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Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka Episode 11

  • Give us a short summary of the problem you are experiencing with the Online Player.
  • Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka Episode 11, HD version shows very choppy playback and audio is out of sync with video. When viewing during streaming download, the little “buffering” wheel comes on about every 10 seconds or so for the entire episode. All other episodes and formats in this series play normally. If I record the FLV, it’s got problems too. If I hack the video stream, it looks like (at least) the first reference frame (i-frame) is missing due to corruption. And, the timecode stream is also corrupted, giving rise to the extreme choppy playback. If I re-mux the FLV into an MKV, ignoring the corrupted timecode stream, playback is reasonable except for the corrupted i-frame at the beginning of the video stream causing an audio/video sync problem.
  • Did this just start happening, has it been going on for a while or is it a problem that came back after being fixed?
  • This one particular episode has had this problem, at lease as far back as a few months ago, when I first tried to view it. I was rather hoping it was a problem on my end, but the problem is pretty persistent and reproducible.
  • Affected Show Title(s) - is it happening to a particular show, certain shows or everything
  • Problem is with Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka
  • Affected Episode Number(s) - is it happening to a particular episode, certain episodes or all episodes
  • Problem is with only episode 11
  • Affected Language Version - if the show is Dual Language, is it the dubbed, dubbed or both versions that are affected
  • Only a subtitled version is available, and that’s the one affected
  • Affected Video Format - is it the SD, HD or both versions that are affected
  • Problem is with the HD format, the SD format is ok
  • What Operating System are you using? Which version is it? (Windows Vista, Mac 10.4, etc)
  • I’m using Win7 x64
  • What Browser are you using? Which version is it? (Chrome, Internet Explorer 7, FireFox 3.6, etc)
  • IE 9, Chrome, FireFox all have the same behavior
  • Is it happening in just one Browser or multiple browsers?
  • Problem is reproducible across multiple browsers
  • Is your Flash Player/Plugin up to date?
  • Yes, latest version. As of 05.01.2013, 11.7.700.169

If you are having trouble with smooth video playback, tell us about your internet connection:

  • What type of connection are you using? (Cable, DSL, WiFI, ect)
  • Comcast Cable, DOCSIS 3 cable modem, 1GB LAN connection (not WiFi) to a 1GB NIC in the PC.

I hope I’ve given you folks enough info to solve the problem. If you want me to share back the recorded FLV file, I can do that too.



I can also see the problem in the HD versions of ep 11 and not ep 10 or ep 12.


Times between buffering is 8 to 15 seconds. Sometimes it is enough to stop the audio, sometimes not.



Thanks for reporting this guys, we are testing the show & will keep you posted with any updates. In the meanwhile, if the lagging gets to be a problem,try clicking refresh four to five times letting the page load each time and then try playing the video. This will switch you to a different streaming server. Let me know if this helps.



ehhh … not so much …


OK, tech support … any update on what’s happening with this episode?

Thanks in advance!


moisme, can you get an update on what’s up with episode 11? It still won’t play properly. If the problem can’t be duplicated there, please let me know that too.

Thanks in advance!


[quote=“SpaceCobraJoe” post=140399]HD:

Times between buffering is 8 to 15 seconds. Sometimes it is enough to stop the audio, sometimes not.

The problem still exists. At startup, the “please wait” propeller spins for 30 seconds before playback starts.
Also, the image quality is exactly the same with “HD on” and “HD off”.



Moisme: As of 05.22.2013, the problem still persists.

Could you please check up on this episode. It’s still pretty much un-watchable. The video plays for just a few seconds, then stops with a buffering “wheel” and continues. Then, it repeats this cycle for the entire episode. This is the only episode where this happens. Please go talk with the people responsible for fixing thig kind of thing. Let’s find out if it’s been re-produced, or not. It’s clear from the Tech support forum, that the problem isn’t just me. Other members are having a problem too.

Could you please post an update to the members so we can keep informed about what is happening with this problem?



Details posted in the,com_kunena/Itemid,183/catid,5/func,view/id,39967/limit,20/limitstart,1700/#142046.


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