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Hehe, here is another one.

(Can’t think of a name now, so I will just use Tom. Tile for the show… hmmm… Legend of the Rose Wolf?)

Tom, the top cadet of Bristole’s Elite Middle School Military Academy, is shocked to learn he will not be attending the high school of the same name. His mother has obtained a new job at (other planet or city depending on what time you want this in). His father has agreed to the move and his older sisters have already went to college.

Located near his new home, two Elite military academy’s were available. The most famous was the all female Athenian Gloria Young Women’s Military Academy where all future women of the military wish to learn. The Apollo Victor Young Man’s Academy did not fair as well. Before Tom’s move, both schools were ordered to desegregate the sexes so that Apollo can obtain more students to fill its hall and the Athena could reduce its now overcrowded halls. When Tom sent his resume for attendance to the attendant of the schools, he was not aware of the entire situation.

Tom is a young man driven by the codes of chivalry, discipline, kindness, duty, and the codes of the knight for lore long ago. Although it felt odd to him to be attending an a former male school, it some ways he felt it would be a nice change as his family was dominated by his mother and sisters. Despite his raising, he was considered a man among men, even entering the nickname Sir Galahad. He received his acceptance letter the day after he arrived at his new home. The following day he went to stay at his new school with great determination.

However, something seems odd at the lines to board the transport. The line for new female cadets was not full but fairly long, and the line for male cadets was empty except for him. The male cadet cart was empty save for him and he rode alone to his new school. And to his utter shock, as he walks into the Athenian Gloria Young Cadet’s Academy, it is realized that by bureaucratic mistake, he is now the lone male in the former all female school…

(Apollo did get several females enrolled, but since it was still needing more students, the main people assigning placements forgot to send a number of the new male students Athenian school. Only Tom was placed there because his letter was taken by the main director and thought he would be an ideal student for the new environment.)


I really thought that was headed for cross dressing hilarity until I got to the end.


In order to survive, he will have to do some ‘covert’ operations…


For High School of the Dead…

Michio looked up with everyone else when the principal said there was a violent incident. Everyone was confused and remain seated. Slowly, the cries of the principal became louder and louder, chilling Michio’s heart with doubt, confusion, and fear. Then the principal went silent. It was if everything was timed for that moment, and everyone screamed and ran for the door.

Michio did not run for the door. Though fear gripped his heart, he had always day dreamed of escaping school one day to play hooky, and he knew a better way to get out of the class room. This particular floor had a nice ledge to it, so he went to the window and threw his chair through after everyone else left. He had no friends in that class room, but Reika and Seiichi were not in a far off one. He stepped out onto the ledge and went towards their classroom praying they did not join the ‘mob mentality’.

He heard horrific noises, but he dared not look. Screams of both male and female students, chomping of flesh, and the sounds of death and anguish. The ledge was good but not good enough for him to turn and look. He got to the class room and thanked God one window was open. He crawled in.

No one was in the room. The door was shut. Slowly, he resolved himself to look out the window. He needed to know what the hell was going on. The sight instantly made him puke. He knew these people. He knew those who were biting and killing each other. “Zombies.” He watched a few of the monster movies with them but how could they be real?

He heard the door slide open. He grabbed the wooden stool and prepared himself. A male student faced his direction but his eyes were not focused, his skin pale, and a chunk of his neck was missing. Blood stained his entire uniform. Michio smashed his head in before he even knew what happened. Blood covered his uniform now. From the hallway, a few moans began to become audible. Michio wanted to flee, but where? Where were Reika and Seiichi?

“Those two would have gone towards the management building, away from the crowd.” He thought to himself. But the only way there was through the hallways. He steeled his nerves and went out. A former female student moved towards him only to receive the wooden stool to her head. A few more moved his way, but fortunately he needed to go the other direction. He ran down the hallway and stopped before running into his former teacher.

“Odd, he really doesn’t look all that different except he has no left arm.” He swung hard but missed the teacher’s head. The stool broke and Michio was struck, sending him flying into the wall. He had a broken piece of wood still in his hand. The teacher bent down to bite his neck so he plunged the piece off wood through the teachers gaping mouth and up his palate. Blood spewed all over his body.

