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I am going to use this post to bounce random ideas out.

Here is one for a season 3 for Princess Resurrection. One big character is introduced, Draco who I wrote about in another post. Though when we see him, he is much younger than he should be. The reason is explained in the episodes. Here is a rough outline of the episode guide. It would contain spoilers, but I doubt it will be used…

Princess Resurrection Season 3

Ep1 Hiro does not have an easy near immortal life. He is attacked on his way home from school by harpies, but is saved by a dragon like creature. When he arrives home, he is captured by Liza and Reirei and finds out Hime has been transformed into the Harpy queen. When Hiro tells her the dragon has vowed to kill the Harpy queen, everyone must fight their best to save Hime from a very dangerous opponent.

Ep2 As Draco recovers, Hime tells everyone more about her past and who Draco is. Once Draco has recovered, he leaves to go kill the one who betrayed him. Hime then explains it was one of her brothers.

Ep3 Just a fun episode, though in there should be a shocking attempt on Hime’s life that kills Liza. She now is a flame soldier.

Ep4 Draco returns. Draco does not think Hiro is a good soldier of the flame and tries to teach him. Hiro finds that Draco loved Hime as a daughter he could not have, but now the feelings are different since he regained his youth. Hiro feels jealousy, but Draco explains he and Hime could never be. Draco leaves again.

Ep5 Hime’s brother shows up and the two groups have some adventure. An outside force seems to get involved. Hime does contact Draco at the end to tell him what had happened, and he realizes he needs to find some answers.

Ep6 The answers Draco needs are hidden in a protected temple. The temple has a magical barrier that only allows females who are virgins to pass. Draco only knows a few people who can help him, so he recruits Hiro. Both are virgins, which can’t be faked, but Draco uses magic to make them female for a short time. A funnier episode. They get the answers, but Hime also was there and they bump into each other. Liza and Reirei had to wait outside….

Ep7 Draco has left to go the Royal Kingdom to confer some clues. Hime and Sherwood clash in some contest over Hiro. Sherwood suddenly grows mature during the contest, and saves Hiro from a accident. Hiro is now starting to feel confused over certain feelings he has, and the feelings of the two princesses.

Ep8 When Draco returns with answers, he is attacked by real dragons. The Dragon Queen has come to reclaim him for her flight. Hime and the crew must help Draco claim his freedom and defeat the matriarch. Upon her death, she reveals a shocking truth that Draco confirms. The battle changes Draco, making his natural form human again. The blade that killed the matriarch now contains her power. Hime is now confused over the truth and her feelings towards Hiro and Draco.

Ep9 Focuses more on the back story of the truth (who main villain is). Also on Hime’s background. And other characters some. Draco now feels very uneasy near Hime, and at the end is arrested by the Royal Family.

Ep10 Hime is forced into battle with her brother. In the end, the real enemy forces her to kill her own brother.

Ep11 Hime is taken to the monster realm with her friends and sister. The real enemy shows her face and claims the right to be the next ruler. Everyone helps in the challenge to stop her claim, but in the end she has already started to become a phoenix and hope seems lost. Two previous rulers and her descend to kill Hime and Sherwood when Draco appears. He uses the knife to make himself a full dragon and attacks the previous rulers. Hime is left alone with the true enemy.

Ep12 Long nasty fight. Hime and friends come to near defeat while Draco is gravely hurt. The tide turns when a previous ruler is turned into an unbreakable statue as his soul was ripped from his body. Hime defeats the true enemy as the other previous ruler dies. The gang regroups and celebrates, but Hime rushes to Draco to find him back in human form and near death. The flame of life cannot help him. But right when it seems he is about to say his last words, he suddenly feels a great deal better and warmer. He yells everyone to run as he bursts into flames and becomes a half dragon half phoenix mix. He has become Draconix, the ruler foretold in ancient lore. The way of choosing the next ruler is changed forever, as he now has the power to remove the immortality of those not chosen. Hime is now free to live as she chooses as well as Sherwood.

(surprises In the end, Hiro ends up with Sherwood and Hime with Draconix. Shocker hehe)


Well, something that sprang into my head… The story of how Roger Marverius Cross got his middle name. Done Captain’s Table style. (For those that do not know, the Captain’s table is a reference to a bar that is out of time and space in the Star Trek universe where people get to hear stories from famous captains.)

Commodore Cross turned to Commander Sansaz and said in his usual monotone but authoritative voice, “You have the bridge, Number 1.” Sansaz nodded and then offered him a smile.

“Get some regeneration in, Sir. The Rosewolf will be fine for a little bit without you in the chair. We are also clear from the interference from the nebula, so send some messages out. Daniel was asking about how you were doing. You ought to tell him yourself.”

