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This thread is for people to be creative and make a basic anime plot for a manga or anime show. There are bound to be repeats of real anime/manga, for, just like the simpsons, they have done just about everything.

But can you create an interesting overall plot or story for an anime? It should read like a trailer. For example…

Before written history, the gods ruled over the earth with their terrible and destructive powers. The powers of heaven finally decreed that earth should be ruled by men, and released a power to destroy the old gods. The power went to a brave soldier who proved to be virtuous and brave beyond others. It was hoped that he could control the tendencies of the power itself. The power, called Apocalypse, and the warrior were successful in defeating the old gods, but Apocalypse began to overwhelm the warrior. It was bent on destroying the world. In order to save the world and heavens, the warrior used Apocalypse’s own power to entomb himself within a barrier that could not be destroyed from the inside. In order to protect the barrier from the outside, the warrior created projections of himself to find the most powerful defensive weapons to protect it. Now, in the present day…

Young Mr. Skika (John Deer hehe) lived an ordinary High School Life in Japan. He never thought there was anything strange about it. He had his friends, romantic interests, and nice parents at home. He really was interested in history and myths, and found himself pouring over books trying to find rare stories of soldiers and weapons from Japan’s past. It was a great life, till one day, he didn’t see himself in the mirror. It was just for a moment, but his entire home was barren, and he had no parents.

Follow Mr. Shika as he unravels the mystery of his existence, why there are others of him around the globe, why some of them want him destroyed, and why he is the key to saving everything…



Here is something I wanted to see. Alternate History type.

What if…

During WW1, the U.S. was still neutral for most of the war. After the Lusitania was sunk, it was found out that Great Britain did have arms and weapons on board. This angered the Americans, but not enough to stop them from going to war against Germany. However, during the time America fought Germany, the other allied forces routinely left them in bad situations, under geared or prepped, and basically used them as lambs for the slaughter. When America was not allowed to the peace talks, a nasty grudge was formed.

Years pass. Germany begins to rise again. Japan is making moves into Asia. America is bitter against its so called former allies. Hitler is different, for he has different friends helping him. He does not call for the elimination of Jews or any particular ethnic group, but damns the former allies for the treaty and promotes a goal to make superior humans through teachings and ideals (still fascist to the extreme but wiping out ethnic issues to keep America as ally in future.) America promotes Japan in Asia if they go easier on citizen populations. Instead of cutting back trade, they increase trade when they see citizens treated well. Japan and America had their navies limited by Britain in the Treaty of London (not Washington). They want to stay friendly with each other in face of that threat.

WW2 comes out. In short, the Axis powers turn out to be Germany, Japan, U.S.A., and other nations. They conquer the world. U.S.A. controls the American continents, Japan most of Asia, Germany Europe and parts of Africa. Australia and parts of Africa and other areas are jointly controlled.

Stories from this… Fighting against the Fascist ideal in a world controlled by it, what does it mean to be superior, is anyone really superior, what does it mean to be human, and various conflicts that slowly arise between the three great powers.


Inspired by Star Trek Online, here is a quick setup for a relative of a Freed Borg officer and an introduction to a new deadly race for the Star Trek universe. It takes place a few years before Star Trek Online starts its first mission.

Teresa Sansaz entered the arboretum on board the U.S.S. Melcha with the hopes of getting a few moments alone to relax. The memories still pouring through her mind of Sansaz’s past lives have not impeded her work, but she wanted to go through them at her own leisure. She found the place apparently empty, so she lay down on the cool grass and rested. The sensation was greatly appreciated as it was rare while working on a starship.

Slowly she realized she heard voices. But they did not sound exactly right. Very quickly she realized she was hearing a recording. Relunctanly she rose up to look around. The U shaped room did have a blind spot, and the sounds came from there. She quietly snuck towards the source as she could guess who it was there. “Kaban, Sansaz’s third host, must be my inspiration for sneaking up on this kid like this. What a joker he was, or should I say I was?"

She turned the corner and was about to yell surprise, but stopped when she saw the video he was watching. It was the last transmission he received from his class mates. Daniel Sora Cross had only turned fifteen years old last week, and he had only a very small party. None of his school friends were with him, and this trip was starting to takes its toll. Teresa sighed. Thanks to multiple life times of experiences, she knew exactly how he felt. Except there was one thing about him she had no experience with.

He still hadn’t noticed her, so she suddenly said, “Here I am trying to get my past straight and someone stole the best spot on the ship already. You have some nerve young Mr. Cross.”