Michio tried to move the dead bulk off his body, but the teacher was incredibly heavy and his energy was lacking. Two former students were moving slowly towards him…


He tried again to push the dead teacher off himself, but he spent all the strength he had. He moaned in exhaustion and frustration as the two students got even closer. They went right past him, quickening their pace as he glimpsed two female students running in another hallway hand in hand.

Slowly he wiggled out from the corpse. He found a solid piece of the stool and continued towards the management building. The sound of one of the girls screaming for help reached him, but he couldn’t tell where it came from. “Damn!” There was nothing he could do. He kept going, cursing his inability to help others.

He crossed to the other building without running into anyone else. He wondered where to go when he heard Seiichi scream for help. His body suddenly found strength again and his tore his way to the sound of the call. He ran up the stairs and smashed one zombies head in before it knew he was there. Sounds of struggle came from a room nearby. He entered the door to see Seiichi being bitten hard in the chest as Seiichi threw the male zombie into a desk corner. The male student shuddered and stopped moving.

“Michio? Oh, THANK the Ancestors, MICHIO! Where is Reika? I haven’t, ‘cough’, seen…” Seiichi suddenly scrunched up as if he were in incredible pain.

“Seiichi! Seiichi what is wrong? Get up Seiichi, GET UP!” Michio felt the horror tear into his soul. He saw the movies. His logical and methodical side of the mind told him exactly what was happening. His best friend was as good as dead. Still, it was Seiichi. Seiichi couldn’t be dead. Seiichi stood up then, his eyes rolling back into his head.

Michio felt it somewhere inside him like instinct more than actually feeling, but he sprang forward before being grabbed from behind. Unfortunately, Seiichi was not far in front of him. For some reason, every memory of Seiichi and him together was going through his mind as he shouted, “SEIICHI!” and plowed the wood into his friends head. The board got stuck as Seiichi fell to the ground never to rise again.

Michio fell with him. He quickly turned around to find someone straddling him. Reika bent down as he raised his hands to stop her. He was barely able to hold her back from biting his face. Reika was the only girl Machio thought looked good in long curly hair, though in truth he had a crush on her sister who went to college. But now his other dear friend was trying to bite him, trying to make him a thing of evil.

His life started to flash through his eyes. His family, Reika and Seiichi, everything as she got closer and closer. Her hands gripped his trying to remove them from her neck. He somehow managed to grip her so that she couldn’t bite him, but she was getting closer and closer. “I should just let her do it. If anyone, I should let Reika do it.” Just as part of himself resigned him to his fate, another part of him whispered, “If you break her grip you can fight back. LIVE DAMNIT!” His hands were tied up, so he did the only thing he thought of to break her grip.

Remembering the biology teachers lecture on ligaments, he bit a huge chunk out of wrist in a sudden move. That hand of hers became useless, allowing him to fling her to the side. He rose, and as she started to rise, he brought his foot down full force onto her head. The cracking sound was audible throughout the room.

No one else was in this room. He sat down in a chair, and for the first time in years, cried. He had no friends when he moved here in middle school, and now the two he treasured were killed by his own hands. Again he felt as if he didn’t want to live anymore. Another part of him told to himself go on. Then his body felt like someone stuck it into a live socket.

The spasms of pain shook him out of the chair. He coughed suddenly and blood came out of his mouth. “NO! I was not bitten, WHY, WHY?!” Then he tasted the blood in his mouth. It was extremely foul, and not his. Slowly it dawned on him he should not have bitten Reika. The spasms shook him again. He killed her for nothing. He doomed himself anyways. He stood up despite the pain, and prepared himself to slam his head against the desk corner. But before he could do it, another spasm sent him to the ground and darkness took him…


That’s some good writing redshirt!


I actually thought of continuing it. Let’s just say, the virus does not affect everyone the same way, and it gets a bit messy… and perhaps even in need of censoring!


Dreams came. Michio was eating box lunches, fruits, meats, everything he could ever want to eat. However, his hunger could not be slated. More, MORE, MMOOOREEEE! His body was craving nourishment like it never had before. And somehow he registered what he thought should be pain, but it did not feel right.

In a haze he saw himself back in the class room. Something happened to bring his mind back to the room. A girl was walking backwards towards him. She was shaking in fear and coughing while holding her right arm. It felt like a dream still as he stood up behind her. She froze, as if she felt his breathe or heard him. “How can she hear the dead…” a strange thought crossed his mind.

He had no urge to attack her. Odd, it felt like he was waiting for some signal. She turned to face him. Her eyes widened so much they seemed ready to split and her mouth got stuck in a silent scream. He saw the bite to her arm, and an urge hit him hard. She had fallen back after he bit her left arm. He shook his head in confusion since he did not remember doing it.

“DON’T EAT ME ALIVE!” The girls voice cried in horror. He looked down at her. The haze made it so hard to think, but he had no urge to eat her. He thinks he even said that out loud. He might have, for she stared at him with shock. “This is an odd dream,” he thought to himself.

Suddenly the girl convulsed. Then, she sighed, “It doesn’t hurt anymore. I just feel tired. Is this the end of the nightmare?” She laid down and stopped moving. He knew she was dead. Something was odd, but he could not place what it was. She was just a dead girl on the school floor. Another urge then hit him, but the blackness took him again…

Michio woke up screaming in his mind. Something was horribly wrong, but he could not remember what it was. It was dark outside. He was in the school’s management building. He felt oddly hungry. “What happened? Why is my head spinning?” He looked over to the desks. The memory of everything hit him hard, but for some reason, even as his emotions flooded his every thought, his body did not react to them. Instead, he just stared at the corpses of Reika and Seiichi, what was left of them. Something had taken several chunks of them out in a manner that made him very concerned. He had dreamed of eating…

The hazy dream came back to him. He turned to the doorway. He should have wanted to puke then, but again the body did not react. Only his mind screamed in horror as he saw the chewed and feasted upon corpse of the girl in the dream. Her clothes had been removed and limbs broken. Warning for censorship One breast seemed to have been devoured. One of her legs was missing entirely, and the hallway door was open. He peaked out, and saw several zombies laying still next to it. They were not moving.

“What the hell?” He still felt oddly hungry, but nothing around him gave him any urges. The cafeteria kept coming to his mind though. He started to walk that way, but only took two steps. He paused, and went back into the room.

It was not much, but he laid out his friends and the poor girl the best he could. The room had some decorations that he surrounded them with. He said a quick prayer, then started to move towards the cafeteria. Sugar, he was really craving sugar, milk, protein bars, things that would give him more energy and make him grow and build muscle. Not once did he think to look at himself or the fact his uniform was now only the color of blood…


He walked towards the cafeteria. It was night now, but the lights somehow remained on. Oh were they on? His eyes had a hard time focusing but he seemed to have better sight that before. It really didn’t matter to him for some reason.

Now and then he passed one of ‘them’. Each one failed to notice him. For some reason he didn’t care if they did or not, but part of his mind was yelling at him to run and hide. That part was getting softer and softer, almost silent. Silence was broken when something caused a sound next to him. A can fell to the ground with a quick yelp from a cat.

There were three of ‘them’ nearby. Each turned towards him now and began to move in a rapid manner, for them at least. He calmly stood still as they approached, wondering why the fear that came failed to grip him. As one got close enough to reach, it made a grab for him.

Michio blinked a few seconds later, his mind slowly catching up to what he did. He looked at the zombie’s arm that he ripped off. He looked at the three splattered heads that came about from him using that arm. The disgust and revolting feelings came, but once again they had little affect on his body. He simply shrugged and dropped the arm, wondering why the zombies did not come for him earlier. He breathed in deep for the first time in awhile, mainly since he does that when tries to think hard, and he finally caught the scent of death coming from him.

“I am covered in very dry blood. I must smell like I am past my due date.”

When he reached the cafeteria, there were very few bodies there. It seemed like this was one place people didn’t run to at the beginning of this nightmare. “Odd, I thought this place would have been more lively…” Michio realized how stupid that thought was immediately. The only response he gave himself was a shrug. He went over to the food storage area. Only when he opened the first container did he hear something.

He turned and looked at the young man hiding behind one of the kitchen doors. A few dead school cooks were next to him, heads smashed in by pots and pans. The man was staring at him in utter terror.

Michio spoke, “Oh come on. I see you took care of the kitchen staff, why are you scared of me? My name is Michio, and I am a Senior at this…former school.”

The man did not change expressions but answered, “My name is Jun. Freshman.” He pointed at Michio, “And I did not hear you at all until you opened that food container. You scared the hell out of me by that alone, but,…” The whole time he was whispering, but this whisper was very strong, “HAVE YOU LOOKED AT YOURSELF?”