Cross made the slightest sound of an annoyed sigh, but looked back at his First Officer with his Borg eyes and said, “I am not in need of regeneration, but I guess I can take some time for recreation. I will make it a point to contact Daniel. Do not scratch the new paint job while I am away, Number One.” Sansaz and the rest of the bridge crew slightly laughed as Cross entered the turbo lift. The crew just acquired the new vessel, but already they had to fight various enemies and encounter several anomalies. The new ship smell was already fading, but it was still a joke going around that the Commodore did not want that smell gone. The people that got to know him saw his humorous side underneath the Borg façade.

The turbo lift was taking him towards his quarters. As he was riding he did a very methodical release of breath. Even after all these years of being liberated, he was still adapting to his emotions and how to express them. Most people viewed him as cold and mechanical. That perception helped him in many ways, for few would take on a captain that inspired fear from just his persona alone. Those that did challenge him found out the hard way his actual abilities as captain are even more impressive. His crew respected him and would follow him anywhere. That knowledge alone made him feel glad, but at the same time he had a hard time understanding why they felt that way. And for the last few days, an odd feeling kept pressing against him, yet he did not understand it.

The turbo lift stopped and he stepped out. Immediately he realized he was no longer on the Rosewolf. Instead, he was in a large tavern of some sort, filled with many aliens and smelling of a great variety of food and drink. His systems informed him nothing was malfunctioning, so what he senses must be real. A few thoughts crossed his mind, until he realized where he was. A young Orion woman came up to him and said, “Welcome to.”

He interrupted and said, “The Captain’s table. Odd, the Borg had assimilated a few captains that have been here before, but they considered its existence to be unlikely and irrelevant. I can see how wrong they are now, and I feel oddly pleased.” He lightly shook his head and said to the confused waitress, “Sorry, thank you for the welcome. Where do I sit?”

The Captain’s Table is a place that seemed to exist out of time and space. Here, captains for all races and times are occasionally pulled into the bar to tell stories and relax. Rules, such as not interfering with the time line or doing any form of espionage, do apply here, but this is one place where enemies can talk without fear. The first drink’s cost is a story.

The waitress took him to a table and he sat down. A Romulan captain was talking to Tellarite at the table when both looked at him. He nodded and was about to introduce himself when a loud voice said, “By the stars, you are Roger Marverius Cross! It is an honor to meet you.”


Cross turned to see an older male in a star fleet uniform that he did not recognize. The male himself seemed to have a mix heritage of Klingon, human, and a least two other races. Cross could only assume he came from a distant future. “That is correct. How did you know my name?”

The man laughed, “Can’t tell you. Rules and all. But call me Trag. But I can say you do stand out a bit, with those implants and all.” Cross gave him a cold stare for a few seconds until Trag said, “Seriously, I really can’t say how I know about you. I will say I never met you before.”

Cross said, “Fair enough.” Trag turned to the other captains at the table and they quickly made room for Cross to sit.

The waitress came back and asked what Cross wanted to drink. “Thai tea please. Iced with cream.” The waitress wrote it down and then left. Trag said to cross, “The first drink requires a story, and I have a request. Your name before you were assimilated was Roger Martin Cross. You changed your middle name to Marverius after you were liberated. Rumors say there is a story behind that.”

Cross turned to Trag and was about to make a comment when he realized why he had been feeling off for the last few days. He turned to everyone and said, “You are right. Odd how that story is now relevant in many ways. Where to start…”

“The story takes place when I was still a drone within the Borg collective. Usually I was placed on the same vessel as my half cousin as I was used in part to keep him under control. That is a separate story there. But, on occasion, I was on a separate vessel. One of those times took place a year before I was liberated. I was placed on a scout vessel assigned to mapping the position of the Dominion forces and identify potential races for assimilation. My way of looking at things was needed for the mission. It was going routine until we entered a system that had an unusual lack of Dominion activity.”

“The ship encountered an energy barrier of unknown origins and began to break apart. There was not much time to evacuate the ship. Only a few of the drones, if any, could be saved. As I had a higher priority over the other drones, I was the first sent out on an escape pod. The energy barrier interfered with sensors, communications, and even the link between the collective mind. Somehow I landed on an M class planet, but I did not know what planet it was or where it was. The Hive sounded only like a faint whisper, one that my own voice was no longer a part of. I was alone for the first time in many years. Yet, I was not alone for long….”


Mas looked up when she heard the sound of loud thunder, but no storm was in the area. A streak of fire in the night sky reflected off here near black eyes. “A ship? How did it cross the barrier? Who would be foolish enough to try?” A large boom echoed across the land, and she readied her bow and slung her quiver. Her lean body slipped through the leaves and branches of the forest with nimble ease. He slightly orange skin still somehow vanished into the foliage. It was her home for many seasons and soon she will be a full member of her clan. Yet the trial of survival had to be completed, and that thought stopped her. “Damn, I am still taking the trial. If I leave the area now would the elders understand? But, who else is over this way?” She climbed a tree and looked across the forest. An orange glow and smoke rose into the sky not too far away. “Damn!” She raced towards the site.

