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Got my 5th one today. Happy 2017 anniversary to everyone!


Okay, I like to use RSS feeds whenever possible, and Tumblr allows me to. This morning, I see Anime Network’s Tumblr has become some kind of car blog. Either AN lost their access to the account and everything that was once there is gone, or AN deleted it (forgetting to remove references to it from the site), and someone just took it.


Could you give me the address for that please @miquelfire

EDIT: Admin is checking into this

#310 in case you still need the link (it’s on the front page actually)



In my personal opinion, it’s not coming back. No official word yet though.

Official word: Anime Network tumbr account is no more.


They need to remove the link from the site at least.


You’re correct, could you link me to where this appears?


It might be in a master template that causes to appear on all pages however.


I just don’t see it there. I’m apparently not looking in the right place.

NEVER MIND, found it!



I heard back from Admin, they’re working on taking that down. Thanks for bringing it to our attention! :slight_smile:


I have a question regarding gift subscriptions: I recently purchased a gift subscription for 1 year, the price listed on the gift subscription page is $79.95, but I was charged $83.40 (which is the monthly gift subscription rate times 12). Was I overcharged, or should the price listed be $83.40?


@jerryl , I’ll get your question to Admin on Monday morning.


It seems the site is really broken now as currently, there’s no providers, and no news since June.

Side note: Seems we really need some clean up of the forums with effectively HiDive taking over what ANO did. Too many references to what is basically a dead service now.


It seems that you can only access the Providers page from the Main AN page and not from the forums. I’ll let them know that this is broken.

When they removed the “Watch” link at the top of the page, it broke some of the news links. They are aware of this and are working on it.

Thanks for pointing it out, though! I do miss things sometimes.


Actually I discovered yesterday you can access them from the forums. They might not show up at first, so just click Cable Providers on the providers page and they appear. I also had them appear completely a few times afterwards.

Of course you can just simply go to the homepage to save the fuss.


I see, yes that works, but it shouldn’t be that difficult.

Thanks for the work-around.


You’re welcome and yes it shouldn’t be that way but it at least confirms it’s not just a dead page, assuming of course it wasn’t just some mobile perk on my end.


Actually, I found the issue, my ad blocker has a rule that matches the filenames of the images because they have _300x250. in the name. EasyList has this rule.


Where do I go to get my old username back? I made an account here a while ago under my normal online username, but I forgot my password, and the email address I used to register is inactive because I hadn’t used it in years, and I called them up and they gave me a temporary password to reset my old email address’s password, but it won’t let me reset it.

Can you guys resurrect my old username and just let me switch the email address I registered with to one that I use now. I can tell you what the name of the email address I registered here with was and answer any security questions to prove its me?

The username is Zenigundam.



Send an email to

Tell them the old username, old email and give them the new email.

They should be able to reactivate your old account and put in the new email.

They are out of the office on the weekends, and usually have a bunch of emails to go through when they come in on Monday, but I’m sure they’ll get to it as soon as possible.

Thank you,

EDIT: Please see your PMs for the email address we have on record.