He quickly jumped and turned off his pad. He turned to her. His face was mostly human. His built was mostly human. However, the crest like bulge that had a polished gleam in the middle of his forehead and his not quite human eyes clearly indicated he was not fully human. He did not speak, but she heard him ‘say’, “Sorry Lieutenant Sansaz. I can leave if you want me too.”

He was not blushing, nor did he act flustered. He seemed rather calm. However, not much passed by her. She was twenty two, in great shape, and she knew most men found her very attractive. His quick glances, small fidgets, and his eagerness to leave revealed that he found extremely attractive, thus making it uncomfortable for her to be around.

“Just Teresa while I am off duty, Daniel. And don’t go. I haven’t talked to you much, and I do want to be a friend. If it helps, you can think of me as an older sister, step-brother, grandmother, etc. Name it and I have probably been it. Oops, I am rambling again aren’t I?” He looked at her and weakly smiled. “Daniel, you are a major reason why we are on this mission, so of course I am curious about you. But I also want to be your friend. Trust me, I can understand most of what you are going through right now.”

He did speak this time. “Only most with the amount of life time experiences you have?”

“I never had a grandfather that was a one night stand with my grandmother. Nor have him be from an unknown race. And to top that have a former Borg become utterly stupefied just from seeing me.” She scrunched her face a little realizing she could have said that better.


Daniel stopped for a moment. Although she already read the report that Seven of Nine wrote, she could guess well enough what happened. All the things she knew about Daniel started to go through her mind.

Before this mission, Daniel was living with his mother in Paris. His mother shared most of the same features as her son, and he inherited a larger portion of the alien genetic code than was typical. Nothing was known about the race their grandmother met, and she honestly could not recall much. They were not truly telepathic, yet they can non verbally communicate with anyone in line of site with them. However, no telepath could read their minds, nor communicate with them telepathically. His mother and he were extremely close. The two were the only ones who could talk to each other without words, and the bond formed seemed to go beyond just parental and child relationship. It seemed to be a racial instinct to be with ones of their own kind.

The number of aliens living in Paris meant he did not have difficulty for standing out some. There are several strange aliens there. He made several friends in school. He was an adept student and was starting to think about joining Starfleet. So when the school offered a field trip to San Francisco in order to visit Star Fleet Headquarters, he immediately jumped on board to get a good idea of what he was considering. Little did he know what would happen there.

Disturbing rumors of renewed Borg activity brought Anakin Henson to Starfleet Headquarters the same day. Upon leaving, she happened to pass the school field trip group. Several students recognized her and started to call her name out, even her old name of 7 of 9. She politely turned to them and waved, and then saw him. She stopped. In her own report she stated how foolish she felt for doing so, but the shock of the knowledge that hit her was more than she expected.

“You,” she said in a strong voice and pointed directly at Daniel. Daniel, in his own report, stated that he had a very odd urge to immediately strike out at Seven of Nine, though it was a distant urge. He was more scared than angry when she walked straight to him. “What species are you mixed with? Tell me!”

“I don’t know what species my grandfather was!” he answered back. She was glaring at him, and all the other students were afraid by that time as well.

“Species 1214, all data classified. Name, classified. Tactical data, classified. Biological profile, classified. There are no secrets amongst the Borg, yet everything about you is classified!” She slowly calmed herself down. She looked back him, “I am sorry if I startled you. I just never realized there was controlled information even amongst the Borg. However, this raises many questions. Why is information about species 1214 regulated? Did you know your grandfather?”

He answered her without thinking and without words. He looked at her and answered ‘no’. Her eyes widened, and all she said, “That sounded just like them.” Everyone was surprised to hear that, for they knew the ‘them’ she was referring too.

Shortly after, with the help of Daniel’s Great Uncle who always wanted to avenge the honor of his sister, Starfleet decided to send a ship deep into the Beta Quadrant to find the species 1214. It was a long shot, but if there was a species the Borg feared, Starfleet needed all the help they could get. And it was decided that Daniel Cross should join the mission. His mother at first objected, for it was hard for them to part each other, but she eventually agreed. She still had hopes of meeting her father one day.

All the memories of the past few months went through his head. She watched him replay it and gave him a light pat on the shoulder. “Easy there. It is going to be rough, but you will be with your friends again by this time next year. We are doing just a preliminary scouting run this time. We won’t keep you lonely for too long.”
He smiled weakly again. He looked at her and without words said ‘thank you.’ She, with help of her past lives, did not flinch when he did it. She just remembered that is how Borg supposedly sound in your head. “How about this,” she said, “let’s go to the mess hall and you tell me about your friends and I tell you about one of my many past families?” He smiled at her and agreed. As they left the arboretum, she thought to herself, “He walks just like my brother Atum. Wait, that was Masana’s brother. Jeez, this is going to get some getting use too.”