Michio realized that no, he hadn’t. He has not passed any mirrors, nor has he cleaned all the blood from his hands to see them well. Every other part of him was covered in blood stained clothes. Come to think about it, his hands did feel different, like the skin was thicker and his nails far stronger. Curiosity finally taking control, he got up and went towards the cleaning station next to the kitchen. They had a mirror up there so that the cooks could see behind them even while doing the dishes. He looked at his own face.

“Well Jun, I don’t blame you. Believe it or not, I am screaming inside right now…” The face looking back at him simply could not be described as human anymore. His body was not his own, and Michio shook in terror within his mind.


When the chaos started, Jun remained in his class room shaking. Fear griped him. Somehow he knew this was very, very bad. He curled into a ball as everyone else fled out into the hallway, biting and kicking to get ahead of each other. The sight sickened him and made him even more afraid. “I don’t want to get hurt, I don’t want get hurt!”

The stampede proceeded away from his room. But the screams came shortly after. The cries of pain, fear, and anguish. The moans, the horrible moans, echoed into his room. “Hide, I GOT TO HIDE!”

He fled out the hall way then. He moved so fast that everything was a blur, and he dared not to look. He tried thinking of the best place to hide, and one place came to mind. One of his punishments was to clean out the school’s kitchen, and the pantries there could hide him well. He made a bee line to there.

He quickly entered. Everything around him was happening so fast, but he dared not look and moved quickly himself. He was fast enough that if he was noticed, he was soon forgotten. He moved towards the kitchen when he heard one of the cooks screaming in pain.

Her voice echoed in the cafeteria, “You BLOODY BITCH! That’s it, NO MORE NICE GAL!” A dull but very loud bang hurt his ears as a dead kitchen aid fell over the buffet line. A frying pan had caved in her skull. Jun simply froze, then bent over and puked. A few more bangs and shouts came out from the kitchen before silence. The cook came out of the kitchen door a second later.

Her breathing was heavy, and she was bleeding profusely from her right arm. She looked at Jun with eyes that held sadness, guilt, and shame all at the same time. She slowly said, “I had too. I had to kill them all. I didn’t have a choice.” She then raised the frying pan above her before smashing her own skull.

Jun screamed, but no sound left his mouth. He remained frozen for a few seconds, but a scream from somewhere outside made him flee into a pantry. Though they lock from the outside he could rig it to lock from the inside. He did so, curled into ball, and remained quiet. He stayed in his ‘happy place’ for a long time.


He was having a dream of sorts. But it was interpreted when the sound of several students woke him. He could make out a couple female voices with a about three to four male ones. They all sounded very scared.

“Barricade the door! None of them are in here!”

Jun froze. He had locked the pantry door. No one knew he was there. If he left now, he could get hurt. He remained absolutely silent.

The sound of tables being moved hurt his ears, but the scream of one of the men hurt far worse.

“They are charging in! What the hell?! Sato! GET OFF HIM YOU DEAD BASTARD!!”

The sound of the fight lasted only a few minutes. The sounds of smashing, biting, screams of pain. One girl called out, “KILL ME! AAAHHH” as the sound of something eating alive entered his mind. Her cries of pain made him want to puke again, but he couldn’t. Then he heard the frying pan thud several times.

There was a moment of silence after that. A faint crying could be heard, the other girl it sounded like. Slowly, he heard her.

“It bit, it bit me, it bit me…” She was doing everything back her sobs, but failing. Only one other voice was present. The last male it seemed. He tried to comfort her, but it did not help. Eventually he heard her say, “I don’t want to be one of them. Kill me.”

“No.” He heard the young man say even as he himself mouthed it.

“DO IT! I don’t want to be one of them…But I don’t want to die!” She started to cry again. “I haven’t even been with a boy yet.” She cried more, but then Jun heard the sound of kissing.

Her voice reached him again, “After this you have to kill me. PROMISE!” Jun froze, listening to the sound of heavier and heavier breathing, soft moans, and sounds that made his whole body tingle. Yet he dared not move.

It didn’t take all that long before the male made a sound of some sort, but it quickly followed with a scream of pain. His screamed louder and louder as the sound of something chomping away at his flesh dug into Jun’s ears. He curled up into a ball once more praying for it to go away.

