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AN VOD (Time Warner Cable) - Problem with Mahoromatic: Something More Beautiful


About 5 minutes into Mahoromatic: Something More Beautiful, Episode 13 (End of a Dream), the audio cuts out and all I get is static (the video is okay, but imagine watching it with no sound).


jerryl wrote:

It’s going to this week’s Anime Network report, there might be more info about this later this week. Check back here or the General Info and Response sticky thread for developments.


[size=4]Aug 26, 2009[/size]
Mahoromatic ep 13 sound problem**

Got some info about the issue from Anime Network.

Anime Network wanted to let you all know they are working to replace the Mahoromatic ep 13 problem as soon as possible and will be sending it to the related VOD/cable companies. Anime Network apologizes for the inconvenience.


I hope Anime Network is able to fix it soon, because it is a pivotal epesode. I am glad that I am not the only one to have noticed this problem with epesode 13. I just watched # 14 and felt that I was missing a great deal of important content with the loss of the audio of # 13. I totally enjoy watching this show and some of the others that Anime Networks distributes.:stuck_out_tongue:


Rommel wrote:

There’s always the Online Player, you know! :slight_smile:


Rommel wrote:

On DirecTV, tne entry for ep13 did not have a checkmark indicating that it was in the “currently available” list, even though I hadn’t deleted the garbled episode yet. After downloading it, I’ve got two ep13 entries in the list, and the newer one has good sound. :cheer:


Sadly TWC gets a new episode with the same name, and discard the newer one because they already have it…they cannot figure they are supposed to update possible mistaken episodes on anything, not just TAN. :angry:

13 will have to expire or told to be pulled for a week, then sent after a week of not being there before they will add it. Glad you got a working copy of it, sad others won’t be able to see it anytime soon on TWC. :frowning:

EDIT: :angry: :angry: :angry:

They went and made a liar of me. I will castrate them with hedge clippers!

TWC replaced the audio challenged episode 13 with one that seems to be working. :blush:

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