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VOD Schedules are now showing Patlabor and Psychic Squad. (June)

Free VOD Users: Penguindrum was sent out in a block of four (4) episodes. Hopefully, you won’t be receiving any more.

Missing episodes have been reported to InDemand and we are awaiting answers. No more info other than that. As usual, you can always call your provider and nudge them a little from your end.



‘Say I Love You’ - should be SVOD only. FVOD users won’t be getting any more episodes.

‘Love Love?’ - Only episodes 1-10 aired in Japan, so that’s all that will be airing on VOD, Eps 11-13 will be Home Video Release only.

‘Psychic Squad’ - A correction has gone to Production for Episode 52, so that should fix that synopsis and OVA problem.

‘Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions’ & ‘Love, Election & Chocolate’ - A correction was sent to fix the VOD schedules, we’ll see how that comes out.

‘Saiyuki’ - Message sent to InDemand to remove it from FVOD.





Due to error, the first episodes of WATAMOTE will air next week and episodes 4 and 5 will air in the last week of October. The new dates will look like this:

SVOD Schedule
Watamote 1: 10/10/13
Watamote 2: 10/17/13
Watamote 3: 10/24/13
Watamote 4 & 5: 10/31/13



[size=4]Cogeco Users[/size]:

Cogeco said:

[quote]Both of these assets were reloaded and are now showing in the guide.
(Flowers of Evil - 6 & From the New World - 16)[/quote]


[quote=“SOber” post=155078]Hi everyone,

After some painstaking communications with our aggegator and the MSOs, we have located the source of the problem which is causing updates to not refresh. Due to a systems delivery glitch at our aggregator, there have been some content delays. All parties involved are hyper aware of the issue and are working to get it fixed.

AT&T U-Verse users:
AT&T is showing that all content is live and accounted for in their systems. In order to better locate the source of your problem, they’ve asked that you provide your account numbers so that they can look into your specific issues. If you feel comfortable doing so, please email me your city, state and postal code along with your ATT U-Verse account number, and I will get that to them.

Unfortunately your issues are falling under the aggregator/MSO delivery glitch. I don’t have an ETA for those titles, but they are being worked on actively.[/quote]


[size=4]DirecTV & Eastlink Users[/size]

[quote]It has been confirmed that your missing content has been loaded and should be appearing shortly.
Please confirm that this is correct.[/quote]


[size=4]Verizon FiOS[/size]
anonymous9999: Verizon says they never received Stella C3, Ep 5, in your area, so it will be repitched.

[/size]The rest of your missing episodes should be loaded and delivered with your new content tomorrow.



[size=4]All Users:
InDemand says:


[size=4]Free VOD:[/size]

Yuyushiki will load episodes 6-8 on Dec 19 and then all episodes will be following the schedule.


[size=4]Bright House - Central Florida

Cablevision has confirmed that they have all content and it should be live.



[size=5]For those of you still missing episodes of Yuyushiki, it is available for free on the Online player.[/size]



Regarding the two special issues of incorrect episodes:

**Divergence Eve: Misaki Chronicles, Ep 1 - playing Divergence Eve (Season 1), Ep 1

KINMOZA!, Ep 1 - playing Hiiro no Kakera, Ep 7**

AN is investigating where these errors have taken place and whether to re-pitch or not.

Both of these episodes are FREE on the Online Player, so it would probably be faster and easier to view them there. They may eventually show up on VOD, but as of yet, no date for that is available.