Time passed, and he heard nothing outside. Slowly he undid the lock. He could not stay in the pantry forever, and he needed to use the bathroom. As he walked out he looked around. The only bodies in the area were not moving. He went into the kitchen to grab a large pan or mallet. His entire body trembled. Out of no where, the sound of a lid being taken off a container hit him like a spike. He looked out of the kitchen and saw…it.

It was not one of them. But it was covered completely in blood and bits of human. Only the face revealed some parts not uncovered in blood. But the skin was gray, a skin gray but not one of death. The eyes that were staring at him did not have whites, but more gray. The irises were white though, and the pupils seemed even darker. It simply spoke to him, “Oh come on. I see you took care of the kitchen staff, why are you scared of me? My name is Michio, and I am a Senior at this…former school.”

He couldn’t even bring himself to correct it. His mind went numb as he answered, “My name is Jun. Freshman. And I did not hear you at all until you opened that food container. You scared the hell out of me by that alone, but,…HAVE YOU LOOKED AT YOURSELF?”

There was a slight bit of confusion that crossed Michio’s face. He quickly went over to a mirror and looked. He said something to the affect that he was screaming in the inside, but it was taking everything of Jun not to scream from the outside.


Really good Red! I can’t wait to read more! :slight_smile:


Jun stood frozen for a few minutes as Michio looked himself over in the mirror. It was hard to read Michio. His face did not seem to express his emotions very well anymore, but Jun thought he could see terror, fascination, glee, and various other emotions play across it. Though with all those emotions going across Michio’s face, it seemed like he was truly going mad.

Michio abruptly stopped and said, “I am hungry. Let’s eat some of the food here and pack up several non perishables. We ought to head out of the city I suppose, but I don’t think it will be much safer going out than staying in. Though, am I safe from myself?” A look of true concern crossed his face before he shrugged and started munching on some near day old sandwiches. His eyes slowly turned to Jun. Jun jumped back.

An odd look of sadness crossed Michio’s face. Though his mouth was still stuffed, he managed to softly get out, “Jun, I will not hurt you. Please, don’t fear me. I fear myself enough.” Any sign of sadness left him as he developed a more dangerous and commanding look. “Now EAT something, we are leaving soon.”

Jun nodded and grabbed a couple of buns and rolls. Jun still feared Michio, but something told him Michio was the one to be near now more than ever.

After several minutes of eating, the two packed up a bit to take with them. Michio handed Jun a nice sized frying pan and simply said, “Last resort we take THEM on. Just be quiet and stick with me.”

“Don’t you need a weapon?” Jun was surprised how quiet his voice had become.

Michio still heard the faint whisper and answered, “No. Not sure how I know that, I am scared of the reason why.” Michio froze right before leaving the cafeteria. “First, we want to check our families, correct?” Jun nodded. Michio continued, “Okay, lets hit the science lab then the gym before heading out. THEY like noise, and I have a few ideas that some of the science equipment might help with.”

Jun asked, “Why the gym?”

“I need to change clothes, and my locker is there.” Jun looked over Michio’s blood covered clothing and nodded once again.

On the way to the science lab they did not see a single zombie or living person. Michio grabbed a few items and put them in the cooler with some of the food. He needed gloves for the dry ice, but some accidentally got onto his arm. Where his skin should have been burned, there was no scar.

As they walked towards the gym locker area, Jun listened to the amount of sound they were making. He could hear his own breathing, heartbeat, and every step he took. To him it sounded like it was echoing across the entire campus. Yet not a single zombie could be seen. Michio was absolutely silent. Jun wasn’t even sure Michio was breathing. Soon they got to the point where they would have to go outside. Michio opened the door carefully, but there was a loud creak none the less.

Jun froze again with the sound of “mmmuuhhh” came from right outside the door. One of THEM slowly turned and faced them, reaching its arms out. Michio reached faster and grabbed ITS head with both hands, then squashed it like a melon. Jun slowly reached up to his face and brushed away pieces of skull and hair and blood from his face. He could no longer feel sick as numbness now ruled. Michio frowned and simply said, “That was messier than I thought it would be.” He brushed his own face off, and then licked his fingers. Jun wisely did not mention it to him as Michio did not seem to notice his own actions…


This is really good. Have you worked out the whole story or are you just figuring it out as you go?


Both ways.


The sun was only hinting at coming out. Jun found it surprising that it was almost morning. Michio’s hand against his chest made him freeze. If he hadn’t gone earlier when passing the boy’s room, he would have wet himself right then. But instead of attacking him, Michio simply said, “Not. A. Sound.” and pointed at the gym. Several of THEM were trying to break down doors into it.

