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Regarding the incorrect synopsis for “Cluster Edge” and “Persona 4”: These will be fixed as soon as possible, might take an episode or two before they catch up with it.

Regarding the incorrect synopsis for “The World God Only Knows”: Still looking into that one. Will get back to me on that.

Regarding the “Demon King Daimao” ‘Teaser’ and “The World God Only Knows” ‘Trailer’: These were just errors on the schedule.

TWC Users: November 8 update is being repitched. Also “Persona 9” episode.

Bright House Users: InDemand is checking with your providers regarding your missing episodes.

That’s all I have right now. I’ll update when I get more.



[size=5]Persona 4 is on hiatus[/size]
For more information, read

#104 Except Hawaiian Telecom.


Still waiting to hear back about missing episodes, but have the answer to a couple of the other questions.

**Dream Eater Merry will not be appearing on FREE VOD for at least another 5 (five) months.

Persona 4, Ep 26 ‘True End’ - I asked about this episode being shown and was told “probably not”.**


[size=5]Persona 4 Update[/size]

SVOD - January 17
FVOD - February 28





I have a few responses:

[quote]AT&T: Most titles are now available - there are still about four titles outstanding which they are still working on.

Rogers: Requested titles were redelivered.

Verizon: They continue to have delays putting content up.[/quote]

I’ll keep you posted.



[size=4]Cluster Edge[/size]


[size=4]K-On! (Season 2), Ep 26
Mayo Chiki!, Ep 13[/size]

Both of these will be shown May 2.


[size=4]Concerning Phi-Brain:[/size]
**Episode 25 is the end of Season 1, that episode (Subtitled) appeared on February 28, the subbed verion will stop there.

The Dubbed version starts on SVOD on March 21, when the dubbed version begins its second run, it will appear on FVOD.**


Asking about the Penguindrum episodes on FVOD.


[size=4]Cogeco Users:[/size]

So, please call Cogeco back, ask to talk to someone knowledgeable and tell them exactly what it says here. This comes from our Administration Dept.


Cogeco Users:

Resending Someday’s Dreamers II Sora, Ep 12 on May 2.



Psychic Detective Yakumo episode 3 will be updated the week of the 16th of May. From then on there will be two episodes per week for this title.


[size=4]Cablevision Users[/size]:

[size=4]K-On!! (Season 2)[/size]:
The missing episode, Ep 26, is rescheduled (again) for July 4.