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Anime Network VOD Reports/Updates/Questions Thread (2015)


The report for the last 2 weeks & all follow-ups was compiled and sent to Anime Network today.

Not reporting in for 2 weeks:


@Supermutant - I checked about Wakaba*Girl and yes, all 13 episodes will be appearing on Jan 7.
These are only 8-minute episodes.


Nothing new to report as the December 24 updates are still missing for all the listed shows on my earlier message. I called Tech Support at Verizon and they were unable to help. The technician said to see if the shows appeared with the next update scheduled for this Thursday - does Anime Network know anything about this? Otherwise the Verizon tech said I should request a credit, which is of little value since all of these shows would now be missing an episode.


Forgot to also mention that Punch Line Ep 4 was not included with last week’s updates. I read another message indicating this same problem with their Verizon service.


Sorry, my mistake. Punch Line Ep 04 was missing from the December 24 update. Last week’s Punch Line Ep 05 is missing from last week’s update.


DirecTV Georgia, 30087

I don’t know when it happened, but all of the episodes from the 12/31 update are now available. However, Fate/Stay Night (11) from the 12/17 update still hasn’t shown up yet.


Update to Updates Received/Not Received 12/31/15 :: Time Warner Cable :: Albany, NY :: Zip Code 12203

The short version: Like Fallen_Kusanagi, I’ve now received Hayate I #11, My Teenage Romantic Comedy SNAFU #4, Persona 4 #11; and Unlimited Psychic Squad #3. I’m pretty sure it happened at midnight. This completes the 12/31/15 delivery.



Update to Updates to Updates Received/Not Received 12/31/15 :: Time Warner Cable :: Albany, NY :: Zip Code 12203

Sorry, it was late and there was one anomaly I forgot to note: Akame ga Kill #1 did not delete on on 12/31 (or on 1/1/16 or any time since); it’s still hanging around. No great harm done, I guess–unless it’s occupying space that the next update will need.



DirecTV FL 33563

Still missing Fate/Stay Night 11. Everything else is caught up.


Cox Communications, San Diego, Chula Vista, CA

Almost all programming for Dec. 24 were not Updated, YET!

For Dec. 24 Program Episodes:

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon #13
Hayate Season 1 #10
Food Wars #11
La Storia dela Arcana Famiglia #3
My Love Story #15 and 16
Persona 4 #10
Punch Line #4
Re Kan #1
Rinne #6
Saiyuki #21
Space Brothers #51
To Love Ru Darkness 2 #2
Uta no Princesama Revolutions #3
Wish Upon the Pleiades #5

Dec. 24th shows updated:
Fate Stay Night #12
My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Too #10

Dec. 31, all shows updated.


What about the two missing episodes from December 17?
Fate/Stay Night TV, Ep 11
My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU TOO!, Ep 9


slacking a bit on reporting… but I’ve said it before, we do it for free:P
Here’s where we stand

Eastlink TV

Dec 10
Still missing
Persona 4 ep 08
Punch Line Ep 02

Dec 17
Fate/Stay Night 11
My Teen Romantic Snafu 09
Other Issues:
(this is still the case) We received Utano Princesama Revolutions Ep. 02 this week, as scheduled. however this now means we have 2 copies of it up. This scheduled one and the previous weeks unscheduled one in place of Ep.1

Dec 24:
Fate Stay/night 12
My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU TOO! 10
Still missing:
food wars 11
Is It Wrong 13
hayate 10
La Storia della Arcana Famiglia 03
My love story 15 & 16
Persona 4 ep 10
Punch Line 04
Re-Kan! 01
Saiyuki 21
Space Brothers 51
To Love ru Darkness 2 ep 2
Utano Princesama Revolutions 03
Wish Upon the Pleiades 05

Dec 31
Received: (All received)
Fate / Stay Night 13
Food Wars! 12
Hayate 11
Hello!! Kinmoza 01
La Storia della Arcana Famiglia 04
My Love Story!! 17 & 18
My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU TOO! 11
Persona 4 ep 11
Punch Line 05
Re-Kan! 02
Saiyuki 22
Space Brothers 52
To Love ru Darkness 2 ep 3
Utano Princesama Revolutions 04
Wish Upon the Pleiades 06


As do I, man, as do I.


Long updated, that’s why not mentioned.


Sorry, I’m having a brain fart, I suppose

The last time you mentioned them was here, so I guess I just misunderstood when you talked about getting the update.

No problem, I’ll fix my report!

Thanks for reporting!! :smile:


Please begin reporting in the 2016 thread - here

Thanks for a great year!