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My excuse would be watching to much anime


@Kyouta took my answer.

I ate too much and now have a stomach ache.


Question 8 (Week of April 18, 2016)

  • (Posted on April 16. You can still reply.)

Which anime character would you NOT want to cross paths with on your journey?


I wouldn’t want to cross paths with Linne from Hunter x Hunter


Vampires of any kind.


Hey @Snowy_Stampede do you have anymore question for us


Most certainly. Here’s a new one for you. :relaxed:

Question 9 (Week of December 12, 2016)

(Posted on December 10. You can still reply.)

If you could have a mech built your way, what is one modern feature you would make sure it has? (electronics, interior, etc)


It would have a laser beam on it


Guess I’m late to this party…

How about Flame Alchemy? :fire:


hey snowy do you have another question for us


Question 10 (Week of July 10, 2017)

If you had your way, what would you do for the Cultural Festival? (CREATIVENESS WELCOME)


good question going to need some time to think about this snowy


would sell illegal fireworks at the culture fest for those who want a little more bang for their buck


Think were ready for a new questio snowy


Question 11 (Week of November 27, 2017)
Club activities FTW! Which club you would start up? (CREATIVENESS WELCOME)


Good question have to think about that




Takng a cue from Elegant Yokai Apartment Life, I want to jokingly say the English Conversation Club. :rofl:

However I’d start a Taste Test club. Yes, we can have new things.


Will answer for @fillet he wants a anime girl viewing club as for me a ramen noodles club so come see


can you give us another good question snowy thanks