A few minutes later she was pressed against a tree and slowly circling the crash site. A cold feeling gripped her as she looked at the alien technology. “Definitely not Dominion, but I do not like this,” she thought. Slowly she reached a section that seemed more intact and paused. A man that had similar technology as the ship placed all over and inside him was standing over a fellow member of his race. He seemed to be scanning the stricken crew member. With no change of emotion on his face, he reached down and removed parts from the other member. The fallen companion instantly vaporized.

“Borg…” Her heart was racing faster than it ever had before. She did not realize she already let loose an arrow straight at the monster. It whistled through the air straight at the head of drone. There was a small flash of light as it bounced of a shield. The drone turned his face towards her, and she looked into his eyes. Neither of them was covered, but both were completely reflective and empty at the same time. She could not tear her eyes away as he slowly moved towards her. Too late she realized her fear had immobilized her and her mind, but before she moved to run he stopped.

“Species 785. Race thought extinct by Dominion actions. Threat level, none. You have no need to fear us. You will not be assimilated. Do not attack us again, however.” He moved back towards the wreckage. Mas starred at the creature. Instinct told her to flee, but something did not seem right in the way the Borg just acted.

She called out, “Us? Are there more than one of you still alive?” He did not answer. She looked around the site but saw no other signs of survivors. She began to creep in a bit closer when she heard the sound of a very soft growl. “So, the crash caught the attention of another hunter,” she realized. She strung another arrow, but as she turned to fire the Frahhalet saber cat pounced towards her. Mas barely jumped away from the razor claws and fired her arrow, only to see it fly harmlessly by the predator.

She landed roughly, but quickly tried to get back into a fighting position. The trembling ground told her she was too late as the cat charged her. She closed her eyes and felt regret that she was going to her ancestors not as full clan member. The cat’ sudden roar made her open her eyes as she saw the drone throw the cat back into the woods. He raised his arm and fired a few plasma bolts to scare it away even further.

“You saved me? Why?” she called out to him. He stopped on his way back to the wreckage and looked at her. There was no emotion at first, but slowly a look of confusion filled his face. A tiny trace of fear crossed it as well as he looked up into the sky.

“We do not know,” He replied.


The Romulan captain interrupted, “Hold on, Commodore, why did you save the girl. As a Borg drone her death should not have mattered at all.”

Cross looked at him with a diplomatic and yet blank face. “You have a very good point. I remember back then it greatly confused me why I had done it, and for the very reason you mentioned. She was irrelevant. But latter I did justify the action to myself for she turned out to be relevant. She knew about the barrier, knew of ways of getting off the planet, knew of ways to survive on the planet, and more. I concluded that she was a useable asset before I knew it. But now after all these years, I think another foreign idea had snuck into my mind back then. One at the time I would have never recognized, though I do now.”

Trag laughed, “I bet I could guess.”

The other captains, and a few more now seem to be standing around him, were listening intently. Cross said in a matter of fact manner, “She was extremely attractive.”


Mas watched the drone try to piece some equipment back together, but more and more he seemed to pause and think about his next action. As the night slowly began to withdraw its shade from the growing rays of the sun, the drone stopped all together. He ignored her presence the whole time.

“What should I do? Do I try to kill him? But I am not a threat. Do I help him? He is a Borg. What do I do!?” Mas shook her head and tried to clear the conflicting thoughts. She looked back the motionless drone and called out, “Something the matter?”
The drone turned to her. He seemed a bit surprised when he realized he did so. After a few minutes of looking at her with an unblinking gaze, he replied, “We cannot salvage the equipment enough to send a signal. We are cut off from the collective mind. We are alone.”

Mas made a slight sigh of relief. “So more Borg should not be showing up, that is good,” she thought. A sudden thought crossed her mind. “Are you still connected?” she called out.

The drone was still looking in her direction, though he seemed to be looking elsewhere. “I can hear a trace of us, but I cannot answer back.”

Mas felt a bit of worry come back before she jumped up. The action surprised the drone but he did not seem afraid but confused. “What did you just say drone? Did you just say… I?”

The drone looked at her with another confused look. “I did not. We are Borg. I am one of…” His eyes widened in fear and he looked around the area again with a face of growing horror. “I… I did say I for I am alone. ALONE! I am malfunctioning! I can hear them, I am Borg, but why am I alone!?”

He began to rip the equipment apart, flinging parts here and there in a frantic manner. Mas rushed next to him and grabbed an arm, “Calm down! Panicking does not help!”

She quickly regretted that move when he flung her a few feet back. “Wow, he is strong,” she thought. She looked back at him as she slowly rose. His face now filled with anger as he approached her. “Easy there saber thrower!” she said to him while gesturing him to stop with her hands. He kept coming till he was right on top of her and he looked right into her eyes. “And I am dead meat again.” Mas suddenly wished those were not her last words as she covered herself from the incoming blow. The blow never came. She looked back at the drone who seemed confused again.

“You are no threat. Why did I become angry? Why do I feel fear? I am Borg.” He regained his composure, but then turned to her with a face unlike a drone. “Are you injured?” He lowered his hand to help her up. The sight was not pleasant but she took it.

“Why do you ask?” she answered.

“Can you tell me about the barrier that caused my vessel to crash? Do you know of a way off this planet? Is there a more powerful transmitter nearby? I am in need of energy to regain my strength, and the supplies here are lacking. Can you lead me…” she put up her hand and silenced him.

“Never mind drone,” she said. She thought, “I should leave him to rot.” “Do not follow me,” she shouted as she began to walk away.

“I do not want to be alone.”

His voice was soft and slightly scared. She turned back to him. Whoever he was before he became Borg was not coming back to this drone, but something of who he was began to reveal itself. “He must have been an honest person before, and one who protected others.” Thoughts raced through her mind and she nearly want to stab herself when she decided. “All right, follow me.”


You’ve been busy Redshirt! Very nice! :slight_smile:


Although the drone was neither quiet nor subtle, none of the animals of the forest dared approach the two walking figures. Mas looked back at him and called, “Do you want me to help carry any of that?”

The drone answered without looking back at her, “The weight is extreme. It would slow us down if you carried any. Please continue to lead.”

Mas felt a surge of anger, but calmed herself. The drone did not mean that women can’t carry heavy weights. He meant that as a cyber enhanced drone it should carry the weight. “He does not even think of differences in sexes, does he?” she thought. She looked back again to see his ugly face right in front of her. She did not realize she stopped moving.

“Is something wrong?” the drone asked.

“No, just getting my bearings,” she replied quickly. She quickly started to walk down one path.

“What is your designation?” the drone called out unexpectedly a few minutes later.

“My what? Oh, you mean name? Call me Mas. What can I call you?”

“My last designation was 5 of 12 of Scout vessel 367 Gama matrix…” The look she gave him stopped his talking. “Call me 5 of 12.”

“Alright 5, we are getting close now. Be ready, for I don’t think…”

“MY GODS A BORG!” Hatmpa was beside Mas in a flash and already drew a plasma pistol. Whether the weapon was working or not did not seem to matter and Hatmpa seemed too afraid to not have it pointed at the drone. A few others quickly surrounded the drone and aimed a variety of weapons at it. 5 did not react in a strong manner, but simply looked at each person.

“Don’t fire!” Mas called out. Everyone turned to her and seemed to ask with their eyes whether she was crazy. “5 is mostly disconnected from the collective. He also,” and she slightly regretted saying this, “saved my life from a sabre cat. He means no harm.”

“That is correct. I mean no harm. The Borg have no reason or desire to assimilate your people. Please do not engage in hostile action. I can defend myself, but would rather not.” The last thing he said did not sound like a Borg. Everyone was staring at 5.

Hatmpa, Mas’s close friend and practically a sister, blinked a few times and said, “It said I. And it doesn’t sound like a drone. And what do you mean it saved your life? During the trial? You know what they say about those who save your life during the trial!?”

Mas punched Hatmpa and whispered, “Yes, but he doesn’t.” She called out to everyone, “I ask that we take this drone into sanctuary. It is the least we can do.” Her fellow people could not believe what she just said, but slowly, they allowed the drone to keep following her as the escorted the two back to the village.

Trag asked, “What did it mean that you saved her life during the trial? What trial was it?”

Cross let the smallest of smiles slip, “It was a trial of survival. Mas was not allowed anything more advanced than a simple machine or two and had to survive a week in the forest. Anyone who had to save her during the trial owned her life. In other words, she owed me a life debt, and that could be repaid in many ways, including marriage.”

Several of the captains looked at each other. Trag finally said, “You actually did not think about that back then, did you?”

Cross’s face went into a poker face. “No. Of course I didn’t. Even after it was explained to me, I viewed it as irrelevant.” The captains felt oddly relieved, but they all seemed concerned about how robotic Cross became. The story was not nearly over.


The next few days were odd ones for the villagers. The technology they had at the village was advanced but limited. Their people had abandoned most of their technological life after the Dominion tried to eradicate their race. Now here was a Borg drone using some of their power generators to feed and repair himself. The sight went against many things they believed in.

5 felt the tension from the villagers. It was only relevant to him as it could mean they would force him to leave. He concluded there was only one option. He walked to the village elders meeting area and asked to come in.

Inside were several older members of the village and they seemed to have been having an active conversation about something before he entered. Judging by their physical reactions to his presence, it was more than likely about him. It added another reason to propose his request. “With your permission, I would like to construct a device to contact the Collective. They will come for me but will ignore you. I will need assistance though, as I do not fully understand the energy field that permeates this system.”

An elder male wearing the symbols of the leader spoke to 5 in a clear voice. “5 of 12, we cannot allow you to contact the collective. Even if what you say is true that they would ignore us, such a signal could draw the attention of the Dominion, and they most certainly would not ignore us. For now, you must remain our, uh, guest.”

“The signal to contact the Collective could not be intercepted by the Dominion. I can guarantee that.” 5’s voice had a slight hint of desperation in it. The elders looked at each other before looking back at their leader.

“Yet you just said you do not understand the energy field in this system. The signal is going to have to be very strong to break through. Can you truly say the Dominion won’t be able to detect it?” The elder looked 5 straight in the eyes.

5 ran calculations in his mind. In a voice that had true sadness in it he replied, “Assuming the strength necessary for the signal is six times the normal, there is a 12% chance the Dominion could detect it. But there is only a .8% chance they would be able to determine its origin or purpose.”

“.8% chance my people would be completely wiped out. I am sorry, 5, but that is still too high for me.”

5 walked out of the room without saying anything else. He was outside when he ran literally into Mas. He caught her before she fell. As soon as she was standing, he started to walk away when she grabbed his arm.

“Wait, 5, what is wrong?”

“I am malfunctioning.”

Mas forced him to face her. His face was not as blank as usual. He seemed to be in pain. “How are you malfunctioning?”

“I feel anger at the elders for not allowing me to try to contact the collective. Anger is irrelevant. And I have more anger at… but that is irrelevant.”
Mas realized 5 just refrained from saying something. He had never done that before. In the best impersonation of her mother she could muster, she said, “5, tell me what else is making you angry and upset.”

5 looked at her with eyes focused and confused at the same time. An internal battle was being waged within the drone. “Protocol states that I should just force this village in helping me contact the collective. I have the means to do so and the ability to start semi-assimilations in order to achieve my goals. I do not want to assimilate anyone, so I am going against protocol. That is a malfunction. I should not being going against protocol, but I do not want to hurt you…” Quickly he raised his hand to his head and made a face of intense pain. He collapsed a second later. He could barely hear Mas calling his designation as he slipped into blackness.

Trag asked, “Did an implant malfunction?”

Cross nodded, “Several were actually. For a drone to be disconnected to the Hive mind is almost like a death sentence. They need the collective to keep most of the implants working and their bodies natural immune systems in check. It was something the Borg put into practice after the Hugh incident. A good example of how much had changed was how much work Seven of Nine needed after she was freed. They improved it further by the time I was assimilated, and you can see I still can’t have everything of theirs taken out.” Everyone did look at the large implant still connected to his head.

He continued, “I was lucky though. I still had a weak connection to the collective, so my implants were not completely shutting down. However, my mind was having a very hard time functioning without the collective will guiding it. I started to remember who I was, but only as facts and figures. I saw my life before becoming Borg, but it was as if I was watching some holo novel about some stranger’s life. My true self did not emerge until I was truly disconnected a year later. But, at that time, my implants were starting improvise in order to keep me alive, and that put me in an odd situation.”


5 woke up several hours later. Hatmpa was there, armed, but she did quickly help him access his recharging station. An older female was with them. She looked very oddly at him, as if she was trying to peer at something that was not there. She also had several advance pieces of medical equipment with her.

Mas entered within a few minutes and asked how he was doing. 5 answered for himself, “Some of my implants are having a difficult time functioning without the collective guidance. Irrelevant memories are filling my mind, emotions are not being properly controlled, and judgment is erratic. However, I do not believe there is any danger, for the connection I still retain is keeping the implants online.”

The elder female, Ormare, asked in odd voice, “What memories are you referring too?”
5 answered, “This drones life before it was assimilated.”

The room got quite. Hatmpa was the first to speak, “You are remembering who you are? What is your real name?”

5 looked at her for a few seconds trying to understand what she meant. “I am remembering who this drone was before it was assimilated, but I am 5 of 12. The drone’s previous name was Roger Martin Cross, human, age fifteen at time of assimilation.”

The elder shook her head in an understanding manner, “And what is truly causing your malfunction is Roger’s soul trying to break through the cyber shell the collective has on him. Yet that faint trace that still ties 5 to the collective is still too strong for Roger to truly break through.” She looked at 5 with widening eyes, “Your true self is influencing everything you do 5, but as long as you hear the voice of the collective, you will never be truly yourself but a puppet and a shadow.”

