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Looks like the post office is starting early with the holiday messing up this year . Going to give it to Monday and call . Hope it breaks loose by then it’s only two days late at this time it’s just the last tracking was 4 days ago . It’s not a small item like last time so should not get to easily lost ,but it’s looking like that’s the case . Maybe file a inquiry online tomorrow . Worse case it’ll push them to look .


For the time I have been living here, I’m used to the mail being in my mailbox by 4 PM at the latest. Not a real issue as with how far I live from work, I lucky to be home by 6 PM.

Yesterday, however (as I needed to stay home for a service appointment), I noticed the mail didn’t get to my house until basically 6 PM. And for whatever reason, there were two trucks.


An amendment to our previous conversation:

Here is a picture of the new triple stack muffin, made by one of my normal breakfast crew:

As you can see, it can be done. Just a lot easier with breakfast sandwiches.


Do you also have an abnormal breakfast crew?


Yes, as a matter of fact, I do :yum:



I have 5 taco bells in my general vicinity.



Many years ago in Sallisaw, Oklahoma, at their Taco Bell / KFC one afternoon, we stopped to eat and were surprised to see a couple of cars with Mexican license plates. The international folks were happily chowing down on both KFC & Taco Bell items.

Now that I think about it that was one of the better “Dual Brand” restaurants we ate at.

Mark Gosdin


I’ve never had one of those . My Taco Bell go to is two bean burritos no onions and two nachos.

Had to cancel my Princess Principal PBS and Made in Abyss PBS . Hopefully neither will go out of print to soon . The pushbacks on both just created a extra $227.98 cluster that when combined with other more limited stuff I can’t do . After Christmas I’ll order both again . Keeping K-on since I already had that figured in and even if it gets pushed back December is light .


Since I voted early, can I opt out of all the political ads on TV?

Just askin’


Of course not Slow. We all get to hear those smear campaigns till Nov 6th :wink:


I’d settle for them to stop hiring these call services to call my house . Running out of caller block spaces here .


Oh, it gets worse. I’m on our local Community Development District Board, I was appointed to fill a term where one of the supervisors passed away unexpectedly. So, I had to register as a candidate for the upcoming election. I got no opponent(s) so I won by default.

However, scattered among the political calls I now get calls from the telemarketers offering me their services.

I don’t want them, wouldn’t need them since the CDD is a “non-Political” position. Just another source of irritation.

Mark Gosdin


And don’t even get me started on all the mailers.

In the last 6 days, I’ve gotten over 42 mailers from both parties.

Every day I’ve gotten 3 mailers from the same candidate, seems like an extreme waste of money to me.

All of it goes in recycling, didn’t read any of them before I voted. I prefer to do my own research and not listen to candidates tooting their own horns or smearing their opposition.


Somehow my damn cell phone is on text lists! I haven’t gotten robocalls, but I have gotten robotexts…


Amazon needs to ditch that live video on thier early Black Friday page . As soon as it starts the page stops loading .


My thoughts exactly :wink:

I just did the early voting thing myself this week. Weirdly, the day after I did it, I received an unsolicited text message from a PAC claiming that I hadn’t done it. :question:

Weirdly, here you can both register to vote & then vote on the same day. If you do this, you need to show a state-issued ID card. But if you’re already registered, you don’t have to–and really can’t–show a state-issued ID card. This makes the lines take forever as, without ID, to prove our identity we have to play “20 Questions” with the election judges. :thinking:


My old Roku stick I use in my bedroom failed today . It’s one of the Roku Ready type powered by the think it’s called MHL port that came with TVs before they did the built in Roku TV type so hopefully the USB port is powerful enough on my tv to power a new stick as the cords are never long enough to reach my surge protector.


While writing this post, a thought occurred to me: Anyone remember how Anime Network’s streaming site would get shows about 4 weeks after Crunchyroll? Anyone happened to notice that there’s a few shows this season doing the same thing, only instead of Anime Network, it’s HiDive that’s getting it late?


Here in Florida they swipe you DL / State Issued ID before you can vote. I’ve never seen anyone try to vote without an ID either early or on the day.

Mark Gosdin