He had nothing to do but his school studies. When he started to show signs of general frustration, they sent him to the doctor on board. The EMH was in medical bay and quickly diagnosed him with one sentence. “Daniel, you have cabin fever. A boy at your age should have many activities to burn energy with, have friends to play around with, and not be cooped up in his quarters. I can prescribe some holodeck time, but I might be able to suggest something better. You are already skilled with most of the equipment on board right? Why don’t you go on the next safe away mission?”

So Daniel was now smiling to himself as the shuttle approached the nearby planet. His Great Uncle was next to him along with four Star Fleet personnel, including Teresa. “She has a real nice body,” he thought to himself, and then berated himself for thinking so. He was here to help the mission, and she was close to 600 years older than him in some regards. “Older women have their appeal.” Daniel slightly punched himself, angered at his body still going through puberty. Teresa slightly smiled.

“Stop being restless Mr. Cross. We are nearly there. Whatever scanned us is down there, but I still do not detect anything.” The ship was currently near where Daniel’s Grandmother met her past lover, so any possible clue was being followed.

His Great Uncle’s rough voice could be heard, “That scan signature is similar to what my sister said his ship used. It could very well be a probe of theirs. Starfleet has not charted much beyond this point, but if the rumors are true, there is a major gap in space where the Borg were never active. If they can help us, I might forgive the bastard for knocking up my sister.”

Everyone in the shuttle slightly chuckled. Daniel shook his head a little. His Great Uncle was as close to him as a true Grandfather. He loved him dearly, but sometimes he embarrassed him greatly. A few minutes later they beamed down to the planet.

“Daniel!” his Uncle called out, “Go with Teresa and check out that area over there. The one that is secluded and with the big pond!” Daniel looked right at his Uncle.


He ‘said’, “Stop being such a horny old goat, Uncle! She is 6 to 600 years older than me!”

He shouted back, “Yeah, but she looks damn fine for a 600 year old!”

His Uncle failed to notice Teresa standing behind him. She quickly pinched his ear and had him begging for mercy. The other members laughed, yet surprisingly Teresa shouted to Daniel, “Get the equipment, Daniel, and you and I will explore this area. Not so ‘secluded’ but worth checking out. This ‘young’ man and the others will cover this sector.”

They had a friendship of sorts going on. It was not uncomfortable to work with her, yet he still felt some tension. As they walked towards the area, which happened to be in a lightly wooded area, Teresa spoke, “This planet certainly is peaceful. Only a small insect and plant population. Not much on resources, but peaceful.” She gave him a small glance, “Did you want to go to that pond with me?"

He laughed, “In all honesty, part of me says ‘Right now, yes please.”

“I bet I know which part,” she said with a light laugh.

“But, no. I like you Teresa, you are a good friend. And, I guess I kinda know what it feels like to have a sister now.” She actually stopped and looked at him for a moment. She seemed lost in memories. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, just, you do remind me of several of my brothers.”

He smiled at that, and they did not talk much afterwards. He helped set up the equipment as she scanned for the source of the alien device that scanned their ship from so far away. The work had a rhythmic flow, and Daniel was beginning to think he could do this as career. He also got to get several nice looks at Teresa’s back, which again made him wish he was going through this stage in life at this time.
It was when Teresa caught him looking that the sensor’s picked up an alien scanning wave coming from a source a few kilometers away from them. The wave was directed into space. “It just scanned another ship. We still can’t pinpoint it. They must have impressive stealth technology.” Teresa became busy looking over the data. However, Daniel heard something, something that made his blood freeze.

It sounded similar to the way his mom sounded when she did not talk. Yet, it had many voices in it. Also, it sounded far away, but if he had to guess, it was within the solar system.

“Daniel, what is wrong? Daniel!” Teresa shook him slightly.

“I hear them.” Daniel said.

“The species were after?” She said with some hope and excitement, but her face began to show fear as she looked at his.

“The other them,” he said while his body began to shake.

Teresa immediately looked over her equipment. She froze. It was only for a second though, and she regained her composure and hit her combadge. “Sansaz to the rest of the away team. Hide now in those heavy cormite caves. Don’t ask why, just go now and stay there till I tell you to come out!” She turned to Daniel and grabbed him, “They assimilate groups, not individuals who are of no interest. If we get to those caves there, they should ignore us. We are insignificant.”


Quickly they ran. His legs screamed against the exertion but his fear and adrenalin suppressed the pain. Yet he could hardly focus as the sound got louder and louder. Suddenly, he heard clearly, “Unable to locate source of scan. Federation shuttle and life signs detected. They are not the source of the scan. Threat minimal, ignore. Scanning for scan source. Species 1214 alarm. Species 1214 detected, initiate counter procedures. Error, humanoid scans shows only partial 1214 genetic code.”

They were instantly surrounded by drones. Teresa pulled her phaser, but she knew it was over. Daniel still could hear them as they approached them. He did the only thing he could think to do, and he walked towards them talked to them without words. “I am the one you want! The others are insignificant! The others are insignificant! I am the only one you want!” He didn’t realize he was shouting the same words out loud.

Teresa screamed at him to stop and come back, but their voice drowned hers out. “Partial genetic code of species 1214 confirmed. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile. The others are irrelevant.”

They started to swarm around him. Fear griped his body, and he wanted to shout at them to stop, but their voice was overwhelming. Yet, he had to try, “STOOOPPPP!!!” They did.

Another one beamed down. It was definitely feminine and close to his age. It was not a queen, but something close too. It walked to him and placed a hand on his check. If it wasn’t for the hollowness of her eyes and the cold touch, she could have been considered beautiful, yet she spoke with someone else’s voice, “Enough of that. You are going to be special. We have been waiting for you. Please, join us. If you do, your friends and your ship will remain irrelevant.”

Daniel turned to Teresa after ‘hearing’ some of their thoughts. They had already taken her phaser, and one held his hands around her. He immediately said, “I comply.”

The pseudo queen actually smiled a little, though it did not appear to be her own. She raised her hand and quickly injected nanites into his neck. The voice stopped feeling so overwhelming. It oddly started to become calming. His own voice began to mix with it. Yet she was there next to him, watching him closely. “You are now 1 of 3, tactical control of dimatrix 1.” She said, yet even now a distant voice that use to be his said she was hiding something. They beamed away.

Teresa stood there utterly helpless. She couldn’t do a thing to stop them. He gave himself to save them. Yet, “You idiot! You damn idiot! Don’t you realize how important you could be! I would have died to save you…” She had only been joined for a year, and now she has a memory as painful as the worst ones in her past lives. She kept seeing the injectors going into his neck, and the look of near lustful greed come from that one drone. And she was helpless to do anything about it.

When the rest of the away team found her, it took several minutes to get her calmed enough talk. When they heard what she said, everyone’s heart fell and broke. The journey home felt far longer than the journey out.


Six years later. Gamma Quadrant

One of three was activated from his alcove. The voice said, “Jem’hedar fleet detected. Number of ships, 213. Time to intercept, two minutes.” His voice was mixed with it, yet a slight part seemed to slip out. He felt her presence nearby, and the calming affect allowed him to ignore the distractions of those slips. Yet, the voice did seem to consider those slips in thought. “Destroy enemy fleet. Not all Jem’hedar are worth assimilation.” They were genetically programmed to follow their ‘founders’. Even assimilation would not break that genetic code easily.
One of his stray thoughts came forth, “Assimilate the breeding technology of the Jem’hedar. Convert it to breed perfect drones. Use the vorta technology to give the drones true memories besides the genetic encoded ones. We will be able to quickly supply all ships with full crew and be at a better position for assimilation of other species.”

The voice immediately considered, adjusted, and adopted the plan. Already he could feel certain prodes starting to scan for the breeding places of Jem’hedar. He left his alcove and went to his tactical interface port.

The Jem’hedar fleet arrived as predicted. With one voice, they predicted their attack pattern. His part of that voice directed a volley of special charges that interrupted the suicidal runs of several fighters. A volley of torpedoes finished off any remaining targets. He helped in the direction of targeting and firing. Soon, only a few dozen of the 213 ships remained. The tactical cube he was one and the other two cubes and nine spheres had only sustained minor damage. As the last targets were being surrounded, a voice entered his head.

“What are you?”

He did not answer. The voice of the Borg seemed not to have heard it, but she did notice his confusion.

Another voice, “An abomination! And the Borg have him. This could be very bad. Kill him now.”

Soon, voices were going in and out faster than he could process, “Destroy that cube fast!”, “How did he come about?”, “Wait, it would have been his grandfather,”, “We should find who spawned him and kill that one too, traitor.” Then one voice spoke aloud over the others, “Wait, the Borg have tried to learn of us through him. I have an idea, let us turn this around some. I wonder, what would happen if he woke up?”


One of Three was still directing some of the action against the Jem’hedar, but his contribution to the voice had greatly dropped. He was visibly starting to show signs of confusion. The voice of the Borg immediately replied, “Species 1214 alarm. Begin counter measures. Scan the area for cloaked vessels.”

The pseudo queen was not in the same area as he was, but he felt her presence closer than ever. But, he also heard that one voice started to talk to him, “Wake up. Wake UP! WHAT IS YOUR NAME YOUNG MAN! TELL ME!”

For the first time in six years, Daniel Cross looked out with his own mind and shouted in his own way, “I am Daniel Sora Cross!” The loud and overwhelming voice of the Borg pounded in his head. He couldn’t concentrate. It felt like a lucid dream, but a dream he had some control over. He started to try to silence that voice. The tactical cube shook as conductors throughout the ship immediately blew apart.

The rest of the Borg fleet stopped. They were not affected by One of Three’s malfunction, but they did become aware of the danger it posed. Too late did they detect the signs of ships decloaking around them.

On board the tactical cube, Daniel Cross lashed out and the drones trying to restrain him. Both were destroyed by his impromptu plasma rifle. It still felt like a dream, but around the ship several drones were disconnected from the hive mind. Some of those became mindless zombies, while others immediately realized they were temporarily free. They began helping their unknown savior by disabling parts of the cube. He instinctually headed for one part of the cube, yet he knew he needed help. So he called for it, using the cubes own communications array. Yet, he only could think of one distress call.

Teresa Sansaz could hardly believe the fleet she was mixed with. Six Federation vessels, three Klingon, two Romulan, three Ferengi, two Tholian, and a small mix of other Alpha Quadrant powers flew with close to 100 Jem’hedar warships. They were here to advise the Dominion how to fight the Borg. The invasion slowly began a year ago, but each month produced more and more losses of systems and warships to them. The Dominion was becoming desperate. Yet, the Alpha Quadrant powers did not believe there was a serious threat.

She was at the main science station of her ship. Long range sensor’s showed a massive battle take place between the Jem’hedar and the Borg, but it was not going well for them. Then suddenly, sensor’s were being completely jammed in that area.
“I do not understand, Captain. The Borg have no reason to jam sensors, and the Jem’hedar are not doing it.” Ever since that one day, Teresa has studied everything she could about the Borg. She will not let that happen event again.

“Captain, I am picking up a Federation distress call from the battle area!” an officer called out.

Everyone looked to each other confused. The captain eventually called the fleet to go into maximum warp to the area.


The sight of two broken fleets greeted them. Jem’hedar vessels floated around like broken pieces of models. The debris of the Borg vessels contrasted with theirs, yet both added to scene of death. What caused the destruction of the Borg vessels, no one could say. Only one vessel was somewhat intact, yet the Borg tactical cube did not have any exterior damage. Instead, more explosions were detected coming from within the ship.

Quickly away teams beamed aboard. What greeted them was a mad house. Several Borg drones had become more zombie like than ever, blindly trying to assimilate the away teams yet without adapting to the weapon attacks. More surprisingly were how many drones had become self aware and were begging for help. Oddly, several Alpha Quadrant species were present. As they were being rescued, Teresa went on a direct course the central core of the ship. The Borg would try to self destruct this vessel soon, and she was wondering why they hadn’t do so earlier.

She entered the core with her team. She gasped out loud. There was a pseudo queen with several drones right before one of the main processing cores. Between them and it was one drone, one drone she instantly recognized.

He spoke out loud and non verbally. “You will not succeed. Unlatch secondary controls. Disconnect all fusers to lateral array. Redirect power away from engines into secondary regeneration modules.” He was stopping them from starting the self destruct.

The queen walked towards him, “Enough of this. Stop this now. You are one of us. Let us retake control. Listen to us. Listen to us.”

Daniel shouted, “Listen to this!” and fired his weapon. The drone next to her blew apart. She seemed angry, but it seemed to be channeled from another source. Daniel did not stop, but smiled and started to sing, “I am a little tea pot, short and stout.”

Drones that had not been freed yet answered throughout the ship, “Here is our handle, here is our spout.”

“When I get all steamed up, here me shout.”

Even the queen slightly sang to her own horror as the drones even began to dance, “Tip us over and pour us out.” Daniel fired again, and the pseudo queen fell. Most of the drones fell with her, though some seemed to slowly become aware of their surroundings.

Daniel Cross collapsed. Teresa was next to him in a flash. “Daniel! Daniel, wake up. It’s me, Daniel! It’s your would be sister! Daniel!”

He looked at her. He did not speak, but said, “I knew her.” The image of the pseudo queen came up. “I saw her whole life before the Borg took her. And I killed her. And I killed many of them. I know all the ones I killed like I know myself. Why, why did I ever listen to their voice? And why did I just listen to his?” He fainted then.

“His?” Teresa asked herself.

Within sensor range, one person could follow all that took place on that cube. He directed his thoughts to the others, “And you wanted to kill him. We now know, we can do it. Oh, the irony is so delicious.” His laughter caught on with the rest of the voices there.


Sounding good!


Great story Red! :slight_smile:


Changed the name of the character from before so I can write a back ground story for my avatar that is tied to the previous one.

Four of Ten activated five minutes and 12 seconds before his regeneration cycle was due to be completed. He stepped out of his alcove and requested orders to the Hive Mind. All he got back was a distant voice shouting, “I am Daniel Sore Cross!”

Four of Ten’s first thought to come to mind was, “That is similar to my name. Think my half cousin was named that.” It took a few moments for him to realize two things. He was not hearing the Hive’s voice, and he was remembering who he actually was.

He went on a trip with the top students of several of the Outer Colony high schools. He was a member of the Red Squad Precursor’s, an organization which only took the best high school students and gave them an opportunity to be in Red Squad as soon as they joined Starfleet Academy. Though he was not fond of everyone in the group, he had made a few friends. They were not as close to him as the friends he had outside though. The names were not coming to him.

The trip involved joining a non-starfleet vessel exploring the Hromi Cluster. A Starfleet task force was exploring the area as well, so they would not be by themselves entirely. Yet, one day the Red Alert came on. He was told to stay in his quarters. His roommate, Zanto, whom he did not like particularly, made fun of him being concerned. He stopped laughing when the Borg beamed into the quarters. Then, for the next six years, all he remembered was being Four of Ten.

He looked around. Several drones were just standing still, awaiting orders. He concluded it would not be best to wait next to them. He felt explosions occur both inside and outside the cube. He thought he should feel panic, but he had forgotten how to do so. He proceeded to think of an escape plan using a scout vessel in the cube and began to walk.

One drone caught his interest. The older Klingon was just staring at his Borg hand. He spoke, “What is wrong, Klingon?”

The Klingon looked at him with a look as if he was still dreaming, but answered in a strong voice, “I let myself be captured. I have no honor. I am not a Klingon, I am NOTHING!”

Four of Ten looked around him, “Out of the five Klingons in this section, you are the only one to seem to regain some self awareness. You have beaten the Borg. You have freed yourself from your captors. You now have the right to reclaim your honor and be Klingon once again.” The Klingon looked at him with a near desperate look, as if he was praying what he heard was right. “Reclaim yourself Klingon, oh, and if you can, help save my ass too.” Roger Maverius Cross felt a little bit more of himself return with that last statement. He used to be funny.

The Klingon shouted, “I am Leh’Dor, Son of Malvec. Let us free those who we can here and then blow the rest of the Patak’s out of space!” Roger nodded and began working a console to see what other drones were now self aware. The report the console gave startled him.

“Leh’Dor, we have our work cut out for us. The cube’s A.I. states that the cubiculum is offline. All drones on this ship have been mostly disconnected from the hive mind, save for specialty drones. Oh, by the way, my name is Roger Cross.”

Leh’Dor turned to him after deactivating a program from the terminal that was trying to activate emergency programming on the mindless drones, “Related to that Daniel Cross?”

Roger thought, “Actually, I think so.” They continued to work as some drones tried to stop them, and others joined in the effort.


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Roger used the internal communications to help organize the now great many of liberated Borg. A former Starfleet captain was leading most of them. Roger had a vague recollection that this captain was in the task force that was with them in the Hromi cluster. Leh’Dor was busy beating back the zombies that occasionally attacked their position.

He called out, “Cross, why are we not taking a sphere? We all should be moving to one.”

Several liberated Borg were with them now. Roger looked over all the faces next to him. Oddly, several human, some Klingon, Romulan, and Cardassion faces looked back with mix emotions to no emotion. He spoke to all them, “There is a battle taking place outside. I think it with Jem’hedar, species 7628. However, something does not seem right. External sensors are not working correctly, but the last report said all Jem’hedar ships were destroyed. What are the other Borg vessels fighting then?”

Leh’Dor answered, “It does not matter. We will destroy any who try to stop our escape.”

