jahqu laughed to himself slightly, thinking about how his Harkonsaur friends would consider this interaction. He turned back to the planet. For a Henthshraq, facing one another wasn’t expected in a conversation. The intimacy that the other senses provided made looking at each other only a formality.

“It has been nearly four cycles. Two of those cycles I was not even with a fellow Shraq.” He could feel her give a surprised look.

She then smiled herself and said, “No wonder you are practically beaming. Welcome home, predon adult.”

He raised his head and flared his gills. She returned the gesture, and began to sing. The song was a common one about returning home. After her first verse, several others on the transport joined in, including Jahqu.


The transport landed a few minutes later. The platform it landed on came out from a spire standing close to a kilometer in height. The spire itself seemingly sprang from the ocean, though it was built on an artificial island. Other spires rose from nearby actual islands and from the close by continent. Several connections intersected them. The spire city of Rospri’var’ean was as close to a home city for Jahqu as he could get. His luggage preceded him before he left the station, and it should have been delivered to his clan lodge by now. All he carried with him was a simple knapsack, a pendant from the friends he recently left, his uniform of a Henthshraq High Clan officer, and his short spear.

He adjusted the spear in his holder as he exited the transport. The cross between metal and shell like material gave it a beauty that hid its deadliness. For Jahqu, as it was for all Shraq, his blade was part of him just like any other organ. He smelled the air immediately, breathing in deep the scents of the ocean, buildings, people, plants, and animals. A few scents he caught made him smile even more. He determined the direction of them and saw a large group standing in the greeting area of the platform. Dropping all sense of formality, he quickly ran over to them with a surprising speed.

His young blood-sister couldn’t dodge his sudden grappling attack. She gave a shocked scream and laugh as he picked her up off the ground. He rubbed his head against hers, taking in her scent, her electric feel, and her texture. “Get off blood-brother!” She cried in joyful way. He did as she asked and placed her down. He could feel and hear the others laughing. He then quickly hugged his older blood-sister and rubbed his head on hers.

The fact they were his sisters was quite evident by their matching color pattern of light blue mixed with white. They were each about the same height as well and had similar body builds. His hair matched his older sister’s dark blue texture, while his younger sister had a lighter version. Jahqu looked at the rest of the greeting party. One of his clan-father and clan-mothers came as well two clan-brothers and one clan-sister. He quickly gave them small head bumps and greeted them in a more traditional manner. Surprisingly two of his friend and class mates also were there. He grasped their arms and thanked them for coming.