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So, because of the upcoming Funimation/CR break up, I decided to check my queue for old shows I added for eventual bingeing, and saw that all but one show on the list has Funimation as the publisher!

Anyway, I added those shows to my Funimation queue in case I decide to sign up for Funimation again. (I don’t like ads, and I need to see if there’s a Roku app)


So far I’ve bought the Taco Bell Caramel Apple Freeze twice . Both times I feel like neither one was mixed right . Like one they just filled it a little shot the caramel stuff in the middle filled the rest . The one I got today shot the caramel stuff first then filled . So all of it was at the bottom .

I think this is a little bit of a issue with all the drinks of the type . They never put much effort in to it . I don’t expect it to look like the picture ,but at least try .


It doesn’t seem like fast food upped its game after Michael Douglas’ character called them out for this sort of thing during the 90s in Falling Down.

Shoot, what puzzles me is that Subway, at least no Subway that I’ve ever been to, even has an option to order the sub like it appears in the picture. I don’t know every little thing on it, all I know is that it looked good on the commercial :wink:

Maybe fast food joints need some sort of undercover shoppers or inspectors who go around and find this out? Alternatively, maybe this is just ushering in the fast food “Robolution” where automation will make the food picture perfect every time? :thinking:


It’s always been like that, the food in commercials / advertisements was prepared by chefs working with photographers to make it look as appealingly perfect as possible. What you get in the restaurant was made by people working on the clock and trying to get it out to you as fast as possible.

It won’t look the same, if you are lucky it might be close, but never the same.

Doesn’t bother me.

Mark Gosdin


Thank you @mgosdin :blush:. So many people don’t realize that, and I get the blunt of it on a daily basis :sob::sob::sob:

Honestly, it does depend on the kitchen crew, and how busy the store is as well. On a slower night with the right person on table I can get out some pretty decent looking sandwiches. However, there is no way I can get out 40 $1 McChicken sandwiches in 5 minutes while them looking anything like the picture…


My wife worked for DQ in college and we both worked for an edible oil company, yes we made those jugs of frying oil that you use for the french fries.

So, we’ve had a good look behind the counter and in the kitchen.

Mark Gosdin


Surprisingly enough, those jugs aren’t used in my store. We have a 1000 gallon tank in the back of the store exclusively for grease!

@celestial_being I do agree that sub shops should have a basic way of sub topping construction.

Blimpie, for example, has The Blimpie Way: Lettuce, Tomatoes, Pickles, Onions, Mayo, and Oil.


Not surprised, even back in the day - 1988 - Mcd’s took a lot of their frying oil in bulk. Church’s, LJS, KFC all took jugs.

Mark Gosdin


Went ahead and started the Funi trial sub . Figure even if I have to do hidive , funi , and crunchy it’ll save me a little money . Plus help me be a little more selective of shows . Who knows maybe the hidive deal is a precursor to Sentai getting a video deal with crunchy .


Fingers crossed about that. Anything to get a good PBS of Miss Beelzebub would be wonderful!


Well we know they are not the same company :wink: ,but maybe the buddy love between hidive and sentai will help out .


Going back to this for a sec.

Last year, when Arby’s had their Salted Caramel Shake, I first had one in Chicago. The guy made it right in front of us and it looked remarkably like the photos. He took the cup and tipped it to make the caramel swirl along the side.



However, when we came back home to Texas, they just plopped a bunch of caramel in the bottom of the cup and put the rest of the shake on top.

Mind you, the place in Chicago was super busy, and the one in Texas, not so much.

I think it all goes into how they’re trained to do it.


While I have nothing to say about how the food looks, there’s a McDonald’s near me that is interesting in its speed. For the breakfast menu, they’re really fast. So fast that if I happen to order something and get a soft drink, I don’t have time to get my drink before the food is ready. However, the same location, for lunch and dinner, I could get two or three refills from the drink fountain. (Part of the reason I don’t use the drive-thru at a fast food place actually)


I can give a partial answer to that. During breakfast the kitchen item selection is pretty much limited to meat, cheese, egg and bread (some exceptions, of course). Therefore as long as someone is stationed exclusively to toast bread and bake muffins, kitchen speed usually doesn’t hinder.

Switch that to dinner, and you have multiple toppings to account for on top of meat, cheese, eggs, and bread. In addition, many people are very specific about what toppings they want on their burger (One person in particular wants pickles ONLY on the left half of their burger. Trust me on this, I’ve gotten a complaint on the 1800# because there were pickles on the right half…) which can hinder the speed as well.

It’s either that, or they aren’t following the MFY procedures, and just making extra breakfast sandwiches, since there is so much less to customize.


Scam callers are annoying. Three calls in 10 minutes time to my cell . All three different spoofed local cell phone numbers . Then on top my voice mail had one number with three different messages from them . So they can fool the caller ID ,but not the voice mailer ID . Seriously was trying to take a nap and left my phone on should an emergency arise . My ring tone is Cemetery Gates by Pantera so it’s not like it’s not going to wake me .


Thinking one of these is going to be my next purchase .



Personally would go with Rory. Then again, I do love her golo design.


Rory was what I who I was more wanting ,but will have to see if the one I’m eyeing is still around when I’m ready to make the purchase . Maybe by then another coupon will pop up . Plus no Gender Bending .lol


Kinda conflicted about where to post this.

Was surfing my Roku unit, and on the Anime Network page they still show this:

In case anyone can’t make it out, Angel Beats is still shown under screenshots :cry:


I’ve been watching the shows slowly vanish from it . I think a few had a longer date not expecting not to not be able to renew the license. There was something else the rights are gone to can’t remember what though .