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I think it’s just part of the same issue we were seeing with The Anime Network . Crunchy used thier deals with companies to license the streaming first and the only way the TAN could stream at all was to take the handicap . I’m sure it was at the time part of the contract the parent company signed . The whole thing going on now is more of a nightmare then whatever was going on before so not sure who is in charge of who so more then likely they screwed their selves this time around trying to working things out in a way they thought was best .

I’m curious this season to see how this goes for Funimation . To me it seemed like they deal with Crunchy gave them more chances to pick shows up . Of course Sony has a lot of power overseas ,but they don’t tend to help thier own people out so we will see . I’m hoping the “partnership” between HiDive and Sentai will let Sentai become buddies with CR then take over for Funimation on the home video department .

Got a Roku Streaming Stick + yesterday . My USB Powers it so no extra plug that does not reach .
Now I have to take one of the cable boxes in to xfinity . Not looking forward to that as since they’ve switched to “we are a cell phone store to” locations the customer service sucks since they don’t make commissions of existing customer issues .


Wait. @psychopuppet, you’re a Comcast Xfinity subscriber too?


We’ve had them since sometime in the 90’s . They bought our local company and lost half the channels then took years to get them back . I hate dealing with them and rarely have to unless one of the boxes go bad . They are the only provider where I am .

I think I discovered the TAN website because of the original TAN VOD or maybe it was a insert with a ADV DVD from one of the old clearance sales when they had a website store .


Do you subscribe to ANOD on Xfinity?

It’s still $6.99 more on top of the normal cable bill, and you have a Roku and subscription to HiDive as well.

Not trying to be imprudent in my asking, just curious…


No I was thinking about it at one point ,but the VOD here is a bit fickle working one minute and not the next . Plus with the streaming devices in the house getting most things its less we have to deal with them for .


I do agree with you about their technical support. It seems like all level 1 tech jobs are outsourced to India, and you have to spend about 2 hours with them “Making sure the unit is plugged in” before they escalate it to someone who actually knows what they are doing :expressionless:


The last time I had to call I got sent to some in the Philippines then when I ask to talk to someone in the states we got sent right back . The second person said as far as he knew they only had one US call center now . So the calls automatically get sent to wherever has a open person . Basically getting that one center in the US has a strong chance of not happening .


Swiping an ID sounds a lot faster than having to ask every voter a battery of questions. If we had something like that here, I can only imagine how much faster the check-in lines would be.

AFAIK pretty much the horror story of every Comcast subscriber.

I miss those fun old promos.


So very true, but at least it’s still better than Dish. Multiple times while I had their service did I get disconnected after waiting on hold for nearly an hour :unamused:


And so it begins:


I’ve been trying to watch as much as I can during the free trials of CR and FUNimation . Not that it matters as going to keep both for now . Depending on what comes of the next week I’ll make a choice if I want to do yearly .

This has me thinking though did Funimation license the shows from Crunchyroll or did Crunchyroll contract the Funimation to release the home video releases ?

Does this mean Crunchyroll will be looking for a new company to contract for home video releases ?

What happens to those titles FUNimation has put out ?
If there is another season of one of those shows will the other company release it ?
What happens with those that do get another season with a dub done for previous seasons ?

Let’s face it they’d have to partner with either a company like Sentai Filmworks or one like Shout Factory . Shout Factory I don’t see working though . I guess they could go with someone like Discotek , but I think it’d be to much for them . Warner Bros does handle Viz’s Distribution and disc production , but again not sure that would be best either .

At this point it’s all a wait and see I just hope they do find a new partner to release titles to disc as I’m sure they we get more shows I want on top of the ones that as of now have no one to .


In light of how the CR / Funimation split came about, with their respective corporate owners involved, I think it is highly likely that 2nd season releases of CR origin titles will go to whomever they now partner with for new releases. Dubs will be done by that partner and likely will end up with recasting to a greater or lesser extent.

At the end of the day the fans will be unhappy and much digital ink will be spilled.

Mark Gosdin


Just got contacted by Crunchyroll support for my copy of Sister New Devil Burst.

Their response is “It’s not supposed to ship until 12/31/18.”

IDK when I will get my copy now :sob::sob::sob:


Was out earlier getting the mail and felt something gurgling then pop in my stomach . Been basically either camping in the room with the shower or sleeping in my bed since then . Probably still be asleep ,but since it’s storming had to get up and see if the not quite feral ,but not quite tame cat had come up . Which she was waiting for me . Been raining all day and supposed to have a thunderstorm with 20 to 30 mph winds tomorrow so gave her two cans and plate of the better dry food in case she does not show up tomorrow . Figures when no one is around at the moment I get sick . Ordered some pepto off amazon with something else to meet the free one day shipping . Hopefully my stomach is better by then ,but just to be prepared . Wish I could have gotten a bottle of ginger ale to let flatten ,but don’t have the energy to make a run and no one ships them to us .

@MaouSadao That sucks ! That was the date Rightstuf and Amazon plus a few others originally had if I remember right ? Hopefully the person that answered back is just a simpleton and it ships out sooner .


Thanks @psychopuppet. That’s my wish too…

Hope you feel better soon.

Think I might put a pre-order in for this .



“Random” DVD for size comparison.


Not down with the Ryzen rebellion? :slight_smile: :question:


A lot of delays going on right now . Hopefully things are more organized by this time next year . I have doubts . Figures and anime . Got notice some of my figures will be later then see delays of some anime .


Yep. First Hybrid Heart, then SND Burst, as well as ReZero Part 2, and practically all Sentai PBS’s (supposedly Princess Principal regular release as well, according to Best Buy)

On one hand, those delays do suck. But on the other, I’d rather wait for a quality finished product than get a rushed one with inferior components.