Mas asked, “5, if you decided too, could you break the last bit of your connection with the Hive mind?”

5 answered, “Yes, but I have no desire too, and I would be dead within twenty minutes.” Hatmpa and Mas reacted with shock as Ormare shook in her head as if she knew that already. She stared at him for a bit longer then reached out and grabbed him.

5 simply looked at her as if she didn’t do anything more than say hello. The two other women seemed concerned by her strange actions. Finally, she said in an odd voice, “5 is not an accurate designation for you. We will call you Marverius. The name has great importance for our people. Marverius, I will say this, it may be possible for you to break the connection without dying. It is something to consider if… if you get the chance to make that choice.”

5 did not know what to say to that, but he did manage to say, “I will go by Marverius if you wish.”

The ladies left him to rest. Mas turned to Ormare when they left Marverius’s hearing range. “Marverius is the name for a dark guardian. A person from the darkness to defend against darkness. Granted, he is from a scary group of people, but who is he guarding us from?”

Ormare looked up to the sky. “I just have a feeling. Marverius said his vessel was looking for Dominion forces. Then why was this system included in the list? I hope I am wrong in this matter.” She looked back at Mas, “But, wrong or not, Marverius is far better than 5, is it not?”


Marverius started to help the village out since he concluded there was nothing else for him to do. The elders would not allow him to make contact with the collective, and he did not want to force the issue. His memories of his previous life kept coming to him, and things that were irrelevant now seemed to matter more. The emotions he felt greatly confused him.

The village was actually happy for his help. He managed to fix several pieces of technology that the people still used. He was great for carrying heavy loads and doing some back breaking labor. Mas oddly started to get angry at everyone for taking advantage of him, yet he did not understand what she meant by that.
At one time she asked him, “What is it that you want Marverius?”
He answered, “I want to return to my people.”

Mas seemed sad, “Are we not your people now?”

Marverius felt confusion enter his mind again. “No,” he said. He then said something that surprised himself, “Nor is the Borg. But I am Borg. Then who…” He had to rest for the remainder of the day as his implants needed to be readjusted.

He sat outside the small hut they gave him. Several children played nearby. When a ball bounced his way he simply kicked it back towards them. One shouted, “Thanks, Marverius.”

The kids never used to play near him, nor in this area of the town. Curiosity struck him, and he called out the kids, “Why are you playing over here? Do you not normally play at the North end?”

Another child answered, “This area has more space and the animals do not come close while you are here, Marverius.” He then recalled the town guards did state that they had far fewer issues with the local wild life after he arrived. As he watched the children played, he felt glad that he could help them. The feeling was greatly disturbing.

Mas was standing next to him before he realized it. “Lost in thought I see.”
Marverius simply nodded.

Mas looked at him, “If we are not your people, then who are?”

Marverius closed his eyes and answered, “I guess that would be humans. I can see that I was once human, but I do not understand. I… want to be human again.”

Mas’s expression of happiness was unexpected. She actually reached out and hugged him. “I will ask Ormare what we can do. I always knew there was a pure heart hidden in the metal.”

Marverius did not know how to react. The strangeness of everything going on overwhelmed him, yet he did not show it. The voice of the collective did not talk to him, and its whisper was losing its appeal each day. Though still it talked, “Scan matrix 5 by 12 Gama. Activate Transwarp. Dominion forces detected in sector 47 by 235 in Matrix Gama. Reroute power to aft engines.” Marverius gave a startled jerk that caught Mas off guard.

“What is wrong?”

“The Hive mind sees several Dominion forces in this sector,” he answered. Mas shrunk back in fear. “They seem to be scanning for the destroyed vessel I was on. The Borg do not see a threat as they believe it and all drones on board have been destroyed. However, there is a strong chance the Dominion will find this planet and all the villages on it. I must speak with your elders.”


A few minutes later the elders and Marverius watched a stealth probe’s transmission. A Jem’hedar fighter got caught in the energy field and was destroyed. However, several other fighters began to sweep the field with more scans. The leader said, “They might be able to figure out the pattern like we did. If they do so, it is the end of us. We cannot flee, we cannot fight. How has it come to this?”

Marverius watched the probe’s transmission and thought to himself. He spoke, “This field is natural but has been influenced by your kind. Can we change the pattern so that they cannot get through?”

The leader shook his head, “We know how, but don’t have the means. We no longer have starships.”

“Do you have any space vessel?”

The leader paused before answering, “Yes. A few shuttles and transports. With stealth technology as well. But nothing that can do what needs to be done.”

“If you show me what to do, I can do it from a Jem’hedar vessel.”

Everyone looked to him. “You want to go and board a Jem’hedar ship?”

“Yes. I know how their sensors work and all relevant tactical data. They are looking for a Borg vessel, not for you. I have a high probability of being able to get on board and start assimilation of the ship to achieve the ends needed.”

“What happens to you?”

“I more than likely will eventually be caught and killed. It is unlikely they will be able to do it before I am successful. My actions will also cause the Borg to come and investigate. They will destroy the Dominion ships and ignore the barrier.”

Mas’s voice surprised him. “NO! You can’t sacrifice yourself for us. Is there something else we can do?”

Marverius ran the calculations in his head and shook his head no.

The leader said suddenly, “Mas is right. We cannot let you sacrifice yourself. We will send a few warriors with you to make sure you get out after you alter the barrier. You just need to figure out how to convince the Borg you are dead after we escaped.”

Marverius answered, “You do not understand. If I go to the Dominion ships, I will be free from the interference of the barrier. The connection between me and the Hive mind will grow stronger and stronger until once again I am fully Borg. If I go, I cannot return.”

Mas shook her head no at what Marverius said, but the elder slowly said, “Then our warriors will make sure the Borg take you back and destroy the Dominion ships. You will rejoin your kind, you will not die.”

Mas then shouted, “But that is worse than death! Marverius is just now regaining his soul; do we just let the Borg steal it again? Is there a way to keep the connection weakened? There has got to be something we can do!”

Marverius hugged Mas. He did not understand why, but the urge compelled him. He spoke softly, “I will not be the cause of your people’s destruction. I must do this. But, if I can fight the Hive mind, I will do so.” Mas hugged him back. The moment felt to have lasted for longer than it actually did.


The Jem’hedar battlecruiser filled the entire window of the small shuttle. Marverius, Mas, and three warriors prepared to beam over to the ship. Marverius already adapted the ship’s technology to remain invisible to the Dominion ships. It greatly helped that they were not looking for them.

With precise timing and knowledge of Jem’hedar internal sensors, the team beamed aboard without detection. Already, Marverius could hear the Hive mind far clearer than before, and parts of it started to react to his thoughts.

“We don’t have much time. I will start the distraction.” Marverius snuck towards an arms room. He injected nanites into the wall before entering. As fast as Jem’hedar are, the complete surprise of seeing a Borg drone just walk into their room gave Marverius enough time to stun all three soldiers. No alarms sounded as the computer was already infected by Borg assimilation viruses. He proceeded to inject all three guards with nanites, and then he gave the sub drones orders that would keep his party safe as the rest of the ship would be too distracted.

His actions did not go without notice. The Hive mind started to call to him directly. He resisted answering, but it was getting harder and harder. He then proceeded to the deflector control with the rest of the boarding team. Alarms sounded, but the call was to stop Borg drones at other locations throughout the ship. The viruses also started to affect the vessel as well.

Deflector control was guarded, but Mas and her people surprisingly dispatched the Jem’hedar quickly. Marverius game Mas an odd look and she answered, “There is a reason why they wanted us dead. We won a few battles.” Her smile ended, “But we did lose the war. Hurry up!”

Marverius plunged his injectors into deflector control. Already the virus allowed him full access. He started to do the directions needed to retune the energy field. He also felt the Hive mind calling stronger than ever, and also the mind of new Borg on the ship. “The Borg have taken control of my sub drones. They were closer than anticipated.”

Fighting broke out suddenly as a few Jem’hedar unshrouded. One of their warriors took a blast to his chest, and Mas got slashed by blade weapon trying to protect Marverius. Anger filled him, and he raised his arm and blasted the Jem’hedar with his plasma beam. The soldier disintegrated. The other two warriors quickly rallied next to him, but there were no other attackers. “Mas, are you okay?”

Mas got up slowly. A nasty gash stretched from her shoulder down her right side. Marverius calculated no vital organs were hit, but the blood loss could be lethal in 12 minutes. “Mas, take your people out of here now. I doubt more Jem’hedar will come. I am nearly finished here. You can leave.”

Mas signaled to the others and they beamed away with the body of their fallen friend. She remained. “I am getting you out of here. I owe you.”

Marverius pointed with his free hand, “You saved me. Your debt is paid. Leave. Their voice is in my head so strong now, I cannot resist for much longer. It is futile to try. LEAVE!”

Mas shook her head no. Marverius saw him through his shroud. Unfortunately for the Jem’hedar, he had completed the job. Mas barely had time to duck as Marverius shot the Jem’hedar with a blast from his now free hand. It transported several nanites directly into the soldier.

Mas starred at the withering Jem’hedar. “You saved my life again! Come, I owe you another one.” She grabbed Marverius yet he did not move. “Come ON! We can leave!” She looked into his eyes. Tears streamed down her face. Marverius was not looking back at her, but 5 of 12 was. “Well, I owe you a life debt still. What do you ask of me?” It was hard to hear her own voice through the sobs of sadness that were wracking her.

