Brain Drain


With the anime stuff I know a few are not disc related ,but production and in-hand extras causing it . Though through a little investigation I’m thinking chipboard artboxes are becoming part of the issue to . I don’t think there are many companies producing them anymore so I’m thinking there is probably a waiting list and when a problem hits it throws everything out of whack . Plus I think a certain company that owns a certain Anime company is one of the main go to for them . So probably give thier own priority . The figures it’s between oversold , getting stuck in customs , and in two replica item cases they have not finished with the warehouse sorting of end of year stock for a series they lost the license to . Also end of the year chaos is probably not helping .


Funi in particular has been having trouble with those for years. I remember noticing some overlap between this and the time Funi stuff started having stickers slapped on saying that they were made in Mexico…

So these low-quality video & poor artbox quality issues have been plaguing Funi for at least 6 years now (Serial Experiments Lain). Brutal.

I could almost understand the video quality issues making it through QA, but the issues on boxes like Psycho-pass, Lain, and We Without Wings… :confounded:


Since I was feeling a bit better last night . I started doing what I wanted to do this week . Start going through some stuff and donate what I don’t need . Really need to pull everything out and go through it all ,but I think it’s going to be a long project . Last night I got stuff cleared from behind my door so today I can open it all the way up and not have to squeeze as much . Still a little energy lacking so going to take it easy and try to at least get 1 box of stuff packed . So I’ll be off doing that for as long as I can manage .


Took Ronnie to get neutered yesterday. He started spraying last week, so had to.

When I picked him up, they informed me that they gave him a tattoo, mentioning that was an indicator of the surgery when I take him to a vet or if he gets lost. When did they start doing that?


Our last inside cat we got spayed at the clinic got one that was 3 years ago . Original plan was to get her in a carrier and let her plus the baby go back out ,but grew attached . Though when we took her kitten to our regular vet when she was old enough she did not get one . Just glad they don’t clip the ear tips like they do the feral cats . We took three of the ones that got tame in and they took a bit off .


Why do they clip the ear tips?

Just an indicator the cats are strays?


Just to show they’ve been fixed . It makes sense when your talking about large colonies of feral cats . That way if they find one with a clipped ear in a trap they can let it go instead of taking it then realizing after they sedate them .


Yeah, all my outside cats have clipped ears. The vet even clipped my two black cats differently (one straight, one “v” shaped) so we could tell them apart.

It’s very helpful to those of use who take care of a group of outside cats, especially when “strangers” appear.


I had sent a message to Crunchyroll support, informing them of SND Burst having been shipped and delivered a la @psychopuppet 's copy (thank you BTW) and got a message saying they are shipping out a replacement copy.

OTOH: Girls in a Hotspring had an estimated delivery date of today, and it’s not here. Knowing my luck it will arrive tomorrow, and since I work, I can’t even run by at 10am to check if they would give it to me, so another Tuesday package pickup :confounded:

So I guess Best Buy has gotten a shipment of more Sentai product, because many things which were listed as “sold out” now have “add to cart”: including, but not limited to The Seven Heavenly Virtues

My TSHV set still has the December 15th date on the invoice :sob:


That’s good to hear about SND Burst . Not sure what is going on with the Funimation releases my Yamato 2199 part 2 is listed as they don’t know when they will get more .

All of my Best Buy items except Princess Prinipal regular have shipped . Two of the items had a Dec 10th date. Those were just replacing the DVD’s I bought years ago so was not in a hurry . I will say one thing Best Buy packaging for disc media sucks . Just those thin cardboard sleeves .


Peculiar. PriPri actually is listed as shipped on my end, although they did just send me the email about an hour ago :thinking:


I actually just got the email saying it shipped . So that is everything .


Asking this in hindsight…

Yamoto 2199 was a Funi only production, correct?


As far as I know it was . Part two is in stock at Rightstuf ,but not Amazon . Amazon has it listed as only available through third parties . Which is strange cause usually that only occurs if they had a lot of issues with a product or it’s discontinued . If I don’t see movement in a week think I will call and ask .


After the last two days . I’m beat . I was not able to get where I want as I need to wait for help . I’m thinking I might look in to something for temporary storage with climate control . Then go through as I move stuff .


So another one of my Best Buy order items actually showed up in the mail today . I remember every time I get something why I don’t order from them unless they have a deal that it’s worth the chance . I had to replace the Angelic Layer case . Luckily I have plenty of spare small three disc cases from a project I did . This came ok ,but I’m surprised . Will post what it is when the last two items come in .


Remember no mail or open banks tomorrow . I think the other companies are running though .


Bet you I forget when I get home tomorrow from work :stuck_out_tongue:

I ordered some new case fans for my computer today. Each of the two fans in there now makes some annoying noise. The front one is noisy at boot time, and the rear one has a constant noise. I’m not sure if it’s there during the initial startup time because the front is SO LOUD!


Woke up this morning and looked at the clock – 4:30. Since my alarm was about to go off, I just decided to get up.

Got dressed, put the dishes away, did a little light housekeeping, had breakfast.

Sat down at the computer - 2am. It was 1:30 when I looked at the clock!

So now it’s 7:30 and I’m ready for lunch. :weary:


Had to replace our previous range this past week and bought this GE double oven. Arrived Friday. Finally getting around to showing it off. The center piece on the stove can be replaced with a griddle. Works great! Already made a couple pizzas, an apple crisp and a quiche in it. :yum: