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I will continue with zombie story soon, but here is another idea inspired from a Torchwood episode in a way.

Story follows a 16 year old high school student female in Tokyo who starts having very odd dreams. She dreams of what seems to be a different world. She is a nice girl who has many friends, but lately she struggles with odd feelings of resentment and hatred at her friends. It is interfering with her life, but she loves her friends and will do anything to help them, so she starts to see a therapist.

She goes through a few, but for some reason they really can’t understand what is going on. Then a 28 year old foreigner shows up out of the blue and seems to be an expert of this condition. While she waits in his temporary office, she looks through some papers he has and notices odd stories of disappearances of several people. She is quick to note, the peoples birth dates are always in 4 year segments apart or the same year. When the therapist comes into the room, she notices everyone outside is unconscious. He says sorry, his arm becomes like a sword, and he tries to take her head off.

She screams and runs away. He gives chase. She runs faster than she could ever before, but this guy is unrelenting. Finally, he catches up, and struggle occurs, but just as the blade of his starts to cut her throat, she blacks out. She wakes up with police next to her, but unharmed.

The next day she starts hearing voices and an image of person who claims to want to help her. She is told she is very special, and that man must die. It was they who saved her. She starts to train to use strength she never knew she had to prepare to face the man again.

In truth, she discovers this soon enough, is that she is a planted agent of an invading species. A sleeper agent of incredible power is what she truly is and has been slowly placed into a position to strike Japan hard. The man is a sleeper agent whose conditioning got corrupted and is now fighting the alien invasion. He spared her life because she had a good chance of being ‘corrupted’ as well. Soon, she will have to face what she is and decide her own destiny.

(The sleeper agents are planted in four year intervals. That is why she noticed the papers so quickly, it is innate knowledge.)


Another good one Red. :slight_smile:


Akira looked out across the school yard towards the main building. Beyond the building she could see a few of the school buses lined up. Currently, she had Mr. Togoto, 5 male students, 4 female students, and it with her. It concerned her, but Reika always spoke well of him…“Reika…”

She whispered her friends name allowed. She had met the other male friend of hers before, but couldn’t remember the name. But now both are gone. Michio finished them off after they became Them. However, he did something unforgivable after. She shook her head violently before the image of a half eaten Reika could manifest.

She scanned the area for Them, but she could not see any. Right as she was about to call the others to prepare to head out, a hand not much above room temperature landed on her shoulder. “Damn him, I didn’t even hear him!” She turned and gave Michio a stare that would have even finished off one of Them.

He slightly reacted with a small glance of alarm, “Sorry, I should of said something. Most of Them are gone. I think They are following the sounds coming from the city, which there is a lot of. But, some remain, I think. At most twenty.”

“How can you tell?” The bluntness of her voice finally got him to release her shoulder.

“I just can.” Before she continued, he did, “Just as I can tell there students still alive in the main building. None in the administration building. I don’t know how many are in the main building though.”

Akira walked away from and went straight to the group. “Alright, listen. This is the plan. Michio is going to bait all the remaining Them away from the main building. We will go directly to the bus closest to the main gate.” She cringed as she spoke to one of the few people she hated more than Michio at the moment. “Bobby,” and she really hated his slang nick name, “you will have to hot wire the bus.”

Bobby nodded his head, “Yankee Bobby gots it in the bag, boss lady!” Yato, his friend, cheered him on.

Akira continued, “As we pass the main building, Togoto, please try to see if any is still in there. Call out for them to come with us. But, if you see any of Them, call out to Michio. Michio can catch up once everyone is in the bus.” Though the thought of leaving him came to mind.

Everyone seemed prepared. Michio grabbed two baseball bats and headed out first. He looked around and smelled the air, and paused to listen. Everyone started to creep out when Michio shouted in their direction, “I am going to shout to draw their attention. Don’t worry, they will come for me. But, Togoto, They chewed on the one I bit yesterday. Now there is a bunch of truly dead ones around the one I bit. I think I have something that disagrees with Them. Isn’t that odd?”

Akira saw Them coming from the main building and other locations. She did a quick count in her head. There were 18. “Damn, I wish that heartless bitch was here now.” Saeko Busujima was a rival, but damn good with a sword.

As they crept closer and closer to the main building, eighteen of Them started to circle Michio. Michio looked sad and shouted, “Alright, just don’t stain the clothes!” before charging the closest one…


Jun heard Togoto shout into the school for anyone to come out while they still could. The sounds of Michio’s bats swinging echoed across the front entrance way, but another sound drowned out the crowd. A fighter jet swept past the school in the blink of an eye. Jun slowly thought, “Maybe there is hope if we still have jets in the sky…”

Michio shouted, “Oh DAMN!” Jun and everyone turned to look at him. Michio’s shocked face screamed back at them, “I am FINE, look away real QUICK, It’s just WRONG!”

Of course, everyone looked where he was glancing. Everyone reacted in disgust as two of Them were naked. The male seemed to have bite marks on his face and chest. Jun suddenly remembered the events of last night and shuddered.

A few students actually emerged from the main building. Togoto checked them for injuries before getting the others to guide them to bus. The fight could still be heard with occasional yells from Michio.

Yato, still watching the fight, shouted to the group, “Heads UP!” Jun turned to see a head flying right at him. He ducked in the nick of time as it landed right behind him.

“I am not going whiz again, I am not going to whiz again,” Jun thought as a pair of hands grabbed him suddenly. Akira shoved him towards the bus. Jun realized it had gotten quiet. He looked back and saw Michio running towards them, and none of Them moving.

Akira stood still in slight surprise. But as Michio got closer, her eyes widen and she drew her bow. “You got bit!”

Michio looked at his left arm where there was a slight bite mark, “Yeah, it is already healing though. My skin is tougher than I thought, he really couldn’t get much into it.” He paused as Akira still kept the bow aimed at him, “Akira, it does not affect me. I am safe. Akira!” She still had the bow pointed at him when the bus roared to life.

Bobby’s voice ranged out for them to come on. Togoto called out as well, “We got three others with us now, come on!”

Akira lowered the bow and ran towards the bus. Michio caught up to Jun and asked, “Do I have much blood on me?” Jun looked him over and nodded no, but he could tell Michio was upset.

None noticed that Yato had been staring at Michio in awe the whole time. Nor did they notice he grabbed a piece of the head and ate it…


Nice Red! It’s going good!


Wow, Redshirt1. It’s really getting good, very suspenseful. I can’t wait to read what happens next and how it ends.

And I know he’s not a zombie but the one part totally made me thinkZombie Boner!


Meanwhile at a sealed off military base…

“THIS ENTIRE SITUATION IS FUBAR!” The colonel winced as the general on the phone roared at him. Across the world, chaos ruled. Only a few locations managed to form a true lock down, but it was near impossible to find out any information where.

This base happened to be a secret one used both by the U.S. military and the J.S.D.F. Its primary purpose was to test new water and air surveillance drones. For the first time, Colonel Odel was glad of the isolation the small island provided.

The Japanese general had started giving orders to the base once contact was reached with the main land. Odel had already sent out several drones to monitor the cities, but what he saw only seemed to confirm that it was the end of the world. However, what little information his few drones could find was instantly linked to the general. Even the news that one of the check points had failed.

“Even if those idiots haven’t turned into Them, I AM GOING TO BLOW THEIR HEADS OFF FOR THIS!” The general growled to himself a bit more, but then calmly said, “Sorry, colonel, keep up your watch. We have got to survive this, and your information is key.”

“Yes, General. Sir, any word from Okinawa?”

“Communications with the American bases have been sketchy. I know you are worried, but please know your service to us right now is most appreciated.”

“Thank you, General.” The general hung up before Odel could say anything else.

One of his men’s voices suddenly called out, “What in the… SIR! You have got to SEE THIS!”

Odel ran to the screen of the high observational drone. It was currently zoomed in on a high school. Bodies could be seen everywhere, which was not new, but one brave person was fighting off a bunch of Them with two bats. Odel felt sorry for the doomed bastard, but then realized why he was called.

He did not look human, but he wasn’t one of Them. His swings were the not most precise in the world, but he was sending Them into the air, nearly smashing one flat, his strength was unreal. He knocked one head clean off and for quite a distance, where he saw living survivors. One of Them latched on to his left arm. He dropped the bat in the right, reached over, and slowly crushed Its skull with his right head. It did not seem to do much damage to him.

“That thing is protecting the others…Oh the General hung up way too soon…Get him back on the line NOW!”. Odel was not sure what he just found, but he knew one attribute definitely applied, IMPORTANT.


Going great! Can’t wait for more!


Bobby surprised everyone as he demonstrated he knew how to drive the boss. The only comment he made as they left they left the high school was, “Why do think I got my first suspension, Yee-Haa!”

Jun looked around. There was Togoto, Akira, five other male students not including him and Michio, and six female students. Fifteen people in total. “Fifteen out of how many?” Just about everyone was sitting quietly, lost in their own thoughts and fears. The silence was broken when Bobby asked where they should head.

Togoto answered, “Head for the closest bridge, we need to leave this area.”

Michio quickly called out, “No! That is where everyone is heading. THEY are heading that way as well. It would be a trap. Is there another way to cross the river? Also, should we not check whose families live on this side first?”

Akira turned to Michio with a furious face, “This is hard on everyone, You, but our survival takes precedent over everything! We can’t afford to take the time to check on everyone’s family! We need to get to safety first before we can even consider anything else. We need to cross that bridge before it truly becomes a trap.”

Michio looked at her with cold eyes, “It is already a trap.”

“How the hell do you know that? You don’t know! Stop scaring everyone with that non sense talk of yours. We still have a reason to be afraid, unlike you, FREAK!”

Jun noticed that most people kept away from Michio. The three new ones definitely were afraid of him. However, he never thought that Akira, beautiful and powerful Akira, would hate him. It was just like watching his dad and mom fight.

Michio looked at her with disappointment. They continued to look at each other when Michio’s face became perplexed and he sniffed the air with a large inhale. His face went into shock as he spun around shouting, “What the hell did you do YATO!”

Jun turned towards Yato and felt the fear creep into him. Yato had silently coughed up some blood, and was not looking very well. He gave a weak smile before saying, “I thought I could be like you.”

Akira surprised said, “But he wasn’t bitten! How did he get infected?”

