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The Coffee God wrote:

[quote]Slowhand wrote:

Go ahead and make one.
As long as you don’t do any advertising, it’s ok.Though that kind of goes hand in hand with the Computers & Technology thread that we already have.,com_kunena/Itemid,65/catid,11/func,view/id,330/[/quote]

Oh geez, sorry Coffee! I wasn’t thinking… I have CRS.


Slowhand wrote:

No sweat!
We all have those days.

I just figured I’d point him in that direction, since that’s basically what that thread entails.

MKmods wrote:

Not a prob.
Also, if you want to post pics of your setup, Rai started a Show me your Battlestation! thread.,com_kunena/Itemid,65/catid,11/func,view/id,40011/


Thanks for the guidance/patience (remember Im old and feeble) :silly:


MKmods wrote:

Aren’t we all… :huh:


The Coffee God wrote:

[quote]Also, if you want to post pics of your setup, Rai started a Show me your Battlestation! thread.,com_kunena/Itemid,65/catid,11/func,view/id,40011/[/quote]

Oooh. I missed that one.,com_kunena/Itemid,65/catid,11/func,view/id,40011/limit,10/limitstart,38/



Is there any possible way that there could be a little link on the home page directing to:

That page is very useful to me (since I forget when shows are scheduled). I always forget where this page is and have to go all over the site looking for it.

It would be greatly appreciated. Navigating on this site is a little difficult sometimes.


When I go to see what’s available on DirecTV, I simply click on “THE SHOWS”, then scroll down to the appropriate button. You’ve got it easy; “Anime Network Online” is one of the tabs on the top of that page.

I recommend changing whatever bookmark you’re using now to go straight to instead.
That is, use a bookmark to get deep into this site, since getting back to the home page is trivial.

For instance, I’ve changed my bookmark for “TAN Forums” to go to,com_kunena/Itemid,65/catid,7/func,showcat/ since I am interested in “TV Schedule & Reminders (2 new)” and I kept forgetting where that page was located.



A few suggestions here:

Firstly, it would be nice if facebook logins were fixed, I posted this elsewhere:
“I should also note an issue with the Facebook login. Going from a video page, etc… to the login page then clicking the Facebook login button, when the window pops up instead of Facebook it has the anime network login page or a on-site 404 error. After some fiddling going to the homepage, then back to the login page and doing it again gets the pop-up to finally work. When the in page dialogue shows up and you hit continue there is no indication you got logged in, after logging you in it just sits there with the continue button still there making you think you weren’t logged in and trying it again a few times before you leave the page and find out that you actually were logged in the first time and it never redirected you.”

It would also be nice to be able to merge fb and non-fb accounts, I think I have two accounts because I created an account and later tried to connect my fb account to it. Now I can’t get access to my premium membership without using the broken fb login method.

From a web development perspective:
The homepage has no title tag, that sounds bad from a seo perspective, and doesn’t help people find tabs. Something like “The Anime Network” would be good. Pages like the Watch-Online should be something like “Watch-Online - The Anime Network”, I believe keeping your site name in the title helps with search engines, and it is also very helpful to your users so they can distinguish tabs better.
You might as well fix the favicon to use transparency as well, that should be valid.

Minor one, “Subscribe to the Anime Network Now!” below the “Watch Anime Now” tab on every page is sorta pointless to display to people who are logged into a premium account with a subscription already.


I would really like to see favorites on the profile section. I have been really fond of it on other legal anime sites and have been custom to it. What I would like to see on the profile page is a marker. It shows all the episodes that you watched and keeps track of where you are at. Also, it gives a indication to others(friends) all the anime watching you have been to. I really like this feature and think it would work here too. I know if you click on the show it shows the episode you watched but I have been having problems with it. It says I haven’t watched it when I did. I guess the favorite icon would fix all of this up.


Please replay AzuManga Daioh and Princess Tutu again!


Arleniisan wrote:

Princess Tutu is available on the Online Player to watch for FREE!


Oh, I am not sure if it has been suggested, but how about a release email notification you know? Like say there is a “watch” list and when the user elects to add an anime to that list it automatically sends an email when another episode of that show is released with a hyperlink to the episode and everything.

While you’re at it, make me a sandwich feature, and an android app



I would like to see better quality on you VOD programming on the TV. it is a real shame that when i zoom in i can see pixelation and the lines are jagged. it makes me want to illegally download anime and watch it that way than watch what you show. the quality absolutely is horrible. please fix?


benjy1313 wrote:

While your intentions are probably well-meant, the logic behind them seems a bit flawed.

When a form of media is presented to you in a certain resolution, that is the resolution it is meant to be enjoyed in. Let me explain.

When you see a picture and zoom it, it does not magically “clear up” like it does in CSI. Take for example, these two images of my icon.

This is the normal picture of my icon. It is small, because the resolution is meant to be viewed at this size.

Now lets say I, like you, “zoom” into the picture. This is what happens.

Do you see what happened? The “quality” seemed to go down, merely by making it bigger. I’m sorry you seem to be having issues with zooming in, and on some TVs it may seem a bit smoother. However, in the end, the result is the same. You will always (especially in cartoons and various other animation) have issues with “zooming” in.

You could download 100 different illegal copies of the same anime, and yet you would still have the same result. At least by subscribing, you’re giving back to the artists and writers that have given you so much joy and entertainment. By streaming, all you’re doing is giving money (yes… giving money. By going to their websites. They have adds on their sites which give them money every time they get a hit from a user) to people who don’t support the industry.

Fans keep the heart of anime alive, but it will die if fans don’t give back as well.

I hope this post helps.


benjy1313 wrote:

Maybe it would help if you rephrased the question. Something like this:

[size=4]Dear Anime Network,

    I notice that all your Video On Demand offerings are SD/480i. I know that some of the recently simulcast shows (such as Highschool Of The Dead and Samurai Girls) are being shown in HD format (720p, 1080i) in Japan.

Can we get those shows in HD format, please? Or at least ED format (480p)?

Since many of the shows on the are in HD or HQ, I know you have the higher definition video files available.

What obstacles are preventing VOD in HD? Is it due to bandwidth or storage limitations of the cable-TV or satellite providers? I don’t see how the problem can be with the middleman, since Anime Network on Avail-TVN

Please let us know when we can expect our VOD experience to be improved in this regard.



It is exactly as spacecobrajoe says. i know there is better quality out there and im wondering why we don’t get it on VOD when we would if we subscribe. i know that what they are showing on VOD is lesser quality. I want better quality. I don’t want to watch crap when i know there is better Quality out there. Thank you for clearing that up Joe.



If this is not the right place for this, please let me know here is.
Show suggestions/Request: Saiyuki Reload & Reload Gundam Lock, Gundam Wing, G-Gundam, Vandred, Wolf’s Rain


everfaraway wrote:

[quote]If this is not the right place for this, please let me know here is.
Show suggestions/Request: Saiyuki Reload & Reload Gundam Lock, Gundam Wing, G-Gundam, Vandred, Wolf’s Rain[/quote]

I’ll pass along your request for Saiyuki Reload & Saiyuki Gunlock

But we don’t own:
any of the Gundam series
Wolf’s Rain


I would like to be able to “follow” a particular thread without having to post in it. I’ve found some that are interesting even though i don’t have a comment to make. It’s easier to find threads in “my discussions” than to have to do a forum search. There is a Q&A site i go to that lets you follow a question without posting.

A mod can PM me if this doesn’t make sense. Thanx! :slight_smile: