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Any girls looking for a bf? ;*


I’m looking for a fun anime loving girl to be my sweetheart… <3


This is a most unusual intro. You’d better elaborate a little.

What types of anime do you like?


Naruto bleach dbz deadmans wonderland exc.


Hello and welcome to the tyroid TAN Boards!! :3 An interesting introduction, I would say; I haven’t seen many people join for the sole purpose to find a soulmate. Oh well, I wish you luck in your search. :wink:

I hope you have a good time on here posting around and making many new friends along your journey. :stuck_out_tongue:


welcome, I guess




It m looking for some new friends and hopefully a anime sweetheart <3 :stuck_out_tongue: so just hit me up


I m looking for new friends and if possible an anime sweetheart <3 :stuck_out_tongue: so ya just hit me up u all!!!


really guy



I’m looking for a anime loving chick^~^ <3 I like dragon ball z gt sonic pokemon deadmans wonderland and more


Sir this button will be your best friend I swear this is a revolutionary break threw.


ummmm excuse me


Does TAN have a dating service now?


I swear we had a thread for it; if not, someone should make one soon. This stuff is just too good. :stuck_out_tongue:


I know Pretear made a thread like that a while back. I think it was for Valentine’s Day.

Um, welcome to you, BlackMassacre, I guess. Good luck in your quest. Perhaps you should post around a bit and let people get to know you since you didn’t expand much on your intro.


I think Man-Faye is available


That is definitely a new one, however it can’t hurt to try… right? I too am still looking for an anime loving chick of my own. So with that… welcome to the nuthouse, and good fortune with your quest.

Not to mention, you did bring up a good idea. A TAN dating thread would be funny, for just as Iron K. Tager said…

I too agree good sir. :laugh: