Anime network is dieing

…hey, i’m bmxkid131980vapor. and i like to say. it was shocking to see that the forms on this website are still going. Considering that this site is more empty then funimation when that were bought by sony to merch with cruchyroll.

Well Funimation had phased out it’s forums by then, and switched to discord, which CR took over and got rid of it’s forums too and took over the Funimation discord and rebranded them.

We’re a small group, there’s no denying that. We have a few lurkers and a solid set of posters, so welcome to the forums. Hope you enjoy the stay

thank you.

i’m on the website because i’ve never seen anime network, but seeing it some how gives me nostalgia.

Anime Network is still in the wonderful land of the living. TAN is still potentially in a way old but healthy. We still have Admins and mods and posters and a TON of lurkers. That’s all you need to keep a old Juggernaut forums in motion.


ok, thank you for reminding me.