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Been awhile since I’ve been on due to IRL stuff, however, I wanted to know if there was a way to change the email my account was linked to?

I’ve looked in my preferences, and there doesn’t seem to be any way to change the email address.


Hey Coffee!

Been a while, hope all is well!
Just PM me your new email and I will apply it to your account.

Thank you,


My Anime Network Subscription is through iTunes, however, when it auto-renewed, I now get a message that my subscription has expired when I login on the website. I am still able to access content on my iPhone, but not on the web anymore. I have tried sending an email to both support and subscription (over a week ago) with no reply from either. Anyone else have (or had) a similar problem, or a way to get their attention?



Just recently Subscribed, having issues getting the JW player to work in Firefox 43.0.4, Whitelisted AN on my ad block software (uBlock Origin) and it still won’t play.

I’ve been using the Microsoft Edge Browser to access the site and everything works fine, So it’s an issue with Firefox, I don’t know if it’s because it’s not fully HTML 5.0 compliant, or there needs to be an an add on installed to allow JW player support.


What operating system are you using?


Windows 10 Pro (64-bit) Version 1511 Build 10586.36


Got it to work , Let me see if what I did on Happiness will work on Wasteland.

Update, it looks like I have to double click. Start it, and the click it again so it starts and loads up again. Let me clear my cache out and try it again to see if it’s a viable solution.


Thanks for the update Series5Ranger.
Yeah this is a known issue with playback through Firefox.


decide to give this site one more try and so far not working out. nothing but loading issues on everything i watch. wtf. also wont quit switching from premium and guest. i also keep getting logged out while trying to watch a show. was hoping thing would be better.


Sent you a PM @tonympinkstonqcom.

Thank you


I just signed up and wanted to watch No Game No Life dubbed but the dub episode links are not working. They redirect me back to the page with all the subtitled episodes rather than go to the video player.

I tested Infinite Stratos to be sure and those dub episode links do work so this seems to only be affecting No Game No Life to my knowledge.


The dubbed episodes of No Game, No Life don’t go live until Sunday, January 24.

Here’s a link to the Online Player schedule.


Thank you for the fast reply.


I get a “Error loading media: File could not be played” when trying to watch episodes for the followings shows:

Princess Resurrection
Divergence Eve
Samurai Girls
Hakuoki Season 3
Demon King Daimao
You’re Under Arrest Season 2
You’re Under Arrest Full Throttle
Rozen Maiden Season 1
Yozaruka Quartet

This message appears when using Microsoft Edge (Windows 10), if I try using Firefox (latest version) the episodes just don’t load.


Just an update on the solution for me. The episode loads then I click to stop it until The Anime Network overlay comes up. Then I click to load it and the episode plays fine for me in Firefox 43.0.4. It won’t play until that overlay comes up and then I click it to play…


i have windows ten, google, ff, and a few other browsers. that list above and a few others i am having series loading issues. i am only having probs on my comps and tablets which run windows ten and android. roku works for the most part loading issues sometimes. i want to stay here but if these issues keep up i will be forced back to funimation. right now trying to watch needless but having the same loading issues


So far, it appears to be an issue within Firefox itself, since users report they experience it with other sites as well.
Is it happening to you in any other browsers?

Can you someone send a screenshot of the error message with the page’s full URL? I need it to forward to the dev team for further review.


Not sure if you’re talking to @Gankutsuou or @tonympinkstonqcom here, but here’s the screenshot of the media error that @Gankutsuou was talking about.


Thanks! You know me, I’m not picky… I’ll take screenshots from anyone. :grin:


other browsers as well. i use other anime sites and do not have this problem. i am mainly a google user