Michio answered as he got right next to Yato, “You ate a part of Them, didn’t you? IDIOT, I got INFECTED by biting one of them! This…” he pointed at himself, “Is a side affect of being infected, not HOW I got infected.”

Everyone began moving away from Yato. He shuddered and coughed a bit more blood, “Yeah, it was stupid. Please, just make it quick.”

Michio sighed, “I am not going to bash your head Yato. Let me try something, it seems to make it less painful.” Michio opened his mouth and prepared to bite Yato.

“Do that and I will put an arrow through your head,” Akira’s voice was cold and she already managed to have her bow and arrow drawn.

Michio raised an eyebrow, “So you would rather me smash his head?”

“You are not biting anyone! How the hell do we know we are not next on the menu!”

Jun shouted, “For HEAVEN’s sake Akira, SHUT THE HELL UP! Yato is in pain, let MICHIO HELP! Michio is FRIEND!”

Akira turned towards Jun in shock. He didn’t blame her, for he had already turned beat red in embarrassment. She didn’t lower her bow, but seemed to calm down. “Can you do anything without biting him?”

Michio paused for a moment, and then bit his own hand. Dark blood slowly dripped from his wound. “Drink it.”

Yato groaned in pain but still managed a look of disgust. However, he slowly took the hand and lapped up the blood. Michio pulled his hand away after Yato stopped.

Yato continued to shake and tremble, groan in pain. His skin started to change color, then he stopped moving. Everyone held their breath, and jumped when Yato spoke, “I don’t feel that bad anymore…just really tired.” He curled up as if to sleep, but he did not move afterwords.

Everyone was silent until Michio spoke, “He’s dead. He will not turn into one of Them. If They eat on him, They will truly die as well. If we get surrounded, Yato can still save us.”

Bobby had stopped the bus earlier. He started to shake with rage, “HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT? We are not feeding Yato to THEM! The only reason I am not killing you now is because you helped him. BUT YOU BETTER WATCH YOURSELF!” Tears flowed from Bobby’s face as he stared at his now permanently slumbering friend.

Hiroto, one of the girls that came out of the main building, spoke up. “We are not far from the middle school, can we check there? My sister is there.” Her question and voice came out of no where and broke the spell that had taken the bus. Akira took Bobby back the drivers seat as Michio placed Yato’s body in the back. The bus started to head towards the middle school.

Togoto went to Michio and asked, “Have you bitten anyone not infected?”

Michio seemed surprised by the question, “No! Of course not!”

Togoto back peddled, “I am not concerned about you attacking us, I was wondering how your bite or blood would affect us if we weren’t infected.”

Michio paused and thought. Jun who was listening, spoke out, “I will try it. I am tired of being afraid, so if drinking his blood means I can’t turn into one of them, I am willing to try. And if I die from it, at least it won’t be painful.”

Michio’s hand had almost healed completely, but there were still a few drops of blood coming out. However, as Jun approached, he drew his hand away. “Jun, I really don’t know if this is a good idea or not. Shouldn’t we go to a lab or something or do tests?”

Togoto answered, “There are no labs sophisticated enough around here except at the hospitals. We do not want to go those.” He shuddered slightly. “Jun, you know the risks, are you really ready to be a test subject?”

Togoto seemed all to eager to watch Jun drink Michio’s blood, but Jan wasn’t concerned. Something told him he would be safe. He reached out and grabbed Michio’s hand and sucked on the last wound. The taste of his blood was different, not bad or good, but just different. He took three good swallows, and pulled away. Michio was in shock at Jun’s action, and Akira could be heard, “What the HELL ARE YOU DOING!”

Everyone was now staring at Jun. A few minutes passed, and slowly he felt something. It felt familiar, but it was painful. Pain started to jab his sides and he scrunched down. “No, NO! It was not supposed to be painful if I died!” he thought as the pain hit him again. As everyone stood back in terror, the sound of gas escaping and Jun’s sudden relieved look took a moment for them to process. Jun turned red again as he realized what was making him hurt…

Laughter broke out for the first time in awhile. Michio spoke out, “We will be near the middle school soon. I will head out, I suggest Akira, Hiroto, Togoto, and Jun come with me. Everyone else, be quiet and stay on the bus.” He leaned over to Jun, “If you are done with the farts, are you ready? How are you feeling?”

“I am feeling fine.” Jun now realized that he drank Michio’s blood for nothing. It did not seem to have any affect.

As they pulled up to the middle school, the gang left the bus. Jun did not notice that Togoto was eying him all the way towards the main gate…


Michio made everyone pause near the front of the building. Nothing moving was in sight. He listened and took a deep breathe through his nose. After a moments pause, he finally spoke, “There are a few of Them still here, but not many. I can’t tell if any one is still alive. Hiroto, what would your sister do; hide or run from here?”

Hiroto looked down to the ground and whispered, “My sister and I are used to hiding. Our dad…is not the best dad.”

Michio approached her. Akira grew cautious as he approached, but was surprised as everyone else when he sniffed her. Hiroto gave him an odd look, but he only replied, “It is worth a shot. I will see if I can sniff her out in there. You guys, stay out here.”

Michio ran into the building without a second glance. Jun started to move towards the building when Togoto grabbed him by the shoulder, “Do you really want to go into those narrow corridors when the corpses of 8-13 year old children are going to try to kill you?”

Jun stopped immediately. The vision of being attacked by children was almost to much to bear. “You are right, teacher.”

Togoto looked him over, “Still feeling alright? No odd side effects from earlier?”

Jun looked at and gave a slight smile, “I can’t get the nasty taste out of my mouth, but other than that, no.” It might have been Jun’s imagination, but Togoto seemed disappointed.

A girl’s scream echoed from the building. The sheer terror almost made Jun and Akira bolt in without thinking. Togoto stopped them, “That scream will attract THEM, stay out here and help when the get out! Don’t get trapped in there.”

The girls voice kept shouting, “LET ME GO! LET MEE GOOOO! NOOOOOO! AAAHHH…”

He sudden silence made everyone pause, except Hiroto. Her eyes widen as she stepped towards the school, “That is Maya, Maya!”

Akira grabbed her before she could go in. THEY could be heard going through the corridors, the moans echoing from the broken windows. Until now, Jun overlooked the bodies strewed across the area, but now the bodies of kids gave him a terrible foreboding feeling.

Glass shattered from a window two stories up. A 12 year old girl was clinging to Michio as he began to lower her from the window. He shouted, “There were a lot more than I thought! Catch her!” Togoto and Akira ran towards them, but the window below burst open with THEM pouring out, ready to catch Maya instead.

“Oh SHIT! Maya, back up!” Michio pulled her up right as one nearly grabbed her leg. He darted back inside with Maya, roaring a challenge. Hiroto started to shake in fear.

“No, Maya is surrounded in there, Maya, MAYA!”

A couple of THEM turned towards the three outside. Jun could not believe how young they were, yet slowly They started heading towards them with gaping, hungry jaws. Jun was wise enough to have one of Michio’s bats, Togoto had the other. But how was he going to smash a kids skull?

As one got closer and closer, an arrow pierced its head before Jun had to act. The Others stopped as the it made an odd sound as it fell. Jun and Togoto used that moment to strike. Jun backed off after disposing of two of Them, but only then did he realized what he down. Jun started to shake, and once again nearly died of fright when a hand grabbed him. Akira’s voice was smooth in his ear, “Calm down. It had to be done, and I need you soldier.”

Jun looked at her. “She is so hot…” he thought. He would fight for her, for Hiroto, for everyone! He turned back towards the school in time to see the front doors burst open by a few of Them.

What was behind them made Jun’s heart freeze. Michio was smashing Them left and right with kicks, punches, bites, anything. He was more than a match for them, but he was not alone. He was frantic, doing everything possible to keep Maya out of reach and getting her towards safety, yet Maya kept screaming drawing their attention to her. Jun heard Hiroto’s scream as one managed to bite Maya’s leg. That one had its head removed by Michio, but it was too late.

“No, no, it can’t be happening!” Michio still fought them off like a rabid dog, seething with rage. Akira shouted at the others, “LEAVE NOW! There is nothing we can do.”

Maya finally got into a safe position, but she was crying. Jun’s heart broke as he watched her try to rub away the blood on her leg. Michio managed to get a moments pause from Their attack, in which he turned and bit Maya on the shoulder. She screamed in horror.

Hiroto screamed, “NNOOOO!” As Akira let loose an arrow. It struck Michio in his leg, the head breaking out the other side.

Akira grabbed Hiroto as Togoto grabbed Jun. Akira must have been shouting the whole time, for some of Them were chasing after the group, but Jun wasn’t listening. “What just happened?” The last sight he saw of Michio and Maya was Michio wounded and surrounded by Them and Maya drifting to what appeared to be sleep…


:woohoo: That’s some good stuff, Red!


Akira shoved the wailing Hiroto onto the bus with Jun and Togoto coming up right behind. Bobby looked confused, but Akira shouted, “Drive away, NOW!” The site of several Them coming up behind convinced him to move it.

As the school got more distant, one person asked, “Hey, where is…that guy?”

Akira let two of the female students try to comfort Hiroto. She turned to the one who asked and flatly said, “He showed his true nature after failing to save Hiroto’s sister. We won’t be seeing him again.”

Everyone went silent. Bobby smiled lightly, but Jun can tell everyone was had mix feelings. Sure Michio was freaky as hell, but he was an ultimate weapon against Them. Now, he is gone.

Jun went up to Akira after she sat down, “He might still be alive. And who knows, maybe Maya didn’t die?”

Akira turned towards him, “Do NOT say that to Hiroto. It would be better for Maya to be dead than be like that freak. Even if he survived, he won’t be a danger to us anymore.” She shouted towards the front, “Bobby, get us to that bridge now! It is too dangerous to try to find family. We just learned that the hard way.”

Jun looked over to Hiroto and watched her cry some more. He was powerless to help her. Togoto seemed upset, but he was keeping to himself.

As they got onto the main highway towards the bridge, it quickly became evident that something was not right. Akira was the first to speak out, “Well, the son of a bitch was right. Everyone is going that way. And I can see a few people fighting Them. Soon, that whole area of road will be a death trap. We can’t go that way.”

Bobby stopped the bus. Everyone started to think of what to do next. One guy, Yuki, finally spoke out, “What about the boats and the fishing dock? It is a bit far from here, but it has boats to get us across the water, and I doubt They can handle the current at the bottom of the river.”

Akira looked at him, “Your right. Your father works at those docks right? Not many people would think of using those. Yuki, guide Bobby there.”

The bus turned around and they drove for a ways. Then, a sound they did not expect drove a spike of anxiety into all of them. The engine died in a very loud sputter.

Bobby spoke quickly, “Holy Hell! The gas gauge is broken! No wonder it didn’t go below half tank already!”

Akira was quick to take charge. They abandoned the bus. They quickly walked, not run, towards the docks. She kept making sure everyone stayed quiet. The process was slow. Each time one of Them appeared, the whole group froze. Akira slowly crept up to It and either smashed it with her bow or shot an arrow. She managed to retrieve most arrows, but she was down to very few left. Though it was only about 4 miles from their position, it took almost an hour for each mile dodging Them and sometimes other groups of people. Each time they saw others, Akira’s response was the same, “They are way to noisy and dangerous. We are out for ourselves now.”

One mile from the docks, there was another group of Them. Akira went up next to Jun and whispered to him, “I can’t use arrows on three of them. You and I need to get close enough and smash them before too much noise is made. Can you handle it?”

Jun nodded. The fear griped him like before, but now he decided to ignore it. He had to step up, Michio was not there. “Michio, please still be alive.” Why he thought that he did not know, but slowly he and Akira approached Them. Only a couple feet away, Jun stepped on something that crinkled. All three of Them turned to him at once and opened their mouths.

Jun swung his bat hard, twice. Blood splatter reigned on him twice, and then a third time from Akira’s swing. Akira quickly looked around, then waved the others to come on. “I did it! I did it!” Jun felt pride he never knew before. Even Akira smiled at him. He walked behind her feeling very pleased. He looked at his hand where some blood and other material had landed.

He stopped himself right before he even moved to start. “What the hell?” He nearly was about to lick and suck it off. For some reason, he had the gut instinct to lick and clean it off that way. He had always been squeamish with blood. He quickly wiped off his hand on his shirt. He did not notice Togoto’s pleased expression as he wondered what got over him…


They finally reached the dock. Akira looked it over and made everyone stop. “Well, good news and bad news. It seems there are a couple boats left, though they are small row boats. I see a few dead bodies, looks like some people were trampled. I also see about three of Them. It is starting to get dark, we are hungry, but I see the other side of the river’s docks have a light on. Perhaps there is safe haven there?”

She quickly got everyone into groups per boat. “Jun, you and I will clear Them. Everyone else, get to the boat I pointed out for your group. Now, if the boats are too full, who is going to stay behind and wait for the return trip?”

Yuki and Bobby volunteered. Jun was shocked to see Hiroto volunteer. All she said was, “I owe them. Besides, I have nothing to lose now.” Jun saw Hiroto’s heart and soul were broken.

They quickly sneaked into the dock area. One loose arrow and a couple smashes latter, three boats were filled to beyond their capacity. Yuki, Bobby, Hiroto, Jun, Akira, and Togoto could not fit in.

The three boats rowed towards the shore on the other side. Akira waited in silence as they neared the other side. To her surprise, a person came out from the other dock. However, he was carrying a rifle. A sense of dread crept up her spine as he started shouting at the boats, “GO BACK! YOU ARE NOT BRINGING IT OVER HERE! I WILL SHOOT YOU! GO BACK NOW!”

The boats pressed harder to get to the other side. Akira knew why. She could hear his shouts well over from where she was, and now she heard Them heading towards her position. “That damn fool!”

She nearly screamed when he aimed his gun at a boat. Out of no where, another man showed up and punched the first man down to the ground. He seemed to give him a few good words before approaching the landing boats with the gun. Akira could see the man checking each student carefully for wounds or bites before letting them towards the docks. Akira finally saw that the docks on that side had a draw bridge, making it a fairly safe location to be.

“Alright, only one or two will have to row back to us, we will be safe in there for sure.” Akira was very pleased until Jun came up to her with his face full of concern.

“Akira, we got lots of bad company.”

She turned to see many of Them pouring into the docks on their side. “Up, quickly!” They were moving quickly and already had the dock area surrounded. Yuki jumped into the river and started to swim, but a few of Them gave chase. She did not watch to see the results. The river flowed very fast and was quite wide, it was not safe to swim in.

Bobby and Hiroto both grabbed oars while Togoto got a steel pipe. They quickly formed a half circle and moved towards the stairs at the end of the dock they were on. Their goal was to climb up the ladder in the boat hangar nearby. However, it was already blocked off.

“Alright, fight our way through!” Akira cried as she charged out and smashed One. The others joined in. She kept swinging and swinging, trying to get closer to the ladder. She saw out of the side of her eye Bobby being grabbed. He struck one, but another bit into his neck, and soon more were upon him. Blood sprayed all around him as he screamed.

They did not pause. The ladder was nearly in reach. Togoto got to it first and started to go up. He paused and reached his hand out to Hiroto. She grabbed it, but was yanked back by one of Them. It sank its teeth into her side as she screamed in pain. Jun yelled and crushed It. Another was right beside and grabbed Jun. Akira gasped in horror as Jun bit into its arm to break the grip. He continued to bash Them protecting Hiroto, but it was too late for both of them now.

