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Question 12 (Week of December 18, 2017)

You are a student. Where would you prefer to stay during your years in school? Keep in mind, yes you’re stuck there. A dormitory where everybody hates you OR an apartment full of yokai?


An apartment full of yokai. From the choices, I would assume I could at least befriend some yokai for down time.


Yokai all the way. That dorm doesn’t sound too bad, but humdrum Hollywood flicks have already done that, like the “Al Bundy” movie Dutch.


Im going with dorm


Another question would you please snowy thanks


Question 13 (Week of February 26, 2018)

Which of the following would you like to live with, and what would you teach it to do? Keep it clean.
Top to Bottom: Dragon, Baku, Oni, Mummy



Mummy mon would teach him how to roll a blunt :grinning:



I can just imagine this playing in the background.



Lol yes teach him how to puff puff pass lol


do you have another question for us senpai lol

Edit no question for the week senpai
We must be on summer break lol
Edit Again really no question
Are the senpai on strike or something jk lol


Question 14 ( week of June 18 2018 )

graduated to senpai or just dubbed myself senpai lol

if you had a choice to choose your Broskis or Broettes who would you pick you have a choice to pick five a your favorite anime characters you grown to like and would like to hangout with

edit mine hangout Broskis would be
Yusuke Urameshi.
Ichigo Kurosaki
Kenichi Shirahama


Question 15 ( July 2 2018 )

What anime place would you like to take your summer vacation

Mine its a normal vacation spot but what like to go Comiket


we R down to the lasts Questions it seems like

Question 16

U have been watching Anime for A Long While and im sure it has inspired U enough to write a Book about Anime so here is a start to that and the Question is What would be the Title of UR Book ?