Brain Drain


We bought a washing machine just before we bought our house. It will only run one cycle, then it’s internal computer hangs. The only way to fix it is to do a hard reset, pull the plug. I’ve got it on a heavy duty powerstrip positioned so that switching it off then on is easy.

Too much tech in places it does not need to be.

Mark Gosdin


Trying to decide if I should pick up the three no game no life nendoroid figures . I have eBay buck from all those promos they were doing so the three come to what the price of two would cost once shipping comes into play . A legit Sora is just pricey but again the bucks bring him down .

Edit: Found a set of figures I’ve been wanting ,but could not find all of them for a good price . So went with them . Should be here by next Friday . No Game No Life Figures I’ll try to get later on . Maybe by then a better deal Sora will pop up .


Bent my knee the wrong way the other day . I miss the days of take it easy for a few hours and good to go . Now it’s if it’s good in a few days it’s lucky . Might go plug a media stick in the tv , lay down , prop my leg up on the cats pillow , and watch something .


My “new” oven just arrived a few minutes ago.

Time for me to take it for a test drive. Will update in a little while, probably on the What’s Cooking thread.


Saturday finally going to meet the Sarge in person and get this signed .


So yesterday I saw a box did not get delivered with the rest so waited as it means the driver forgot it . I check the tracking they marked it as delivery attempted available for pick at customer request . I have to run the cats to the vet for a check up ,but when I get back going to call Amazon and let them deal with it . Had this happen before and someone has been signing for the certified mail that’s not us so might be better if I go pick it up in person to ask why .


So looks like we will soon need a new washer and dryer . Thinking about switching to one of these units .

Click here

Edit : After reading a few long term use reviews maybe not .


I’m starting to love these survey questions, seriously, SHOES for more than $30,000?


Shoes, I actually would understand due to multiple pairs of designer labels and all that, granted I haven’t spent $1000 in three years on mine (including work shoes)

However, a singular watch for $45k? That’s about 2 years of my paychecks WITHOUT any other normal living expenses included!!! :skull_and_crossbones:


Have something to do early tomorrow so probably won’t be sleeping well .
Seems that goes hand and hand for me .


Isn’t that how it always goes though?


Pretty much . I got a two hour without the crazy morning traffic drive to Oaks,PA so may need some strong tea in the morning . I hate taking anything to help sleep as it leaves me half out of for a bit .

If I see any cool cosplay I’ll take some pictures . Two years ago there was these two women in these really beautiful Pokémon inspired armors .


Crowds wore me out pretty quick today and yes I had trouble sleeping . Got my autograph the moment I got there . Then went and did some shopping . One table was way to good so most money went to them . Stayed to around 1 as about that time it got really crowded and I had to go to the car for some fresh air . Had a moment of clarity and left before I started buying just to spend money .

Traffic was full of jerks . I kept my road rage in check though . Also PA has some of the worse roads in that area .


For some reason, I can’t stop humming the Luigi Mansion’s theme. When did I lose so much self-control since I played the game on the GameCube?


Another Chunibyo set just popped up on eBay, this one alongside S2:

It’s kinda unique, as the sets are listed as an auction with a best offer.

Side note, there’s also a new listing for a S1 set by itself for $300…


I’m tempted to make a offer , as I’ve scored a lot of stuff that way . I think eBay checks the offers box automatically now so you have turn it off and not a lot of people realize it to they start getting offers .


If you do decide to make an offer on it, hope the seller accepts :grin::+1:


Thanks . I’m debating in my head right now . I’d want to make sure all the physical extras are there so I could make a fair offer . Sent the seller a message asking . Also looking at what’s coming in the future I got a good bit of the sentai premium sets coming in the next few months , the G-Gundam set , and video games . Plus I got hit by the current diabolical sentai sale for a few things .


PA has just two seasons: Road Construction and Winter. :wink:

I am sorely tempted by this. Sentai seems to be the only anime etailer who remembers what a sale really is. Compared to the other sales I see, Sentai’s are so great that I can’t help but fear they’re holding a fire sale before they “go ADV” again…not to deter Sentai from holding more of these legit sales though.


Seller got back to me this morning . Said everything is there . Of course someone bid on it so now if I want need to wait to almost the last few seconds .

On another note kind of wanting this .