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Anime Network Online Player Reports/Problems/Updates Thread


[quote=“biggdaddymiller, post:2148, topic:1784, full:true”]
Basic details we need:* MAC 10.10.2* Safari 8.0.4* FireFox 36.0.4

Tell us about your internet connection:* WiFI* 10.68 DL | 15.19 UL* Verizon FIOS

If you are having trouble with long loading time or choppy video playback, we need to know:* Embedded Hulu* Affected Show Title(s) - All of them Btoom!, Nakaimo……* Affected Episode(s) - Episodes 1, and 2 perceptively * Dubbed English* Affected Video Format - All formats* Is your Flash Player/Plugin up to date? is installed.[/quote]
Are you getting a “Server Error” message?

If so, I just reported this to Admin.

EDIT: Admin reports that they are looking into this. Stay tuned.


Looks like this is fixed, could you try it again?


Doing it now



That was a severe server issue.

Weeeellll simple, but it persisted until I reset.

Was it a hang? (Where it showed I was always connected to it?


Sometimes the servers get full (since we use Amazon’s servers, there are a ton of people on all the time).

Usually refreshing two or three times will get you to an open server, but occasionally there are other factors. Like today.

We have awesome Admins who get right to it to get it fixed.


Yeah, I work for VERIZON.

Their FIOS routers (JUNIPER IP-Routers) hang customers in there.

I can not give full details, but I figured out what the problem was.

I kind of figured that was the problem you had. Especially when I saw Amazon. I was like “Hulu, right?”. Even if it was not when I cycled it, it should not have continued a server issue if it was down, and you would have gotten a lot more complaints than this.

Speaking of which, you are doing an EXCELLENT JOB. I have looked at your rate of Turn overs on here. You act fast, and there is a BIG gap in REPEAT issues, and systemic errors.

And you handle it very politely.

The only problem I have now is that iOS APP you have.

It is dysfunctional.

Even worse, before I go into an Anime, I want to know if it is DUBBED.

Plus it has the scrolling issue with looking at information on movies you have saved.


No offense, but start from SCRATCH.

I can find you a template by scanning through the app store for a good one free of charge, but they have to fix that.

Anyway let me stop being crabby, and let you go.

See ya


I meant “AND if it was down more people would be complaining.”


[quote=“biggdaddymiller, post:2154, topic:1784”]
Even worse, before I go into an Anime, I want to know if it is DUBBED.[/quote]
Have you looked at The A-Z Shows page? This shows which anime is Sub/Dub or both.

I’ll pass along your comments.


My friend is having a problem–at first, when he attempts to watch videos, it tells him “Plugin Required.” After commencing hsi free trial, he just gets plain nothing when attempting to watch videos. What could be wrong?


Hello GetterDragon,

-What type and kind of device is being used?
*Phone, *Tablet, or *Computer?
-Can you verify what browser/s is being used?
-Can you also give an example of some titles that your friend tried to watch?
-Be sure to be using the latest version of the traditional browser that you are using.
A tradition browser would be FireFox, Google Chrome, Safari.
-Also make sure that the flash player is updated to the latest version.

Thank you,


Between me making that post and getting a reply, we managed to resolve it by using INternet Explorer(shock horror gasp).

Thank you for the timely response in any case :slight_smile:


Hello, I am having the server problem with AMAZON again.

I was working with SLOWHAND.

If you do a CONTROL-F, and type in my name biggdaddymiller ( so you can copy, and paste) you will find all the info except this time my speed is 23.21DL, and 18.44UL

Thank you for your assistance

Oh the show was MEDOKA BOX EPISODE 5


By the way, this has happened in a short time period. From my work at VERIZON that I have experienced you may want to do a connection bounce every 3-7 days with AMAZON till they get a permanent fix to that issue.

Just throwing in two cents.


The servers have been reset - please try again.


Basic details we need:

  • MAC 10.10.2
  • Safari 8.0.4
  • FireFox 36.0.4

Tell us about your internet connection:

  • WiFI
  • 10.68 DL | 15.19 UL
  • Verizon FIOS

If you are having trouble with long loading time or choppy video playback, we need to know:

  • Embedded Hulu
  • Affected Show Title(s) - All of them Btoom!, Nakaimo……
  • Affected Episode(s) - Episodes 1, and 2 perceptively
  • Dubbed English
  • Affected Video Format - All formats
  • Is your Flash Player/Plugin up to date? is installed.
    Now I am having a problem with this:



Continuing the discussion from Anime Network Online Player Reports/Problems/Updates Thread:

Now I am having a problem with this:



Hello Biggdaddymiller,

Thank you for the information. We have tested the videos that you mentioned and they all are playing.
Is this occurring on videos through the Hulu player? Or are you experiencing this issue through the online player when you are signed into your account?
Be sure that your browsers are up to date. Firefox is on version 37.0.1 right now.
Also clear your cache, browsing history and your cookies. Close your browser and re-open it and try again.

Thank you,


Why is every anime that airs on HuluPlus butchered? The commercial interruptions are all in the wrong places and I, for one, am getting sick of it. I am very close to cancelling my subscription over this nonsense. It’s not just AN animes, but also FUNimation, Aniplex, Sentai and all of the rest that are getting just as butchered.I recently tried to watch Polyphonica Crimson S. I was allowed to watch 8 episodes without commericals, but only by watching a tedious 4-minute pile of video detritus. The other 4 episodes, however were simply unwatchable, because at crucial points in the episode, they would simply cut to a commercial.I just wasted an hour of my life on the phone with Hulu and THEY claim it’s not THEIR fault, that they get their content with the butchery already done by someone else. I find it hard to imagine that AN would be so stupid as to not be able to place commercials in their proper place.Anime was a major reason I agreed to pay $8/mo, but if this nonsense continues, I quit. I walked away from DirecTV over the continuous VOD problems.Maybe AN isn’t the one doing the splicing, but they know who is. They should know that Hulu is already getting a bad reputation over this very issue. If Hulu won’t take this seriously, maybe AN will, since if no one is watching AN content, Hulu will be less willing to pay for it, once they’ve lost their viewership.I am only asking that the commercials be placed in the correct places already allocated for them.I am contacting all of the other content owners (American rights holders) about this.


OK, now that Adobe Flash has been shown to be a malignant cancer, with the security chief for Facebook calling for its eradication and Mozilla blocking the Flash player from working AT ALL in Firefox (my preferred browser for a plethora of reasons,) will TAN finally realize that it’s time to move on to HTML 5?


Firefox is only blocking flash because of a zero day exploit Adobe didn’t have time to fix.

Note: TAN is using HTML5 on iOS browsers. I think the main issue right this moment is the lack of a format to use that is accepted by all browsers.