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Hello @EternalFrost,

It appears that you are being impacted by the same issue as jrock-kodama mentioned above. I’m terribly sorry for the inconvenience to you. We are aware of the issue and are working on a site refresh that will permanently resolve this. Again, I wouldn’t want to over commit on a timeline, but we have made a lot of progress and are currently anticipating a fix in the next few months. In the interim, using a different mobile browser may resolve your issue. For instance, if you are using Safari, try using Google Chrome or Firefox. I hope that this helps to alleviate your issues. Thank you and have a great day!

Best regards,
Anime Network


Hi EternalFrost,

I plan to send you a private message to further address your issue.



hello i just got my new credit card and i have to update my card how do i do this thankyou


Depends on how you’re paying for it. The site itself uses PayPal, so goto your PayPal account and fix it there. If you used iOS, then I guess figure out how to update your info there.



I’ve forwarded this on to Admin, watch this thread for an update.


I’m having issues streaming using the online client. When I attempt to stream in my browser (Google Chrome Version 56.0.2924.87 on Windows 10, I get an error saying “Error Loading Media - File could not be played”). I didn’t have any problems streaming in my browser earlier, but as I’m on a work network, I tried streaming in my browser on my phone (Google Chrome on Android OS v. 6.0), and received an error “Setup timeout Error: Setup took longer than 30 seconds to complete”.

The issue occurred with two different titles (Tsukihime episode 6 Subbed, and You’re Under Arrest Episode 1 Dubbed).



Thank you for bringing this to our attention and we apologize for the inconvenience. We are currently looking into this on our end.


There is a problem with Amazon Web Services (S3), which is a web-based storage service, is currently experiencing problems. This is causing problems on the Anime Network and your ability to stream, we are aware of this issue and we thank you for your patience as this is all sorted out.


Hey, so every time I visit the site, it resets my watchlist. I have to log in every time I visit, or go to a new section, like Forum, or Show Library, which is already a bit annoying, but if I go to my watchlist, it only shows the first episode of a show as on my watchlist regardless of the fact that it added the entire show initially. This time I tried adding all of the episodes manually later, but the next time I visited, they were all gone and only the first episode is on my watchlist. I have to then go to the show page, which is ONLY accessible by clicking the header title, not the side thumbnail, or anywhere else the title is linked, and manually select the episode I want. After watching the episode, if I didn’t manually add each episode to my watch list before clicking on it yet again, I have to go back to the main page for the series and select the next episode because the “next episode” button on the player doesn’t show up for some reason and only episodes on my watchlist show up below the episode currently being streamed. What is going on? This is incredibly frustrating…



I will report this on Monday to Admin.


@Slowhand I just signed up a few days ago. I am also getting signed out every day (and often more than once a day). I will email support directly, but if you could also mention this to the admins that would be appreciated.


Will report first thing in the morning.

Thank you!


@Slowhand I’m never signed out of the forums, but there is a timer on the main site. Watched the K-On movie and was signed out when I tried to go back into my queue after the movie was done


Thanks @Series5Ranger
I’ll add you on the report.

Just to note: The Online Player & the forums are separate beasts, so being signed in to the forums doesn’t mean you’re signed into the OP. Although signing into the forums signs you into the Player, you will be timed out after 30 minutes.

However, if you’re watching the Player, you should remain signed in for the duration of watching.

So many things to remember…


I had started a free trial on this site earlier today, but I was dissatisfied, so I cancelled, but every time I tried to cancel the subscription on PayPal, I get the same error message: “No active subscriptions to were found.”

And it still says I’m “active”, but I cancelled the subscription. Could someone please fix this before the free trial is up?



I’ll report this to Admin first thing Monday morning.


Thank you.


Hi @TVLubber,

I’m sorry to hear that you ran into some issues while trying to cancel your account. Per your request, I have canceled your account out. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us at Thank you and have a great day!

Best regards,
Anime Network


There’s something going on with the forums. I keep getting a notification about getting the Anniversary badge. Here are some screenshots (awesome that I can copy and paste from the snipping tool!)


Yeah, there are over 800 of these badges over the last few days. There must have been some sort of update and it’s going back and giving them out for everyone’s past anniversaries. I seem to get 1 or 2 everyday.