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Brain Drain


That’s a cute oven Snowy!

How much did it set you back?


$1500 and that included extras, recycling of old range, hookup to propane, etc. Slate was cheaper and way faster than getting it in WHITE.


Is there a WAF* involved? Mine it would be white and however long it takes.

Mark Gosdin

*Wife Approval Factor


That is a nice looking one . We need a new one as the elements are starting to get weak ,but we have to wait for appliances to go fully bad as we have a home warranty that will only replace if it’s not financially smart to fix things . They were for a while using these small 1 man operations so they’d always find a way to fix things even if it was not really the best thing so they’d keep getting jobs ,but look to have finally gone back to Sears which while the store closed here the home repair service is still operating . Prefer them anyway as the techs have to be fully checked out plus the bigger company means more then one tech if one can’t make it . The last 1 man operation took forever to come back even though he had the parts for over a month . Dryer the last 1 man crew fixed went bad again so hopefully when Sears comes on the 15th he’ll just say it’s a lost cause . The only issue is where our washer and dryer is our adopted tamed ferals are . So might need to try to get them in here for a bit .


No not married. Sorry if the “I” was confusing. It was ultimately a joint agreement with my mom after I first chose it.


Ordered some cat food from Amazon yesterday as I’m not feeling the stores at the moment . Did one day shipping since it was free over $35 and I needed 3 different kinds . Well …

Last picture is of what I ordered . First two are what I got and the label on them . Human error and machine error combine!


Had our oven short out at work tonight. The entire store was filled with smoke, and the aroma of burnt electrical wires. I feel sorry for morning crew, cause there went half of our breakfast menu :sweat:

@psychopuppet Your cats eat the same food as ours! We spoil our babies, don’t we? :joy:


It’s the one kind of wet food they seem to eat all of it . The others we’ve tried they turn thier noses up at .

I see Made in Abyss PBS is in stock at Rightstuf now . I have the money since stuff got pushed back ,but I’m going to wait to see what Black Friday sales bring before I re-order it .

I also see two titles Warner Brothers handles distribution for are not shipping . Sailor Moon Super S part 2 Blu-Ray and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy:SE Blu-Ray both set to be released today . Seems like there is really some kind of disc production problem going on .

I did finally get a release Date for 2199 part two .


Does anyone have any suggestions for stocking stuffers?

I’m in charge of that for my family this year. I have 12 adults & 5 children (ages 4-18).

Standard stuff that goes in are nuts, pocky, home-made caramels.

In the past have had stuff like key chains, mini-flashlights, hand-warmers, stress balls, smartphone holders

Since I have to get so many, something that comes in multipacks and fairly inexpensive is best.

I’m really just out of ideas.


Sorry Slow. Cant really help you there. My family is just mom stepdad and myself, and has been that way for quite some time now.

One thing to never get is those Palmer brand chocolates. Seriously, I don’t know how they stay in business…


Thanks anyway @MaouSadao

My brain hurts from all this thinking.



Slowhand I got nothing . Sorry

I feel like I need a nun to smack my hands with a ruler at the moment .



Going through the RightStuf mailer catalog that came today, I saw this:



Hopefully it’s as awesome as it looks when it ships . Though I kind of feel getting it out before holidays when it had the opportunity to get asked for as a present would have been best since it is one of the more pricey MSRP wise . I’m thinking even during a sale it might not break the $100 mark .

The delay does give me time to get the others I want ,but really the reason I did not cancel K-on is it’s the one I really did want most .



So my chip went bad in one of my cards . Not that old . Of course it’s a store only card so only has the chip and no bar . Girl says swipe it . I just stand there looking at her . Now I wait 7 to 14 days for a new card since my card is deactivated and it would not work anyway . Lucky since I share the account I can still do store pickup without needing . Keep me from buying stuff I don’t need .


So, my replacement copy of SND Burst was shipped out Thursday November 8th. As of last night it had just left Detroit Michigan.

This wouldn’t be too much of a problem, except the package was shipped 2-Day Priority Mail :dizzy_face:


So Fushigi Yûgi has been on prime for a little bit now . I enjoyed the show when I picked up the Pioneer release years ago . I started to watch ,but the video source is not that great . It’s probably just the age of the show though .


Where the heck do you live that you have a package stop at Detroit Michigan and not one of the metropolitan cities instead? For me, USPS would be leaving Allen Park before hitting my local Post Office.

I may have posted about here somewhere before, but it reminds of when for whatever insane reason, FedEx just couldn’t deliver a package and it was bouncing around the east coast in the various New _ states. Took a week, and yet, a package from Texas (using the same method of shipping of FedEx to USPS), took two days.


I live in Intercession City FL :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

Thats happened to me once before. A package came to the Tampa sort facility, and I kid you not, they sent it to California.

Often times my packages get sent to Cambell City instead. They eventually get to me though, about a week later :unamused: