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You can call me Froggy


Hello, my name is Jennifer but you can call me Froggy. I am a long time cartoon watcher but am relatively new to anime. I saw Fullmetal on Adult Swim a few years ago and really loved it. Before I discovered that I think I had given up on finding anything entertaining, let alone intelligent, on television. I always liked the old Looney Toons from the 40’s and 50’s when they weren’t really for kids and they drank and smoked and had all those stereotypes that offend people nowadays. I also like Shin Chan and Ren and Stimpy episodes before they fired John Kricfalusi.

I only subscribed a few weeks ago after watching a few things On Demand. Otherwise my viewing history was pretty hit or miss as to what I could find channel surfing late at night, so any recommendations would be welcome.

I have enjoyed reading the forums so I thought I’d say hey. Seems to be a fun group.


Hey Froggy, welcome to the forums.


What, slickwolfie posted before me!? Darn!

Hey Froggy, I’m the kingwolf. Watch out for wolves, there’s lots of them around here. Don’t be afraid to add people as freinds, most will be willing if you just ask. If you have questions, we’ll have answers.


Do either of you know Howlin’ Wolf?


I’m usually wary of guys named Slick but gigity.


Welcome to the board. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the boards!

I’d say check out either, Full Metal Panic!, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagaan, or pretty much any series you can find on the online player here on the site.


Welcome to you! Hope you enjoy yourself and come and join us often. Not really sure what your viewing tastes are, but the big news around here is Clannad and that definitely worth watching!


Hullooooo there froggy! Great to have ya here, check out the place, there’s a lot to it. And a LOT more anime here than on prime time. Have fun!


I checked out Clannad and really liked that one. The first day I subscribed I watched all the episodes of Elfen Lied straight through in one afternoon. I liked Big O but otherwise I’m not really into the giant robot stuff. I’m watching the beginning of Soul Hunter because I caught the end of it when it was available On Demand and I just started Saiyuki. I like anime because the stories are so interesting and origial but even the ones about everyday life really make you care about those character. And even if it was boring and stupid I’m always amazed by the animation.


Hey Froggy, welcome to the pack.

I agree, the classic cartoons were great. Cinemassacre recently put up some videos of James (aka Angry Video Game Nerd) and his friend (don’t know his name) watching some old cartoons on 16mm film as they discuss its history.