Jun slowly started to step away. “Run, hide, don’t get hurt, I GOT TO HIDE!” His thoughts were silent but he could envision all of THEM turning to him. Michio gripped his shirt and he dared not move.

“There must be people in there. But that is a large number of them. For once, it actually gives me pause. I can still feel that kind of fear? Or is it just annoyance?” He shook his head hard. “Never mind. You stay here, I am going to draw them away.”

He reached into the cooler and grabbed a bottle of soda. He poured a little bit out and then grabbed some of the dry ice with his bare hand and put into the bottle before closing the lid. Without a sound he ran over to side of the hill and hurled the bottle across the track field into the bleachers. The toss was over 40 meters away. He then ran further down the track next to a light pole. He grabbed a nearby cooler and hit the pole. Its ringing could be heard for quite a distance. What followed actually made Jun whiz just a little.

Michio opened his mouth wider than he seen anyone do before. What came from his mouth was a roar that chilled him to bone. THEY did not seem frightened by it, in fact they were all practically running towards him. Suddenly a loud bang echoed across the campus from the bleachers. The bottle just blew. THEY slowed down and started to head to the new sound. Most of them at least. A few still headed towards Michio, but he was silent in his exit. He walked by them as they grabbed the pole in a desperate manner.

One grabbed Michio. It took everything in Jun’s character not to throw up as Michio turned to IT and bit into ITS neck hard enough for the head to nearly come off. Michio continued to take a few bites before stopping, but ITS head already fell to the ground. Jun watched as the former girls head rolled a couple of yards, her hair covering her face as if it was a death shawl. He looked back at Michio, but Michio just stood there aghast while still holding her body. For the first time, he was visibly shaking in fear.

Jun knew Michio was not afraid of THEM. “By the Ancestors, did he just now realize why he is covered in so much blood?” Jun did not want to believe what he saw before, the way most of the blood was spread over Michio. But now there was no doubt. Michio was eating THEM…


Jun continued to stare at Michio. Even as They moved around right next to him, one even bumping into him, Michio did not move and continued to hold the body of the dead girl. Jun’s urge to run built up in him, “Oh shit, he froze on me, HE FROZE ON ME!”

His heart nearly leaped from his chest when a hand grabbed his shoulders. He couldn’t move but calmed when a smooth female voice whispered into his ears, “Come with me.” The hand started to pull him towards the gym. He allowed it to guide him, but stopped abruptly. Deep down, he knew he had to say something.

“We got to get Michio in too.” He hadn’t taken his eyes off him yet.

The grip eased up a little, but the voice had a bit of confusion with it, “Who? I just see THEM around. You are alone… What in God’s name is that?”

He finally turned to look at her. Akira, the famed archer and one of the famed athletes of the school was staring now at Michio. “Pretty…” crossed Jun’s mind but he forced himself back into reality as Akira aimed her bow and arrow at Michio. “DON’T!” he whispered.

She glanced at him but kept staring at Michio, “That Thing is obviously more dangerous than the others. I am not letting It near me.”

“Michio saved my life! He just saved yours by drawing Them all away! Don’t! Help me get him back!”

Akira looked at him. “That’s Michio?” Her faced showed barely controlled fear, anger, and confusion. But she was trained to control those emotions and was desperately trying to read the truth from Jun and the situation. Suddenly, her face became stoic and calm, and she quickly let loose an arrow.

Jun stared at her in shock. He slowly thought, “She didn’t…She just didn’t…” He slowly turned to look at Michio. Michio was looking at one Them with an arrow through its head. The Others nearby gathered around it. Michio then turned and looked at Jun and Akira. He gently put down the body he was holding and walked towards them. He did not make a single sound even as he reached them.

Before Jun could say a thing Akira walked up to Michio and grabbed him. He stared at her with those alien eyes as she checked his body for wounds, then checked his pulse and his breathe. Her eyes widen and her voice was soft when she said, “You are still alive… There is a pulse and breathe, if barely. What happened to you?”

Michio finally spoke, “Akira? That is you isn’t it. Reika talked about you. Reika…did not make it. I… I…need to rest and change my clothes.”