Roger turned to him, “A true warrior knows when to fight. Blindly charging at an enemy that has already destroyed one cube, which has far more power than one of the available spheres, is just rash and reckless. Whoever they are, they are leaving this cube alone. Let’s focus on taking control of the cube first, as the captain has been directing.”

Leh’Dor made a scowl at Roger, but thought for a moment. “You are right. I am still not use to my battle lust. I will direct it to more efficient uses.”

The sensor panel gave a soft beep. Roger tried to access the sensors again. Though his face should no change from his drone like expression, Rogers voice gave a slight hint of concern. “All other Borg vessels in our task force have been destroyed. No signs of the attackers remain. Sensors are damaged though, I cannot scan more than 1 billion kilometers away.”

Leh’Dor thought for a moment. “There is no glory in destroying a disabled ship, which is what this cube is. They must have been honorable adversaries. With as many freed Borg on this cube as there are and the fact no other Borg vessels are around, we should take control of the cube. There is no need to escape on a sphere.” All around them nodded to each other. They needed to get to a control matrix on their level to support the effort. Several of the mindless drones already fallen into their emergency programing and had begun to defend the spot.

The Klingons lead the way in. Leh’Dor was surprised to Roger step up with them. Roger simply said, “I am starting to recall combat training was part of my curriculum.” A drone struck out at him. He simply twisted his hips as the blow went past him. Then, using the drones out momentum against it, he grabbed the arm and flung the drone over itself. He bent down and disabled one of drones power control units, effectively disabling it. The drone shuddered, then died. It was unexpected, but Roger concluded that it had grown far too dependent on the Hive mind to function.

Leh’Dor actually smiled. “Nice move, Cross. Sure you are not Klingon?” The fact that Roger looked suddenly shaken squashed Leh’Dor’s last comment. “What is wrong?”

Roger said in an empty voice, “I knew this one. His name was Zanto. I just killed him.”

Leh’Dor thought quickly and said, “The Borg killed him. You finally gave him rest. Lets keep moving.” He grabbed Roger and they kept moving.


Good! I like this story! :slight_smile:


Roger and Leh’Dor with the rest of the liberated Borg that had followed them quickly secured the control area. Roger used his nanite injectors to directly interface with the computer and by pass security lock outs that had gone into place. The lock outs were designed for non Borg intruders and did not account for liberated Borg.

Though not changing much, his voice did have the slightest bit of fear in it, “Leh’Dor, the ship has had its self destruct sequence activated four times now. Each time something happened to cause it to cancel. I am unable to prevent the self destruct sequence from here. In fact, I am not sure if there is anything we can do.”

Leh’Dor growled. He seemed surprised by his own action. He spoke quickly, “Then perhaps we do need to take a sphere. No point in fighting in a burning house.”

Roger concentrated, “All spheres are deactivated. Each has sustained damage from the malfunctions of the cube. None are functional enough for us to use. Repair estimates range from three to four days.”

Leh’Dor looked at him. “Fine, I will now excuse that tiny bit of fear in your voice. You were human after all. But cut it out and figure something out.”

Roger then looked slightly surprised, “We are transmitting a Federation distress signal.” All the Borg there looked at him with confusion as well. They were in the Gama Quadrant, far away from the wormhole. No Federation ship should be within hailing distance. Why were they transmitting that distress signal? Roger seemed even more surprised, though it was only visible by a slight bounce on his part, “Federation vessels have entered sensor range. I am also detecting Klingon, Romulan, Cardassion, Jem’hedar, and other ships.”

Everyone stared at him with blank faces. That seemed highly unlikely. Roger looked through the data banks. “It is the task force the Dominion formed to help them with the Borg invasion. I had forgotten it existed.” Hope instantly began to spread through the group.

Sounds of transporter activity surrounded the area. Roger turned to see a group of Klingons raising their Bat’leths at him. He didn’t even blink as Leh’Dor shouted, “Stay your weapons Warriors of the Empire, he isn’t Borg anymore. It is nice to have good company join our battle!”

The Klingons turned to Leh’Dor with confused looks. One turned back to Roger and he told her, “What he said. I am Roger Cross, well, mostly.”

She looked at him and said, “You are free from the Hive Mind? Why didn’t you cringe when I was about to strike you?”

Roger thought for a second, “It wouldn’t have helped.” She nodded, not sure whether she was impressed or concerned.

Some of the other former Borg seemed afraid of the Klingons, but more were excited to see them. As the one warrior started gathering up the freed Borg, a few Federation officers entered the area. The two groups lightly glared at each other, but then continued to help the freed Borg. For a second, everyone in the area felt confused, for they could have sworn they heard many voices singing ‘here is our handle, here is our spout’.

