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Was in Target this past weekend, one of the stockers had his walkie-talkie turned up loud and I heard the floor manager asking for everyone to look for a cart, with items loaded for delivery, that the delivery picker had walked off and left unfinished.

Needless to say he was not very happy.

Mark Gosdin


Out of curiosity, did you jump on any of the current buzzword bandwagons with your new monitor; Any 4K;HDR;120+ Hz; Free/G-Sync doodads to play with? :smiley:

Is it actually “low stock”? I can’t help but think of that Zohan movie where the store was actually named “going out of business” as a marketing ploy :wink:

That said, I am shocked that they’re selling it for just 10 bucks. BTW what does the packaging that stuff from Sentai’s store ships in look like?

Sounds like “Tar-zhay” can’t get good help these days? Could this online->store pickup stuff be why I see places like Walmart chocablock with unattended carts chock full of stuff?


There’s actually a store in Kissimmee (humorously enough in the same plaza as our Super Target) called Everything On Sale!. Never actually been in there, but looks to be a clothing store.

Not sure if any different this time around, but Sentai stuff usually ships in a normal box, sometimes with a Sentai logo on the side of it.

Could be the Online -> Store Pickup, but also could be that new Store Pickup thing they are implementing. It might be exclusive to the grocery section, but unsure about that.

Basically, you place your order on the phone, then
when you get to the store, check in. While you sit in a little que area in the front, an associate actually shops for you. (I’ve heard about lazy, but seriously?)


My new HP monitor has the AMD “Free Sync” feature, which is useful for gaming, my Son has a PS-4 connected to his 25" version of the monitor and it has worked with everything he can run on it. Something his old 24" ViewSonic was not able to do. Me I’ll likely never use the “Free Sync” feature, I don’t come close to using half the capabilities of any of the equipment I own.

Mark Gosdin


Don’t forget that Florida has a LOT of retirees. I can see where some of the folks that aren’t very mobile might want to have someone do the " Pickin’ " in the store for them.

Mark Gosdin


We have a furniture store that was always going out of business and everything must go . I think they must have gotten in trouble as it’s now just clearance everything on sale all the time .

I only use store pickup for non-grocery or stuff that seems to always be gone by the time I get there . Since Walmart started doing it most of thier stock at mine aways seems to be low . Of course not been in the Walmart it mostly happened in since one of the greeters pissed me off and then the store manager pissed me off so they may have it figured out by now . With Target it’s mostly cat food pickups or stuff I know will be low stock I use it for . Also electronics and movies so I don’t have to deal with waiting for someone to remove thier security devices . . Which are unfortunately necessary at mine as it’s in walking distance from one of the more crime areas around here . Months back someone actually broke into one of thier Apple locked cabinets and stole everything out of it during thier little morning circle pep thing when no one was back there .

Yep Sentai boxes are basically the same as Rightstuf boxes except with Sentai on them for the smallest , medium size , and Largest ones . Still even use those cardboard insert things with same brown paper as well . Probably order from the same company . I think the only one I’ve gotten without a Sentai logo was Infinite Stratos 2 LE . I kind of wonder were the Funimation boxes the same or did Funimation when they were using Rightstuf have plain boxes .


Went to Target today to look for a cable I needed . No luck so just ordered it .
I did do the usual Target clearance run around the store . Found this . For the price said why not ?


Very true, but the people I’ve seen using it don’t exactly look like they’re in bad health.

I know, don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but still…


Crunchyroll sent out a survey by email, and I filled it out, but when I went to submit it, I got an error for the age. I put in my real age, but the error told me that I must be 13 to fill out the survey. Tried a few other ages, but it would only accept my entry when I entered 13.

I noted this in the final comment that I was having trouble with it.

:roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:


I agree with the late George Carlin, you are still any age that you have been. So, if you want to claim 13 ( or 18, or 22, or whatever ) then you can.

Mark Gosdin


Well I don’t need to go out amongst the crowds . Picked up all I wanted online . Was thinking I need a PlayStation VR ,but decided nope . Might pick up a new Roomba for the house . The old one is getting tired .


Grabbed a new Kindle Paperwhite for the wife off of Amazon’s Black Friday sale earlier this morning. Otherwise we don’t have that much left to buy, most of it was done during the Pre- sales.

Mark Gosdin


Just checking a few minutes ago, and Illya S1 is now DVD only. I’m sorry if I made you miss out on it :worried:

It probably will either be restocked next year, or they might be planning an incomplete “Complete collection” release later on :thinking:


I just picked up a new Samsung 32" gaming monitor (1800R Curved) I’m never going back to my 22" lol



Mark Gosdin

Well ....

I made one more order the other day for it and the other Fate/stuff on Blu-Ray I know I don’t have before it went out of stock . I canceled a few things more I had on order for next month . Figure I can get them anytime for that price or probably less later . Some of the Sentai stuff at these prices probably not even in set form for a while at least .

I wonder if they will do a Cyber-Monday sale . Stock has got to be getting low on a lot of stuff .


Since I picked up Non Non Biyori: Complete Collection (Mainly due to the better bit rate for S1, since it’s split into 2 discs, instead of a single like the original release) over Veterans Day (10% Discount on the "Holiday is Coming Insert) I really don’t have any must haves on already released Sentai titles, so I’ll probably pass this year and wait for next year’s sale.


Well the Black Friday orders overloaded the post office so now waiting on a separate truck with my packages and on fedex with a air purifier .


I’m still gun-shy about FedEx after they delivered one of my purchases to a house on another street. The other year, USPS screwed up so badly around this time of year that everyone in the neighborhood had to redeliver the mail themselves, it was like Inverse Trick-or-Treating. :wink:

This has put a big ole damper on my online orders, which is good as otherwise I’d have blown bigly bucks on the Sentai Sale :sunglasses:

I’m surprised to see that WalMart sells these. Even the actual computer stores around here have taken down their VR displays, afaik the thrill is gone?

Good ole Rufus.


This time of year always makes me second guess ordering online except from Amazon . As they’ve always been pretty good about fixing issues . I did have a error in my air purifier . I ordered a spare filter and it was not in the box like it said . Called CS and well I got a lady that did not get what I was saying so had to talk to a supervisor . Just said refund the money as it’s to much of a hassle this time of year .

The VR craze I believe has died down a good bit again . Sony did two bundles this year and was thinking about getting it ,but while the games that are out look cool . I believe in the end it’d just be a $249.99 display item I’d barely use . So I passed . Oculus also had some discounts on both current models . The Oculus Go is not to badly priced ,but again don’t think I’d get much use . It’s funny for how long VR has been around the tech still feels like it’s behind where it should be .