Akira pulled back from Michio. She did not know what to make of him. Jun oddly felt a little bit better, for here was a warrior just as scared of Michio as he was. Slowly, she guided the two of them back towards the gym where a few armed students and one teacher waited with gaping mouths of shock.


As everyone there stepped away from Michio, he turned to Jun and said in a soft voice, “Jun, tell them your story first. I am going to get my gym clothes and clean off a bit.” No one seemed to object as he looked like a nightmare covered in gore.

Michio quickly found his locker and grabbed his gym clothes. He went straight to the men’s showers and removed his uniform. So much blood was on it that they started to crinkle slightly when bent. Pieces of flesh were stuck here and there on it. After looking at them for a few seconds, he put it in the trash.

He thought the noise from the shower could attract them, but then thought they were well enough distracted. The water blasted his body as he scrubbed. It did not seem to be his own body. The skin felt alien. It was not dead skin, but it somehow felt thicker, scaly even. His nails were thicker and sharper. His muscles felt more tense and stronger. His stomach wanted more food, but he was craving protein shakes and vegetables again.

Then the image of the girl came into his head. He bit her head off. He stood motionless. Reika, Seiichi, that other girl, he ate their dead bodies. “What am I? WHAT AM I?”

A voice spoke out, “Don’t yell please. Not all of us can handle THEM with just our bare hands.”

Michio realized he knew someone was watching him for awhile, but he it didn’t concern him enough to truly notice. He turned to the teacher, who he now recognized as the male biology teacher. “Sorry, sensei Togoto.”

“Just Togoto. Michio, right? I think I had you a couple times. Jun told me his story, but I am really interested in yours.”

Michio took one deep breathe, and then told him from the beginning. Togoto listened, asked questions here and there, said he felt sympathized over his friends, and made Michio go all the way to where he first showed up outside the gym.

“That was an impressive roar you did. Well, Michio, I cannot tell you what you are. But I have a theory. THEY defy everything known about biology. However, they do seem to behave in a global biological manner, like a virus destroy the human ‘cells’ of the earth. Every now and then, due to the diverse genes of the population, one person is usually resistant to the virus. Once exposed, your body changed to face the virus head on. I guess you are like an antibody Michio. However, that is just theory. I do know one thing though. You are not a monster.”

For the first time since it all started, Michio felt a small smile of actual gladness cross his lips, but he wasn’t sure it actually manifested. He turned off the water and proceeded to go for his clothes. He stopped, “Wait, were watching me shower?”

Togoto shrugged, “I was checking out all what changed on you. Don’t worry though, except for the changes it is nothing I haven’t seen before. Also, I was checking for wounds, but now I know how you got exposed. I must warn our group not to bite THEM.”

Michio shrugged. It was hard for him to feel embarrassed anymore. He stopped to listen though before putting on his clothes. He wondered if THEY were nearby. Instead of hearing groans of the dead, he heard whispers of the living. Several people were waiting just outside.

Michio thought for a second and put on his shorts only. He moved silently towards the entrance to showers. Togoto was about to head out but paused wondering what Michio was up. The whispers could now be made out.

“What if he eats living flesh too?” “How do we know he isn’t one of THEM?” “He helped us, he helped Jun, we NEED him!”

Akira’s voice was not in the whispers but was the first person Michio saw. She was facing away from him. No one saw him until he was right behind her, and their whispers stopped as they gasped. Akira was confused to their reaction until Michio put his arms around her and whispered in her ear, “Brains…”

Akira jumped and tried to kick Michio away. It didn’t quite work as they both fell to the ground. Akira continued to struggle until she heard something she was not expecting. Michio was laughing. “You should have seen how far up you jumped…hehehe.”

Akira turned and faced Michio while sitting up. He was still on the ground softly laughing. Everyone stared at him. Michio stopped laughing and simply said, “Please don’t fear me. I got enough to deal with right now. We all do.”

Everyone started to look at each other in embarrassment. Akira spoke out, “Get back to your places. We need to figure out a new plan. The gym is not going to be safe for much longer.” Everyone started to head away and Togoto passed by with a nod. “Michio, Togoto approves of you, but know I am watching you.” She paused, as something she was sitting on seemed very hard and out of place.

Michio said in a calm manner, “Well, what do you know, it still works. However, I think it would be best if you got off me, Akira.” Her face was still beat red as she exited the room.


I finally got caught up here. This is chilling and funny at the same time. Nice job!