A drone’s voice answered, “Species 785. Irrelevant species. Your people will not be assimilated. However, this barrier is beyond our understanding. Your knowledge will assist us.” Mas closed her eyes as 5 of 12 reached out to her.


Everyone in the bar silently stood looking at Cross. He had a refill in his hand and yet to have taken a sip. “That happened several years ago nearly to date. After I was liberated, I had forgotten the whole event, yet I put my name down as Roger Marverius Cross when my rescuers asked for it. My friends even call me by Marverius. It was during Starfleet Academy that the memories of that event returned. It still causes me difficulties.”

Trag said in a voice that sounded sad, “That was not a happy ending. You assimilated her? What happened to her after that?”

Cross answered coldly, not daring to show the emotions he truly felt, “I have no idea. She could still be a drone on a ship somewhere, or she could have died. Many Borg have been destroyed since she was assimilated, and I have done some of that destruction.”

The Romulan added, “For all we know you killed her at some point without realizing it.” A new comer smacked the Romulan hard for that comment.

Cross simply answered, “That is something I am aware of. But it will not stop me from stopping the Borg by any means necessary. However, it does stop me from blindly wishing genocide. We are captains here. We carry many sins and weights with us, but we must not allow those things to stop us from doing what needs to be done or ruin what we are. Thank you for listening, I needed to get some of the weight of that sin off me before it did harm.” Several captains offered him thanks for the story and offered their condolences.

Trag left Cross and went to a section of the bar out of sight from him. There, an older General Leh’dor sat by himself. “So, Great Grandfather, did you know that story?”

Leh’dor smiled, “No. He never told me how he first met her. But Marverius is like that at times.”

Trag’s eyes widened, “So he does see her again?”

Leh’dor laughed quietly, “That is a huge understatement, but that is story worth a keg of blood wine here, and one I cannot tell with present company.” Trag looked back to where the famous Commodore Cross was talking.

“I can’t wait to hear that one.”



That was wonderful Red! Very nice work! :slight_smile:


An idea for an Anime

It is set in a mythical medieval times of knights and samurai. The location is a large and peaceful nation that is now under attack by armies of chaos and destruction.

It has been foretold that a champion will rise to not only defeat the armies of chaos, but establish the first empire throughout the world and be forever known as the greatest champion of all time.

This is going to be a comedy. It follows 16 different warriors as they try to prove themselves to be the great champions. Each of the sixteen people should have unique weapons, styles, attitudes, but all want to claim that title for varied reasons. Love triangles can form, tensions arise, many things can take place. Also, every parody of samurai and other genres that can be made should be made. Of course, there are soldiers that help these 16 champions from the normal army, but they are just the ‘arrow absorbers’ as one so called champion puts it. I have thought of the ultimate ending for it too.

Big Time

[spoiler]During the series, at each major battle there is one normal soldier who somehow survives. Soldier A never gets to speak, each time A tries too, A gets interrupted, just like Magi Simpson. Through out the series, it is vaguely established A gets promoted to general, but not even the Champions the show follows notices until the last battle. When the great spirits are about to announce who the champion is, they first ask all the champions if they have accomplished all of the great tasks.

One by one, all the champions realized they have not. A couple of the smart ones finally say, “The only one we can think of that has done all of that is what’s his/her name general of the normal army, the one that manages to live.” Sudden realization occurs as Soldier A is declared the true Champion. After showing the ceremony where Soldier A becomes Emperor A, and you glimpse the after stories of each champion, and you see the Giant ‘The End’ right before the emperor speaks. hehe[/spoiler]


Sounds like a good one Red! I laughed at your ending - it’s perfect!


There should be a Harem anime where the lead male is told that if he lost his virginity, he loses his powers. Also, he is not allowed to tell anyone about this. Of course, some of the villains find this out. Fun fun :evil:


redshirt1 wrote:

with all the wimps in anime the deal should be if he DOESN’T lose his virginity by ep 26 he is done…
(and it has to be with a GIRL! (no farm animals or dolls) and she has to want it, no forcing)

(Im sick of watching animes where it takes 26eps just to kiss…)


MKmods wrote:

[quote]redshirt1 wrote:

with all the wimps in anime the deal should be if he DOESN’T lose his virginity by ep 26 he is done…
(and it has to be with a GIRL! (no farm animals or dolls) and she has to want it, no forcing)

(Im sick of watching animes where it takes 26eps just to kiss…)[/quote]

No, this would be the cruel twist where the guy is not a wimp at all, he actually has to fight them off and hates having to do so. To many wimps, so need to mix it up a little.