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A Wind Named Amnesia / Kaze no Na wa Amnesia

A Wind Named Amnesia / Kaze no Na wa Amnesia

Genres: adventure, science fiction
Themes: amnesia, post-apocalyptic
Objectionable content: Significant
Plot Summary: It happened quite suddenly, with no warning - all the memories of all the people on Earth, swept away as if by a sudden wind. In a post-catastrophic Earth populated mostly by savages without memories of their past civilisation, one man travels on a journey of enlightenment and hope, across a devastated America.
Running time: 80 minutes
Vintage: 1990-12-22

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Prede’s Anime Review

Well I was in the mood for making another topic lol. So anyone see this movie. What did you think of it? I already reviewed it so you all know what I think of it, lol. It’s my all time favorite anime movie. It’s almost exactly like Kino’s Journey. I love everything about this, from it’s characters, to it’s messages and themes (this is an incredibly deep movie btw), to it’s great artwork, and good animation. And the music, while simple, is amazing.

Also someone must comment on this part, or I may go crazy. Doesn’t the music video for the Pearl jam song " Do the Evolution" kind of remind you of this movie? Same color palette, same art style, many of the same themes as the movie…it’s a lot alike.

I remember seeing this after watching Omega man (the 70’s Charltan Heston virus world movie). It was a cool sci-fi story up the similar vain.
It has action, but good pace.
I especially like the fact the people sort of resorted to primal instincts, but there was a “fuzzy memory” that almost kept some from going total primate…kinda like the old cop guy still tried to protect like he did when he was a cop. It was like this is one of those killer future titles that were coming out in that early 90’s. (the machines looked awesome by the way)

As for the video, I suppose it has a similar “look” I have to admit, I can not stand that song, so I had to turn the audio down for it. Not one of P.J.'s better songs. Well at least not for me.But yeah it looked a lot like it.

It was an interesting movie. Not something I care to watch again, but once you get into the movie, it’s actually very rewarding.

Yeah exactly! It is a little like the Omega Man (well I never saw that, but I saw the two other movies based of the same book lol, so I know what you mean).

The fact that people still had a fuzzy memory of their former lives, and that they were different then they are now, yeah I loved that! It was so great that the old cop protected his daughter. That was very touching. It was such a sad little story.

Yeah I keep saying that video looks like this lol. But I really think there’s something to that. As for the song, I’ve always loved the song. But it’s VERY different then a regular Pearl Jam song, that’s for sure. I remember the lead singer saying he could listen to it like a normal song, something he didn’t sing, because it sounds so unlike him, and so unlike Pearl Jam. So I really understand yah there. But I really like the song myself hehe.

Dragoon: I’m glad you liked it. Kino’s Journey reminds me of it a lot, and you really liked that right? Perhaps that’s why you like this. It’s a very smart film.

I have to agree with Dragoon on this one. The movie was very interesting and had it’s moments, but there was really nothing that makes me want to watch it again. I wasn’t a fan of the open ending though.

Gata disagree with you there. This is one of those movies I want to keep watching over and over again. Every time I watch it, I notice something new, or change my opinion on what certian things mean. It’s a very deep, smart, and emotional movie IMO. But I am glad you liked it Cody!

Also the dub on this is a favorite Bakewell dub of mine. I love the way it sets the tone.

Well for those who care I bought the original Novel the movie is based off of. Ot came in the mail today from Rightstuf. Off to an amazing start! So far it’s already a bit different from the movie, but I see where Yamazaki and Kawajiri are coming from.

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