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Hmmm so Sentai shop is giving a free month of hidive for orders over $150 . Kind of useless for us that have it already . Email is decent at least .


After today, I don’t think I’m going to buy any physical home media directly from the Crunchyroll store again.

I know it’s not 100% their fault, but both My First Girlfriend Is A Gal and Testament Of Sister New Devil Burst had shipping issues.

Gal didn’t update the tracking until it was actually delivered, and the original copy of Burst is IDK where. Asked my post lady cause I was curious about the tracking not updating and here is her response:

“The labels aren’t printed properly. Something is wrong with the barcodes they are putting on the packages. I have to manually enter the tracking number into the system before I put the slip in your mailbox.”

It’s not worth saving money if the package never arrives, right?


The question is, “Who does Cruncyroll’s fulfillment?”

I’m very nearly 100% certain it isn’t Crunchyroll itself. They are bound to be contracting with someone.

That’s where the problem is, I expect you’ve already given Crunchyroll feedback on this fiasco, it’s up to them to get their contractor to fix the problems.

Mark Godin


I can’t say for the other packages, cause the shipping boxes are long gone. However, here’s the address from the Crunchyroll order that arrived today:

According to Google; this building is used by CTC Food International and Solarlux Nana Manufacturing.


I suspect a lot of these places are using a outdated label format and the extra barcode or missing code is causing a problem in the Postal services system . Those machines can very easily scan the wrong code and it throws everything off .


Probably a typical industrial park. I would be surprised to see any name other than Crunchyroll or CR on the address. It might be Crunchyroll itself, but the odds are that their is a company in that space that specializes in smaller scale warehousing and shipping. Shipping DVD’s & BluRay’s is not the same as shipping Packaged Foods or Industrial Supplies. There will be similarities, but definitely not the same.

The sad part is that once your BluRay is in the carrier’s hands it can very well end up in close contact with heavy items being shipped which not a good thing.

Mark Gosdin


I just wanted to say I’m happy with what this year has brought for the most part .
My collectibles started getting to expensive thanks to more attention being brought to them by a Netflix series . It put me back to Anime and I was able to come back here more because things where I have to make trips has slowed . Also a lot of my locals friends lives changed in recent years so most are not in the state or country . So not a lot for me to do in the wild at this point in time . Most interaction I get with them is gaming anymore . To be honest though I’m good with it . I don’t have the hanging out feels at this time . I might go out tomorrow as something is going on not that far from me .

On another kind of related front need to start winding down to just a few purchases a month next year . I really need to do it next month to ,but Lucky most stuff was either outright canceled or delayed .

The only thing I really need from Black Friday or cyber Monday is a new PS4 controller as my battery is getting kind of weak . Might be the first year I’m not looking for a bunch of stuff .


So between my first sentai order on the first day of the sale and third sentai order yesterday there is a 3105 difference in the order numbers .

Now think about that if everyone ordered the minimum to at least meet free shipping that’s about 9 to 10 titles average so right around 30,000 items sold give or take in a 2 day period .



And I can’t even place my order until tomorrow :tired_face:


Online ordering has been showing signs of strain for the past month. My Amazon orders are still arriving two day Prime, but they sometimes ship later than they normally would. Ordered some new clothes for my wife this morning ( not Amazon), one piece will arrive in 7 - 10 days, one in early December and one in early January.

Black Friday sales, I bought locally a new kitchen faucet and a new 27" computer monitor, which I’m using right now.

Mark Gosdin


Speaking of Amazon . New Grinch box .


No No No. Kitties’ favorite toy.

Mark Gosdin


Got my other Best buy purchase this afternoon.

The problem is the discs are bouncing around in the case.

I’m going to have to take a trip to Davenport this afternoon to return it.

Now, the question remains. Should I ask for a refund, or an exchange? It’s Prisma Illya 2wei Blu-ray which I can purchase on the Sentai sale for $9.99 (if it’s still available tomorrow…)


I’m not sure . The only Fate/ stuff that is low stock is Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya Complete Collection and the Ultimate Bladeworks movie . I was looking at it and the Gatchaman stuff that was only released on DVD ,but decided on other stuff . Kind of second guessing myself at the moment with the Gatchaman stuff so tossed the fate/stuff in the cart while I’m on the site to check and those two are the only still marked as low stock . None can not be added to the cart like a few items that are marked that or even not marked .


Illya S1 is in low stock?

I have the DVD, but that on Blu Ray was one of my first selections for this sale…


Here is what I am seeing from the sale page .


Hopefully thats for the DVD version…


I wish the site would say which on these that are marked like that . The only things I can tell for sure is the stuff it would not let me put in my cart . I can put all of those in so they must have stock . I’m staying off the site to actual Black Friday to see if they do anything else so don’t have to worry about me depleting the stock any .


There’s at least 30 copies of the Blu Ray right now. Hopefully that will last for 16 more hours…

(I get paid at 7am)


Hmmm Target Canceled my Negima!? order . Guess I’ll have to re-order someplace else later on . Guessing the delay caused them to think it was not coming so they just canceled it . Thier orders page system is a bit of a pain when you order a lot like we do for store pickup and things get lost . I’m also thinking they might of asked if I was fine with the delay and since I did not respond because I did not see it they canceled .