A signal was sent throughout the ship. “This is Lieutenant Commander Sansaz, this cube has just had its last self destruct sequence activated. Fortunately, this one is a slow one. The ship is literally starting to dissolve itself, and though irreversible, it is a slow process. Begin evacuating the liberated Borg to respective ships. The Federation will be willing take all unknown species with them.”

Leh’Dor shouted to Roger as the sounds of transporters began whisking people away, “Perhaps we will meet again in the field of battle, Roger Cross. Whether with or against you, it would be an honor.”

Roger called out as well, “I would prefer ‘with’. Qa’pla, Leh’Dor.” He felt the slight tingling sensation, and he went from a world of nightmares to the surroundings of a Federation starship. Already he could tell the ship he was now on was becoming crowded. He turned and bumped into what his eye piece said was an holographic doctor.

“The Captain has got to be kidding me,” was all that the image said.


I wrote out a long continuation, but I timed out and lost all the work. Doh.

Well, the next part consisted of the Liberated Borg being treated on the six Federation ships. Roger and Daniel, who is being watched very closely by Sansaz, learn both good news and bad news. The good news is that all the freed Borg can safely live outside the collective as Starfleet has gotten very good at dealing with Borg implants. Real good news for Daniel is that all of his implants were only partially done, so he can almost go back to normal.

The bad news for everyone else is that several of their implants, though they can be safely regulated, cannot be removed. Most will have very visible reminders that they were once Borg. After that, they talk with Annika Hansen about the attack on the Borg group. Species 1214’s influence on Daniel broke the cubiculum, yet Roger pointed out that a ship’s shields brushed their cube, and it resembled species 1218’s technology. That species is more well known by the Borg, and it poses even more mysteries.

On DS9, all the freed Borg start arranging transport to their various homes. Daniel’s mother rushes out to see him. Roger’s family does not know what to do, so they opted to wait for him to come to them. Roger himself has trouble dealing with the emotions in him as they now seem so foreign. Before he leaves for Earth, he asks Daniel to start calling him Marverius, his middle name. There is a long story behind that name, and its meaning is now more appropriate to Roger.

Now here is where I could see an interesting Star Trek anime. About a year later from this event, the anime would take place in Starfleet Acadamy. There could be a whole range of characters and species, and it would probably follow two characters more closely than others. One would be Marverius.

His personality would be a cross between Sousuke and Tomoya. He still has troubles expressing or showing emotions. Sometimes even a hard time feeling them. But he tries to be helpful in his own way. He cannot stand bullies or arrogance. He is confident about himself, but he does have trouble figuring out what to do in social situations at times, but never a hard time during exercises or tests. People fear him, as he was clearly Borg. He still has issues with memories of being Borg, assimilating up to millions of people. Instructors are divided over him. Some want his Borg ass out of there, others see him as a future captain of high degree.

With the multiple of species and characters available, the right mix could make an interesting show.


Yes, I could see it as an interesting anime. And on the post before that, I still love the little teapot song! :laugh: Nice touches of humor too.


Oh, here is something I thought of today.

What if you were in a candid camera like show. Your job is to go into public areas and start talking to someone who isn’t there. People over hear you talking to this person and even hear you say stuff like, “For a figment of my imagination you are a lot more spunky than me…” Of course their reactions are being recorded for the show.

Well, the anime could follow this one guy who created a particular girl he can talk with during these skits. The story first starts as he enters and adult entertainment store. The actor never has been in one before, so his reactions are genuine, but he has his ‘friend’ like shes been there many times before. Of course the place clears out real quick before they let everyone know what is going on.

The first episode starts to end with everyone back in the officer and he is talking to one of his buds. His friend is impressed on how well that conversation he was doing sounded, and he replies sometimes he can practically hear her. He looks up and sees her standing by the door. He jumps up and quickly walks out of the room. He never ‘saw’ her before and thinks he is loosing it. His friend catches up and asks what is going on, and he says he needs to rest cause now he is seeing things. He sees her again and points saying, “I am going nuts, I see her right there.” His friend looks, sees nothing, laughs, looks back, sees her then, turns back, sees nothing. His friend closes his eyes and opens them again, and she is looking at him like he is nuts. The main guy says, “Wait…you see her too?” His friend nods. Both are out of the building faster than lighting. It would be kinda like that DS9 episode where imagination becomes real, though a bit more comedic and isolated to a few people.