Akira ran to the ladder, but Togoto was already forced to go up beyond reach. They charged her. She swung her bow taking a few out, but One grabbed the bow and it snapped. She pulled her last arrow and stabbed It in the face. She was grabbed from behind and felt a sharp pain on her shoulder. “GOD IT HURTS!” crossed her mind as one tour a chunk out of her shoulder.

She slammed her arrow into that ones face, but the arrow got stuck. She dropped to the ground as more surrounded her. “Not like this, Not LIKE THIS!” Akira looked for anything she could smash her own head with, but the pain was already setting in. A gush of wind crossed her back, and the Ones around her fell as something heavy knocked them down. Two roars, both frighting and one familiar, filled her ears. Two shadows ripped into Them with frighting speed. Her vision was failing, her thinking was unclear, but before blackness took her, she felt a sharp bite on her other shoulder…


Really great Redshirt!


“I’m in Hell.” That was the first articulate thought to cross Akira’s mind. All there was before it was pain. Her body felt like it was being eaten from the inside out. The pain was so sharp, her mind would not dare become conscience. Oddly, it felt like she was eating as well, biting back at the things that were attacking her. But all was darkness, pain, and suffering. “I’m in Hell.”

She moved her body, becoming aware that she was lying on some sort of mat with a sheet of some sort over her. She breathed in through her nose, and the scents were so acute she coughed in surprise. The sent of death was prevalent, but so many others came in it confused her mind to some degree. However, already she could tell her mind was not working like it used too.

A young girl’s voice called out, “Husband! Akira is truly waking up! Should I get her change of clothes now?”

Machio’s voice answered from a bit of distance, “Maya, I have told you as well as your sister, Stop calling me Husband! You are only 12.”

“So? When I am 16 I am claiming you! How else can I repay my savior?”

Machio’s sigh could be heard clearly, even though Akira could just Tell he was quite a distance away. His voice came clearly, “Go ahead and get Akira’s clothes. Hiroto can help after she is done washing in the river.”

Akira opened her eyes. Maya was standing right next to her peering down. Akira knew it was Maya, but she did not look like Maya. She was just like Machio; her skin had turn an odd gray, not sickly but different. Her pupils were darker than usual, her irises white, and the whites of her eyes now gray. Her hair had started to change color at the roots and her nails were thicker and much sharper. She had a very wide grin when she spoke, “There is a store nearby. Jun is keeping watch over it, but I can go grab some clothes for you. I took you measurements while you slept after…” she stopped as if she said something wrong. “Uh, Impressive measurements! What type of clothes do you want?”

Akira just stared at Maya. She left Maya to be consumed by Them. She shot Michio so that he could not follow. Now, Maya was standing in front of her, but she was like Michio. As the guilt she refused to feel started to creep up on her, she simply spoke, “Get me some simple skirts, knee to mid calf length, some running and walking shoes with ankle high socks, and some simple shirts. Oh, sport bra and panties, I think we got a lot of walking and running to do.”

Maya nodded and ran off in a dash. Hiroto’s voice called from a distance, “Be careful, Maya! You are not invincible.”

Akira slowly got up. She reached out to grab a cup of water placed near her. She couldn’t gasp, the body did not react in that way, but she wanted too. However, she seemed to already know. Her hand was gray where blood was not covering it. Her nails were now thick and very sharp. She was now like Michio as well. She hated him, hated him for doing what he did to Reika, hated him for being such a danger to the real survivors. And now, what exactly is she?

The back of her mind tracked him as he approached, slipped very quietly up the balcony to her, and sit down on the railing watching her. She spoke first, “Did you bite me Michio?”

“No, that was Maya. I tried to save Bobby first, but it was too late. However, he did not turn into one of Them.”

“Would you have bit me to save me?”

“Be glad I didn’t have to make that choice. I could kid that the arrow just hurt, and IT really Hurt, but the fact of what you did does not merit any joke. However, the mere fact you are walking my shoes now seems to be to extreme of a punishment, so I will not judge you any further. Hiroto is done washing, so you can go do the same. I will not look. Don’t worry about in the dock, I will finish cleaning that soon. Togoto is with Jun in the nearby shop.” He turned to go away.

“Michio! Wait.” He paused. Akira closed her eyes, but the feeling would not leave her until she said it, “I was wrong. I am sorry, so very sorry, for ever thinking evil of you. And… forgive me.” The tears that should be there did not come, however, Michio seemed surprised.

“I would like to hold a grudge a bit longer, that way a friend of mine can claim first dibs. Apparently I am taken. Tomorrow, I will forgiven you by then.” He jumped down without making a noise.

Akira got off the balcony and headed towards the river. Hiroto was there, her skin gray yet healthy looking, and she already had a set of new clothes. Akira nodded to her and looked around. The dock on the other side of the river had its shutters closed, but she could tell several living people were holding up there. The natural moat served excellent protection. She heard a vehicle crossing the river, but it was to far away to see. Michio was not watching.

Akira peeled off her blood and gore covered uniform. No one mentioned it. However, Akira knew what happened. After Jun, Hiroto, and herself began to change, they needed to feed to fuel that change. What they needed to eat was Them, just as Michio did. Michio watched over them, removed and cleared the chewed up corpses, so when they came too, the sight would not shock them. He probably did the same for Maya, as she was wearing different clothing. Akira did not know if Hiroto knew what really happened, but she won’t tell her. She only began to wash the blood from her body, knowing that she can never wash it from her soul. She was going to have to live with it. A thought crossed her mind, Michio was Christain, wasn’t he? A saying of theirs was, “Judge not least ye be judged.”

Michio heard Akira’s laughter. It was a funny ha ha laugh, but it was very odd to hear. “Akira?” he called to her without looking.

Akira called back, “Something I found ironic, but I am fine.”

Michio shrugged and moved the corpse to a spot next to the others. He will set them aflame soon. Hiroto came up next to him without making a sound. She latched onto his arm and leaned against him.

“How can I thank you for saving my sister?”

“It was nothing anyone else wouldn’t have done in the same position. Maya is a good girl. Though, can you please get her to knock off the husband talk?”

Hiroto laughed, “It will not work. She has always been more forceful than me. However, I think I can get her to share with her big sister.” She pulled him down slightly and gently nibbled his ear. Michio froze in place. “Ooohhh, there is something that can still unnerve you, hehe. I will go make sure that Maya is not getting Akira stripper clothes.”

She was off in a flash, leaving Michio wondering about many things. He tried not too, but the future was in very much doubt. “Can we even have children?” Various things threatened to cloud his mind, but he shook them out and went back to work. “What is that humming sound though?”

The drone a mile high up finally found its target again. And now it reported there were more.


Finally!!! Someone has the sense to get a sports bra. Really good Red.


And another cliffhanger! Good stuff Red! :slight_smile:


Maya looked over the skirts in the isle. She knew Akira said to get knee to half calf in length, but all of these looked so cute to her that she bet Akira wouldn’t mind the short length. Just as she was about to grab the really frilly one for laughs, she sensed, with senses she didn’t realize just how acute they were, that Hiroto was coming up behind her. Her older sister’s voice was very clear but quiet, “Maya, the clothes we chose are going to have to last awhile. This place isn’t very safe. Let’s get Akira some workable skirts and maybe even pants.”

Maya sighed, “Pants aren’t cute.”

“They can be sexy though.” Maya turned to her sister with a bit of shock, but Hiroto had already gotten close enough to pick up from behind. She hugged her sister gently but in a way that she couldn’t get free easily. Plus, she wasn’t letting go. In fact, she was shaking slightly.

“Sister?” Maya was confused.

“Maya, I was so scared. I saw one bit you, and…and…” she hugged a little tighter, “I am never going to leave you again. Promise me you won’t leave me? Promise!”

Maya wiggled enough to turn around and hug her sister back. After awhile, Hiroto let go, but Maya asked, “Why were you shaking?”

“Oh, little sister, I don’t think we can really cry anymore.”

Maya looked herself over again before saying, “Well, that’s stupid. I should be able to cry if I want too.”

As Akira got out of the river, Hiroto and Maya were waiting for her. They already had a reasonable selection of clothes for her, though they also had some surprising pieces. “I wouldn’t wear that bra even if I wasn’t a mutated zombie eater.”

Maya laughed and Hiroto said, “Don’t say that, I bet you still would get the guys hot if you wore it. And we need to come up with a better name than mutated zombie eater for ourselves.” Akira shrugged and headed towards the shopping area. She found it odd how quiet the area was, but she realized this place had no real defense to it. All of Them already scared or took care of the survivors and moved on. Oddly, They did not seem interested in this area now. The smell of burning flesh caught her nose as she turned towards the docks. A huge fire had started, and Michio’s shadow could be seen in front of it.

When Akira entered the store, Jun was near the entrance holding a steel bat. His eyes widen as Akira approached and he made a big grin, “Hey Akira, I am really happy to see you back up and about. Are you feeling okay? There are some dried fruits and trail mix here from the sports area if you are hungry. I must say, that outfit on you looks great.”

He had changed as well. Not only in appearance, but Akira could tell Jun was much more sure of himself. He talked to her without turning away, he smiled, and he just carried himself with much more confidence. When she first saw him, he was pissing on himself. Then he was fighting right next to her. And now, if They could feel fear, they would of him. “I am fine, Jun, thanks for asking.”

“Uh, have you talked to Michio yet? Is he still mad about…earlier?” Jun had the slightest bit of hesitation in asking the question. It hit Akira like a ton of bricks; Jun liked her. Jun really liked her, yet he feared that she would go for Michio.

She thought to herself, “So that is what he meant, he will forgive me tomorrow to give a friend a chance.” She made a small scowl and said, “We talked a little, and yes, he won’t forgive me.”

Jun flared his nostrils, “I can see why he is mad, but he needs to let it go. You had your reasons, I understand. He should treat you better than this! I will go and have…” Akira placed her finger on his lips.

“I don’t think he is that mad. But I am happy to see you acting the knight in shining armor, ready to fight for my honor. Jun, you have become such a man in the short time I have known you, don’t think I haven’t notice.” Jun’s face turned darker, which Akira realized meant he was blushing a great deal. Maya’s laughter could be heard further in the store.


Another great installment Red! I can’t wait to see how it ends.


Maya was sitting on one of the displays next to Togoto. He was eating a nutrition bar while watching Akira and Jun talk. Hiroto went off in the store by herself. However, Maya could still track her, and she knew nothing else was in the store, even on the second floor. She really liked being able to tell that. Togoto’s intensity in watching the others finally got her interest. “What’s up, Sister’s Teacher?”

He slightly jolted by the suddenness of the question, but he quickly replied, “Just curious, Maya. The changes you all went through; it is very fascinating. I was curious on how it would affect certain behaviors, though I now see it does not seem to affect one aspect of being human teens.”

Maya looked over to the other two. “You mean they still have sex on their minds?”

Togoto winced slightly, “Maya, you are a bit young for that type of talk.”

“Hey! I am almost a ‘teen’. And when I am sixteen, I am claiming Michio, in every way. Though I might let my sister break him in for me, if she keeps being nice to me.”

Togoto, for the first time he could ever recall, didn’t know what to think or say. He settled for a small sigh before looking back towards the now lightly kissing couple.

Maya’s voice entered his ears, “Even though my skin is different than it was before, do you think I can still be sexy?” Togoto began to pound his head a little against one of the upright displays.

Michio entered the store after making sure the bonfire was going to do its job. It was going to be a long day, but he told Togoto that he did not like moving out in daylight. He no longer feared Them, but if survivors saw them, there could be a bad misunderstanding. It was best to move at night.

Michio used his senses to find everyone. Togoto was taking a nap in the furniture department. Maya was nearby him. Akira and Jun were in the sports area, and … His face began to blush at what he thought he might be hearing. He knew she was already there, so he turned to Hiroto.

“Are those two…” he asked.

Hiroto gave a mischievous smile, “Let’s give them some alone time. It was a very stressful night, and in many ways this is a stressful day.” She stretched out, revealing that she was not wearing any underwear though still keeping certain parts out of sight. “I have some very sore muscles still. Care to help me?”

Michio had to be careful not to bite his tongue too hard. After a quick smell to make sure his noise wasn’t bleeding, he answered, “I bet the health area has massagers. We can check it out.” She playfully rolled her eyes but grabbed his arm as they walked towards the health area.

There were not any massagers. However, there were some heat pads and some pain ointments. “This should help you, Hiroto,” Michio said as he handed the cream.

“Michio, there is no need to be so cold. We are in this situation together as a team. We need to count on each other. I need to trust you to put this ointment on me where it hurts.”

Michio raised an eyebrow, “Where does it hurt?”

Hiroto leaned close to him and whispered in his ear, “My neck and shoulders are pretty painful right now. Back has a kink too.”

Michio laughed. Hiroto’s light teasing finally got him to relax. She lay down on her belly on top a display stand as Michio began to get some ointment on his hands. “Say, Hiroto, have you talked to your sister yet? She is a good girl, a good sister, but how she talks is a bit much.”

He began to massage her neck and shoulders. He could trace the muscles so accurately now, it was easy to feel which ones were in knots. He worked them out but not too roughly. Hiroto slowly started to squirm against the display. She answered back, “As I said, I doubt I can talk with her about it. But don’t worry, she gets over crushes quickly. You will be big bro soon enough. However, if you keep this up, it will be brother-in-law, ooohhh you are good at this!”

She reached out and grabbed his leg for support. As he worked his way down her back, she slowly began rubbing his leg. Soon, he said, “Hiroto, can you stop that? It is very distracting.”

“Why are you so distracted…OH!” Her hand slipped and bumped another part of his body. She quickly got up off the display. “Sorry, I didn’t realize what I was doing.”

Michio wiggled to hide himself, “It’s okay, Hiroto. Having a beautiful girl rubbing his leg will do that to a man.” He sat down on the display to cross his legs. Before he could so, Hiroto turned her back to him and sat down in a certain way to keep him from moving. “Hiroto…that is not helping…”

“You think I am beautiful?” She turned her head to face him, and Michio did not stop himself from kissing her. Their bodies began to move on their own…

Maya was bored. Both pairs of teens were resting after their “repopulation plan A practice” as Togoto put it. She listened and said out loud, “They all are really zonked out.” She looked over at the sleeping Togoto. “This sucks.” Being bored was not something Maya expected to occur today. It was starting to get dark out, and she knew soon the others will wake up.

A sound got her attention. A car came up to the store. There were five people, four adults and one baby. They seemed scared but bravely headed to the store. Maya figured they were after supplies. She listened harder, but the sound of Them was still pretty far away. She slipped towards the incomers.

“Alright, be careful everyone. If you see one of Them, use the flashlight to signal the others. Stay quiet! Honey, stay here and watch out the store.” One man seemed to be leading. Two men, two women, and the baby were right at the entrance. They seemed to be two married couples that banded together. Maya thought the baby was cute.

“Don’t worry about Them, they are still pretty far off. Something across the river is making a lot of noise.” Maya’s voice made the group jump. Very quickly they shined their flash lights towards her. “Don’t be scared when you see me, I am here to help!” She stepped out from where she was hiding.

All of them gaped at her. Their shocked faces then went to fear and horror. Maya said in a calming voice, “Don’t be scared, I am definitely not one of Them! What do you guys need here…”

She stared as the lead man raised a hand pistol and pointed it at her. He closed his eyes as he began to pull the trigger.

A loud bang woke Togoto from his sleep…